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Hispanics in the News

Overall Coverage of Hispanics in the News


For both Muslims and Asians, nine out of ten stories involved events abroad.  By contrast, Hispanics were much more of an American story—58% of the coverage with significant references to Hispanics involved domestic news. Likewise, about two-thirds (65%), of the coverage of Africans and/or African-Americans involved domestic news.


1. The Asian/Asian-American group was understood as encompassing people or groups from most eastern and south Asian countries, as well as anyone noted as Asian, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, or Hawaiian.

2. The African/African-American group included people or groups from any African country except Egypt, as well as those noted as African, African-American, or Black.

3. The Muslim group included anyone noted as Muslim, Islamist, as well as belonging to Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other groups with strong Muslim identities.

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