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feature | Feb 11, 2014

Laws aimed at LGBT community in the former Soviet Union

The sortable table below shows major laws aimed at the LGBT community in the 15 countries that once made up Soviet Union. The five categories are not intended to be comprehensive. Click on the column headers to sort the table.

report | Dec 17, 2013

International Migrants by Country

Explore the population of international migrants by country with this interactive. International migrants include many foreign workers, international students, refugees and their descendants.

report | Aug 22, 2013

Race in America: Tracking 50 Years of Demographic Trends

Explore the areas where the white-black racial gap has narrowed, widened or remained roughly the same, based on data from U.S. government sources over the past several decades. Hispanic and Asian data is also included in years available.

feature | Aug 6, 2013

How Long Do You Want To Live?

With falling birthrates and rising life expectancies, the U.S. population is rapidly aging. Research aimed at unlocking the secrets of aging is underway at universities and corporate labs, and some biomedical researchers think future medical treatments might be able to slow, stop or reverse the aging process and allow people to live decades longer than […]

report | Jul 22, 2013

Personal Freedoms

In the 2013 Pew Research Center global public opinion survey, 39 countries were asked about personal freedoms in the United States, China, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Below is a plot of the percent responding ‘yes’ to: Does the government of ____ respect the personal freedoms of its people? Individual markers represent results from each of […]

report | Jun 25, 2013

Americans’ reading habits over time

The population of e-book readers is growing. In the past year, the number of those who read an e-book in the past year increased from 16% of all Americans ages 16 and older in December 2011 to 23% in November 2012. At the same time, the percentage of Americans who read a printed book in […]

report | Jun 19, 2013

2011 Hispanic Origin Profiles

95% of the U.S. Hispanic population is made up of the 14 largest Hispanic origin groups, and six of these groups have populations greater than 1 million. Explore characteristics of these groups with this interactive.

feature | Jun 13, 2013

LGBT Voices: The Coming Out Experience

In the Pew Research Center’s survey of LGBT adults, we asked respondents to share three key points in their personal coming out journeys: When they first thought they might be something other than straight or heterosexual; When they knew for sure that they were lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender; and When they first told a close friend or family member about their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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