July 19, 2016

5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe

Recent killings in Paris as well as the arrival of hundreds of thousands of mostly Muslim refugees in Europe have drawn renewed attention to the continent’s Muslim population. In many European countries, including France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, concerns about growing Muslim communities have led to calls for restrictions on immigration. But just how large is Europe’s Muslim population, and how fast is it growing?

Muslim population in EuropeUsing the Pew Research Center’s most recent population estimates, here are five facts about the size and makeup of the Muslim population in Europe:

1Germany and France have the largest Muslim populations among European Union member countries. As of 2010, there were 4.8 million Muslims in Germany (5.8% of the country’s population) and 4.7 million Muslims in France (7.5%). In Europe overall, however, Russia’s population of 14 million Muslims (10%) is the largest on the continent.

2The Muslim share of Europe’s total population has been increasing steadily. In recent decades, the Muslim share of the population throughout Europe grew about 1 percentage point a decade, from 4% in 1990 to 6% in 2010. This pattern is expected to continue through 2030, when Muslims are projected to make up 8% of Europe’s population.

3Muslims are younger than other Europeans. In 2010, the median age of Muslims throughout Europe was 32, eight years younger than the median for all Europeans (40). By contrast, the median age of religiously unaffiliated people in Europe, including atheists, agnostics and those with no religion in particular, was 37. The median age of European Christians was 42.

4Views of Muslims vary widely across European countries. A Pew Research Center survey conducted this spring in 10 nations found that in eastern and southern Europe, negative views prevailed. However, the majority of respondents in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and the Netherlands gave Muslims a favorable rating. Views about Muslims are tied to ideology. While 47% of Germans on the political right give Muslims an unfavorable rating, just 17% on the left do so. The gap between left and right is also roughly 30 percentage points in Italy and Greece. 

5As of 2010, the European Union was home to about 13 million Muslim immigrants. The foreign-born Muslim population in Germany is primarily made up of Turkish immigrants, but also includes many born in Kosovo, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Morocco. The roughly 3 million foreign-born Muslims in France are largely from France’s former colonies of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Note: This is an update of a post originally published on Jan. 15, 2015. 

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  1. Photo of Conrad Hackett

    is a demographer focusing on religion at Pew Research Center.


  1. Anonymous1 year ago

    If 1% are radicalized, there will be >1 million jihadists in Europe by 2016, and the number grow quickly due to birth rate and radicalized theology.

  2. Dale Maddison1 year ago

    History tells at 40 percent or above genocide is committed by the muslim population this has happened in every country that was once Christian in the middle east the latest being the Armenian massacre by Muslim Turks today the genocide goes on and the Western media is in denial. Importing these male migrants of fighting age is madness the left liberal and political correctness the Wests greatest weakness is used against us by islamists and Islams plan of conquest in Europe. Our leaders are weak Isis is winning the War weather the califate falls or not as the case may be we Europeans or most would not die for our beliefs Muslims will and do that is that difference . Since the time of their prophet Islam has been at War with us its time for the uneducated liberals and leftists and cultural marxists to wake up to the reality of Islam before we condemn our children and their children to live under the took of Islam.

  3. Dale Maddison1 year ago

    Thankyou for your real input amazing work keep it up all concerned ,Thank you.

  4. Anonymous1 year ago

    Most of them will be potential terrorists
    I suppose integration of muslims in to EU society and way of life is zero 0%.

  5. Anonymous1 year ago

    Why is Hungary at the top? And why is Poland third?

    Few know that the church bells noon toll around the world originates in 1456 when Pope Callixtus III ordered it after the Johns Hunyadi and Capistrano defeated the turks at Nándorfehérvár, ie todays Belgrade. Many churches in Hungary, and I am talking greater historical Hungary, carry the sarcophagi of the heroes who died fighting the islamists.

    Then in 1683 it was John III Sobieski, the peasant king of Poland who saved the depraved western nobility’s axxes at the battle of Vienna. BTW king Władysław III of Varna also died in 1456 in the preamble to the battle of Belgrade.

    The are just two examples of the centuries of fight against Islamic subjugation at the edge of Europe.

    The current problem is that the leftist liberal governments in W Europe care more about benefits and vacation than realizing that the country will soon belong to those who work in it, it makes more sense to get on welfare than work for many degenerates around the old continent.

    Wake up Europe before it is too late! And next time you stuff your mouth leasurely on lunch break at the bistro, remember why those bells call, and think how different it would have been if Belgrade in 1456 or Vienna in 1529. And history repeats itself faster when your memory is short.

  6. Anonymous1 year ago

    Consider the facts:
    1) A number of Islamic countries base their legal systems on Sharia. A Hindu is prohibited from carrying religious idols into the Maldives in his aeroplane baggage. Homosexuality is a capital crime in Iran. Apostasy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. A woman’s testimony is worth half of that of a man. We are not talking about one or two countries, but a huge swathe of the Islamic world en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharia#/me…
    2) For refugees from Islamic countries, Sharia and Islam in general, is ‘normal’.
    3) Cultural and religious mores relating to the display of female body parts, and female sexuality are vastly different than in the West. Naturally, in such cultures, the default assumption is that a woman who doesn’t cover up is ‘asking for it’.
    4) The rich elite of these Islamic have value systems that are more liberal and more accepting of what’s there in the West. But refugees come from the poorer, less educated, far more conservative section of society.

    There are two ways that integration can happen – the host society adopts Islamic values, particularly in respect of the regulation of female sexuality, or the guest group adopts the values of the host society. While the latter is possible, it takes generations (abandoning Islam, which is a way of life more than a religious philosophy, is not easy for a Muslim), and can go horribly wrong, as the case of France demonstrates.

    It is far safer for Europe to stop accepting refugees. There is nothing remotely good that can come out of acting otherwise.

  7. Anonymous1 year ago

    Europe is about to change into something great! Look how well muslim countries are doing all over the world! Just great!

    Stupidity, misplaced guilt and a sweet but overly naive disney-culture will be our downfall – and then Europe can be just as great as the other muslim countries! Wohoo!

    1. Jake McGrew1 year ago

      This is absolutely correct. I hope the people and leaders of Europe wake up ASAP.

  8. Nasir Memon1 year ago

    Nice Blog Post

  9. Anonymous1 year ago

    Sorry American patriots. The two comments I posted yesterday were ignored and kept out.

    USAF (RET)

  10. Anonymous1 year ago

    2010?? I want to see a 2016 data.

  11. Anonymous1 year ago


  12. Anonymous1 year ago

    I’ve worked with Muslims nearly every day for the past 16 years. Most, just like humans of any ethnic, religious or national identity, are friendly on an individual level. What a lot of progressives seem to have difficulty with is that just because you get to know people on an individual level – which they tend to encourage so as to moderate peoples’ bigotries – doesn’t necessary mean that one cannot be gravely concerned about how the larger group those individuals belong to might negatively impact that culture and day-to-life of the native population. Western Europe, for the most part, is a tolerant and safe place, but since the influx of Muslims, Western Europe has seen an increase in rape gangs and angry mobs of Muslims attempting to change the culture towards a more Islamic-friendly environment. Most of us really don’t want this so It behooves us to stand against it. In order to preserve the liberal, tolerant culture we love, we cannot allow for an ideology that breeds in-group/out-group thinking, it’s own set of laws in contradistinction to our secular laws, and one which maintains standing orders (unlike the Bible) for violence in its holy books. This is unacceptable and we have a moral duty to fight against such a bigoted, backward ideology just like we do in regards to something as sinister as Nazism. Why we have a double-standard in regards to Islam is beyond me. It can only stem from misappropriated guilt, which is not a good motivation for making decisions about the good of Europe.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      You should not be holding the Muslim community on a whole to represent a small amount of rapists, muggers or other law breakers. Unless you can show legitimate statistics that the majority, and not the outliers, of the muslim community have been creating such problems. There is also something to be said about the fact that the Muslim community has been widely discriminated against in France. There was a book one, based off of imperial research on this topic ” Why Muslim integration fails: An inquiry in Christian-heritage societies” if you would like further proof. And as for in-group/out-group, most religions teach that. Strong Catholics are taught to only marry other Catholics, religious Jews are taught to marry other religious Jews. The “individual level” is not the problem nor is it about moderating peoples bigotries, it is because there simply is no difference besides a label. Also, just as an example of discrimination, there was a Muslim school girl sent home from school for wearing a long black skirt because it was labeled as being “religious” and “Islamic”. That is the epitome of bigotry and racism. If you do not believe this to be true google it, there were multiple sources that reported it. While this recent act of violence should not be excused, the intolerance that the Muslim community has endured should not be forgotten either

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        In the bible, there is nothing written about marrying a catholic girl, you are allowed to marry anyone you love no discrimination, while in the quran it is forbidden for a girl to marry a non muslim guy, and while you are talking about herrasing the muslims in europe why don’t you see the muslims what they did to christians turkey killing 1.5 million armenian, killing 300K from hunger in lebanon, and no more Christians in iraq and syria, the religion conflict in egypt, iran banning everything non muslim and many more.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          lol, it is funny considering that the Quran does not mention killing homosexuals, yet it is widely known that many muslims hold that punishment as part of their religion and you do take it against them. But when the table turns, there is always an escape for you brave christian soldiers. Hiding behind secular values, which you fight against to the benefit of your believes that are similar type of crazy to the muslims, to fight other religions. It is truly a disgusting play to watch, and yet it is amusing at the same time.

          by the way, in the Quran, it is forbidden to marry polytheists, while marrying “the people of the book [christians and jews]” is permissible. Now Sharia is an entirely different matter and the different factions of muslims hold different believes about what is permissible from what is not.

          That is just to tell you, it is really complicated than to group them all into one giant mix and say “see now? that is a muzzy for ya”. But why do I waste my breath, you probably one wishing to burry them all if you had the chance.

          Two wrongs don’t make a right. you have no right to talk superior to them when you are just as bad. When you stand on the higher moral ground, then by all means come talk !!!

  13. Anonymous1 year ago

    I live in the Middle East and I am a Christian, I don’t mind living with muslims because Jesus didn’t tell us to hate anyone, but the muslims when they take the land, and it is written in the Quran, the non muslim people should pay money to the government of islam, or die or leave their land, see what isis and al-nusra are doing, there are no more Christians in Syria or Iraq, all have immigrated to Europe or American. And have you ever saw people immigrating to rich arab countries like UAE or bahrein or kuwait or saudi arabia, no because they are muslim countries, you are not allowed to become a citizen but on the other hand Europeans offers nationalities for all the people without discrimination. And there is no single church in saudi arabia, the richest country with petrol, their citizens live a higher life then citizens in europe, no taxes they can easily take the refugees of war coming from muslim countries, but they are racist, I hope Europe doesn’t become like the Middle East where the Christians are driven out of the land where Jesus was born and lived !! So sad !!

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Christians are flurishing in Israel, the land where Jesus was born and lived. Actually it’s the only place in the middle east where christian population is increasing rather than decreasing.

  14. Anonymous1 year ago

    Europe will dilute probably within my lifetime they won’t be able to expel them plus it seems that some folks haven’t awaken yet.

  15. Anonymous1 year ago

    I think recent polls in UK, Germany and France would reflect a majority negative view towards Muslims and widespread anger at politicians who have put ‘refugees’ and political correctness before the safety of their own people. The result of Merkel’s open door policy is too obvious to state but the liberal left are conveniently burying their heads in the sand about it.

    Many people(mostly young men and unaccompanied male ‘children’) were let in and are still coming in without checks and no controls put in place to ensure their movements were tracked. I am beyond angry about it and cannot understand why politicians are still in denial about the dangers of allowing so many in (most are not Syrian and are economic migrants, jihadists posing as refugees). The latest attack was carried out by a failed asylum seeker – why was he still in Germany? Moreover, he was known to the police and had previously committed violent offences!!!! Failed asylum seekers and those who commit crimes in the host countries should be automatically detained and then sent back but of course that violates their human rights. Well what about the rights of European citizens to go about their every day life without being afraid of terrorist attacks, sexual assaults carried out by ungrateful so called refugees. We need to get tough – just stop them coming in the first place.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      The “send back” doesn’t work the way one would imagine either as the failed asylum seeker you mentioned was supposed to be deported to the first safe country in EU he registered – which in his case was Bulgaria. The question is what Bulgaria was supposed to do with all those failed asylum seekers that Germany don’t want but forced the south east EU countries to let in and register? It is such a mess 🙁

  16. Anonymous1 year ago

    it is devastating, Europe overrun by these immigrants. They will not assimilate. these white leaders are potraying themselves as good generous people. the immigrants have an agenda.They want to take over your land. gang rapes,bullying, stealing ,murder and bombings are so common. I just pity the White, cultured, educated,civilised,tolerant people of Europe. Your great unwise leaders have brought a curse upon you people. May be its too late. bring in the army. kill the unruly or systematically depot them. The oil rich Middle East wont take them coz they know their wealth n welfare will be eroded. Islam is about submission . No such thing as love or peace. you dont submit, in the name Allah, we kill u.European leaders so so stupid. Horrifying to watch young little white boys punched and kicked. White girls skirts torn apart. Supermarkets looted. Handbags grabbed etc

  17. Anonymous1 year ago

    We are in a big trouble here in Europe. We will have to fight for our lives and those of our children. Just have a look at the history and remember that nothing is new under the sun.

  18. Anonymous1 year ago

    this was 6 years ago… it is not accurate anymore
    why do you publish old data?

  19. Anonymous1 year ago

    On the base of this accurate analysis we can see that countries with relatively less muslim population (Italy, Poland and Greece) have a worse view of muslim than countries with relatevily more muslim population (Germany, France). This desproves the common idea (especially in Italy) that the problem is that “They are too many). An idea rudely used for right wing parties’ propaganda. We should investigate more the real reasons for these different perceptions and social attitude. I suppose a major role is played by the difference of social conditions that muslim immigrants actually live in different countries. For instance in Italy muslim immigrants live far more precarious social conditions than muslims in France.
    Mario Brambilla

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Perhaps the view is a result of the 400+ years of slavery they were under while under Sharia law and their personal experience in what, the rest of Europe is only now begin to discover…… the grim reality.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        First of all you need to learn about the world around you!!

        There is NO such thing as “sharia law”. The word Sharia in arabic means law so when you say sharia law it mean “Law Law”. Learn something!!!

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Follow power.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Lol, the amount of delusions in this comment is really high…

      It didn’t came to your mind that this poll is biaised and therefore not reliable ? The french and italian polls have shown that à much higher proportion of people don’t like multiculturalim…

      It’s funny to see that the Front national and the Lega Nord have their bigger score in places where the amount of immigrants is higher…

      Beside your views are in the minority

    3. Paul Penzione1 year ago

      I would guess, now that yet another Muslim killed as many as 15 children in Munich, after 10 attacks by Muslims in France in the past two years, that the perceptions expressed in this 6 year old study have changed dramatically. Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but as the world has learned, every terrorist is a Muslim. If a Muslim is a true Qur’ an believing Muslim, then the call to kill non-Muslims is just a matter of being a good Muslim. Unfortunately for the world, this is incompatible with every other human, who is non-Muslim and possibly the next victim of someone who lives by the Qur’an. Public perception is changing. When someone says that Islam is the “religion of peace,” most people look at that individual like they are crazy. Once some of the left-wingers in Western Europe have lost family members to terrorism, they will begin to change their minds about their perceptions of Islam. The people on the right are not biased haters, who view the world that way……….they look at the thousands of people killed in recent years, across the Middle East, northern Africa, in Western and Eastern Europe and now, in the U.S., and they say…..it’s always a Muslim killing our people. We cannot let this continue.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        “If the theory doesn’t fit with my data, the data must be wrong” is what springs to mind when reading your comment. I’ll just leave this here and you can do with it as you like datagraver.com/case/people-kille…

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Did you blame all Irish people for IRA bombs?

        1. Mick Morris1 year ago

          I can’t speak for others but personally I only blame people for what they actually do. I don’t blame all Irish for the IRA atrocities and I don’t blame all Muslims for ISIL terrorism. But, I do blame all those who seek to undermine our way of life by coming to our country when they have no intention of adopting our values, laws, codes of conduct etc. I imagine they would blame me (or worse) if I tried to do that in their countries. And they would be right to.

        2. Anonymous1 year ago

          yes, I would blame any silent peaceful majority of any group if they stand silent to the extremes and violence of their group members! and it seems to me the peaceful muslim majority shows an unforgivable silence on their extremes and violence!

  20. Peter Pardi1 year ago

    Survey results regarding a negative perception of Muslim, especially from France and Germany, are much lower than other survey results conducted recently. Other results indicate France and German residents are just above 50% for those who feel more negative about the recent Muslim population growth.

    The fact that we have many discussions and surveys on this issue says quite a bit. It’s a visible concern that is growing, and a valid concern at that.

  21. Sebastián Gottret1 year ago

    What about Russia. Why is the great Russia not even considered in those benchmarks.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      It’s not a member of the European Union.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Russia is not in Europe

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      Islam in Russia is at about 6.5 to 7 percent and going down. The share of Russian adults identifying as Orthodox Christian rose from 31% in 1991 to 72% in 2011.

  22. Anonymous1 year ago

    I find it difficult to understand why Muslim countries are not doing more to encourage and welcome refugees to their countries. But even less understandable is why the media strongly condems western countries for wanting to limit refugee immigration and essentially nothing is done to condem Muslim countries for not making refugees welcomed and not accepting them. It is not far-fetched to understand it as an opportunity for the Islamic countries to use it as a relatively peaceful Islamic invasion of the West in accordance with the command of the Koran to make the world Muslim. Is there tacit approval of this ‘invasion’ by the media while condemning anyone not agreeing with their position? These questions and suppositions may make some uncomfortable, even angry, but they are valid, important and necessary.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Have a look at the UN website and see where the majority of refugees from Syria have gone… Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan… And Lebanon, for example, hosts a refugee population that makes up 20% of its total population.

      Same goes for older conflicts – check and see how many Afghans Pakistan has harboured for decades. Not to mention which countries have absorbed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Muslim and Middle Eastern nations are definitely doing their bit.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Arabia and the gulf countries have taken in none.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          I really understand your feelings, but the main stream media is for headlines and not for facts, there are 5 million Syerian and Yamani refugees in Saudi Arabia alone, many more millions are in Turkey and Jordon

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan are exactly those countries which are among those with the highest rate of terrorist attacks.

  23. Wendy Adams1 year ago

    This assumes that European views of their Muslim populations are based solely on religion. These data should be cross-referenced with the economic health of the surveyed nations. Is it a coincidence that healthier economies report less wariness of the Muslim population because of their own low birth rates/need for younger workers? Meanwhile, struggling economies – Italy, Greece, Bulgaria – are probably less keen to welcome additional workforce. The current government in Poland is aggressively increasing benefits to its citizenry. Are current residents eager to work harder/longer to ensure these benefits are enjoyed by recent immigrants? Just a question. In summary, to assume that people’s opinions are informed by a single factor is overly simplistic and serves only as fodder to justify pre-conceived opinions and objectives. Unless you are willing to research issues at a much deeper level, take everything with a grain of salt.

  24. Anonymous1 year ago

    The political ideologies of all Muslims is a huge risk for mankind, but what are we to do? There is a dual standard of acceptance within our societies, Muslim and nonMuslim societies, with bigotry against nonMuslims far, far exceeding those against Muslims within Europe and other nonIslamic countries. There is a significant portion of danger from the large population of Muslims wishing to abuse Democracy with population bulking and padding in order to establish Islam throughout the world. Given the violent and dangerous nature of Islam, itself, as seen in the Middle East and Africa, it’s imperative that intelligence is used in limiting immigration, as the more there are, the greater the risks to public safety AND government secular power. Islam is not a religion of peace nor respect. Quite the opposite. It is as serious a threat as Nazi Germany to the world, only instead of just Jews being at risk, it’s all nonMuslims or less devout Muslims, period. All it takes is a few to make our societies dangerous. What to do? Being informed, NOT being ignorant about the realities, but blending them together to limit ALL immigration to preserve the rights of the national identities, as guaranteed by international laws, is most important, even if deportation of large groups of Muslims, who breed beyond belief in new nations, to maintain the rights of the original peoples inside their own lands. It’s a tough job but it’s a real one. Those who see “no threat” from Islamist are more ignorant than anyone else, because they literally have no clue what Islam really is, but let’s hope they “catch up” before the rest of us have to deal with all-out war in our lands thanks to their ignorant and chosen “innocence” of mind.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      I personally dont think its justifiable to judge a religeon based on the way its portrayed on the media. Islam is another religeon with similar beliefs, and in any way does it encourage violence. its just the scumbags of isis who are abusing the vunerable people of the middle east

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Are you kidding me yes? It is not the “portrait on the media”, it is not even about the actual behavior of Muslims. (and most of them wants only to live peacefully without problems like rest of the population despite their ideology) It is about the religion itself and its sacred books. Koran statistically has much more verses related to war and violence than Bible. Whereas Bible chronologically moves from violence to more nonviolent stance, Koran is complete opposite. It moves from nonviolence to violent expansion. Unfortunately Islam is as well a political ideology, it is basically what Mohammad had done. The text is very ambiguous and full of contradictions which only helps ISIS-like thugs. The ideology of ISIS and Al-Qaida is based on a one branch of Islamic theology.

