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Demographics of Asian Americans

The demographic data shown here display the varied population sizes and characteristics of the largest Asian origin groups. The numbers shown here come from two Census Bureau sources. The population rankings use counts from the 2010 Census for the total Asian-American population and for 20 Asian origin subgroups. The adult characteristics table is derived from the American Community Survey, and includes 15 subgroups for which the Census Bureau makes data available.

For the population rankings chart, data from the 2010 Census include adults and children and include Asians of mixed-race and mixed-group origin; as a result, there is some overlap among the individual group populations—for example, someone of Chinese and Filipino origin would be counted twice.

For the six largest groups (Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese), data on adult characteristics come from the 2010 American Community Survey and include adults of mixed-race and mixed-group origin. For the remaining groups, data on adult characteristics come from the 2006-2010 American Community Survey and include adults of single-race, single-group origin, because mixed-race or mixed-group estimates are not available from the Census Bureau. All the Asian origin groups include Hispanics.

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