The data set contains questions about images from the war in Iraq, search engines, and prescription drugs online.

report | Jan 23, 2005

Search Engine Users

Internet users are very happy with their experiences searching the internet, but many are naive about how they search and the results they find.

report | Oct 20, 2004

Use of Online Rating Systems

33 million American internet users have reviewed or rated someone or something as part of an online rating system.

report | Oct 10, 2004

Prescription Drugs Online

One in four Americans has used the internet to look for information about prescription drugs. Other topics covered: prescription drugs purchases online; drug-related spam.

report | Aug 12, 2004

Data Memo on Search Engines

The use of search engines is a top online activity and Americans increasingly feel they get the information they want when they perform search queries

report | Jul 8, 2004

Internet as Unique News Source

Millions go online for news and images not covered in the mainstream press. But many are repulsed by what they see.

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