        I am atheist and I dislike all the religions. All religion which are based on the holy books which contains any violent verses should be ridiculed by all civilized secular societies. I don’t see a point in protecting an ideology only because some far-right people do some far-fetched generalization about Muslims as a group of people.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          All groups of people regardless of religious faith or world view have the same number of sick, mentally disturbed and evil individuals. This is an extremely small number and has, is and will be about the same number for any group, secular or religious. So the question becomes why does some cultures appear to have more difficulty coping with this little number of individuals. Is there a conduit that appears to feed problems coping with these individuals? Are certain world views make handling these individuals more difficult?

          World views in history were often developed on a shared single source like a book, philosophy, or prophet. Historically, this source was usually only interpreted by a special class and could not be read by the general non-literate population. This gave the interpreters great power to use for their own purposes. There was no check on how the actual words written were meant to be. Frequently there was no discussion allowed and often became death for the common man to read or possess even a copy. Some times the material was memorized, parroted, without any understanding. All the great religious and secular world views at times have had, have and will have this problem.

          So today it comes down to who is using these conduits to control others and increase their personal power? How do we prevent these persons from mis-using the conduits to influence the young or the impressionable?

          Why are some cultures have more trouble in stopping the use of evil persons using these conduits? Is it because that violent interpretations can be readily manipulated by the few evil ones using these world views or sacred texts?

  25. Anonymous1 year ago

    Time for 2016 etimates. At least 1 milion in Sweden now!

    1. White Misanthroberg1 year ago

      Agree with ya ! more than 80 muslims in just a little street in my city . At least there is a 300000 in my city

  26. Tuula Salonen1 year ago

    So, on average, the more Muslims in the country the more favourably people see them? Does slightly go against the anti-immigration rhetoric.

    1. Wendy Adams1 year ago

      Or…the countries with larger Muslim populations, by definition, will include a larger percentage of Muslim opinions represented in the study results. Muslim contributors can hardly say that their presence is a negative influence on their respective adopted countries. One can draw few conclusions from these studies without understanding the demography of those surveyed.

  27. Paul Rice1 year ago

    Well I hope that all these migrants understand that being a refugee is a temporary status , with no guarantee of work or permanent status , and they could all be sent back when peace comes to their countries .

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Well, as if the countries from where they came without any documents will accept them back. India has 15 million Bangladeshi illegal immigrants(of all religions) and has successfully deported only thousands till now.

  28. Paul Rice1 year ago

    Looking at the photos of borders , immigrant detention centres and press photos , it is very clear that the vast majority of illegal migrants are healthy young men refusing to fight for their countries and rights , yet demanding rights in the EU which they no longer have , as they have not respected international agreements concerning asylum .
    Then there is the non respect of the rule of law by EU leaders who should be punished , and the total lack of verification of these people and the risk they represent or will represent to the EU , as has been proved in France and elsewhere with the violence , crime and no-go zones in many cities .
    The EU has to become sustainable , which apart from requiring massive change in the Business and financial models , will also require a diminished population , as climate change kicks in and water and food resources change .

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Excellent analysis.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Immigration should be severely limited. Men should stay in their own countries and fight for democracy.
      Only families would be acceptable to immigrate.

  29. Anonymous1 year ago

    There is no doubt that growing waves of migrants is rather dangerous tendency for current Europe. Nobody denies that it leads to dangerously growing migrant chaos, which makes easier to various suspicious people, including various terrorist agents to move to European countries for their dirty and bloody work! Nevertheless, Europeans should not building walls to keep migrants out. They should remember that migration always improved the lives of both migrants and their hosts.
    It’s also time for Europe to realize that not we, Muslims, are the main enemy for Europeans now. Terrorism is our common enemy! And we can help each other in the struggle against this evil!
    So the sooner Europeans forge a better system for integrating millions of migrants, the better! And everyone will benefit from it as Europeans and Muslim migrants will be able to seize opportunity to make Europe more democratic and prosperous!

    1. Paul Rice1 year ago

      Then look at how previous waves of migrants live in France , and how the vast majority have failed to integrate , the crime levels and no-go zones in areas they live in is more than proof .
      Also ask yourself why Islamic controlled countries refuse to accept Muslim migrants , as they know the consequences , lack of integration , and the centuries old problem of the Sunni – Shia conflict , which brings instability .

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Admirable words, but it will not happen in my life time. Islam is incompatible with the Western way of thought.

  30. Anonymous1 year ago

    Just like back in the days of the crusades, Christian countries need to get rid of the cancer before it destroys them!

  31. Anonymous1 year ago

    It seems the EU is responsible for distributing Muslims into non Muslim countries. What is the EU’s plan (short term and long term)? What will the EU gain from this?

  32. Edina Sass1 year ago

    Sad, sad, sad

  33. Anonymous1 year ago

    This century should be about Earth sustainability and the social progress necessary to achieve it. Actually, there will be a massive relocation of economic resources and manpower to immigration and integration policies and support in order to avoid the apartheid. That is obvious for example in Sweden or France, which were pioneers on green tech and leading the strategies. Meanwhile, no matter how many refugees and economic migrants we take, we´ll see that more and more countries will collapse due to overpopulation, natural resource issues and climate change influenced by religious tensions; such will be the case of Nigeria (with a population expected to surpass the United States by 2050). This even larger migratory movements will have the final destination of Europe. Such numbers of migrants will be so uncontrolled that it will be a real war as soon as the afraid ageing european population organize themselves and decide it to be so. The 10% young muslim population in Europe by 2050 is likely to support (in my opinion) the massive entrance and the situation at home will be like Israel nowadays, if not worst (terrorism, propaganda, compulsory conscription, etc). As a conclusion, I believe we should be funding sustainability engineering and economic development faculties rather than opening islamic “science” places across Europe.

    1. Wendy Adams1 year ago

      Heartily agree with your comments. Even the Pope said people should not breed “like rabbits, overcoming centuries of ardent (and irresponsible) pursuit of the “be fruitful and multiply” scripture. I’ve been torn by the human rights implications of China’s one child policy, but it was in many ways the responsible thing to do in a nation whose land mass is roughly equivalent to the U.S., but whose population is 4.3X larger. You are correct that comments like ours will be criticized as a subtle form of apartheid when, in fact, what we seek is higher quality of life for fewer inhabitants of earth and corresponding focus on preserving this one Earth we all call home.

  34. Anonymous1 year ago

    Tose terrorists whom we see nowadays don’t represent Islam, for example, why have those terrorists in Sena, Egypt been killing members of the Egyptian army? If they were true believers, they wouldn’t do that.
    Islam is great religion but the problem is that most Muslims don’t even understand it, Islam connects you with the almighty Allah and you just feel so safe, happy, and strong. One thing that people don’t know is that the word Muslim does not necessarily indicate true believing in Allah and what Allah has created, the believer ( the believer knows that Allah looks at him all the times, don’t make sins just because he/she don’t want to disobey Allah and many particular things) is higher in rank than Muslim but the two words can be used interchangeably when we want to refer to Muslim or believer in general. If all Muslims were true believers, our worlds would be much beautiful and peaceful.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      That´s a nice and peaceful way to understand your religion, but others have their own ways to understand it. Not as peaceful, as we check every single day lately. Anyone is “right” about religion and specially if you find contradictory (both peaceful and violent) messages in the premedieval codebooks.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        He practicing Taqiyya. He’s playing you.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      nice comment,agree with you my brother.

    3. Anonymous1 year ago


  35. Anonymous1 year ago

    Apparently Europe no longer remembers 1638. Very sad.

  36. Paul Rice1 year ago

    With the overpopulation in the EU and the refusal of politicians to recognize sustainability is the most important fact , Muslims will not have the life in the EU they expected , as even the current populations are unsustainable , and will be even more so with climate change .

  37. Paul Rice1 year ago

    The writer should look at Muslim controlled countries across the world . Why do so many Muslims want to come to the EU , to get away from the overpowering religious control , and poverty .
    If the EU became majority Muslim it would sink into the same state as most Muslim controlled countries today , authoritarianism , bad economies .
    Look at the worlds biggest Muslim country ( Indonesia) , and those around ( such as Malaysia ) , full of corruption , poverty , lack of infrastructure , and full of extremists .
    Muslims are forbidden by their religion to integrate , and all have seen the problems with Sharia law across the globe.
    Most conflicts since WW2 have been Muslim against Muslim ( often Shia against Sunni ) , not conflicts against Western countries , and these conflicts have been going on for centuries .

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      If the EU became majority Muslim that does not mean they will go into poverty and become corrupt. If you look at the Middle East, it is not corrupt because it is majority Muslim, it is corrupt because Europe made it corrupt. They came in and separated the land into countries and made kings for all the countries. Also, when Muslims go into Europe, they get educated and become in favor of democracy and they become normal Europeans. Sharia law is not a bad system, it is just misunderstood around the world and it is not applied right. The people who apply these laws are kings so you are going to judge all Muslims because of a couple people that have complete power over their county? Not all Muslim countries are full of poverty and corruption, for example Qatar comes before France on the corruption index and Qatar has the third highest gap per capita in the world.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        “Europe made it corrupt” is just too easy. Blaming others is the best way not to change anything. I am from Spain, which is a corrupt country for european standars, and I can assure you corruption come from within. It´s endogeneous. There are not just corrupt leaders and followers, corruption is a full society issue. There are corrupt societies, those which tolerate corruption.

        1. Greg Hooper1 year ago

          By the same token, “It’s endogeneous” is too simplistic. Let’s not overlook centuries of colonialism and the political machinations of Europe after the World Wars.

          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            Certainly corruption has nothing to do with the fact of thinking that theocracies are perfectly fine and legit ways of ruling a country. Allah will provide!

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Yes. Good comment

    2. Anonymous1 year ago


    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      well, I wasn’t really sure about it though as I am from Malaysia and I see no such a thing. We Muslims are free to do anything that we want to do no restriction at all, and if you’re talking about poverty I think that is unavoidable, even in fully develop country poor people are everywhere same goes to corruption as it actually depend on the person himself. I don’t really know about other situation in Muslim’s country but in Malaysia it’s quite nice here (accept for the hot weather) and we’re living quite well with other religion but of course sometimes we got some conflicts too so my advice is, don’t easily trust what people are telling you because it might just a word and not more than that. Have a good day everyone, cheers.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        That person clearly hasn’t been to (or looked at) Malaysia. Malaysia is less corrupt than even some European countries like Italy, Greece, Serbia, Romania, etc.

    4. Anonymous1 year ago

      I take it you’ve never actually been to Malaysia or Indonesia, you’re just echoing what some other anti-muslim said on FOX news.

      Malaysia and Indonesia are very safe and relatively free of corruption, Indonesia has the worlds largest Muslim population and no terrorism.

  38. Anonymous1 year ago

    I feel anger and sympathy for the women of Europe!! Never Never should men disrespect women who bring life into this world or not! I have a feeling women will and should start arming themselves against rapists/molesters. My European roomate from
    college told me that in middle east cultures it is common for the mother to calm baby boys by rubbing their penis. I googled it and sure enough it is a custom. Maybe this is why these men are so sexually deviant and aggressive.Its gross.

  39. Monty Ousley Weddell1 year ago

    “Those who are ignorant of the past are condemned to repeat it.” One must study and understand the lessons of history. There are many reasons why different governments and
    nations exist. Basically, people of some “common” reason band together and create their own government and a national sovereignty. There are many reasons history has shown us
    why a society, nation, or civilization fails or disappears. One of ten of the many reasons of failure is: “unprotected borders leading to the invasion of foreign hordes.” This is why
    many countries have a “selection” process, or limits, and other guides to measure outside foreigners wishing to apply for entry or citizenship, etc….. Nations must learn the lessons of history……..

    1. Red XIV1 year ago

      Your description of “history” is without a basis in reality.

      1. Paul Rice1 year ago

        Obviously you do not know history

  40. Anonymous1 year ago

    ok thank you for these info i have a research about it and i got some benifitial things here .

  41. Anonymous1 year ago

    You know, many native inhabitants in europe revert into islam. And they not from Arabs or other arabs country, and also I have friend who wants convert to islam but he is afraid bcs his government in france. Please,, do not blame islam (My religion) but you can blame me. Salam…

  42. Anonymous1 year ago

    this data is from 2010?!!

  43. Anonymous1 year ago

    Time to change our governments and hold the corporate media accountable

  44. thesolaniki1 year ago

    Why not go to UAE,Saudi,Oman? Why Europe? because muslims are lazy and they just want to sit and collect free money,medical, govt. support. One day all those European country will be controlled by Muslims!

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      I saw a sign “Europe is cancer, Islam is the answer”. It seems they go to “cure” Europe, in other words wipe you out, cut your throats. History repeats itself. How many Christians are left in the Middle East and Turkey?

      1. Paul Rice1 year ago

        Yes but have a look at Islamic countries , they are in a mess in all ways , and still cannot recognize that most oteir problems are religious , the old Sunni – Shia conflict

    2. Anonymous1 year ago


      This is one of the most accurate things I’ve seen so far in this thread.

  45. Gloria J Fritzler McMillian1 year ago

    Why are muslims living in the west period? I get that some may live in Europe but not in such massive numbers. The west is incompatible with their values, lifestyle, traditions and morals. There is a reason oceans separate continents of races and religions. MULTICULTURALISM IS LAUGHABLE AND STUPID!

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Oh ye of little faith.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Wow the amount of ignorance dripping from this statement. Kicking out communities both religiously academically and ethnically whether it is the “west” or the “east” committing the atrocity it is the duty of the general public to call it out as it is. The pathetic mindset is so asinine I’d laugh if it wasn’t a representation of the society in which I reside. Muslims just the same way Blacks, Jews, Hare Krishna’s and other minorities within the west are free to reside as long as they don’t pose a threat to your person nor your liberties guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America and yes Gloria they only are held responsible for their individual actions like how you can’t arrest all Whites cause some guys shot up a school or Blacks cause a few robbed a store. And yes you are racist if you are labeling someone a Muslim just on geographics cause it’s a bloody religion same way you can’t expect all Jews to be white and all Asians Buddhist. Now you Gloria I understand are a frustrated middle class white female in search of self validation and the way you find that is by picking on minority groups so you can seem better don’t worry a lot of people back during slavery also were known for this as were supporters of Nazi Germany of Stalin and Soviet Russian and more but don’t worry they like many others similar to you claim racism is a term fabricated by minorities to take away what they saw as their comfortable lifestyles

    3. Bella Gray1 year ago

      This totally accurate! The Qu’ran is not compatible with our Constitution.

      1. Paul Rice1 year ago

        And nobody wants to talk about this

    4. George M John1 year ago

      its because you people and your government has no foresight. you people started being selfish, enjoying your life by stopping reproduction. Muslims on the other hand reproduce at a higher rate. there is no point in talking like this now, because the problem started from 1980’s. now what your government should do is to control their population which is a very heavy task. otherwise all the christian values will go away and their culture will conquer upon us. just imagine , Syria was once a christian country. now look at its situation now. history is going to repeat unless you move in towards God. there is no point in talking that muslims do this and do that. all they will tell you is that ‘y blaming us, its not us but only a few among us’. its there pre-planned answer to what you asks. and they even protect that ‘few among them’.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Americans responsibly reproduce. We do so for many reasons; health of the mother, financial ability and population control.
        It is best this way.

        Now Muslims, on the other hand DO reproduce more.
        That is because they are horn-dogs. Horn dogs cannot control their urges. They wear down their women with constant sexual
        demands. As a result, she ages quicker. Her health fails sooner.
        She is worn down and stressed from her exceedingly large family.
        This is an atrocity.

        Most middle eastern countries were growing and prospering, modernizing.
        This was after Opec. When we showed these people what they had under all that sand. We taught them how to extract, refine it and get rich from it.

        And look at them now. These Muslim countries.
        Barren. With all of that precious commodity under that sand.
        Billions upon billions upon billions of dollars.
        What in the hell did you spend it on?!
        Did having all those babies eat it up?
        We set ‘m up to get rich, had them all good to go.
        And this is the thanks we get?! Terrorism?

        And speaking of God and all.
        Syria was a Christian nation since the 1st century. All of that changed in the 11th century.
        Pretty much because Islam will not tolerate acceptance of others. Especially other religions. Blood began to flow and there you have the crusades.

        Furthermore, let me suggest a book to you. You’ll find it at the end of the Christian Holy Bible. It is the book of Revelation.
        It tells of unimaginable horrific events. But yes, they will soon happen.
        We are today experiencing the first spasms of this collapse of our world.
        True Christians know very well that many will fall from seeking God. We’ve always known this.
        But one thing is for sure, it will be quite bad for the unbelievers.

    5. Anonymous1 year ago


  46. Anonymous1 year ago

    well i think that the fact that you inserted about majority of italians not liking muslims is not really true because i am from italy and i am muslim and no 1 there (were i am from roma ) hates muslims and i was also living in the center of italy which means that it was majority populated by christians and i have friends that are christians and even before meeting me they didnt hate muslims

  47. Anonymous1 year ago

    Well, I think this is underestimated, to be objective. In Spain, muslim percentages projected by 2030 have already beeing reached currently. This is described in the extended Pew Research document where these projections have been extracted: pewforum.org/2011/01/27/table-mu…

  48. Dez Dez1 year ago

    Pew Research site is an important resource to understanding today’s issues and in defining possible solutions. The rhetoric on social media and on cable media, and half truths put out by press and politicos, overwhelms the senses and sensibilities. We need to see /read more facts and stats and research findings . We , the Public , the electorate! I picked up on Pew accidently when reading a tweet by noted journalist. It was a one off rare reference. It should be a mandatory fact check by politicos and journalists alike.

  49. Robert Mullins1 year ago

    This needs to be updated with latest migrant numbers.

    1. Charles Valentin1 year ago

      Agree. The deluge of Muslim immigrants over the past year (or more?) will change these numbers/projections substantially.

      1. Red XIV1 year ago

        The “deluge” doesn’t exist.

      2. Bella Gray1 year ago

        Totally agree!

  50. TheShizue7772 years ago

    I’m glad to see the numbers laid out by country. The cost to house, feed, and shelter these new “economic migrants” is as important as the percentage of Muslims in each of those countries.

    I am in the United States (San Rafael, California). I’d like to know what to expect. Do these EU migrants collect Social Services (money, housing, medical)? Have they simply relocated in order to get benefits?

    Several hundred have been settled in Sacramento (according to the Sacramento Bee). Not a word was reported about how these people live. I’m guessing it’s at taxpayer expense here.

    1. Mapleleaffarm1 year ago

      What is not said in this article is that most of the Muslims in Germany and France are from Turkey which in the past were mostly Mecca Muslims and not the Medina Muslims we are seeing now invading Europe. Previous Muslims were better educated than those now coming. So the chances of getting employed and not being a burden were much better. Still, over the past 10 years while polls about Muslims are mostly positive in Europe, the unemployment for them in France is around 40 percent. Because of this France has seen hundreds of small enclaves of Muslims that have not assimilated and have embraced Sharia law. The community in Brussels where they just captured the Paris killer this last week is a known hotbed of Muslim terrorists.

      Refugee benefits in Denmark until recently when the conservatives took over was approx 20,000 per refugee. Now that amount is half, but the flow of refugees unwanted continues. Between shutting borders, sending out leaflets to please go home, and actually paying refugees to leave, the flow of mostly men that are not educated continues. Additionally only half are actually running for their lives, with a growing number coming for the money and benefits. The latter group will not qualify to stay, but how does Europe send them back? Denmark and Sweden each have 80,000 that do not qualify to stay. Where do they send them back and who pays? Think how many flights that will be. Merkel with her open door policy has created a huge mess and has forever changed the face of Europe. They will run out of money, accommodations and patience. These refugees have sued for their rights. The ugly is just beginning.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        A small correction: French Muslim are not Turkish, they come in majority from Algeria and Morocco and a significant part come from Tunisia.

        The simple thing to understand who are the european muslims is to know that they basically come from the ancients colonies of the country.
        That’s why there there is basically pakistaneses muslims in UK and almost nowhere else in Europe.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      When they come to the US they are entitled to everything an American citizen is.

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      Of course taxpayers are paying, we are fed up! Thank God for Donald Trump.

