report | Mar 26, 2014

Key Indicators in Media & News

Audience Cable In 2013, the cable news audience, by nearly all measures, declined. The combined median prime-time viewership of the three major news channels—CNN, Fox News and MSNBC—dropped 11% to about 3 million, the smallest it has been since 2007. The Nielsen Media Research data show that the biggest decline came at MSNBC, which lost […]

report | Mar 26, 2014

State of the News Media Methodologies

The State of the News Media report uses a host of different methodologies from data aggregation to original survey work to content analysis to first-person interviews. The wealth of methods helps provide the clearest sense of what is occurring around each research question.

report | Mar 26, 2014

About This Report

More on the eleventh edition of The State of the News Media - an annual report by the Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project examining the landscape of American journalism.

report | Nov 20, 2013

Obamacare v. Philippines typhoon: How cable covered two big stories

Methodology This special report by the Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project examined cable news coverage from November 11-15, 2013. The study focused on four cable channels: Al Jazeera America, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. Each day, four hours of news programming from each channel were watched in their entirety. In total, 80 hours of […]

report | Oct 24, 2013

The Facebook News Experience

On Facebook, the largest social media platform, news is a common but incidental experience, according to an initiative of Pew Research Center in collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

report | Oct 3, 2013

Event Transcript: Future of Nonprofit Journalism

Future of Nonprofit Journalism Friday, September 20, 2013 Pew Research Center Transcript follows below the video. Part I: Future Prospects for Financial Sustainability Alan Murray, Pew Research Center: It was clear from the research that we did that while most of the nonprofit news organizations we were talking to — or many of them at […]

report | May 15, 2013

Alan Murray on Journalism in the Digital Age

Pew Research Center President Alan Murray discusses the digital trends shaping the news industry based on findings from the State of the News Media report and his experience at the Wall Street Journal.

report | Apr 25, 2013

Gun Control and the Media

The Twitter debate about gun control has taken many twists and turns since the Newtown killings, according to a new Pew Research Report that looks at the mainstream coverage and social media conversation on that issue. Which terms did the media most often invoke when discussing gun control? And how big a factor was President Obama in driving the narrative about it?

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