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In Digital Traffic, CNN & Fox News Outpace MSNBC

News Site Total Digital Population Desktop Mobile
CNN 64,288 42,154 33,789 55,492 27,822 34,818
MSNBC TV 7,028 3,458 3,750

Source: comScore Media Metrix, January 2015, U.S. Note: In new conversations with comScore, Pew Research Center was informed of and provided with new digital populations that are inclusive of app traffic and in the case of CNN the addition of some sub-domains which are tracked separately in comScore. For most other news entities analyzed in this report, all relevant sub-domains are already included. In addition, Total Digital Population is the unduplicated combination of the desktop (web browsing and video) and mobile (websites and apps where applicable) traffic figures. For that reason, desktop and mobile figures combined may exceed the total digital population number.

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