      1. Bella Gray1 year ago

        Totally agree! They can be sent back to the Middle East to safe-zones, and absolutely should be. My he cost for support is 1/12 of what it costs in the USA.

        I will quote Sec. of State John Kerry who recently issued a statement proclaiming this clause in referencing the ISIS genocide of Christians, “Humanitarian aid: Many of these genocide victims are now displaced from their homes. They cannot seek shelter in U.N. camps, because those places are too dangerous for minorities — and therefore they must depend heavily on church and private relief. Even as donor fatigue sets in as the conflicts persist, U.S. aid programs must ensure that these genocide victims are not shortchanged.”

        That is clearly stating these refugees slated for resettlement are dangerous to Christians and minorities. America is a 70+% Judeo-Christian nation! Thus by default it is also too dangerous to bring these Muslim refugees to our homeland. Quote excerpt from:

        Note these refugees cannot be safely vetting and that has been proven repeated before Congress. Please watch for yourself, all the testimony will begin shortly, just after Rubio.

        Beyond that we have plenty of video and news media evidence that demonstrates these people are already radicalized, as they are raping, molesting, and destroying every one of the host countries that take them in. I can give you long, long list of videos on these as well. Perhaps you will settle for just this one. Note all the countries that flash across the upper left screen.

  51. Jackie Martling2 years ago

    Conrad Hackett and/or Pew Research:

    I don’t understand this entire article. It’s a complete waste of time and energy that it took to write it. Even using the demographic figures the article displays, it also mentions that those numbers are from 2010. I repeat. You’re suing number from Two-Thousand and Ten to illustrate your point in an article written in November of 2015. Why?

    At least use some educated estimation to get closer to the approximate true numbers. For example Germany has received almost 1,500,000 million refugees/migrants from North Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and several other middle eastern countries. And they continue to arrive. The estimates given by several well respected media sources is that there will be another 8 to 10 million arriving within the next few years.

    Why not use the 1.5 million that have been estimated to already arrive, or project using the estimates already known for the next few years? That would be just as good as using numbers from five years ago that aren’t even valid anymore. Why not pick the year 1900 instead? The numbers would be more off I agree, but it’s the same logic. You’re supposed to be a reputable organization, please try harder to not let whatever bias or agenda get in the way of reporting on a story you wish to convey.

    1. Brad Raiche2 years ago

      I totally agree and made the very same assessment before reading yours.

      Pew is an organization in which I have long placed well-earned trust for their objectivity and fairness, but this article brings that into question. They could have (and should have) been more diligent and more complete.

      At the end of the day, this article means very little because it is driven by obsolete data that has since changed dramatically.

      …..And that is being nice about it. I still have much respect for Pew, but my guard is up a little at this point.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Pew, along with most other large trusts are globalist.

  52. aleksandra andric2 years ago

    You worry now about muslims?But you bombed Serbs when Bosniac and Kosovar muslims attacked our cristian people and country.

    1. Maria Mort1 year ago

      Exactly my thoughts. Now look at them crying from Austria to Sweden about Albanians/Bosnians raping their children in swimming pools and cruiseferries. I thought they were your allies, you “racists”!

  53. Dark Ages2 years ago

    Over a quarter of Brussels is Muslim.
    The capital of the EU.
    We all know the number of Muslims double every decade.

    Some interesting media.


    This Video should be viral.


    1. Homercles the great!2 years ago

      Great video.

  54. Robin2 years ago

    Although most Italiansuccessful are not criminals, there was an understanding either because of fear or these are our criminals of organized crime. Your average Italian was willing to turn a blind eye as long as it did not effect them. We ever Islam has shown itself and when there is sufficient numbers there is always problems. Europe and America be careful!

  55. fed up2 years ago

    I tried. You would not allow it.

  56. Johannes2 years ago

    There are 7 million muslim in Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Macedonia

    1. John Hall2 years ago

      I spent several months in Kosovo and got to visit Albania. Mostly they are not practicing Muslims, they just claim to be, much as people claim to be Christian in America but don’t actually practice their faith.

  57. Mirza2 years ago

    This is map for European union. Bosnia has more than 55% Muslims.

  58. Sara Hall2 years ago

    By only referencing EU nations this article completely overlooks the millions of ethnic European Muslims in Albania, Kosovo, Bosnian and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. Very disappointing.

  59. Lou from Queens, NYC, USA2 years ago

    The ONLY solution to this problem is to ask Muslims that want to live in our moderated capitalist democratic societies whether or not the believe in SHARIA LAW. If they do believe in this system of justice they should move themselves and families to DAR AL ISLAM and not be allowed citizenship within our countries. PERIOD.

    1. Ameriman2 years ago

      No religion can perfect humanity, but they can and do have a long term influence/effect on the society/culture/attitudes….
      we can compare the history/record of Christian influenced/dominated societies/govts to other religions and no religion..

      Islam has kept the Middle East in ignorance, intolerance, poverty, oppression of women, backwardness, and despotism for 12 hundred years… chronic violence and terrorism… towards the goal of complete worldwide domination via the sword, repression of women, elimination of infidels.

      Christianity fostered/enabled western civilization, science, prosperity, and the arts, provided the free, open, prosperous, tolerant society for progress, and each western scientist, philosopher, leader, thinker, achiever was a product of a Christian dominated society. Christ taught peace and love..

      Agnostic/ atheist liberal socialist leaders/governments have been far worse than any religion:
      Lenin’s Communist Russia murdered 10 million
      Hitler’s National Socialist Germany murdered 12 million
      Stalin’s USSR murdered 20 million
      Mao’s China murdered 70 million
      Pol Pot’s Cambodia murdered 2 million
      More atheist leaders known for purges, wars, mass murder, oppression: Mussolini, Josip Broz Tito, Castro, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-il, Saddam, Slobodan Milošević, Napoleon Bonaparte, Than Shwe, Kim Jong Il, Jim Jones etc.

      1. Nathan Reed2 years ago

        Lies, Christianity has repressed scientific advancement at every stage. All modern scientific advancements are done entirely by atheists.

        1. Patrick Bonacoscia2 years ago

          The only solution is to deport them to where they came from. Don’t be naive they will never abide to our laws and customs. And we should also expel out of Europe liberals, including all their family down to their grand-parents. This is the only option we should give to liberals, die or be deported in a retarded muslim countries.

          1. Anonymous1 year ago


        2. john joseph2 years ago

          Please look at this link.

        3. paul culver2 years ago

          Rubbish Christianity has had many reformation’s that led to the age of enlightenment, and created great architecture music also the arts and many contributions to science, Christianity is still reforming today ie woman bishop’s gay rights ect, know you history and know yourself.

        4. Anonymous1 year ago

          This is an incorrect generalization that all modern scientific advancements were done by atheists.

      2. Gujjar Kallu2 years ago

        It has been stated a million times before – Hitler or Stalin or the other dudes mentioned above DID NOT kill millions because they were atheists and the others were not; It was all for political reasons. Just like they were white guys who killed millions but they did not do that because they were white or the others were not (or maybe were)

        The day some atheist says that he killed a religious guy or a bombed a religious place of worship because Richard Dawkins and ‘The God Delusion’ promised him heaven and 72 virgins, that is the day you should rank atheists alongside religious extremists.

      3. Alex Cardosa (Kiljoy616)2 years ago

        Christianity cam screaming and kicking into the modern era and did nothing at all to push science or enlightenment. Stop drinking your own religions Kool-Aid. All Abrahamic religious are deadly to rational minds.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          How can one reply? With a tag like KilJoy616, that’s all we need to know. Just said a little prayer that you see the Light.

      4. samir wanderung2 years ago

        Islam didn’t put people in poverty or troubles or wars . people did that . because if you practise what Islam said like it should be . you will not be poor or kill others or be miserable . God said in Quran :

        (11) For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: They guard him by command of Allah. Allah does not change a people´s lot unless they change what is in their hearts. But when (once) Allah willeth a people´s punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect.

        if muslims did practise islam as God want them to do . they will not be as they are now or as some of you think of Islam . muslims now gave that Image for the Islam. because they are doing it all wrong .so you have to separate between what Muslims do and Islam say as religion . read and search you will find that it make sense . Allah give a brain to distinguish between good thing and bad thing .

    2. cg22 years ago

      Can somebody please explain to me why European governments are allowing Muslims to infiltrate our counties. I really think we are on the brink but see no resistance to their agenda. Politicians are not listening to what the the mass majority of Europeans are saying..put a stop to this before its too late. They are bringing jihad and we are standing with open arms! Lambs to the slaughter?

      1. Alex Cardosa (Kiljoy616)2 years ago

        Because they are weak minded and though that just like their unarmed populous the new comers would just bend to the technocrats authority. They where so wrong but that what happens with countries how have been taken care of for 50 plus years by the USA. They did not need to put much effort and became soft.

  60. David Ashton2 years ago

    The (fallacious) arguments for endless inward one-way settlement in the western “white” democratic nations from the non-western non-white regions are (1) “we” need “them” (labor) and (2) “they” need “us” (asylum). Couldn’t be simpler, could it? No problems that cannot be silenced with laws or insults about “racism”, “xenophobia”, “religious bigotry”, “selfishness”, “intolerance” or “Never Forget the Holocaust”.

    Can anyone spot something fishy about all this?

    1. fed up2 years ago

      I remember when it used to be that, when a woman was raped, she was asked what she did to provoke the attacker. The rapist being mistreated by women in the past–rejected–was even an partial explanation–until women fought back and said there was no excuse. When Muslims are intolerant, too many want to blame the victims. Does it make them feel safer? Does they think they are safe if only they do or don’t do this or that? There is no excuse. The West did not “ask for it”, any more than the raped woman. They are the intolerant group. Also, white Europeans abused and enslaved others. It was white, enlightened white Americans, transformed Europeans, who fought and died by the thousands to free them and give them equal rights. Stop the white bashing. We are all Americans. We have all evolved. The victim routine is getting old.

      1. Alex Cardosa (Kiljoy616)2 years ago

        Sheeple by their very nature are easily spooked. So yes they want to blame the victim because it makes them believe it will not happen to them because they would never do this or that. Its the same mentality that has them protecting the police when they kill unarmed people. Sheeple the most dangerous person in the room. Spooked easily will turn on you in a heartbeat and is prone to bouts of anger and violence if you contradict their bubble of safety.

  61. Daniel Claessens2 years ago

    But what to do about that we don’t want all these immigration?
    Look at Belgium, the figure isn’t right, there are more than 630000 … If you count all, there are more than a million and we are just as big as a city… It is not correct to count only the numbers… You have to reckon the surface, the % of the population, the population density etc… If you count that than Belgium and the Netherlands are on top and we want to stop it. Its killing our life and brings not any benefit.
    Stop to put your heads into the ground.
    All politicians are doing their own benefit but someday they will pay the bill.
    This will end in a war.

    1. rahim2 years ago

      What happened? When u rule others for centuries no problem. But when poor people take refuge to u that is also due to problem created by you people. U need to bear the burden.

      1. Kat2 years ago

        No, we as citizens are not responsible for the actions of the corporations in control of the government. We do not have to do anything for you. You have to take care of yourselves.

        We are not your livestock.

        1. Ahmed2 years ago

          Why have u elected such ppl who committed crimes all around d world. Now you have to pay their price.

          1. Ung Rettigheds beskytter2 years ago

            we do not have to pay the price. its ALWAYS everyone elses fault isnt it ahmed, its never the muslims fault.

          2. Gloria J Fritzler McMillian1 year ago

            You don’t want to accept responsibility for a lifestyle that is all about hate and atrocities against Christians?

      2. Dark Ages2 years ago

        Ottoman empire? The Islamic rule of India? I can go on.

      3. Anonymous1 year ago

        You regained independence and what did you do with it? Nothing. Zip. Nada.
        Why not create wealth? Why not create a successful countries?
        We owe you NOTHING. Europe owes you NOTHING.

        Your problems are your own. Stop blaming others.

  62. DEE2 years ago

    Having said that I should also say there are good Muslims and bad, good Christians and bad, good Hindus and bad and good Jews and bad. My hope is that the good Musilms separate themselves from the violent ones and take a strong stand against terrorism as a religious method. As long as the good Musilms stand with the violent ones they will be seen as and treated in the same manner. That is a shame because I know for sure there are many nonviolent Muslims in the world. Stand up and be counted!

    1. Ameriman2 years ago

      45% of British Muslims agree that clerics preaching violence against the West represent “mainstream Islam”.
      50% of British Muslims support the Islamic State.
      40% of British Muslims want Sharia in the UK
      68% of British Muslims support the arrest and prosecution of anyone who insults Islam;
      61% of Egyptians approve of attacks on Americans
      83% of Palestinians approve of groups that attack Americans (only 14% oppose)
      62% of Jordanians approve of groups that attack Americans (21% oppose)
      51% of Muslim-Americans say that Muslims should have the choice of being judged by Sharia courts rather than courts of the United States

      1. Chad Davis2 years ago

        All good reasons that muslins should stay in the middle east and out of Europe and North America.
        Multiculturalism is always a failure whenever islam is involved.
        People will learn eventually but it will be too late, Europe will be drastically changed forever.

        1. Alex Cardosa (Kiljoy616)2 years ago

          They are not going to stay there unless the EU gets serious. There is a reason why they are hitting soft targets like the EU.

  63. DEE2 years ago

    The Muslims must be treated as a political/radical ideology, not as a religion, because that’s what it is. Religion is secondary to the ideology. They use religion to further their aggressive entrance into other countries so that they will gain a foothold and destroy and kill in the name of their God. It is a huge mistake to allow this……only extreme violence in our homeland will ensue as evidenced in Paris and in San Bernadine and in Boston, just to name a few.

    1. hossein2 years ago

      my friend
      please read more about islam . muslims are not terrorist.ISIS is the huge of people who don’t do islam’s act.they are not human.before Paris they were in Iraq & Syria but as soon as they come to Paris EU feels stress.

      1. Keith2 years ago

        If only 1% of all mulsims interpret the violent text of the koran literally and enact upon it, that is enough to be a major problem for the rest of the world. Afterall ISIS are less than 1% of all Muslims and they are very bad. Add to their numbers all the African, Indonesian, Malaysian and Middle East fundamentalist groups and its obvious this small percentage is a very real global problem despite the small percentage.

        The text of the Koran has some very explicit and violent text – all of which are specific about non-muslims and not written in any type of historical contect. The text is formed like a set of bullet points – stating how to act. It takes a person with reason to understand that they must not act upon all these bullet points, because some are unreasonable actions. The problem with this is a person needs to be taught or have developed a reasonable mindset. this reason is the only thing allowing them to make personal decision on what they should and shouldn’t follow in the text (the instruction and word of their God). So these people are able to chose which words of their God they should not act upon. This is the problem with Islam – its pick and choose. Take away your western upbringing, or take away the mentors and leadership concerned with compassion above all else (even above the koran), and you are left with a text which says very specifically to perform violent acts. Case in point Koran (47:3-4) – “Those who disbelieve follow falsehood, while those who believe follow the truth from their Lord… So, when you meet (in fight Jihad in Allah’s Cause), those who disbelieve smite at their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond firmly (on them, i.e. take them as captives)… If it had been Allah’s Will, He Himself could certainly have punished them (without you). But (He lets you fight), in order to test you, some with others. But those who are killed in the Way of Allah, He will never let their deeds be lost.” If there is no benevolent human being instructing people not to take this literally (fundamentally) it is obvious why so many devout believers in Allah would read these words (his words) and do as they say. Afterall it is pretty specific in the black and white text of the Koran – so acting in this way is actually ok by Allah. Its PEOPLE who decide other people shouldn’t do what this tells them – not Allah. That there is the problem with Islam – it takes a human to interpret the peace in the text and enforce that interpretation to the rest of the religions followers. This is very very dangerous because there is so much violent instruction in the text that only people who have had a compassionate or pro-freedom upbringing to shape their mindset (western or eastern upbriging for example) will be able to disregard the violence. Those who have NOT had a compassionate or pro-freedom upbringing to shape their mindset will almost always turn to the default application of the Koran which in Allahs words teaching that non-mulsims are bad and going to hell, Muslims are better than everyone else, and muslims should treat non-mulsims with contempt.

        Quran (9:73) – “O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.”

        Quran (48:29) – “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard (ruthless) against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves” .

        If you were born on a dessert island with no other people and somehow knew how to read and knew you were a muslim – you would take what it says for what it says. From a personal development level it is a bad book for cultivating virtues.

        So basically the text has lots of violence and the peace must be interpreted by a religious leader and taught – if it isn’t then violence is the eventual outcome. Unfortunately for the benevolent leader who has interpretated peace they are required to go against some of the words of Allah. in doing this they will be labeled a hypocrite by other muslims and therefore become heretics. And thats why theres all different types of muslim who all hate each other and kill each other every day. This is bad. Its a bad book and has no place in the modern world.

        But there is protection for those muslims who disregard some of the violent parts of the Koran – they can claim to be Taqiyya (saying something that isn’t true to protect themselves against the non-muslims). Alternatively, they can take payments from non-muslims (Jizya) which means the non-Muslims are paying a tax not to be subjugated to the violence. Its a messed up book and I understand why a 5th generation or older Muslim fiercely wants to defend their ancestors choice to be muslim whenever the harsh realities and facts are stated (they were probably forced at some point in their lineage though – most of the middle east was forced). We cannot be held responsible for the sins of our fathers – but we will be subjected to the consequences of them if we don’t become accountable for them and act.

        1. Todd Gillette2 years ago

          The very same is true of Judaism and Christianity: youtube.com/watch?v=zEnWw_lH4tQ

          1. Dark Ages2 years ago

            The difference is they are dwindling faiths. People are waking up slowly….. Not ever increasing.

            Besides that was the old testament. There was never a new more peaceful part two of the Koran written. If it ever was it was hidden or destroyed.

  64. naz2 years ago

    994 mass shootings in u.s in 1004 days…america’s gun crisis..what do u call those shooter??muslim terrorist??how many of them muslim??or…christian terrorist??if figure we depend on,then..the last one suits better…

    1. Andro2 years ago

      In other words you have said nothing, just like the survey.
      What they survey does not say, is what is the median income of a Muslim family, the percentage of population incarcerated, the proportion of Muslims completing high school, a bachelor, a master or a Phd, the amount of professionals.
      These are much more meaningful index rather that the percentage of the Muslim population.
      The Muslim population of Europe can increase and no one will care if these are citizens adding something to the society they live in.
      No one bothers doing any survey about the Asian population in Europe for the simple reason that nothing makes them outstanding.

    2. Chad Davis2 years ago

      There are not that many mass shootings in America. Gang violence in inner cities doesnt count.
      A couple of people murdered for theft shouldn’t count… those figures are grossly misleading.
      I have lived here 48 years, never see a shooting or knew anyone who was.

  65. naz2 years ago

    ever heard of “the golden age of jewish history”??whwn was that?where was it?ever heard of king roderic of spain?what he did to julian’s daughter?do u guys ever read of spain history when the christian government took over it from muslim ??please guys…be generous to your own mind..do u guys know that not even a single word of “sword” mentioned in quran??and guess what?u can find it in bible..if we keep belittling others and keep looking for imperfections,sure we will find it..the problem lies on the muslim,but not the true teaching of islam and the holy quran..same goes to christianity..go back to the true bible teaching and u can find truth..truth which moses hinted his followers of prophet muhammad pbuh and holy quran..

    1. Andro2 years ago

      Reading partial history is always dangerous.
      The so called Golden age was roughly 100 years our of the 700 years Muslims rule Spain.
      Comparing with the inquisition is putting the benchmark very low, compare it with Nazi, and ISIS fighters are altar boys.

      Looking at the bible to justify the holy Quran, does not do any service to the holy book.
      A major difference though, the Bible events are limited in time and have no bearing in the future.
      The events in the Quran because of the nature of the book and because of the Muslim history act more as precedents that might be followed or emulated, and are thus not limited in time.

      The holy Quran is no more sacred than the holy Bible and certainly less comprehensive than any modern country constitution. Moses just like the Prophet Muhammad PBUH were just two human beings capable of errors having their limits and shortcomings.

  66. naz2 years ago

    is this an article of population division or religion aggression?

  67. Shah2 years ago

    Firstly, The land is given to us by God, by nature. No one has right to command someone to leave. No one possesses any centimeter of any land. No one has a right to claim to possess the land. If so, shouldn’t you divide the air and the oceans as well? And forbid others to breathe with your oxygen that you “bought”?
    Secondly, Why are humans so rude and ignorant? When will you learn to jugde people not by their religion, not by what media says, but by their actions. Islam has been there for 14 centuries and if muslims were terrorists, none of you would be even born by now. Make your brain work. If you are true christians you have NO RIGHT to hate Islam, just like muslims should not hate on christians. If you believe there’s one God and only one, muslims say the same thing, then what’s the problem? Shouldn’t we stay together in these days when living in peace is so hard? You became christians at one point, before that you used to be pagans, so what’s all that hate for Islam? Be wise, humans. If you believe your God is different then you are not christians. If you think only your religion has right for existence than you are absolutely ignorant and arrogant. Peace.

