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U.S. Teens Take After Their Parents Religiously, Attend Services Together and Enjoy Family Rituals


This report is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals. Find related reports online at

Primary Researchers

Elizabeth Podrebarac Sciupac, Senior Researcher Philip Schwadel, Professor of Sociology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln            

Research Team

Alan Cooperman, Director of Religion Research Gregory A. Smith, Associate Director of Research Becka A. Alper, Senior Researcher Besheer Mohamed, Senior Researcher Kiana Cox, Research Associate Claire Gecewicz, Research Associate Justin Nortey, Research Assistant    

Methodology Team

Courtney Kennedy, Director of Survey Research Andrew Mercer, Senior Research Methodologist    

Editorial and Graphic Design

Michael Lipka, Editorial Manager Aleksandra Sandstrom, Senior Copy Editor Bill Webster, Senior Information Graphics Designer         

Communications and Web Publishing

Stacy Rosenberg, Associate Director, Digital Travis Mitchell, Digital Producer Anna Schiller, Senior Communications Manager Kelsey Beveridge, Communications Associate

Philip Schwadel, professor of sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, spent a year as a visiting researcher at Pew Research Center contributing to work on religion among teens in the United States. The Center is grateful for his contributions to this report and other work.

Patricia Snell Herzog of Indiana University and Purdue University in Indianapolis (IUPUI) spent a summer at Pew Research Center researching previous quantitative studies of religion among teens, which helped to guide our own work.

Claudia Deane, vice president of research at Pew Research Center, also gave valuable feedback on this report.

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