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Examining Public Health Driven Social Media

Ogilvy’s Social Marketing practice and Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication, an initiative of the Master in Professional Studies in Public Relations and Corporation Communications, will host a panel discussion to examine social media best practices in public health and social marketing.

The event will include a brief review of a new white paper, Using Social Media Platforms to Amplify Public Health Messages, developed under the Ogilvy/CSIS Social Marketing Fellowship, and a moderated discussion with panelists to further explore the topic.


Susannah Fox, Associate Director, Digital Strategy, Pew Research Center

Irfan Kamal, Social Media Evaluation Expert, Ogilvy Digital Influence Group

Marie Cocco, Director, National Communications Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Jessica Kutch, Website Coordinator, Service Employees International Union

Joel Selzer, CEO and Co-Founder Ozmosis

Moderated by Jennifer Wayman, Executive Vice President/Director of Social Marketing at Ogilvy Washington and Alexandra Hughes, 2010 Social Marketing Fellow

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