    1. maggie2 years ago

      Shah, from the beginning of time people learned to fight back the atrocities implanted by your prophet, muhammed, to his followers. The religion got so big because the method of recruiting. You join us or be killed and if you get out of the muslim religion and be killed. Tell me I am wrong. The Christians can live next to you but can you live next to a Christian? Being peaceful is irrelevant because there are over 300 million of you willing to die to kill many of us. You demean the women, they are not allowed to be educated, work, think, talk, and you have hide their faces for what? It’s not about religion, it’s about controlling people. I can’t leave next you guys because I will not survived, I will be killed in no time. No thanks to your suggestion. I cannot breath the same air you are breathing, it’s poisonous.

      1. Buddies2 years ago

        I agree u Maggie I wish we have more of u

    2. Ant2 years ago

      When will you realise that the Islamic culture is the polar opposite to western norms and values. The problem is that the liberal naivity in the west believes that multiculturalism will enrich communities and bring happiness. The stark reality is quite the opposite, with many Muslims not looking to integrate but instead to colonise and change where they have CHOSEN to settle. The fact is that the average European became disenchanted with religion decades ago and the majority are atheist. Now we see millions of religious hard liners coming here to our nation OUR HOME and making comparisons based on faith, between the Christians and the Muslims. The fact is no one cares, we aren’t religious and such arguments are like being dragged back to Neolithic Britain and sitting dumbfounded whilst listening to Druids rabble on and on. The true danger to my future children is the disintegration of their own communities as a result of opening the black veiled flood gates of Islam. I only hope we wake up before it’s too late.

    3. Keith2 years ago

      Islam has been there for 1400 years – which is not very long. 14 centuries sounds a lot, but its not really. By contrast Christianity is over 2015 years old and Judaism over 3500 years. Go back further and there’s many many more ancient religions which explain our origins. Islam is one of the youngest religions. Mesopotamian, Mithraism, Christianity, Judaism and many other religions in and around Persia were there a long, long time before Islam. And thats not even mentioning any of the hundreds of ancient Arabic religions which have nothing to do with islam but which Islam adopted the name Alah from to ease recruitment. The reason these religions are no longer in the middle east (or are now significant minority) is because of the aggressive expansion of Islam. The expansion operates without anyone controlling it – becasue the nature and laws of islam are a system of imperialist empire growth which perpetuate simply by following the words of the Koran. this one book is a piece of information whcih operates exactly the same as a computer virus – self replicating into the minds fo those who read it so that they forcibly convert otehr files (people), erase those that will not convert and replacing them with ones that have been. In the 1400 years Islam since Islam was created the middle east, Northern Africa, southern europe, Inodnesia and malaysia have be dramatically transformed. Many many cultures have been totally destroyed. In this sense it has been highly destructive to human origin and diversity. Many of the old religions have dwindled so much we may never find out the truth about our origins. Islam is a destructive militaristic regime and was created to be exactly that. No other religion i can think of was made for the purpose of conquest – many have been used as an excuse for conquest or adjusted to suit a regime, but none were created for the sole purpose of expanding one mans empire.

  68. Ulf2 years ago

    Något att ta in!
    Kommer nu Turkiet in i Europa genom medlemskap i EU så ökas muslimska populationen i Europa med 10%
    Och innom EU kommer det i ett klubbslag slag att öka muslimsa populationen med över 500% samt att det blir fria gränser för folkvandring.
    Eu går då från att ha ca 13.000.000 muslimer till att ha ca100.000.000 vilket då utgör 1/6 av Eu’s population.
    Vi går fortare och fortare mot ett muslimskt Europa.

  69. Wayne Mulherin2 years ago

    … little, if anything, is written on the drag to the progress of mankind presented by this religion … we have advanced beyond the adverse effects of the Judeo-Christian thing…but this one…it’s so retrograde … will anything be done… our hold on the future is tenuous…must it be further weakened by by-passed tribes…using our own advanced weaponry against us…

  70. Larry Rondeau2 years ago

    If France has the largest percentage of the Muslim population in Europe, do they also have the largest number of terrorist attacks?

    1. me2 years ago


  71. brad2 years ago

    John. 3_16

  72. Muslim2 years ago

    I urge everyone interested to read the quran and judge for themselves what it says. It is available online translated to most languages and explained. It’s even available in searchable format.

    1. Jesus Army2 years ago

      Really unimportant for me to read koran…

    2. Alberto Gutierrez2 years ago

      I have and I don’t like it.

    3. John2 years ago

      Have read it and do not like it. Hateful and full of violence.

  73. V Concerned2 years ago

    For those that are sceptical, I direct you to watch ‘The rise of ISIS and the Christian response’ and ‘An Historical critique of Islam’s beginnings’ both lectures are given by a learned scholar.

    They make for interesting viewing.

  74. ravi2 years ago

    THe fact of religious conflict is fundamentally global religious dominance. Christianity and Muslims want to make all people in the world in their fold.this is the unwritten fact. These two religions have killed millions of people the world over to achieve email their goals. Now both of them are fighting each other.

    religions that are not democratic, and thatme force on others will not survive for long. To survive they have to fight each other and perish. Already these new religions are loosing their faithfuls in Europe.

    1. RamaKishan2 years ago

      Right in European context. Pls explain how these Abrahmic religions behave in Indian context?

  75. Wayne Mulherin2 years ago

    Muslims flee Islim, not the other things. They believe they will be safe in Christian countries. They should know Christians would not flee their country, and anyway they have nowhere else to go. To be fully accepted anywhere they must leave their pathetic religion of Islim wherever they came from. For the sake of the planet, please Islimists, do not force the rest of us into dreadful actions…go away and die if you must, but do not for God’s sake trouble either He or us …anymore, for surely, we’ve had enough of you…

    1. Baptized and Concerned2 years ago

      You’re being extremely ignorant and hateful. You say it is okay to condemn fellow humans to death. You need to learn what God would really want from good Christians. And, also, how to spell.

    2. CJ2 years ago

      Wayne, Amen to that!

    3. Joyson2 years ago

      If you read history, when muslims were persecuted in Saudi Arabia itself they took shelter in Ethiopia, that was ruled that by believer of christian faith. Now Al-shabab had declared all the african christian their enemy. Who ever has sheltered, helped, treated the muslim favorably, they were back stabbed. The future generation of native europeans will be slaughtered by these forces of jihad. Remember one British soldier was butchered on the street of London what the european could do than and now after paris what they can do nothing.

  76. Bilal2 years ago

    I’m amazed by the wisdom and intellect of the people here, but I don’t blame you. You have gone through an education system which produces tunnel visioned, selfish, unjust, materialistic, oppressors. your perception about Islam can only change if you are able to think freely and do your own research by looking authentic sources. God Bless you all.

    1. Ron2 years ago

      Actually the educational system i had says we have the freedom to do what we want and think how we want.
      If everyone around you is muslim and you school system is muslim and your parents brought you up to be muslim how is that being able to think free?
      In an islamic country you’re brainwashed just as much as you say we are here.
      furtmermore we have christian schools and public schools which just tell you about all religions and not negatively as you think.
      But yes capitalism is forced upon us and i don’t think this greedy system is good too but saying we cannot think freely when you are just as brainwashed as the brand name sheeps we have here is ignorant at best.
      The only reason you’re a muslim is because you were brought up that way,if you were born in south korea you would be a completely different person.

  77. Kevin2 years ago

    The trouble is gangster activity. Al Capone was a gangster. The right response was to target gangsters, not Roman Catholic Italian immigrants, most of whom were not gangsters. To infer that Islam promotes gangster activity because gangsters invoke it in their own defense does nothing but elevate the gangsters. Gang activity can grow exponentially when it is not held in check. Call the gangsters what they are and pursue them relentlessly, without the irrelevant detour through race and religion.

    1. Wayne Adams2 years ago

      Al did what he did in the name of good old american greed not god.

  78. karthik mahesh2 years ago

    Muslim men marrying non muslim women is a ploy to increase their muslim population… They are doing that same thing in india, look at(love jihad) . For instance think abt confronting a muslim woman who is in burkha, how awkward is to converse with her..

    1. fazee2 years ago

      unwittingly u agree that burkha is really useful for womens safety. all women cover their body and faces to protect themselves from heat and sexy gazes of perverted men. Is int not burkha is really required for womens safety. To not consider it from the point of moslims, then u will be biased against burkha

      1. Kat2 years ago

        Burkha’s do not stop men.

  79. Jai R2 years ago

    Islam is 600 years behind Christianity

    Christianity has evolved and matured. Christians are relaxed about their faith and do not allow their book or preacher to dictate the minutae of their lives. In particular Catholics disregard the Church teaching on contraception.

    All religious believers need to meditate at least an hour every day and listen to their hearts not allow others to mess with their heads.

  80. Robert2 years ago

    Seems like Big Problems ahead if such a small percentage can cause so much havoc

    1. OSM2 years ago


      read this, the media is really forming your opinion

  81. kris2 years ago

    this is clearly outdated – so not “factual”, as the lying author promotes. Just this year alone, over 1 million Muslim “refugees” have flooded in to Germany!

  82. Katheryn2 years ago

    I teach English over the internet to Muslims using the Bible as a text book. I have had some younger students in the Middle East tell me they wanted to go to Europe. They are not refugees, but planned to claim refugee status. So far I have talked them out of it, telling them to stay where they are where they are attending university or have a job, because they will lose their self-respect if they go to Europe and have to take handouts and live in refugee centers.

    1. Ashiraf2 years ago

      thanks Katheryn for the teachings u do and pray that it is of good intentions to we as muslims . thanks

    2. CJ2 years ago

      Keep up the good work Katheryn! Tell them the truth, that white Europeans do not want them.

      1. Auro2 years ago

        Hahaha!! That was funny!!

  83. imad soltani2 years ago

    how this “research” have been made ? it will be interesting to understand the methodology . i see it very hard , for example , to obtain a “median age” for a religion

  84. Jai R2 years ago

    3000 BC Krishna was born and said according to the epic Mahabahrata “Its OK to kill your brother-if he stands in opposition to you on the battlefield”

    2500 BC Buddha was born and said “Love Your Enemy”. A pioneer.

    0 AD Jesus was born and said “Love Your Enemy”. Maybe he met a Buddhist monk in the 20 years the Bible does not tell us where he was.

    600 AD Muhammad went about establishing the Religion of Peace with many battles fought and lives lost to establish it.

    Think about it. Which faith is truly divine and which man-made.

    1. Russell Laverty2 years ago

      No faith is divine. They are all man-made.

  85. zilani golam2 years ago

    may i know why they involve that kind of activities ?
    what is the main reason ?

  86. aana2 years ago

    These were facts, now they are old and outworn. In Austria we estimate 600.000 to 650.000 muslims. On a per capita basis this about equal to Germany and almost to Sweden.

  87. Nancy2 years ago

    All the pictures I see are of fighting age young men. I see very few women or children. My question is why aren’t these men banding together in their own country to fight oppression in stead of cowardly running away from it; going to other lands where they can live peacefully? Don’t the refugees understand that the Europeans had to spend precious blood, fight for their freedom, die for their freedom; that freedom is NOT free? And now they come, asking for welfare, housing, food, etc. Who do they think is paying for all of this? Certainly not them. They believe that if you don’t conform to and accept their religion that they have a right to kill you. They have multiple wives, many children, child brides. There should have been a better solution to this situation. A safe place in the middle east should have been carved out, protected by the U.N. The U.N. soldiers should have had live ammo and the order to fire to protect these refugees. Look at Saudia Arabia they have over 1 million air conditioned tents set up and ready to go, but they offer nothing. Saudis will not accept any refugees. Same with many other Gulf countries. This is wrong. They should be pressured to take them in. Financial sanctions should have been imposed on these countries in the middle east who are not taking in refugees. Why does Europe and the USA have to take them in? These people are from the middle east. They are used to the climate and weather there. This whole entire situation has been extremely badly handled.

    1. Charles2 years ago

      I am with you on this.

    2. Stacy2 years ago

      I thought it was obvious that they want to achieve what Europe stopped so long ago the Islamization/Arabization of Europe. Think North Africa. Conquered centuries ago and just about totally arab including the indigenous population who survived the caliphates. It will be achieved. No doubt about it.

    3. Ali gharaibeh2 years ago

      Nancy, your concerns are legitimate, however, please do not generalise. Most probably you do not know the background of the Arab/Muslim problem since the Sykes Picot Agreement in 1916 where the Middle East/North African Arab countries (they were one country) were divided by the French and the British. Since that time the installed puppet dictators upon these people where they were starved oppressed tortured deprived of their basic human rights (Gulf states were excluded because of the oil discoveries and the smaller population, people are better off, however, no human rights or freedom of any kind exist). When the population of these countries started to wake up, and because of the openness of information, the youth in particular started to rise against the long term oppression. The west intervened again veraciously and supported the tyrants to squash these uprisings and that what makes these young people to flee for better like since they gave up on their countries and their political systems. However, if they want to stand hand in hand and fight they will be bombed to smithereens by the western powers from the sky and been called savages and terrorists.

    4. Zahir2 years ago

      who send guns who are gun maker, if you European think you respect humanity, then please stop sending guns and stop supporting extremist like IS

      1. Ron2 years ago

        You’re confusing our goverments(which are puppets ) with the normal people who live here.
        Democracy is a lie,the goverment does big business wants.
        I don’t want us exporting weapons and we could have had other sources for oil many years ago but the oil companies rule us just like our banking system.
        We in Europe and the rest of the west are living under the powers of big corporations. We live in a corpocracy.
        Please don’t blame us,

    5. Pam2 years ago

      My thoughts exactly. I agree with everything you’ve said.

  88. Nancy2 years ago

    This is from 2010. This is OLD info. I would have expected PEW to have more current info. The Muslims have been on the move in Europe. So this is quite useless as it is not a true current reflection.

  89. Jackson2 years ago

    It’s becoming a huge problem. Nobody denies that vast majority of European Muslims are peaceful. Terrorism in Europe isn’t that big of a problem yet. But the problem is more of a cultural thing. Islam is a blend of religious believes and traditions that have been developing for years in the Middle East region and Arabic world, and the result of those believes and traditions is the current situation in some of those countries: wars, poverty, dictatorship, lack of good education. Those people that coming to Europe were brought up in Islamic world and they are not likely to adopt to Western culture for the rest of their lifes, they will continue wearing hidjabs, follow their own social norms, behave, believe, and teach their children those islamic cultural believes. That where the problem comes, that European muslims are such a strong believers that they don’t want to accept Western values, instead they want to carry on with their own values that are only good in the country they came from. But Muslim world and Western civilization doesn’t have a lot in common therefore conflicts occur. Those muslims that want to move to Europe or already moved either have to accept Western values and be like everyone else or stay home, EU has to force them to make a choice. But unfortunately it’s not easy for the muslims to betray their believes thay would rather die, so then they have to stay home and build their own countries with their own hands the way they want them to be.

  90. magic2 years ago

    Preach your peace to your brother hood. ..

  91. Ron2 years ago

    Europe is committing suicide before our eyes.

    1. Mary2 years ago

      You are so right…And yet, Europe is so NAIVE!

  92. Andrew2 years ago

    I feel sorry for Slovenia, a nation of 2 million, having to deal with 150 thousand Islamic Syrian and other refugees (some, very likely terrorists) . Hungary and Croatia have been happy to recently push their migrant influx problems on to bordering helpless Slovenia. Austria apparently has recently closed their few southern border crossings and these desperate 150K + Muslims will likely not be able to cross the northern mountainous snowy Julian Alps boundary between Slovenia and Austria. Winter with extreme cold and snow will likely precipitate a horrible crisis between desperate starving and freezing Muslim Syrians and desperate Catholic Slovenians, and farmers with totally depleted reserves, trying to fend off fatalistic, desperate attacks on their lives and properties.

  93. michael2 years ago

    The majority of Muslims is peaceful, many ones are kind and nice persons, is but Islam itself is not. 107 verses in the Quran are against human rights, by promoting violence against non Muslims.
    Reciprocity does not exist, so whoever Muslim converts to another religion will be condemned, killed, or simply isolated.
    Women cannot marry non Muslim – they are a possession of men. Justifications for that are ridicolous.
    Muslims grow impressively, without caring about ecologic consequences of this growth.
    Once Islam becomes majority in Europe, it will be a disaster for human rights.

    1. Matthew Fitzgerald2 years ago

      I agree.

      1. Piedone2 years ago


        1. Dale2 years ago

          Its the truth

          1. Jacki2 years ago

            I hope it can be stop.
            I do agree this will happen if not stopped

    2. Sal2 years ago

      U don’t know any thing about Islam… Then how can u say these utter uglt words…

      1. Dale2 years ago

        I don’t know where u live? but what he said is nonetheless a truth

    3. Anjali Randeva2 years ago

      Agreed. It comes from within the religion. Most Muslims are peaceful and truly kind but if they truly examine their prophet and their religion and if they are truly true to themselves they would know what their religion teaches.

      It is true that there are very many peaceful verses in the Quran but this was in the beginning when their prophet didnt have many followers and had humble beginnings..you can see that the Quran naturally progresses to being more violent and militant in their approach to spreading islam and gaining leadership.

      As much as Quran teaches peace, it also and moreso leans to the violent side. Esp when it comes to arguing its authenticity and its prophet. It is amazing to see how many of these “peaceful muslims” would turn violent in a heart beat when it comes to their religion, their book and their prophet. They do not spare their own.

      1. ASI2 years ago

        Plenty of religious Muslims do not interpret these texts literally, just as most Jews and Christians don’t follow Old Testament injunctions literally. Most people – and this includes Muslims – are perfectly capable of separating out their daily religious practices from violent passages in their religious texts. Given that an overwhelming majority do, it’s not really fair to assert that Salafi or ISIS-style interpretations (which are a distinct and small minority) represent “true Islam” (a claim that is ironically one being pushed most hard by ISIS itself).

      2. Jai R2 years ago

        Islam is a Religion of Peace.

        If you disagree with this statement then you may be killed ?

        Does this make sense ?

    4. ASI2 years ago

      This is a fairly unsupportable generalization. Yes, there are violent passages in the Qu’ran — as there are in the Old Testament and even within Hindu scripture. Yet Jews and Christians by and large don’t endorse punishments like stoning of adulterers, or murder of non-Jews or Christians.

      Most people who practice religion do not live their lives according to the most retrograde parts of religious text. Most people are not religious literalists. This includes the overwhelming majority of Muslims and the overwhelming majority of European Muslims. To imply that all true Muslims “must” believe in killing nonbelievers is to embrace ISIS’ theological interpretation, one that, again, the vast majority of Muslims – and certainly the vast majority of European Muslims – reject.

      I agree that contemporary Islam has a problem with extremism and intolerance, and while violent jihadists are a small fraction of the Muslim community, they constitute a very real threat. But let’s not forget that most victims of jihadi terrorism are Muslims. And let’s also not tar the majority of European Muslims, who are already living in a climate of fear and rising Islamophobia. In France, ironically, most Muslims are secular, and intermarriage rates are very high (half of all Muslim-born French men marry non-Muslims; a quarter of Muslim-born women do too). France and other European countries do face problems integrating Muslim immigrant communities, but for all their processes’ flaws, most French Muslims actually do integrate.

      1. Twosack2 years ago

        Old Testament laws and stories have a beginning, middle and most importantly an END. The reason that Christians don’t go slaughter the Caananites for example is because Christians didn’t even exist when this was commanded and it’s obvious that these were specific to events thousands of years ago. With Jesus came the new covenant, rendering the old religious laws null, also obvious and clearly laid out in the Bible.

        You could follow the Bible quite literally and know not to stone anyone.

        Not so with the Qur’an, it reads like an instruction manual and gets progressively more violent and intolerant of all other ideologies towards the end, which are the verses which are supposed to carry more weight.

        If you wanted to make the comparison easy enough for a moron to understand, just compare the lives of Jesus and Mohammad. If one wants to be lazy and not read, the differences between the two pretty much sum up the differences between the two ideologies.

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Asi – what you say is the best and most intelligent comment I’ve read on here.

