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Report | Aug 6, 2012
Eight-in-Ten Following Olympics on TV or Digitally

Overview Large majorities of Americans are following coverage of the Olympic Games in London. Nearly eight-in-ten (78%) say they have watched or followed Olympic coverage either on television, online or on social networks. Television remains far-and-away the leading platform for Olympic coverage; 73% say they have watched coverage on television. Still, 17% say they have […]

Report | Sep 10, 2009
The Internet as a Diversion

Three-quarters of online economic users go online to relax and take their minds off of the recession. Fully 88% of 18-29 year old online economic users look to the internet to relax.

Short Read | Aug 3, 2009
A Scarcity of Car Lovers

Only about a quarter of U.S. drivers now say they consider their car "something special -- more than just a way to get around," barely half of the 43% who felt this way in 1991.

Report | Jul 29, 2009
Nap Time

On a typical day, a third of the adults in the United States take a nap. Napping thrives among all demographic groups, but it’s more widespread among some than others.

Short Read | Jun 15, 2009
Bar Tab Recession

Four-in-ten young adults say they have cut back spending on alcohol or cigarettes as a result of the recession.

Report | Mar 18, 2009
Most Like It Hot

By nearly two-to-one, the public says it prefers a hotter place to live over one with a colder climate. No surprise, then, that San Diego, Tampa and Orlando rank at the top of places to live for those who favor a balmy climate.

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