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Data Feed: Campaign spending caps, global economic recovery, America’s seniors and tech use

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Politics Polls show broad support for campaign spending caps, New York Times Public sentiment cools toward Christie, warmer to Clinton and Warren, Quinnipiac In N.J., Gov Chris Christie’s ratings have stabilized, Monmouth U./Asbury Park Press

Economy Chart: State actions on the minimum wage, New York Times Mobile banking more popular among the young, BBVA 40 years of Chicago’s rising inequality, in one GIF, The Atlantic Cities Most U.S. jobs pay less than $20 an hour, CNN Money Almost everywhere, men predominate in computer jobs, FiveThirtyEight Payroll to population rate 42.7% in March, Gallup Americans still favor energy conservation over greater production, Gallup U.S. journalism revenues have fallen by a third since 2006, Pew Research Center

Health & Society Coverage gap: Uninsured poor in states that don’t expand Medicaid, KFF Quitting smoking (with help) costs more if you are poor, CDC via National Journal Older adults and technology use, Pew Research Center

International Global economy turning corner of Great Recession, but obstacles ahead, IMF Europe’s reforms are beginning to pay off, but more effort needed, OECD Survey finds one notion of rural/urban Indian divide to be outdated, Financial Times How reliant is Europe on Russia’s gas? The Economist About 10% of all German exporting companies export goods to Russia, Destatis Despite perceptions, inequality in Egypt is relatively low, World Bank

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