    5. Ellen2 years ago

      I disagree with u about what u saied about Quran
      Why did u mention only the violence
      There are a lot in Quran that teach how to be a good person and how to deal with non Muslims pacefully . U should search and find that.
      Moreover, what is exactly happening is not related to Islam it’s just holding the name of Islam and it is actually controlled by non Muslims people

      Just go to the European history and see who is promoting the violence from the past until now . The churches were dominating every thing and kill the ppl
      Also, look to the eurepon history when they satelled in Muslims countries, they killed millions of Muslims ppl

      Just read and read carefully and u will find out the truth

      1. Alex2 years ago


    6. Rizvee Imran2 years ago

      Muslims can marry Christian and Jews , Btw .. Yes there are verses in Quran that might lead once to believe in violence but wait a second isn’t a cartoon series can lead people to violence if its seen that way . If you teach Islam or any religion in a way that promotes violence then the end result will be a violent person , and where does it come from ? Culture my friend , Culture .. Muslims are not allowed to worship anyone else then Allah , but a large amount of Muslims in South Asian countries do worship dead people ,yes they are great dead people according to our history and pure religions persons too but according to islam you can’t worship anyone but Allah . But still these fanboys have other ideas .. What I am trying to say is , culture is the issue here .. Religion isn’t . It can easily get on top of religions and you will do whatever you think right .

      1. Jai R2 years ago

        In the many Muslim marriages to non-Muslim the inevitable happens. Conversion of the non-Muslim. Isn’t this paranoia on the part of the Muslim spouse ?

        Why not love the non Muslim person for who they are when you fell in love with them and not try to remake them into an image of yourself ?

    7. Anonymous1 year ago

      It seems to me that everyone who has posted a comment is talking about everything that is wrong and is pointing out things that most people already know. Islam is not a peaceful religion and they are intentionally infiltrating Europe and the United States in order to eventually become powerful and take over.
      However what I don’t see anyone talking about is how to deal with the problem. I understand that most of the power is in the hands of the government, but shouldn’t people as part of the communities being directly affected by this be trying to think of ways to handle this problem in a peaceful way? It is difficult to find ways to refuse the muslim way of life and its followers without being offensive. After all we have all been taught to love our neighbors and our enemies and to accept people and not judge based on their skin or religion.
      Perhaps we can begin by politefully declining muslims when they ask to practice their religion in places where it is not appropriate. I have seen posts about Mormons inviting muslims into their church so that they may practice their daily prayers.
      Another way that we could refuse the muslim religion daily is to be friendly and polite to the muslim women. Treat them like equals and like normal human beings and do not treat them as lesser people because they wear a burkha. That is how they are treated within their own religion by the men. Encourage them to be educated and form their own opinions. Does anyone else have ideas?

  94. Shafira2 years ago

    Im a muslim and i am sick of being blamed for what “some of the muslims” did. Just because some people who claimed they are muslim and made a mess doesnt mean you can blame the rest of the muslim population. I know we have some issues in the middle east that might worries you, but please give the rest of us a break. The true islam is actually a very peaceful religion. Please stop the hate and the racism.

    1. dillslim2 years ago

      Then preach to your muslim brothers and not to the people that have valid concerns of the actions and intent of your religion of peace!

      1. Robert2 years ago

        Exactly! Moderate Muslims should be blaming extreme Muslims for their problems, not secular Europeans!

      2. Mostafa Ali2 years ago

        And we do actually, A loot, we fight terrorism here as well and we pay blood for it, but those are not here to be preached, they see all other muslims in the world as infidels and should be killed.
        That said, still you have no right in generalization, and making all muslims the same as a group who did something bad, if an athiest commited a hateful crime, or a group of them for this matter, should we have fear of atheism?

        1. Michael2 years ago

          No, that argument is either idiotic or dishonest. Athiests don’t believe in a stupid holy book that has 107 verses that are against human rights, by promoting violence against non Muslims.

          1. Panos2 years ago

            The “holy” Bible has several violations of human rights, including orders to kill (by stones or otherwise) people who commit what the bible sees as a crime. So according to your moronic logic Michael there are 2.2 billion people who believe in christianity (many of them europeans) who are misogynic, misanthropes and are ready to commit crimes even against it’s own.

        2. Don2 years ago

          The difference is christianity was reformed and modernized. The quran has never had a reformation. The beginning of the quran states this is a perfect book. Muslims believe the quran was written by the hand of god. How can they then question this book (question Allah)The quran is also filled with violent references towards muslims who wish to reform (apostate). Europe will have worsening problems

    2. plumwoods2 years ago

      Then go out and do something about it instead of saying ur sick of being blamed.

    3. Free Thinker2 years ago

      If you belong to any religion/group/mob/political entity you have to bear the blame for crimes committed by your mob. You can’t conveniently disclaim them when they misread your religious teachings! If you don’t want to share the blame, remove the source of blame from your group. Or just be a free human being. Simple.

      1. Mostafa Ali2 years ago

        Ok what if I became an atheist, and started committing crimes in the name of atheism, how exactly will you remove me? verbally? still will not stop me from committing crimes and put atheism’s name on it, same goes for Islam, we reject them, we fight them, and they are terrorists here as well.

        1. Tesla2 years ago

          The problem seems to be that every muslim is supposed to believe that the Koran is the word of God, and therefore immutable. And the koran preaches violence against non-muslims. So If you stay a muslim, you believe in violence against non-muslims.

        2. Sophia2 years ago

          People don’t and never have committed crimes in the name of Atheism – because it is not a religion or belief system, simply the absence of belief.

          1. John2 years ago

            Belief that there is no God is still a belief.

        3. Damon2 years ago

          If you started committing terrorist acts in the name of atheism it would be very easy to disavow you. First off atheists are not organized group who feel the need to defend each other, there is no common bond between us other than the certainty that there is no God.

          Secondly every other atheist is not carrying around a book which they proclaim was written by some higher force that, while some passages may advocate peace, contains many that support the degradation of women’s freedom and rights and which refer to everyone who is not an atheist as an infidel.

          Finally. If you ever did become an atheist you’d never do what you’re suggesting, you’d just sit down, shake your head and wonder why it was you defended Islam for as long as you did.

          Note I am a former Muslim who saw the light

          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            Well said! Thank you.

      2. Panos2 years ago

        Funny Logic “Free Thinker”. So if I don’t want to be blamed for the crimes humans commit upon nature, earth, animals I shall remove myself from the group of humanity? So I should commit suicide? Seriously? LOL

    4. Marcus2 years ago

      If the majority of Muslims are peaceful, then they should speak up and police themselves. You cannot expect to be well received when others are doing horrific things and representing you. I believe that the majority of Muslims are peaceful. I have known many wonderful muslims.But the voice screaming loudest for the Muslim community is telling me and the rest of the world to live in fear and mistrust.

    5. Larry2 years ago

      I do believe there are many peaceful Muslim people. My concern is why are they not speaking out against these horrible actions and helping take action to stop the lunacy? I believe if there were a terrorist Christian group killing Muslims that the peaceful Christians would take up arms against them is a second.

      1. Panos2 years ago

        Christians do not take arms against anyone even when Christians killing Christians, Larry. Let alone for muslims. Never did, never will. When 1000 of muslims where killed in Bosnia nobody raised a voice. No Christian no Atheist no Jew no-one.

        1. jamor2 years ago

          What did Clinton do in Bosnia,if not take up arms

      2. al2 years ago

        i think it was called the KKK

      3. ASI2 years ago

        Muslim leaders and communities routinely speak out against extremism and violence. Just from the last couple of days, examples include:







    6. Jan2 years ago

      I think It’s our land and we decide who to invite. Muslims, are not welocome. That’s it. World is wide. Let them live i any other part of the globe.

      1. Ajja2 years ago

        Then stop bombing our countrys.

    7. Eugene2 years ago

      Shafira nothing to do wth the racism. Unfortunately, for you (normal peacefull and kind muslims) there are to many terrorists acts performed in the name of Mohamed and Islam. Too much innocent people died in the name of Allah. This is the very hystorical moment when muslim community over the world must take position against these barbarian acts. We, the others christians, juives, budhistes etc we are all expecting that you, muslims, get upgrade your personal phylosophy…and became more tolerants with the others. And less toleants wth those criminal extremists wich in the name of your Prophet kill peoples everywhere on this planet.

    8. Karen Andrews2 years ago

      Yes, don’t preach to us… Get all of your none violent Muslims and start protesting the groups who give peaceful Muslims a bad name…

    9. Harry S2 years ago

      I assume your post is a joke. Everyone knows that Muslims are the most intolerant religion on earth. How many churches and synagogues are there in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait or Syria?

    10. Vincent2 years ago

      I wish to stay long term in southern Zamboanga, Philippines but, do to so many kidnaping by Muslims, I am very afraid. Where are all the nice gentle Muslims there?? Seems they have free reign and can do all they want there in the name of their religion. This is a peaceful group that is tolerant of all?

    11. Richard Daugherty2 years ago

      The problem is its no longer just in the middle east??

    12. Jai R2 years ago

      Islamic populations are growing at 2x the rate of Christian populations according to the Pew future projections and todays reality.

      Is this because the world has a surplus of natural resources or the Islamic world has a surplus of natural resources ?

    13. Naz2 years ago

      Who is blaming Muslims? The whole blame falls on Islamist people. Don’t confuse the two just because they try to hide behind your religion, and don’t defend them because of that. Christians don’t defend Christian criminals because we happen to share a religion, neither do we condone extremism. I don’t think Muslims should be blamed for the actions of these people, but you certainly should not defended them either. People should not confuse and mix these matters. If you do, it just plays right into the hands of extremists.

    14. Crawdaddy2 years ago

      Did not Mohammed have his opponents beheaded, thus starting Islams fixation with decapitation? Did he not exterminate a Jewish tribe in Medina and marry their female children? If your religion is founded by a psychopath, it is and always be false and evil.

  95. Lew2 years ago

    Why do so many posts talk about evil things people did 500 to 1000 years ago. For the love of all that is holy we all stipulate; Crusades BAD, Inquisition BAD, Ciliphat enlightenment good. How do any of those relate to 2015. I get it you need a historical perspective, (I am a historian) but I was taught at about the age of 2 that just because little Jonny hit me that was no excuse for me to pull Susie’s hair. I don’t give a rat’s ass about The Lion Hart and Saladin’s 800 year old feud how does it justify ISIL’s rape, torture, murder etc…. in 2015!? Forgive my indulgence in reductio ad absurdum but I don’t care what the Europeans did the 19th century either!!! They are all dead go dig them up but quit trying to justify bad behavior by pointing to centuries past!!!

  96. Bobby2 years ago

    No, Jesus never said the exact three words, “I am God.” But Jesus also never said the exact four words, “I am a prophet,” or the exact four words, “I am a man,” but we know He was both a prophet and a man. It is not necessary for Jesus to say the exact phrase, “I am a man,” for us to know that He was a man. Likewise, it is not necessary for Jesus to utter the exact three words, “I am God,” in order for us to determine whether or not He is divine. Jesus may not have said the exact sentence, “I am God,” but He did claim the divine name for Himself (Exo. 3:14 with John 8:58), and He also received worship (Matt. 2:2, 14:33, 28:9; John 9:35-38).

    1. Sal2 years ago

      Jesus also never led an Army and then personally beheaded people. Not all other prophets can say the same…

      1. Crawdaddy2 years ago

        There is not one teaching in the New Testament advocating violence. The Quran cannot say that.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          Luke 19:27
          Jesus said – But as for these enemies of mine who didn’t want me to be their king—bring them here and slaughter them in my presence!

  97. herald2 years ago

    no, if all muslims were terrosist then america and europe would have been conquered already because of the vast number of muslims and not only that ive seen other corruption within the these continents and countries but i have never seen anyone talked about them. i have many muslim friends and they are no different from you or i. when was the last time u actully saw on TV a real authentic video in america about asian or african muslims blow up something. in boston it was russian guy, him and his brother and they were fully russian. not only that what aabout the milllions of people america[ obama] killed in the middle east with his drones. he pull the trigger under false pretenses.

    1. Dr Doctor2 years ago

      “if all muslims were terrosist then america and europe would have been conquered”
      lol no, they would be exterminated in weeks, Russia,USA and Europe each can easily take over the muslim world by themselves or simply nuke them for fun, the muslim firepower is pathetic if compared to western armies, almost all weapons that muslims use are created and sell by Russia USA and Europe
      When muslims are in the stronger side they always attack, christians in middle east are being exterminated, muslims tried to invade Israel,muslims started killing thousands of christians in Nigeria without reason,92% of Saudi arabia think ISIS are right,most muslims want Sharia law that opress christians and Jews,kill anyone who leave Islam but force many to leave other religions and have laws to kill anyone who don’t believe in God or is a politheist

      1. Mostafa Ali2 years ago

        1- About killing who leaves Islam, this is not even agreed on in muslim communities and I have never seen it happen, and even if you can apply there are many things that must be present first before you can do it, and he also must be hostile against Islam, just like war, as long as he is peaceful and he leaves our religion alone, he cannot be touched, there are many opinions in Islam and powerful ones also that says it’s not from Islam.
        2- It’s actually funny, you see there is a whole verse in Qur’aan about forcing people to convert, and that you cannot do it, and it’s not even your right.
        3- What are the Sharia laws that opress christians and jews? never heard of those, actually in Qur’aan we are taught that Christians and Jews are our most friendly people to have.
        4- ” christians in middle east are being exterminated” how is that even possible? I have like a dozen of christian friends, I live next to a Big Church? where did you get that?
        5- “92% of Saudi Arabia believe ISIS is right” ? I’ve not seen any, and I repeat any one from whome I knwo from KSA who even believes in ISIS, diverse opinions exist about why ISIS exist and why they do what they do, but every one agrees on that they should be exterminated.

        1. David W2 years ago

          I agree my friend. Isis is nothing more than a group of hired thugs let loose by the great satan to eliminate Assad and seize his oil and to frighten the Iraqi Shia president into falling back into line. This is ostensibly about control of a third of the worlds oil production by three super powers and, as far as Saudi Arabia is concerned and Israel (who I believe are colluding behind the scenes) it is about dismantling a local Shiite empire.

        2. jamor2 years ago

          1.In Afghanistan you are killed if you convert
          2.In Pakistan Hindu & Christian girls are kidnapped,forced to convert and marry Muslims
          3.In Pakistan non Muslims are arrested under blasphemy law and are killed.Ahmedyias is another sect of Islam who are not allowed to call themselves Muslims and are banned from reading the Koran.Their Mosques are frequently vandalised in Pakistan There is also a jizya tax which non muslims are supposed to pay,though it may not be widely followed in present times.
          4.Christians are being killed in Egypt and Indonesia.Churches are also being vandalised in same countries.In Muslim countries non muslims are not allowed to eat or drink in public during Ramadan

    2. Rubinstin2 years ago

      @Heral They were not “Fully Russian.” Their ethnic background is Chechen and Avar.

      1. anne2 years ago

        well chechens are muslim right?

        1. Anonymous1 year ago


  98. Josh2 years ago

    I never saw in the bible where jesus says hes god i dont know why

    1. gwynedd12 years ago

      “Before Abraham, I am” is calling yourself the essence of God. He also forgave sins. You cannot do so without being sinless and you cannot be sinless without the essence of God.

      I am not proselytizing. Its simply what it says. So either Jesus considered himself God or the Bible is a forgery. I can’t ever remember prophets going around and saying things like “don’t be bad or you will be punished”, or “bad people are coming”. No, they say a flood will come to the mountain”, poetically.

      1. Clay2 years ago

        With regard to Jesus as God please read Erhman’s “How Jesus Became God”…

  99. Mike2 years ago

    im on neither sides because im neither muslim nor christian. but i read an earlier comment and that is actually true because if muslim killed all “non believers” then there would have been no jews nor christians alive today not only that india claims that they were forced to follow islam as “the straight path” but actually if they were actually forced then there islam would be the major religion of india nor hinduism

    1. Cindy Ginn2 years ago

      The Christian crusaders fought off the Muslims

    2. Artur2 years ago

      There actually are NO jews in most of the muslim countries even in countries where there where hundreds of thousands of jews

      So check your premises and do your homework first

    3. kalyan2 years ago

      somebody here mentions india / hinduism as week. But its not true. we let our muslim brothers co-exist with us. if and only they live peacefully.

    4. RamaKishan2 years ago

      Islam became dominant religion, rather the only religion in countries spreading from Arab, decimating totally the aboriginal, native religions, in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. In India, Islam tried hard but could not decimate Hinduism. But its softer version Buddhism was decimated from lands of Afghanistan, Indonesia etc.

  100. AT2 years ago

    What happened to the first port of call for asylum seekers/refugees being tje countries neighbouring them???

  101. xerxes2 years ago

    Koran.(8.1) “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” (8.39) 2 and fight them until there is no more disbelief in Islam and religion will be for Allah alone” It does not look good for Europe

    1. Matt2 years ago

      Coming from a guy named Xerxes? I think this is hilarious.

      Your quote is taken out of context, the disbelievers in your quote refers to pagans in the Arabian Peninsula, who persecuted and killed converts to Islam during the beginning of the spread of Islam. At that time, most inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula were not Muslim–so when someone converted to Islam, they were persecuted heavily–the term “disbelievers” in the Qu’ran is almost solely used to refer to Arab pagans. In terms of the Qu’ran, Christians and Jews are considered “People of the Book”–not disbelievers or infidels.

      As a matter of fact, hundreds of years ago, the Ottoman millet system allowed Christians and Jews to live almost autonomously (they still had to pay a tax to the empire) within the Ottoman Empire, while persecuting other Muslim denominations as heretics, because the other Islamic denominations (such as Shias) are not protected by the Qu’ran to the extent that Christians and Jews are.

      Not so different to how new converts to Christianity were at first persecuted and tortured heavily by the Romans, until Emperor Constantine ended the persecution of Christians after civil wars of the Tetrarchy, the pagans of Arabia tortured, persecuted, and killed new Muslim converts, and the quote that you have referenced is attributed solely to those pagans of Arabia.

      1. tina2 years ago

        The Ottoman millet system …. Yeah…. you haven’t mention the type of tax the Christian Bulgarians had to pay while under Ottoman invasion. In fact one of the worst taxes was called ‘Blood Tax’ where the Muslim were visiting the homes of Bulgarians and were killing all baby boys born to Bulgarians.
        Only taxes…. right……

        1. Mostafa Ali2 years ago

          Where did you get that from? “Blood Tax” do you have any citation? It’s in any history book I can find.. please provide your source of info, if exists one, and I’m sure you won’t find any

          1. gwynedd12 years ago

            The Janissaries are famous for being the Kidnapped children of their Christian Vassals. So does it matter. Get lost and stop making excuses. The cultures do no work. Even your fasts don’t work the further north you go. No observant Muslim could be north of the arctic circle because they would never eat.

            None of these Levantine voodoo religions are well adapted the further north you go. Where are Inuits going to get the “blood of Christ” and the bread for his body?

    2. Steven northington2 years ago

      An eye for an eye and let’s do unto other as they do

  102. Lester Hemphill2 years ago

    In the United States, there is separation of church and state, that should also mean separation of mosque and state.

  103. T. Traub2 years ago

    The Muslim world is growing, while the Christian world is shrinking. That’s the current trend and we have to live with it.

    Europe is a dying place. War weary, depleted of resources, decadent, and lacking in new ideas, they’ve grown soft and comfortable and no longer have the energy to carry on their traditions, so they’re handing the continent over to a younger, more energetic population.

    The Americans, energized by continued immigration from Mexico and Asia, will dominate as Europe recedes. The Asians led by China will dominate in their hemisphere. The rest of the world will deteriorate as overpopulation and civil war continue to eat away at Africa, central Asia, etc.

    1. Seth Edwards2 years ago

      The Christian world isn’t shrinking but it isn’t exactly growing either. The Muslim world is growing though a little faster than Christianity but not by that much.

  104. Ian Bryce2 years ago

    The article needs to say when the figures apply. Some figs 2010, published Jan 2015.

  105. Brian McInnis2 years ago

    Uhm, so Russia is actually the northern half of Asia, so…?

  106. Adam Dilem2 years ago

    Waw! Reading the comments, and as I am a muslim, I am shocked by the amount of racism and hatered against fellow citizens based on their religion and race. Coming from people who claim to defend the so called civilised Europe from the other. I see no difference between these voices of today’s Europe and America and the voices of crussading Europe of a 1000 year ago that claimed the same moral supremacy and in the course slaughtered whole cities and villages in muslim countries. Committing genocides not only against muslims but also against fellow Christians from other denomi ations and Jews. 5 centurries ago the Muslim Caliphate of the Othomans sent its entire fleet the shores of Spain to evacute and save over 100 000 jews. In todays rates thats equivalent to 10’s of millions population. Muslims welcomed them in mainly Turky and North Africa and there was no debate weither these Jews should be deported or rejected. Although in the History of Islam the Jews never stopped plotting against muslims and betraying them. I wonder how much of the 14 million Jews around the world today trace their ancestry back to those we saved and accepted to live amongst us and flourish with with full citizenship rights. Look at as today! We are at war. Most of the main stream western media is controlled by the Zionist war mongerring lobby. A media that spread more hatered and racism against muslims than themselves could ever imagine to achieve. Brainwashing the masses for what? More wars and more invasions and more human desasters. Wake up people. We are all human beings. Europeans themselves can trace their ancestors back to the midle east. So what you hating are your brothers and sisters.

