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YouTubers meeting lens to lens

There’s a lot of ongoing discussion in the internet research world about how often relationships initiated online end up evolving into offline, in-person meetings. With online dating, offline meetings are clearly part of the deal. If you’re seeking someone to date online, the assumption is that you want to find someone to actually meet and date in person. The romance may continue online, but the connection the internet facilitates is presumably one that will be nurtured offline.

However, with vlogging (video blogging), users approach the activity with a wide range of motives—to express their political views, make people laugh, promote their music, etc.—and the relationships and community that develop through video responses and comments generally play out on the screen.

That is, until recently.

According to an AP article that ran earlier this week, YouTube vlogger meetup events are becoming increasingly common. Organized by users interested in meeting one another face-to-face, the gatherings give vloggers a chance to meet YouTube celebrities and find others who share their passion for the medium (with the added bonus of getting some new video footage along the way).

Given that the next big YouTuber meetup is going to be held in the Washington, D.C. area, I wonder if any of the YouTube-savvy presidential candidates will put that party on their dance card.

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