The coronavirus outbreak has caused, among other things, a debate around how to best rebuild national economies ravaged by the pandemic. Across the U.S., France, Germany, and the UK, significant shares believe their economic system needs either major changes or a complete overhaul, according to a survey conducted in the late fall of 2020. Few in the four countries say their economy does not need any changes.

The desire for change is strongest in France, where seven-in-ten believe the economic system in their country needs either major changes or to be completely reformed. Half share this view in the U.S., UK, and Germany, while around four-in-ten in these three nations say minor changes are warranted. Few would opt for no adjustments to the economic system, ranging from 3% in France to 12% in the U.S.. Those who think the overall economic situation in their country is bad are more likely to call for major or total reforms to the system.