    1. Julian2 years ago

      I understand you and agree, but the problem is, so many muslims seem to hate europeans. They show aggression, and end up in so called “no go” districts. That’s not a sign of wanting to live like brothers and sisters. To achieve that people should be cultured, and forget about egoistical nature, but that’s utopia in these conditions. Besides, many europeans still struggle because of the economic crisis, we have problems with our corrupted governments as well, and such huge masses of people (with their own demands) are too much for many. No matter how beautiful ideals we have, this is XXI century, and reality is reality. Apart from religions, we have other differences.

      1. Red XIV1 year ago

        There are no such thing as “no go” districts. That’s a lie made up by right-wing xenophobes.

    2. Kirza2 years ago

      Why are you calling it ‘racism’? Islam is not a race.
      Stop trying to stop debate by labelling people.
      Westerners have a right to be concerned re hatred and attacks committed by people we have allowed to migrate to our shores.
      I am appalled at the extent of intolerance and hatred shown to non-Muslims, by Muslims living in the West! Many hate everyone – Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, atheists – everyone but themselves. We have a right to have had enough of this.
      And do you fully know the extent of crimes commiteed by Muslims? No.
      Mohammad himself, with HIS OWN HANDS, killed people.

    3. Dr Doctor2 years ago

      And now muslims are the only ones doing that, also they did the same things europe did in that age

    4. gwynedd12 years ago

      They didn’t know how to read. Nothing in the Christian doctrine says anything about conquering. Muslims on the other hand do know how to read.

  107. Jose Frajtag2 years ago

    I believe in a unique solution for the immigration problem! All countries should make them TEMPORARY! They should make the immigrants sign a commitment to return to their countries as soon the problems int that countries is solved. In the meantime they should also commit to not procriate, otherwise they should be deported! Then all the countries should reunite and SOLVE the problem. It is better to make a war there in the Middle East, than to have a bigger and local war in the future!

    1. Kev Z2 years ago

      Very well said. Their stay should only be temporary, and not permanent. But I think that is going to be very since Sweden is basically giving them a citizenship the moment they land. I strong believe if any of them were to commit a crime, they should be deport immediately.

      1. Phil2 years ago

        The people in the middle East region have been at war with each other since recorded history was created.
        Since these people are moving into other parts of the Earth, the battleground site spreads with them. Just read the news every day, not propaganda from the right or left…actual records and you will see the evidence.

        1. Matt2 years ago

          Yeah, because war and violent crimes is solely a product of the Middle East.

          Do you even read the news or study history? Almost every year, there is a massive school shooting in the United States. Is that a product of the Middle East?

          Not so long ago, Europeans could not stop warring against each other, for purpose of religion–Protestants versus Catholics. The worst acts of depravity, from beheading to mass slaughter, to all sorts of medieval torture, took place there. There was even a European attempt to mitigate the violence, a marriage between a Protestant and a Catholic, but even that turned into a massacre, the St. Bartholomew massacre.

          Then, the Europeans put religion aside, and began warring for Empire, with the biggest Empires springing out of England and France. These empires spread across every continent, committing acts of violence, torture, and robbing entire populations of their wealth. The empires of Europe spread so far, that they triggered disputes within Europe, with Europeans arguing and fighting over land and resources that never belonged to them in the first place!

          Sure, the Middle East has seen no shortage of war, but neither has Europe, the rest of Asia, or even the Americas (before and after the Europeans settled there).

          1. phil2 years ago

            So we agree. Good. Nothing you have pointed out disproves the points I outlined in my original comment.

            I appreciate your hearty endorsement,

            On a personal note, “Do you even read the news or study history”. Personal insults on imaginary weaknesses of random strangers on the internet often backfires. I dumb it down for people like you.

            I find most of your comment historically inaccurate and you comprehension of war and conquest childlike in simplicity.

    2. Matthew Fitzgerald2 years ago

      That’s a good idea.

    3. NoWay2 years ago

      Wishful thinking, they will never come home willingly.

    4. Mark2 years ago

      If all the moderate/innocent muslims are to leave their war torn lands then they have ‘given’ the lands to the extremists.
      Once the extremists have a foothold there is no way you could get the moderates to return.

  108. Hugo2 years ago

    These figures do not include illegals that add considerable numbers in most countries. The 1% per decade will undoubtedly grow as the flood of migrants reaching Europe are mostly moslim.

  109. igor2 years ago

    The Bible says in the Proverbs 22:6
    ”Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”
    Does it also mean that Western education system will not change the menthality of next generation of muslims?
    what the statistics says?
    On what basis those prognoses were made that at the end of century all population will be muslim?
    How the nominal-muslim will reflect positively/negatively on the future of europe?

  110. Rene Demonteverde2 years ago

    Problem is once Islam gains a foothold and Sharia is founded as basis for law in Muslim communities it is hard to withdraw. It is not like an election where the political atmosphere ebbs and flows. Once a Muslim always a Muslim. This, the Europeans will later find out to its grief. And to most Muslims a non Muslim is somebody who is destined for hell fire. So figure that out.

    1. Abdi2 years ago

      Please lets not speak out of ignorance. Let’s state the actual facts. I’m pretty sure you do not know the actual definition of the word SHARIA without you GOOGLING. If you want to learn something or know more about something, you go to the actual source. Not repeat what you heard from our friends from Fox.

      1. bob2 years ago

        The word “al-Taqiyya”literally means: “Concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies at a time of eminent danger, whether now or later in time, to save oneself from physical and/or mental injury.”A one-word translation would be “Dissimulation.”


        Looks like it may lean more to Shiite angle of Islam.

        14 references/sources there for you mate.

        1. Matt2 years ago

          Al-Taqiyya, which right-wingers love to cite as evidence that Muslims are concealing their actual plot to murder and kill all non-Muslims has nothing to do with killing or murdering anyone.

          As you stated, al-Taqiyya is a practice most associated with Shia Muslims, who had to conceal their confession from the predominately Sunni Muslim population or face persecution by the predominately Sunni Muslim population. In Sunni Islam, most practitioners believe it is sinful to ever perform al-Taqiyya. And when terrorists like ISIS perform the atrocities that they commit, they are certainly not trying to conceal anything.

          If Muslims wanted to kill non-Muslims, then there would have been no Christians or Jews living in the Ottoman Empire–which was the last legitimate “Caliphate”–a dirty word to many right-wingers. Yet, the Ottoman Empire, even during its time when it was the most powerful empire on Earth, allowed Christians and Jews to live by their own teachings, by the Bible or by the Torah–and the Ottoman Empire found the basis of allowing Christians and Jews to practice their religion autonomously within the Qu’ran. The Ottomans even extended their hands (and their armies) to rescue Jews from several European atrocities. Way back in 1324, Sultan Orhan even built a synagogue for the Jews himself–it was ordered by decree.

    2. E. Kleber2 years ago

      YOU are so right. It is a really an awful vision for the future of our children, our rich history and culture. It makes me very sad and depressed.

  111. Ali Iqbal2 years ago

    i think Muslim is not a big problem for Europe, Muslim comes there for job and better lifestyle, every half million year world geographical region changed, if muslim will be next power in Europe so that`s not a bad thing for christian because nature give everyone chance to migrate and changes there places 🙂 not in human land but also in forest for wild animals.

    1. bobby g2 years ago


      1. Rene Demonteverde2 years ago

        Yep. No big deal

      2. Mary94942 years ago

        Yes, how did the comment suddenly become ‘we will be in power naturally.’

    2. Igor Stepanovich2 years ago

      sounds like islam will take over europe
      so if life under muslim theocracy is so good, why so many of you dream about living in secular world and run to humanistic EU, who gives refuge to both muslim and christians?
      are you not afraid for your young generation who will leave the religion and will be just nominal muslim?
      or you believe that europe one day will change its jurisdiction and will become the same world from where people run?

      1. Lew2 years ago

        You are correct but last I checked the Ottoman is no longer with us. You statement is tantamount to telling a Jew in 1940 he should vacation in Berlin because the Nazi’s were not guilty of killing anyone in 1872. The Jews were treated well in Europe at times and at others they were exterminated. At the current time Radicalized Muslim are killing people who are Christian, Jews, Agnostic etc….. Just on that basis. All of the sins of King Richard or the virtues of the Great Ottoman empire can justify the evil being perpetrated on innocent young girls. Evil is evil it just so happens that it is ISIL and their ilk who are perpetuating it in 2015. When Buddhist start beheading innocent Muslims I will be by your side-when Hindu s start beheading Coptic Christians I hope you will stand with me and denounce them. Just as I hope you denounce the radical element of your faith for rape, torture and murder…Hurry I can only hold my breath for about 2 minutes.

      2. Lew2 years ago

        Bravo Igor.!!! I live in the U.S.A and have said that for over 20 years. I welcome immigration but many of the new people try to change America to be just like where they came from. It makes absolutely no sense. Very well said!

    3. Joe Schmoe2 years ago

      Except in nature, animals actually defend their own territory.

    4. india2 years ago

      If your religion become major in Europe. Europe will become another Syria or Iraq after you need to migrate another secular nation.

  112. Steve2 years ago

    Why is it ‘politically correct” to pretend that crazy, brainwashed, robotic people who only seem to exist on Earth for the sole purpose of promoting Islam are normal people?

    1. Rene Demonteverde2 years ago

      Because to them, they are the normal ones and you are the abnormal one.

    2. Terry2 years ago

      It is so very sad that millions of children are born into families that have medieval ideas and belief systems – when they know better they will do better – I put my faith in education and technology and condemn these horrendous ideals to their rightful place. This folly will pass within a few generations and be laughed at and ridiculed just like the flat earthers.

      1. flynn2 years ago

        ‘I put my faith in education…..’
        Oh dear, I guess you’ve never been a teacher in a Muslim area in the UK, Terry. The truth is that teachers in these areas are frightened of teaching anything which might be construed as ‘unislamic.’

  113. steve harvey2 years ago

    WIth the greater number of children in Muslim French families versus Christian families ( circa 1.5 children per family), demographic studies are reported to predict that France and England will be majority Muslim by the end of this century. Both countries, of course, have the ability to fire nuclear weapons to North America, Russia, China and the Middle East. Conservative Christians believe the final world war in history will begin in the Middle East. I think it’s called The Apocalypse.

  114. Subhash Nair2 years ago

    This decision to open the gates influenced by blurry thinking clouded by emotions can have catastrophic consequence in coming years. Of course no humans can deny not to be affected by the plight of a fellow suffering being. But then what is Europe getting into?
    The more of what we see of this mass influx of this hoards marching into Europe, it seems that this crisis has been a well orchestrated plan to push these pawns into Europe.
    And even for once we accept the arguments that you should allow these migrants in, then what are the consequences?
    To understand the problem with Muslim migration as general, all you need to do is go back a 100 years. The pouring of Muslims from the commonwealth, the Turkish immigration into Germany, the Ghettos in Malmo or the population in a city like Barcelona.
    These people though having resided in these nations for more than 3 to 4 decades, have hardly integrated and surprisingly the 2nd & 3rd generation in countries like Britain seems to have a new zeal to migrate to the land of the ISIS. So what we see here is that instead of having gratitude to a country which gave them asylum, they have absolute disgust and hatred towards these lands. How do you explain this mindset in a free world ?
    Secondly, assuming that a socialist mindset is that a dwindling and greying population needs to pump up it’s working populace to maintain the state through taxes and national service. Even this wont work, since a majority of them will love to survive on doles and will always maintain & build trade within themselves so as to create benefits just for their community.
    Expecting them to serve the armed forces or any national service of their newly adopted countries would be a big taboo issue, since they loyalties will always stop them from acting against any Islamic country.
    And worst in coming years, they will create enough political traction and use the same democratic route to force their beliefs in their new land of residence.
    What needs to be understood is that, to live in a democratically conducive way of life requires all its beneficiaries, to accept a crucial element of tolerance.
    This element gets eroded when individuals or groups start asserting a sense of superiority and use it to alienate themselves from the rest of the population. Worse, it gets more toxic when the driving force for this alienation is religion.
    Any democratic society and without exception the European intelligentsia does have an aversiveness to nationalism & have a great love for multiculturalism. They are not completely wrong in there thinking since tolerance creates the perfect society mankind can have. But for this thought and way of life to sustain, it can happen only in a society where complete integration and tolerance to all beliefs is accepted. Expecting these people to do that in coming years is a big question mark, simply because of there religious beliefs. History has shown that religious fanaticism is the end of a free society, and thats exactly what Europe is getting into.

    1. Nayana Sri2 years ago

      Completely agree with you.

    2. Joji Lopez2 years ago

      Yes, you are absolutely correct. I know them personally as I have been living in the Middle east and Pakistan.

    3. Sarabjit Mann2 years ago

      Excellent observation!

  115. enochered2 years ago

    Muslims are entitled to believe whatever they choose to believe. Christians appear to have forgotten that they chose to follow the tenets of the Bible, which is little more than a blood-drenched catalogue of mayhem and child sacrifice, which is part of the Babylonian Talmudic religion. Christianity has no real need to call itself so, as it expresses simple rules that need not be referred to as being religious, but which should exist outside of any religious beliefs as being human norms, which make it possible for all of us to live together.

    1. Rowena2 years ago

      I agree that Muslims can choose to believe whatever they choose, however comparing it to modern day Christianity is misguided. Islam is not just a religion but an ideology and way of life.

      A few Muslims are not a problem, they have a concept called Taqiyya which effectively allows them to integrate into another culture where they are a minority if they feel they would otherwise be persecuted. As the Muslim population grows (often cited as more than 2%) this concept steadily becomes no longer applicable. Those Muslims who where the hijab (and) naqib particularly are more likely to be more conservative and if asked will tell you they only acknowledge the law of Islam and not those of the country they live in.

      I would recommend investigating / researching areas in the UK (known as Muslim enclaves) where the Muslim population is over 50% (we have an increasing number of areas with over 75%) and consider where you think the line should be drawn between Muslims being free to choose their faith (like everyone else) and Muslims using that faith as justification for changing neighbourhoods and communities to be based on Islamic way of life.

      I am not against Muslims having their faith however for me it is not acceptable for Muslim population densities to be allowed to reach a critical mass (via immigration and high birth rates) to turn parts of the UK into areas where Islam dominates.

      1. Dildar2 years ago

        Show me taqqya from any Islamic source please…. Just brainwashed duffers spew whatever they could hear from media

        1. Andrew2 years ago

          Al-Jamil, Tariq. “Hiding in Plain Sight: Shi’i Islam, Secrecy and Religious Dissimulation in Social Practice, Published by Swarthmore College. Assistant Professor of Religion Tariq al-Jamil explores the bodily practices and social behaviors associated with religious dissimulation – known as “taqiyya,” a practice in which a Shi’ite can lie about their faith in order to save a life – in 13th- and 14th-century Iraq. Professor al-Jamil is an expert on medieval Islamic social history and law, with a particular focus on Shi’ism. He has conducted research on Sunni-Shi’i relations and can address issues related to the academic study of Islam and the social history of Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. His published works and research interests include Islam and inter-communal violence, pre-modern religious identity, religious dissimulation, the transmission of knowledge in Islam, and women in Islamic jurisprudence.” (2011).

  116. Sunny2 years ago

    When rest of world was engaged in self centered economical growth, increasing their social power,less attention and respect towards their Religion by calling themselves open-minded or whatever,less attentive towards their past so that no one call them old fashioned, Islamic Guru were and are on a certain mission to capture the land and whole world not by fighting,but, by increasing the population,by any mean, either convert or marry a girl of other religion. I have seen everywhere, educated dedicated parent and citizens of this century are highly focused on capacity building of their children for this they are promoting to have only one child to do so.on the other hand we see Muslim population increased rapidly(by mean of conversion) among less educated mass of countries and we can see they are having more and more children even their economy is not supporting.
    This is not end see and think yourself, Specially women who think marriage is just a fun and by marrying a man of other religion she will freed from odd part of her present religion please stop, nothing in this world is perfect. The purpose of life is to secure and enjoy the fragrance of your existence by changing the odds not by quit but by teachings.

  117. Mauri2 years ago

    Your numbers are wrong.
    There is more % of Muslim in France, both legal and illegal.
    Muslim could never be truly citizen of any westerner country because the Oumma is the nation of Muslim, the Koran is their constitution, sharia is their law.
    allah and his messenger forbid them to obey any human law, but only sharia.

    In France 74 % of French say that Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with France.
    In Germany 80% of German say that Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with Germany.
    In the UK 56% of British say that Islam is a major threat to their country.
    All around Europe, the large majority of people think that Islam do not belong to Europe and want Muslims to leave Europe.

  118. Abdulhameed Yusif2 years ago

    That is true my dear. Others are on wrong track painting Muslims with bad name. Their act is really Islamic…

  119. norm elsenberger2 years ago

    It is not a belief system rather a political ideology more than a millenia discovered.

    A Belief system by definition does not have political ,militant,propaganda and
    Economic constituents. if it has then it is a political ideology. if it is forced upon others and subjugates those who do not believe in the same then it becomes a fascist ideology.
    any belief system including atheism must be challenged and questioned daily by those who practice it. It must endure any form of internal and external scrutiny to be considered a belief. No belief system commands to subjugate all and kill others who disagree or “offend”. A belief system has no rank and file determined by race,heritage ,gender or upbringing. If it is “the truth” as some call it then why must it subjugate others by overpopulating an area and by deceit??
    then again what is the purpose??
    “If you want to know who is in charge
    find those who you cannot scrutinize”-voltaire

  120. Sam Coleman2 years ago

    After reading many of the comments, I feel obligated to put in my two cents worth.First of all I try to keep an open and unbiased mind. However facts are facts and cannot be denied. While as Americans we
    each have our own beliefs, but we are still Americans. I can’t say the same for the Muslims. Our liberal left wants to give everything to everyone. “WONT WORK” Also there are 109 passages in the Quran that says what to do with the infidels. I could overlook 1 or 2 but not
    109. Lastly, just 1 question, if you were a woman would you want to
    live in a society that practices Shiria law. Nuff said!!!!

    1. ak2 years ago

      Sam. Please reference the verses. It will strengthen your argument and avoid you looking like a unintelligent conveyor of hearsay.
      Also. Provide some personal experiences with muslims if you know any to backup your opinion.

      1. Richard Wee2 years ago

        Sam hasn’t posted any quote but I will

        Qur’an:9:5 – “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”

        Qur’an:9:29 “Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission.”

        Qur’an:8:39 “Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.”

        Qur’an:8:39 “So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world).”

        Qur’an:8:65 “O Prophet, urge the faithful to fight. If there are twenty among you with determination they will vanquish two hundred; if there are a hundred then they will slaughter a thousand unbelievers, for the infidels are a people devoid of understanding.”

        Do you wish me to go on?

        1. katje2 years ago

          this is my favorite fact about God vs Muhammad:

          “But the prophet who speaks a word presumptuously in My name which I have not commanded him to speak . . that prophet shall die.”
          GOD (Deuteronomy18:20)

          “I have fabricated things against God and have imputed to Him words which He has not spoken…~MUHAMMAD (Al-Tabari 6:111)

          so,, no to Adi, islam is no the best religion in the world, Judaism-Christian-Buddhist-Zoroastrian and other religions that allow the existences of humans (which God has created in his Image) to live, love and thrive in a peaceful environment.

