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report | Oct 18, 2023

How Americans View Data Privacy

The share of Americans who say they are very or somewhat concerned about government use of people’s data has increased from 64% in 2019 to 71% today. Two-thirds (67%) of adults say they understand little to nothing about what companies are doing with their personal data, up from 59%.

short reads | Nov 17, 2023

9 facts about bullying in the U.S.

35% of U.S. parents with children younger than 18 say they are extremely or very worried that their children might be bullied at some point.

report | Jul 28, 2020

4. Parents’ attitudes – and experiences – related to digital technology

In today’s digitally connected world, parents have to manage their own relationship with the internet and mobile devices, along with managing their children’s use of and exposure to the same technology. This brings with it a host of both benefits and challenges. Parents, which includes those who have at least one child under the age […]

report | Nov 30, 2023

3. Asian Americans and the ‘model minority’ stereotype

In the survey, we asked Asian Americans about their views and experiences with another stereotype: Asians in the U.S. being a “model minority.” Asian adults were asked about their awareness of the label “model minority,” their views on whether the term is a good or bad thing, and their experiences with being treated in ways […]

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