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Data Update

If you’re a regular internet activity tracker, you’ll be interested to know that we’ve updated the internet activities lists and demographics table on our website to reflect the new data gathered from our latest survey.

You can find the updated documents here:

Most notably, there has been some growth in the size of the internet population since our last survey:

  • 72% of the adult population, or roughly 145 million people, said they use the internet or email in our September 2005 survey. That compares with 68%, about 137 million, who said this last spring.
  • Demographically, this growth was most pronounced among men; 75% now say they are internet users, compared with 69% last spring.
  • Those with lower levels of education have also ticked up significantly; 38% of those who have less than a high school education now say they are online compared with 29% from last spring.

Some of the more interesting activities-related data has been covered in several recent data memos from the Project:

  • Data Memo: About 25 million people have used the internet to sell something – One in six internet users has used the internet to sell things and traffic to online classified sites has risen 80% in the past year.
  • Data Memo: 13 million Americans made donations online after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita – 9% of online Americans made donations on the internet to relief efforts and 7 million set up their own hurricane relief efforts using the internet.
  • Data Memo: Big jump in search engine use – Nearly 60 million online Americans use search engines on an average day.
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