        2. Dildar2 years ago

          Kill Women Who Are Not Virgins On TheirWedding NightBut if this charge is true(that she wasn’t a virgin on her wedding night), and evidence of the girls virginity is not found, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her fathers house and there her townsman shall stone her to death, because she committed a crime against Israel by her unchasteness in her father’shouse. Thus shall you purge the evil from your midst.(Deuteronomy 22:20-21NAB)Kill Followers of Other Religions.1)If your own full brother, or your son or daughter, or your beloved wife, or you intimate friend, entices you secretly to serve other gods, whom you and your fathers have not known, gods of any other nations, near at hand or far away, from one end of the earth to the other: do not yield to him or listen to him, nor look with pity upon him, to spare or shield him, but kill him. Your hand shall be the first raised to slay him; the rest of the people shall join in with you. You shall stone him to death, because he sought tolead you astray from the Lord, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt,that place of slavery. And all Israel, hearing of this, shall fear and never do such evil as this in your midst.(Deuteronomy 13:7-12 NAB)2)Suppose a man or woman among you,in one of your towns that the LORD your God is giving you, has done evil in the sight of the LORD your God and has violated the covenant by serving other gods or by worshiping the sun, the moon,or any of the forces of heaven, which I have strictly forbidden. When you hear about it, investigate the matter thoroughly. If it is true that this detestable thing has been done in Israel, then that man or woman must be taken to the gates of the town and stoned to death.(Deuteronomy 17:2-5 NLT)

        3. Thwaha2 years ago

          hello brother wee The verses you are pointed is pointing about tha era when prophet lived.You are pointing out the verses so that you will be satisfied pointing them against islam.those r the verses against disbelievers who were lived that time and they not permitted muslims to live in their own place and did the same even when muslims gone hijara.then the verses came only for the defence for tje existence of islam.so whenever you take a verse please refer the historical background.otherwise dont.and also please understand the meaning of islam.its peace.and muslim is the one who submitted his life to one and only god.if any muslim performed a sin its a sin.we muslim dont agree with that.

        4. Gee2 years ago

          What do you have to say about that now ak??????????

      2. ldm2 years ago

        I dont think AK has anymore to say…probly cause he hasnt read the book..
        the whole subject is very clear to me…most muslims are not bad people [statistics reveal this],, and remember they have been born into islam…. so the fight is against Islam.. which isnt even a religion. and most muslims , just like us …[will not put their faminly at risk]. by leaving islam..they cant by their laws even disagree publicly
        so. any muslim who wants Sharia law should be considered an enemy of the values that we have fought and died for … for ever…..ahh so war it is.
        the faster Europe accepts this and the faster “no go zones are dismantled”
        the better for all.
        i really am amazed just how little negative reactions we see from the leaders of most muslim areas of any country..

  121. Adi2 years ago

    Islam is the best religion in the world for human

    1. Johnny Trejo2 years ago

      Your population doesn’t show any evidence that you’ve reached harmony, care for each other or provide any solutions of any sort to sufferings of any kind. It is an empty statement. typical to biased minds.

    2. lulu2 years ago

      Then why do you want to come to Europe?

    3. Mr.Pig2 years ago

      I really hate that statement, adi. That is strange about islam like you. Always say islam is better etc², so christian, buddha and other religion is bad? If so, why is it better being islam have to cut and kill people if they not islam and some islam also get same fate if protected their christian neighbour or etc² like ISIS do?

    4. Mark2 years ago

      Any perticular sect?
      Kill all the rest?
      So who survives? Sunnis? Shia?

  122. Alee2 years ago

    I have a lot of non-muslim friends and in Islam, it clearly says that you cannot force someone to be one. Let them believe in what their religion is teaching them. Islam, and most of the religions i know, want their believers to be good. And you should read the history of Islam, open your mind as you read, think that its just another history book. Whenever my friend, a Taoist, tells me about her religion, i would just be open about it. I never said to her face that all the facts she’s telling me are wrong, that it doesnt match my religions’ teachings. Never. Those muslims who do not respect other religions, just keep away from them. They are in the wrong. Islam never teaches us to mock other religion. Its no use to fight about all these. We must never mock others’ religions in the first place. We all need each other. No one, good or bad, likes to be told that whatever s/he is doing is wrong.

    1. M Ali2 years ago

      You state “open your mind as you read”. Why not open your mind to Islam and Muhammed being just another fairy tale passed down from long ago for a human coping mechanism , just like Thor, Abraham, Jesus, The Sun, Confucius, or thousands of other psychosis of the mind.

    2. OPS2 years ago

      Moderate Muslims are regarded as disbelievers and considered no better than an infidel.So whatever you said is a big lie.People like you are not considered true Muslims, if whatever you said was true the world would not have witnessed the slaughter by ISIS today,forget the holocaust of the Christians and the Hindus in the past.

  123. swapan kumar roy2 years ago

    just stop them. you are doing mistake by believing them.when they donot respect other religion then why do you keep them to hung around .just kick them out.

    1. Deist4ever2 years ago

      I had to comment. Why? I am an exmuslim and know the real side of Islam. You see I believe religion is a problem itself. Talking about Islam I think if a Muslim is breaking the law , causing problems etc deport him ASAP. But if he is living normally ( not asking for sharia law or forcing Islam on others {this isn’t allowed by Islam but Muslims are fucked up*}) then leave them be. Don’t be narrowminded and ignorant or racist. Not all Muslims have to be deported.I know plenty of Muslims who live like a normal European would except they pray, wear Hijab and don’t eat stuff they ain’t allowed to . That’s it. No issues there.

  124. Ralph2 years ago

    Oh. My. God. A whole *one* percent a decade. 2450 is just around the corner!

    1. khazairi2 years ago

      few yrs back there was a documentary on nat geo. in regard to east and west civilization( not really sure on the title.) a western professor quote ‘ If it not due to the islamic civilization. ‘ islam in cardova to presice’. Europe will be still in the dark age.

  125. NoMoreMuslims2 years ago

    The other thing is that growing number of muslims is proportional to growing intolerance and right wings supporters – which is a good news.

  126. observer2 years ago

    The corrupt left Marxist views have poisoned the minds of the young educated European to be self destructive for fear of being labeled a racist. Multiculturalism is a failed sociological experiment.

    1. Pat2 years ago

      I really appreciate this statement and could not agree more with it. It’s just too bad that the young (my peers) fail to realize this.

  127. Mohamad Ilyas2 years ago

    In QURAN comeback of Isa Masih ( JISUS ) is described. Along with the existance of Islam, Jisus will live long. So Christians being elder brother should take care of Muslims
    Finaaly,the World will have to embrass Islam

    1. ETP2 years ago

      Isa bin Miryam in the Quran is not the true Jesus. The shahada is not true. Yeshua (Jesus) is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him! Yahweh is the one true God and His son, Jesus Christ is the Messiah of the Jew and the Lord of all. Please read the bible and learn God’s truth!

      1. Deist4ever2 years ago

        Perfect reason why religion itself is wrong.

    2. Joan94942 years ago

      please stop the mumbo jumbo religious stories. reincarnation is a myth.

  128. SD2 years ago

    Hello Mr Hackett,

    Just a simple question..:)..referring to your statistics how Europe views Muslim..
    Why some of the country the total number not 100% ?? Is it other % referring to somethings else?

    1. Fid2 years ago

      Usualy the rest is “don’t know”, “don’t care”, or undecided.

  129. Anum Shahid2 years ago

    I want all audience to also read my article. It clears many misconceptions about love marriage in Islam. Islam never favour forced marriage.

    1. Hugo2 years ago


  130. balisa2 years ago

    India,Bangladesh,Pakistan was colonized by British more then 200 years ,they have built every big cities catholic church and still now they on trying to convert poor peoples to Christianity .what is the result is Muslims are converting to Christianity?no reason you will find when you will compare kuran vs bible.bangladesh has less then 1 percent (0.02)critian.
    we have officially all country closed on Christmas day .is Germany or UK you give Muslims right?ha ha ha ha ha

  131. Ataur Rahman2 years ago

    What logic you are talking about? The stars, moon,sun etc. are not created automatically. Every single object gives evidences of the presence of the supreme creator ALLAH.

    1. SamFox2 years ago

      Mariam, with all due respect, Yeshua Messiah said of Himself “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father [Elohim, I AM that I AM] but by Me.”

      You have been deceived.

      Thank you.


      1. Ashis2 years ago

        A politically motivated speech, that worked great with Naive people of Middle east..
        The Islamic text depreciate characteristics of that age.

  132. Mariam Adrish2 years ago

    Some thing worth reading..
    its a great pleasure for me please like this page and read the blogs and give your valuable feedback on that 🙂
    for more articles
    for fb page, facebook.com/pages/All-about-Isl…

    1. Robert Lee2 years ago

      Thanks for sharin’ that, Marlam…quite interesting…and a nice bit of education!

  133. Susan Anthony2 years ago

    I wonder how the “how European views about Muslims” survey would change, since the one you cite was taken over a year ago, and so much negative has happened especially In France.

  134. Ahmed Abd El razek Mohame2 years ago

    I believe the numbers are being deliberately lowered

  135. Ahmed Abd El Razek mohamed2 years ago

    I believe the muslims will be one third of europe by the mid century

  136. Joko2 years ago

    Muslims are younger than other Europeans. Yes. And it shows something urgent that young European people tend to logically accept Islam as it is the most logical religions. Young people so far get no rational answesr to their very principal questions such as who is the Almighty God, life after death, eternal justice, etc. And they find them in Islam

    1. XXX2 years ago

      Logically there is no God.

      1. Muhammad2 years ago

        “exist” because be created. “no exist” because not be created. And “the creator” not be create.

        1. Jon2 years ago

          Who created Allah?

          1. Reality2 years ago

            No one created Allah.HE was,is ,will always remain the same forever as super natural power.HE has created the universe by his own power.Try to think on the logic that if any one will be created ,then ,he can not be Allah.The creature of all things in and around universe is called Allah.

  137. sameer2 years ago

    actually my friend(arvind) you are mistaken the one who has created this world can dictate that He is the only one who needs to be workshiped and I know you are you belive in many God Godess thats why beliving in one God is not true for you

    1. shree2 years ago

      “I know you are you belive in many God Godess thats why beliving in one God is not true for you”
      There is nothing so called belief in Dharma and no book is bounding so after millions year there are so many enlighten people so many Darshan (direct evidence) not just concepts and Deva is powers of nature but supreme is not two or three or four or five or six or seven or eight or nine or ten but alone. That is not creator but creation preserve and demolish circle of life Jeevan Chakra. Respect and care of whole including simple small creature of Nature called Dharma. This is practice not reciting. Belief system with political power is not realization and mostly people can’t under stand outward and inner different. Tapasya, Tapashcharya, Sadhna, Practice changes humanitarian values not merely some recitation.
      There is “Book of mirdad” explain difference of religion and Dharma. I am giving example of modern Arabic writer who is able to understand Dharma Try to hear or read.

  138. Aksel Adjenssi2 years ago

    As a Berber living in Europe, I don’t want to be considered as muslim because…
    I am not a muslim at all !
    Berbere people are hamites and were those how builded the pyramids.
    Berber people were christians and should return to christianity for the sake of their culture.
    St Augustine, a Berber, is none other than one of the founding fathers of Western Christian thought. Arius was also a Berber.
    The what so called arabs invasion is no more no less than a myth.
    Berber people invaded Spain followed by an arab syrian minority who came by boat.
    Islam was implanted in North Africa by the Ottoman Empire.
    When the oil will disappear in the middle-east, islam will disappear as well.
    Islamo-baathism is a cultural genocide.

    1. Salem2 years ago

      Ok..you do not want to be a Muslim. it is your relation with god not mine..be whatever you want to be.
      all else you mentioned is wrong. north Africa…Tunisia/Algeria/Morocco population is overwhelmingly Arab now is not by accident…”and the none Arabs have a % Arab in them”. and it was not a handful of people that came by boat. Bani Hillal . did you know them… hear about them….they changed the ethnic landscape in north Africa…read more my friend before you whine. In-twine with a book rather than with unedited thoughts streaming from your brain Cavity.

    2. Salem2 years ago

      you know Aksel. The human history from 4000 years to today is a story of conquerors and conquered. And you happen to be the conquered. with or Without oil, Arabs have given North Africa an Arab Islam Identity for 1400years. You will have to fight a hell of a battle to remove that. Berbers have been gone for a long time in North Africa..as a force I mean. the only reason there is an identity to recover is because the French and the west found an interest in disrupting North Africa. they recreated you. Dug you out of the historical grave to fight for them. The energy/will/and objective of this fight is not yours. So how do you claim anything. You will be able to disrupt. create havoc and chaos. But when it is a decisive moment….Berbers do not have the numbers nor the will or power to hold on to anything without the questionable desires of France and Europe.

  139. Scott Edwards2 years ago

    Why would you do a demographic study of the economic union instead the continent? The relevant topic here is Muslims in Europe, not Muslims in the EU.

    1. Conrad Hackett2 years ago

      You can read an overview of our estimates and projections for Europe here: pewforum.org/2015/04/02/europe

      You can find data on each European country here: pewforum.org/2015/04/02/religiou…

  140. Arvind2 years ago

    It’s not about false or true it’s all about fact. If a book is written in 5th or 6th CE how come it could abolish the words/facts written in the books before that. For instance as per Quran The Allah is the only name of the God or Almighty and Mohammed was/is his final and the last messenger. How could it be true when already the people of the world were worshiping god as per their believe. And how can the Almighty dictate like a perpetrator that I am the only one who needs to be worshiped, rest all who do not believe in my name are non believers or kaffirs.
    As a matter of facts all religion are philosophies with certain rituals which may or may not be common to each other but the real essence is faith and nothing else. Muslims believe that the Allah is the only God, its true for them but for others it may not be, as they are not influenced by the philosophy of the religion. So why one should poke others that they are non believers or kaffirs and they will burn in hell fire and all ill fate will come to them. Remember all religions are made by humans only to show the path of humanity to people, and people can follow any faith with they are born in or they influenced with. The whole world could/would never be the follower of only one religion as it is a mere doctrine of do or don’t or philosophical thoughts only.
    Experience the real feel of god in the rain or sunlight it doesn’t differentiates between the good or evil, dry or wet it simply does its task in time without saying any thing and no human word or power can force them or deprive it by doing so.

    1. Dr. Cornelius Vanderbilt2 years ago

      Religions have played a significant part in the development of humanity. Man always used and abused Religions for its own benefit be it political and / or financial. It is the same today.
      American Constitution is first document written by men for men without invoking any Deity.
      99.9% of this planet’s population is kept ignorant of the FACT that Man needs no outsider to help or hinder it its affairs.
      Sadly, Politicians and Clergy are in cahoot with each other to keep the status quo.
      Humanity have more pressing problems than believing and looking forward for afterlife that exists not … like the rocks falling from the sky making it extinct ..

      1. Juozas2 years ago

        Well, man has a free will to choose whether he/she needs outsider to help or hinder in its affairs. Maybe 99% (as you say, even though number is too high…) are not only blind and scared sheeps.

  141. Gazanfar Gulzar2 years ago

    The truth is Islam.All else are derailed paths that will ultimately lead to repentance on a DAY……. Following & accepting Islam is the only way to success !

    1. Samer Dababneh2 years ago

      this is exactly what id dislike about religious people , that is so obnoxious , and untrue ! !

    2. Salem2 years ago

      Actually you are in error. Islam does not say that it is the only way…no..not at all. Islam says that a person can get into Heaven through Christianity or Judaism. And it is not to us to speculate who is going where. it is gods “allah” business. not ours. But What Islam can tell you with confidence, is that Islam will give you the best path to heaven. if you follow the teaching of Islam you are guaranteed a place in Heaven.
      If god wishes it.. a Hindu, a Buddhist .. an atheist could get into heaven. It is gods judgement and none of our business to speculate. But what we should focus on is where we are going and not others.

      1. Mike2 years ago

        Ya exactly.. well, ya know… except for the parts that say exactly not that.

      2. Paul Jones2 years ago

        When the oil runs out, or the West decides to switch over to alternative sources of energy; Muslims will be waiting for food convoys from the non-Muslims.

    3. guy2 years ago

      the Koran states that the Jews have corrupted the bible and Christians as well. this is also true of the Koran. the people of Islam are no more chosen then the Jews or christians that preceded them.

    4. Ken2 years ago

      lol, success! Show me one muslim successful country. Why are muslims leaving their ” successful” countries in thousends every day?

    5. Hidir Mhz2 years ago

      Good, absolutely….

  142. James2 years ago

    Islam is a curse for a country. It propagates violence, instability, insecurity all among world.
    For example in Europe religious clashes are common now-a-days..!!

    1. Putri Wahyuni2 years ago

      How could you conclude it?
      If you said so, it’s mean that you don’t understand the real what and how Islam is.
      Try to dig more information in order to deepen your knowledge about Islam.

  143. Md masnad khan2 years ago

    The more u speak lies about Islam ….Islam will come more stronger… Because u can’t hide 3 things for much longer…. The sun the moon and the truth about Islam…u try what ever u can u can’t stop Islam.

    1. Samer Dababneh2 years ago

      i’m betting on it .but it won’t be in your advantage .

      1. Mark2 years ago


  144. Khairul Azmi Bajuri Putra2 years ago

    I wish all people live in harmony and peace wiyhout war, thats all.


  145. cuba2 years ago

    I don’t care what you belive , there is no God anyway … none … All I want is a peaceful life for my kids , a life in dignity and peace for them . All the holly wars are made by sick people … All the jihad and Christian crusades are a hudge mistake … they are not worth it …

  146. MOHAMMAD QAMAR2 years ago

    Islam is the only religion to success in life in both world in earth along with it after death insallah go in heaven/ Paradise.

    1. Mohammad2 years ago

      I like Mohammad cartoons published by Charles Hedbo .

    2. Julian2 years ago

      The only for you, accept that, and tolerate others. You are not a god, so don’t be so sure of everything.

  147. Farhat2 years ago

    It’s very good numbers, it is not just a religion but it also a way of life..

    1. Neil2 years ago

      Away of life to oppress, divide nations, deceive, partition, commit genocide and use sweet words to fool people.

  148. Katie-Ann2 years ago

    Ignorance is a far larger problem than violence. For example, there are some Muslim countries like Bahrain where they have adapted their religion to the modern day and allow homosexuals, churches, wearing bikinis on the beach and a long long list of other western values. Through a mature, thoughtful, unbiased interpretation of the Koran they have developed a society where they hold onto their Islamic culture, AND allow western people to hold onto theirs. Now I think Europe should strive for this as well – prioritise western culture whilst allowing respectful Muslims to hold into theirs. WE NEED TO GET RID OF OPINIONATED BLOGS, both Muslim extremist ones, and from the other side of view, anti Muslim ones. Smithing each other only creates an us and them society, which could dangerously encourage mislead Muslims to become extremists. Instead of hate, bombs, and nastiness, we should educate both Muslims and non-Muslims on the real Islam…now I am a Christian Theology scholar and have found the following this in the Koran: it states “there is no compulsion in religion” meaning that terrorists are not proper Muslims. Amongst this are other things, like saying u can’t do an unprovoked, unwarned attack on people. As for the bits where it says to physically punish non-believers and people like that, these sort of punishments were the norm at the time of the revelation of the Koran. Good and proper Muslims have adapted to non violent practise by using “independent thinking”, which Mohamed gave to them. Through education we can stop extremeists and generalizing haters, because the proper Muslims see the terrorists as just as awful as non Muslims do. And we should stop biased l extremist and islamaphobic blogs, propaganda and websites (I know this will be hard but yeah) because people that care so passionately about the religion (positively or negatively) should be reading the Koran and making up their own mind about it, not just reading the “negative” passages that seem pretty bad out of context. Terrorism is forbidden in Islam and the Koran has many passages to back that up. Also says in the Koran that Christians are a Muslim’s best friend and that proper Jews and Christians can be sure of heaven…so terrorists like Isis are obviously wrong(!) and mentions a group of people as well as them not to harm (can’t remember the phrase used sorry) that many Muslims have interpreted to mean other large religions like Hinduism etc. So let’s stop hating — on every side — and reading up on biased blogs and start reading the Koran if we’re so bothered about the religion. If we’re not, chill. Hate only creates hate, and that applies to extremeists and islamaphobic people. Don’t hate, educate!!!

    1. imran khan2 years ago

      There is space for terrorism in islam.
      Terrorism start by american and I can proved it.

    2. nordin2 years ago

      Agree mostly. educated comment

      1. RKae2 years ago


        That’s your idea of “educated”?

        Dang that freedom of speech! It’s so pesky and problematic!

  149. piiter2 years ago

    What you know abot islam…? You’re commenting about islam..reather u didn’t know what is islam your servie said that it is the most growing religion’s grp . Why because it biased on truth..islam never said that kill someone who is not Muslim it always..sai that lives in peace with brotherhood..if Allah said tha kill people who were not Muslims than in middle ages islam rule about 75% world…we kill every single person who were not Muslim…so firstly know about islam & his teachings then comment on it Muslim also believes in Jose’s we sai that he is also a massager of God & respect his teachings..but he never told you that live this way – the bear’s , & naked clothes on beachs you made this…he not..tells you and 2 of my brothers said abut Muhammad (sws) the are absolutely wrong he gives US teaching tha live in peace…& the talk about the war’s read the Islamic history first that why war occurs…what are the circumstances of that..
    Thank you

  150. firangi2 years ago

    “Killing, raping and looting have been common practices in religious societies, and often carried out with clerical sanction. The catalogue of notorious barbarities – wars and massacres, acts of terrorism, the Inquisition, the Crusades, the chopping off of thieves’ hands, the slicing off of clitorises and labia majora, the use of gang rape as punishment, and manifold other savageries committed in the name of one faith or another — attests to religion’s longstanding propensity to induce barbarity, or at the very least to give it free rein. The Bible and the Quran have served to justify these atrocities and more, with women and gay people suffering disproportionately. There is a reason the Middle Ages in Europe were long referred to as the Dark Ages; the millennium of theocratic rule that ended only with the Renaissance (that is, with Europe’s turn away from God toward humankind) was a violent time.

