GlobalFebruary 12, 2019

As elections near, Nigerians view their country’s economy and political system negatively

Many Nigerians are dissatisfied with Nigeria’s democracy and are skeptical about its political and judicial systems. Over half describe the economy as bad.

U.S. PoliticsFebruary 7, 2019

More Republicans say stricter environmental regulations are ‘worth the cost’

Since 2017, the share of Republicans who take a positive view of stricter environmental laws has increased, from 36% then to 45% today.

U.S. PoliticsFebruary 4, 2019

State of the Union 2019: How Americans see major national issues

Here is a look at public opinion on important issues facing the United States, from Americans’ views of trade to the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

U.S. PoliticsJanuary 30, 2019

Partisans agree political leaders should be honest and ethical, disagree whether Trump fits the bill

While partisans agree that political leaders should be honest and ethical, they differ over whether particular leaders display these traits.

U.S. PoliticsJanuary 29, 2019

Republicans, Democrats both see less reason for optimism in 2019 than they did in 2018

Americans have mixed expectations for 2019. As has been the case since Trump’s election, Republicans are more optimistic than Democrats.

GlobalJanuary 25, 2019

Venezuelans have little trust in national government, say economy is in poor shape

Only a third of Venezuelans trust their national government. Venezuelans’ evaluations of their national economy have worsened since 2013.

Pew Research CenterJanuary 24, 2019

Like Americans overall, U.S. Catholics are sharply divided by party

On a number of issues, Catholic partisans often express opinions more in line with their political parties’ positions than with their church’s teachings.

U.S. PoliticsNovember 20, 2018

Most say their family is OK with discussing politics – but it helps if the family agrees

Many Americans say their family is OK with talking about politics when they gather, and a majority has at least some common ground politically with family.

Media & NewsOctober 30, 2018

Younger adults in Western Europe are more socially, politically progressive than older age groups

They tend to be more left-leaning, more progressive in their social and political views, more receptive to immigrants and more favorable toward the European Union. They are also more mixed in their views of traditional center-left parties than older Western Europeans.

U.S. PoliticsOctober 22, 2018

More in U.S. see drug addiction, college affordability and sexism as ‘very big’ national problems

In the nearly two years since the 2016 presidential election, Americans’ views of the seriousness of several national problems have changed, with concerns about drug addiction, college affordability, sexism and racism on the rise.