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Globally, Biden Receives Higher Ratings Than Trump

2. Confidence in Joe Biden

A bar chart showing that People around the world are split on views of Biden

A median of 43% across 34 countries surveyed have confidence in Biden to do the right thing regarding world affairs. A similar share say they do not have confidence in him.

In Europe, seven-in-ten Poles trust Biden when it comes to world affairs, and majorities in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden agree. But most adults in the other European countries surveyed do not have confidence in the U.S. president, ranging from 56% no confidence in France to 72% in Hungary.

Views are also varied in the Asia-Pacific region. Large shares in the Philippines and Thailand trust Biden’s handling of international affairs, while majorities in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore do not.

Biden receives his least positive assessments in Tunisia and Turkey, where nearly nine-in-ten do not have confidence in him to do the right thing regarding world affairs.

The U.S. president gets relatively positive ratings in most of the sub-Saharan African nations surveyed, but generally negative assessments across most of the Latin American countries in the study.

A table showing that Confidence in Biden has decreased since 2023 in several nations

Confidence in Biden has decreased in many of the countries where trend data is available.

In Australia and the UK, for example, 54% had confidence in Biden in 2023, compared with only 40% this year. Confidence in Biden has also dropped significantly in Poland since last year, though a large share there still says they have faith in the U.S. president when it comes to international relations.

Now, trust in Biden is the lowest it has been in many countries since he took office in 2021.

Refer to Appendix B for over 20 years of data on global confidence in U.S. presidents.

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