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    The People, The Press, & Politics – Survey III

    Report Summary This is the third in a series of nationwide personal interview surveys commissioned by Times Mirror to assess the American electorate.  The People, The Press, and Politics series employs a unique voter classification scheme developed by Gallup for Times Mirror in 1987.  The overall purpose of these surveys is to better understand voter […]

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    The People, the Press & Politics

    Report Summary There are 11 distinct groups in the American electorate — 10 that vote in varying degrees, and one that does not vote at all. How Americans vote is a much more complex process than previously defined. There have been many attempts to analyze political attitudes in this country. Some analysts have focused on […]


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Americans’ Dismal Views of the Nation’s Politics

Americans’ views of politics and elected officials are unrelentingly negative, with little hope of improvement on the horizon. 65% of Americans say they always or often feel exhausted when thinking about politics. By contrast, just 10% say they always or often feel hopeful about politics.


Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology

Pew Research Center’s political typology provides a roadmap to today’s fractured political landscape. It organizes the public into nine distinct groups, based on an analysis of their attitudes and values. Even in a polarized era, the 2021 survey reveals deep divisions in both partisan coalitions.