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Media & Digital Life

Social Media and Mobile Internet Use

3 Feb 10 A new Pew Internet Project report reveals a decline in blogging among Millennials but a modest rise among adults ages 30 and older. Young adults continue to lead the way in other online avenues, however. Millennials are increasingly connecting to the internet wirelessly (81% have), and nearly three in four of those who go online use social networking sites. Teens do not use Twitter in large numbers, but high-school-age girls show the greatest enthusiasm for the application.

Demographics & Social Trends

Millennial’s Judgments About Recent Trends Not So Different

7 January 10 As might be expected, members of the Millennial generation are enthusiastic about the technological and communication advances of the past decade. They are also highly accepting of societal changes such as the greater availability of green products and more racial and ethnic diversity. What may be less expected is that, in many cases, they are not much different from the age groups that precede them.