Pew Research Center Nov. 19, 2007

Will California Jumpstart National Health Care Reform?

With more uninsured than any other state — more than the entire population of Massachusetts — the Golden State could once again emerge a trendsetter.

Internet & Tech Oct. 9, 2007

E-patients with a Disability or Chronic Disease

Just half of adults with chronic conditions use the internet; but once online, they are avid consumers of health information.

Pew Research Center Aug. 16, 2007

States Let Adult Kids Stay on Parents’ Insurance

Legislatures in eight states voted this spring to require insurers to let adult children stay on their parents’ health insurance, even after the traditional cut-off dates on a child’s 18th birthday or college graduation.

Pew Research Center Jul. 18, 2007

Florida is Test Bed for Medicaid Overhaul

Halfway through a two-year test run, Florida’s nationally acclaimed pilot program to introduce competition to its Medicaid program has met mixed success.

Pew Research Center Feb. 15, 2007

How Many Kids Will Congress Cover?

The federally assisted State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) has substantially reduced the number of American children without health coverage; advocates in Congress and governors of both parties, see the program as the foundation for universal health coverage. But the Bush administration is calling for cutbacks.