Short Read | Jun 15, 2009
Bar Tab Recession

Four-in-ten young adults say they have cut back spending on alcohol or cigarettes as a result of the recession.

Report | Mar 18, 2009
Most Like It Hot

By nearly two-to-one, the public says it prefers a hotter place to live over one with a colder climate. No surprise, then, that San Diego, Tampa and Orlando rank at the top of places to live for those who favor a balmy climate.

Short Read | Dec 15, 2008
Not So Silent Nights

Fully 87% of Americans are not at all bothered by Christmas music in stores and public places.

Report | Sep 19, 2007
Hobbyists Online

83% of online Americans say they have used the internet to seek information about their hobbies and 29% do so on a typical day.

Short Read | Mar 30, 2007
Love That Dog!

That's the percentage of of dog owners who say they consider their pet to be a member of their family, according to a Pew Research Center survey. And most cat owners (78%) feel the same way.

Report | May 23, 2006
Gambling: As the Take Rises, So Does Public Concern

A modest backlash in attitudes towards legalized gambling has taken hold among an American public that spends more money on more forms of legal gambling now than at any time in the nation's history.

Report | May 16, 2006
Increasingly, Americans Prefer Going to the Movies at Home

The start of the summer blockbuster movie season has Hollywood hoping for the usual stampede to the theaters, but now more than ever, the place that most Americans would rather watch movies is under their own roof.

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