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What’s It Like To Be a Teacher in America Today?


This report is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals.

Kim Parker, Director of Social Trends Research
Juliana Horowitz, Associate Director, Research
Luona Lin, Research Associate
Rachel Minkin, Research Associate
Isabel Goddard, Research Associate      
Kiley Hurst, Research Analyst             
Dana Braga, Research Assistant
Shannon Greenwood, Digital Production Manager           
Beshay Sakla, Associate Digital Producer
John Carlo Mandapat, Information Graphics Designer     
Anna Jackson, Editorial Assistant                                              
Julia O’Hanlon, Communications Manager
Mithila Samak, Communications Associate

In addition, the project benefited greatly from the guidance of the Pew Research Center methodology team: Courtney Kennedy, Andrew Mercer, Ashley Amaya, Dorene Asare-Marfo, Dana Popky, Anna Brown and Arnold Lau.

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