We explore the diverse experiences and opinions of Asian Americans and immigrants of Asian origin with in-depth surveys and other research. Our work focuses on capturing the attitudes and experiences reflecting the diverse cultures and origins represented in the Asian population living in the U.S., around topics like identity, the economy, politics and social mobility. This work is part of our wider race and ethnicity research portfolio.


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report | Oct 11, 2023

Religion Among Asian Americans

A rising share of Asian Americans say they have no religion (32%), but many consider themselves close to one or more religious traditions for reasons such as family or culture. Christianity is still the largest faith group among Asian Americans (34%).

report | Jul 19, 2023

Most Asian Americans View Their Ancestral Homelands Favorably, Except Chinese Americans

Around three-quarters of Asian Americans (78%) have a favorable view of the United States. Majorities of Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Vietnamese adults in the U.S. have a favorable view of their own ancestral homeland. By contrast, fewer than half of Chinese Americans say they have a favorable opinion of China.

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