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Gen Nexters Say Getting Rich is Their Generation’s Top Goal

When asked not about themselves but about their generation, most 18-25 year-olds say getting rich and being famous are important goals for people in their age group. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Gen Nexters in a new Pew survey say getting rich is the most important goal in life for their generation, another 17% say this is the second most important goal. One-in-ten Nexters say their generation’s most important goal is to be famous, another 41% say this is their next important goal. Further down on the list is helping people in need (12% say this is their generation’s most important goal), being leaders in their community (7%) and becoming more spiritual (4%). Generation Xers have a different view of their generation’s life goals. Among those ages 26-40, getting rich is still perceived to be the top goal of their generation. However, this age group puts much less emphasis on wealth and being famous when compared with Generation Next, and more emphasis on leadership and spirituality. Read More