    Morality arises out of our innate desire for safety, stability and order, without which no society can function; basic moral precepts (that murder and theft are wrong, for example) antedated religion. Those who abstain from crime solely because they fear divine wrath, and not because they recognize the difference between right and wrong, are not to be lauded, much less trusted. Just which practices are moral at a given time must be a matter of rational debate. The ‘master-slave’ ethos – obligatory obeisance to a deity — pervading the revealed religions is inimical to such debate. We need to chart our moral course as equals, or there can be no justice.”
    ― Jeffrey Tayler

    he forgot to mention that the crime our governments are committing in the name of secularism are far worse than all the atrocities done in the name of religions combined together.

  151. Karolina2 years ago

    More you read, deeper you go, more scary it is. I’m Terrified, i dont want this future for my kids. I hope there is still a way out, no matter what it takes…

  152. taufeeq2 years ago

    There is no god but allah

    1. Mark2 years ago

      You’re half right.
      There is NO god

  153. khanbro2 years ago

    lol which Quran have you been reading. ?It seems that the only way for you people to defame Islam is by spreading lies. Nothing like that is written in Quran.

  154. sush2 years ago

    I think this is all about the truth of Islam, since we only look Islam in negative meaner , and big problems is we get Islamic faith and its source from a non Muslim, so they try to teach us for what they can protect their intrest as well creating any intelligent plan for those who follow him to sustain under what he say and to protect them to do any individual observation on what is inside Islam. by that fact most European youth we try to do individual observation concerning to Islam. and the result is :-
    1. most of our non Muslim leader treat us to bereave that all Muslim are dangerous to those non Muslim, without know what is inside Islam.
    2. our political and community leader are often in the way of creating new strategies to block spread of Islam in Europe even by war, but its impact is increasing new group convert to Islam.
    3. large number of peoples who study Islam from its Islamic sources ,we seen a very little changes between Islam and christian faith , and most of them ware interested to be Muslim.
    ***** now i become Muslim only because i seen the way of truth , and i need other life after my death (because i see this short life test is northing just ways of of preparation for the next life .******

  155. sam2 years ago

    I agree with u but europe steadly loses its christian identity and soon reduces to half. But i say u as my god christ said many wil turn away in last days and i think it was it . It loosed it stand for christ it once had. Anyway thank u.

  156. John H2 years ago

    I have worked with people in the community in various places across England and I have found that there is a high level of intolerance and distrust amongst Muslims. This has been manifest in mild examples such as when visiting with a Muslim colleague they would address any comments to them and generally behave as if you are not there not acknowledging you in any way to outright hostility, in Manchester I have been spit at for simply walking through what they perceive to be a Muslim area and had the mother of a person I had come to visit as part of my work hiss at me and shoo me out of the door as if I was a stray cat that had wandered in. I do not believe that they have begun to assimilate into the community and I don’t think that they ever will, preferring to group together in their own exclusive areas. It makes me worry about what the future holds.

    1. Lee2 years ago

      Thank you John,
      for showing what it is like on the front line.
      I am from Manchester too & can see communities wrecked by this influx of backward ideas

  157. Carol Hughes2 years ago

    Could you give me an idea of projected Muslim population in France in 10 years. I understand Muslim couples are having 3.5 children as compared to 0 population growth for general population. Is this correct?
    Thank you. .

  158. Mike D2 years ago

    “One who claims to be a messenger of God is expected to live a saintly life. He must not be given to lust, he must not be a sexual pervert, and he must not be a rapist, a highway robber, a war criminal, a mass murderer or an assassin. One who claims to be a messenger of God must have a superior character. He must stand above the vices of the people of his time. Yet Muhammad’s life is that of a gangster godfather. He raided merchant caravans, looted innocent people, massacred entire male populations and enslaved the women and children. He raped the women captured in war after killing their husbands and told his followers that it is okay to have sex with their captives (Qur’an 33:50). He assassinated those who criticized him and executed them when he came to power and became de facto despot of Arabia. Muhammad was bereft of human compassion. He was an obsessed man with his dreams of grandiosity and could not forgive those who stood in his way…

    1. Eddie2 years ago

      Sir, can you provide the source of your evidence and also your source of how you made up your own interpretation of the Quran?


    2. MM2 years ago

      Just to let you know there is famous saying in Islam that family of Muhammad pbuh never had proper food in their life for three continuous days…. At the death of prophet, her youngest wife Ayesha went to neighbours to get candle. when asked her why she had no candle at home… she replied if she would have candle at home they would have eaten because of such poor condition…it is forbidden in Islam to gave zakat an obligatory charity) to Prophet Muhammad and any any of his progeny which are still alive today…. None of descendants never became caliph of Islam at his death whatever he had went to government treasures…. he lived a really poor live… all war that was fought in life was as a result of opression by other party… for example the looting of caravan that you mention was due to the fact that muslims migrated to Medina and all their wealth was usurped by non muslims from whose place they migrated…. anyways no looting of caravan was taken place because caravan changed their route… The reason for many wifes is very clear that prophet was continuously being montinored… after death of Muhammad, it was his younger wife from whom much of the traditions (hadith) has been taken.

    3. Ednan S2 years ago

      “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
      ― Malcolm X

      Current mainstream media specially news media is owned by BIG Corporations mainly Banks, Oil industry, Pharmaceuticals and Weapon Industry. they have become so powerful that they are using our government, military and tax money to achieve their never ending greed.

      Muslims believe in Oneness of God. Jesus, Moses and Abraham are respected as prophets of God. main duty of a Muslim is to struggle against all form of injustice.

  159. yong2 years ago

    Greetings from Australia,

    I am wondering whether Pew Center has done any surveys on language and integration in one or more countries of Europe.

    Best regards,


  160. Anonymous3 years ago

    When I lived in Germany, I never met a single Muslim that wanted to be friendly with anyone other than muslims. They never made eye contact with non-muslims, and they didn’t even associate with non-muslims. I’m liberal in my views politically, but I have to say honestly that even what we call moderate Islam is not anywhere near what we in western civilization call freedom and democracy. I’m still baffled why muslims leaving repressive countries would want to immigrate to western nations deemed decadent, yet retain their repressive customs (sharia law, burkha, etc.) Muslims are challenging western civilization via immigration, and in my opinion, they are not contributing to furthering the progression of democracy in the west. They are essentially shifting the definition of cultural integration by relying on the political liberality of western society. We are somehow made to feel guilty if we don’t allow them to build mosques, and openly practice their way of life. I challenge anyone in western society to move to an Islamic nation, and attempt to do the same, to erect churches freely, to wear bikinis on beaches, and to protest openly when those native to the host country oppose our ways. We should look further still at the human rights violations in even the most moderate of Islamic countries, and understand it is in part due to the insistent combination of the religion alongside politics. You cannot really seperate the two. I could go on, but I’m concerned my plea will fall on deaf ears. Western civilization can be a beacon of hope to those who truly want to be rid of repression and tyranny, but not at the expense of centuries of hard earned freedom. The inherent difficulties of democracy are being seen currently in the world today. My hope is that the west will not relent into giving more political privilege to those who come to a liberal society, and attempt to subvert democracy by manipulation.

    1. William Martisius2 years ago

      I agree.

    2. Ella2 years ago

      I agree with you. In light of the recent news about Muslims from Europe traveling to Turkey to go to Syria to join extremists, I can’t help but think that some Muslims in Europe are too close-minded towards the ideas that western society stands for (i.e. tolerance to other cultures and religions, freedom and democracy, etc.). I think that immigrating should have taught these people to appreciate and learn from those that don’t have the same beliefs as theirs.

      I’m only commenting based on the news I hear from mainstream media, though. Btw, I live in Asia in a city where Muslims and Christians live harmoniously together.

    3. David Tarpey2 years ago

      It only takes 5% of (in this case 13m) a given population to turn actively hostile to its host society for real trouble to ensue. In this case that would give us 650 000 budding jihadists or as we now see, active jihadists in our midst. I think 5% is conservative and that a much larger percentage of the muslim population does not wish us (the Europeans with European ancestry) well.
      My concern is that unless we engage much more forcefully with this enemy within, my children will end up having to fight a counter Jihadist war on our streets and in our fields. All muslim immigration must be stopped immediately. No more mosques should be given permission and compulsory English/French/German/Swedish/Dutch etc should be introduced. Sharia law should be outlawed as should any moslem extremist teaching that insults and disrespects European traditions and culture.

    4. Matt2 years ago

      You bring a valid point to the debate on Islamic immigration, there are those Muslims who do not associate with the non-Muslim population, these people are not assimilating, and thus, pose a problem to having a homogeneous society.

      While I do believe that these people should assimilate more congruently to their host country, “When in Rome; do as the Romans”, or at the very least, respect and greet their neighbors, you are making a big deal out of Islamic traditions and yes, even Sharia law.

      First of all, Sharia law has always been used, in some form or way, by European governments. This is because European governments have done business or negotiated agreements with Muslim countries. In colonial times, it was often non-Muslim, European lawyers or “orientalists” who were citing Sharia law to make their cases for such agreements. Furthermore, if your country has ANY practicing Muslims, then Sharia will be cited for matters dealing with marriages, inheritance, and other familial concerns. But it should end there. Sharia law should not be used by any secular government in matters outside of personal concerns that are only relevant to practicing Muslims.

      Secondly, assimilation is a two-sided equation: On one side, its the host community; on the other, it is the foreigner. If you are a European Christian and you step foot into Cairo or Dubai, no one is going to expect you to speak Arabic, fast during Ramadan, or pray five times a day. Many people will actually step up to try to help you communicate what you are trying to communicate, even if they only speak broken English (as a matter of fact, many Europeans living there also only speak broken English–I’ve ran into many Ukrainians, Germans, Romanians, Russians, etc in Dubai who only spoke their mother tongue fluently). European customs are also respected, with no shortage of European restaurants, art, and even activities like Oktoberfest. In Europe, the media is constantly antagonizing Arabs and Muslims, you have right-wing groups that burn down refugee shelters with acts of arson–after your own governments have spent taxpayer money to build said refugee shelters.

      And before you say, “I’d rather have right-wing groups committing arson than ISIS beheading people”, the topic at hand is immigration. When Europeans immigrate to the Middle East, or start a business in the Middle East, they are treated like humans–often, the people are so fascinated to be dealing with an outsider that they cannot help but invite them and introduce them to their friends. When a Middle Eastern or Muslim wants to immigrate to Europe or start a business in Europe, it is seen as a Muslim invasion of the European continent, despite the fact your own governments have explicitly called to take in more Muslim refugees.

  161. Daniella S. Guerero3 years ago


  162. Danielle H3 years ago

    How do you calculate the percentage of population that is Muslim in Cyrpus? Are you counting only the EU part of Cyrpus i.e. the Greek side, or do you also include North Cyprus?

    1. Eric2 years ago

      Looks like they’re including the north

  163. marzie3 years ago

    I love Islam.Islam is Light,ISILs are not realy moslems,thay are been made to destroy the real face of Islam in World.
    do you bellive a religion order this kind of murder and manner?!!!
    Our prophet Muhammad was the best and kindest man in all humans.

    1. nick3 years ago

      Best and kindest man, you have to be joking me, Muhammad was a military conqueror, from the beginning of Islam in the 7th century the armies of Muhammad marched and conquered the sanssaid empire. The Levant, turkey, north Africa, and Spain. The armies of Islam had to be stopped at the battle of tours in southern France in 731 by Charles the hammer Martel. From the 600’s thru the 1000’s the armies of Allah conquered and spread at the expense of the Byzantines and franks and vandals and visagoths. It was this expansion of Islam that lead to the counter attack of the crusades and the reconquista. But the first forray into Europe wasn’t enough, the ottoman turks conquered the entire byzantine empire and the Balkans from the 1300’s through the 1500’s with Islam advancing as far as the gates of Vienna. In the modern day from Kenya to new York to Indonesia to Nigeria to Sudan to Mali to beslam to Paris to Madrid to London attack after attack has been conducted by the followers of Islam upon others mainly Christians. So of course Europe should be worried about the rise of Islam in its borders because all Islam has ever done to it is attack and seek to destroy western culture. I am not a Christian I’m not even a European I’m an American agnostic thats in the military and police and has Spanish, Italian and German ancestry and I will call out a threat when I see it and Islam by and large is a threat to Europe and the u.s.

      1. John Go2 years ago

        Don’t you mean a threat to the world.

      2. Craig2 years ago

        Very well said and 100% accurate, I’ve made that argument many times. If only other people would study the Quran, hadiths and history of Islam, there wouldn’t be anymore left wing Islamic apologists who are allowing Islamification of Europe.

    2. Vid2 years ago


      On this earth in this life, I must confess that no one I love more than GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
      I respect all people and I don’t hate anyone including the killers. I Pray to GOD of Abraham to grant Peace among humanity. Amen.


      A former Buddhist orphan child

    3. aslam2 years ago

      You said truth

    4. Farhat2 years ago

      a gree

    5. Putri Wahyuni2 years ago

      Hi, I reply your comment to enlighten some ‘darkness’ in your heart.
      1. you said ‘he married many women’. At the first time I heard this comment from an anti-Islam blog, I felt so confused and angry, too. But when I told my friend about this, she said that Muhammad S.A.W married many women because their husband were infidel Quraisy and were killed in wars(Infidel Quraisy started the war, not Muhammad). They have no family, protector, and husband anymore, and Muhammad, as a kind man, have to protect and give them a safe-feeling. But he can’t take care of them without marrying them because they were not his mahram. So he had no choice but to marrying them.
      2. you said ‘His mind was full with sexual desire’. Well, I hate talking about stuff like this, but, okay. One of promises/swears that a man say when he marry a woman is “He have to give her sustenance/livelihood, both physically and mentally. He will automatically divorce with her if he can’t/won’t give it within 3 months. “Physically can be food, money, etc. Mentally can be a mean of sex. So, i think you understand what I mean.
      3. You said ‘He killed thousand of people, robbed and did destruction’. Muhammad did not start this. Those infidel won’t gave him other choice. Muhammad did his job peacefully, he introduced Islam and persuaded people to become a Muslim very very peacefully. But Infidels often beat him, saying bad words to him. He tried to be patient, but they won’t listen to him and keep beating him. And then Allah S.W.T allowed him to do it in hard way (war, destruction). Then, Muhammad started a war to fight against the Infidel Quraisy. So destruction and war wasn’t started by Muslims, but Infidel Quraisy.

      Well, that’s what I can explain. English is not my native language so I hope you understand if you found a grammatical errors.

      Assamualaikum, for non-Muslim. I hope you can find your lantern and lead you to the right way.
      And Assalamu Alaikum for my Muslim brothers and sisters.

      1. exempli gratia2 years ago

        “You said ‘He killed thousand of people, robbed and did destruction’. Muhammad did not start this. Those infidel won’t gave him other choice.”

        I am an atheist, but I think there is more peacefulness (and masochism, perhaps) in the example of Jesus than in the example of Muhammad. A muslim here thinks that Muhammad was peaceful but had no choice but to wage war and destroy others because they beat him and said bad words to him. So should muslims also be guilt-free and feel righteous when they kill others after bad words have been said to them? What would Jesus do in such a situation? After being beaten, humiliated, flogged, tortured, and ridiculed by Romans and fellow Jews he did not ask for God to kill those abusing and crucifying him. He asked forgiveness for them because he thought they did not know what they were doing. He did not kill them (to get revenge, riches, or wives) but sacrificed his own life so that others could live and be saved. Might there have been this choice also for Muhammad?

        Could it be that there is an honor morality among many muslims which is different from that exemplified by the Christian stories of Jesus and (at least some) muslims therefore cannot imagine that one would not be violent in response to violence and insults? Could this have effects on society and behavior of individuals?

        1. Mik2 years ago

          Regardless what religion one’s follow, you should always have a critical thinking. Not just because of the word is on the book(s) but because how men will distortion to make it own agenda.

      2. Jack2 years ago

        If u take the ideology out of Islam than there wouldn’t be a problem as we have today! But the facts are Islam is to take over other countries and not respect the laws of the land as we have in France and England! I have nothing against any culture other than not respecting another country and thinking we should have to follow there way of life or owe them something!

        1. Todd2 years ago

          Well said

  164. Janine3 years ago

    To Nonne. Yes there is a big difference between church and mosque! Western law fought to separate religion from law. Mosques combine religion and law!!
    And, mosques, and Islamic schools specially in Australia run as religious Charities!! They are not taxed. The funding often comes from Grants from the Government – e.g. The Taxpayer. Janne

  165. Jan Woodfield3 years ago

    Dear Conrad,
    What an interesting study of figures! But where is Australia? There are increasing numbers of Muslims in our country. What are the projections? With a population of only 22 million people of whom I understand 2.2 million are Muslim, I would love to know what might be the future numbers.
    Many thanks, Jan Woodfield

    1. m3 years ago

      australia is not in europe- the title of the story indicates that it is about Muslims IN EUROPE

    2. Ash2 years ago

      There is 2.1% muslim pop in Oz.

      IMO Euro western countries at between 5-10% are in deep deep trouble. France, UK, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany all fall into this group.

      Europe got rid of 6 million jews in the 1940s, it replaced them with 20 million muslims, that has proven to be a catastrophe. Certainly for the remaining Jews it has been, they are now fleeing as anti semitism takes hold throughout Europe. Leftists the world over are so hate filled for Israel they are prepared to excuse and obfuscate any persecution and attacks on jews. President Obama has been a facilitator and perpetrator of this as well. The jews can flee to Israel but the rest of Europe has nowhere to flee to.

  166. Kafir al-Haqq3 years ago

    There is no way in hell that only 26% of Brits, 27% of French and 33% of Germans have an unfavorable view of Muslims. Where did these surveys take place – Tower Hamlets, the banlieus of Paris and Berlin-Neukoelln among Muslims? And there is no way that only 13 mio. Muslims live in Western Europe in 2014 – double that number and you’re in the ballpark.

  167. Fran Ambrose3 years ago

    Someone told me that 88% of Muslims in Egypt agree with Sharia Law—-same with Jourdan. He said that it was reported by Pew.

  168. Comment3 years ago

    The current debate is not about “Muslims”.

    However, we need good evidence about a related question:

    What is the percentage and absolute number of people that
    approve of and support “radical islam”.

    Could you please link or publish any related data for Europe ?

  169. Agent e3 years ago

    I don’t beleive your Pew “findings” on the favourable and unfavourable attitudes of most western Europeans about Muslims, Everyone i ask how do you feel about the Muslims here in France/Germany/Sweden..i’ve never had one soul say they like them or are happy that they are here….So I don’t know who they’ve been talking to…!!??

  170. Gerald3 years ago

    I wish to be part of your surveys/research

  171. Nonne3 years ago

    Could you do this survey AGAIN on France, UK, and German attitude toward Muslims, now that the Charlie Hebdo incident has taken place?

    I often read a rather left-wing newspaper, and for years that paper has been very content and calm about unfettered Islamic immigration into Europe — but even IT is now changing its formerly pro-Islamic welcome-mat policy.

    Maybe if more European citizens knew that mosques are built with money coming directly from Muslim ‘states’ such as Saudi Arabia, they would realize that there is a BIG difference in purpose between a mosque and a church.

  172. Sue3 years ago

    This is 2010 statistics. Do you have 2015 data?

  173. Abu Daoud3 years ago

    Thank you for this.

    Could we get the same data based on minimal, medium, and maximal projections of growth for 2050 and 2100? I think that is really what people are concerned about.


  174. Johann Sebastian Philobiblos3 years ago

    Charlie Sitzes: European identity is tied to history, among other things. The question of “overestimating the Muslim share of their population” is tied to the historical experience of European people — Parts of Spain were occupied by Muslims for seven centuries, while the Balkans were only freed of the 500-year Muslim yoke a little ore than a century ago. Meanwhile the massacres and cruelty that characterized Ottoman Muslim domination are woven into the folklore of much of eastern and southeastern Europe even today — even if the Europeans had tried to forget, they are reminded by the decapitations, rapes and tortures practiced not only by ISIS and other Islamic militant groups, but by the public floggings and executions by states such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

    1. Harappa3 years ago

      FYI There are no public floggings or executions done in Pakistan by the state, Pakistan is a democracy -the 5th largest in the world, there was a moratorium on the death penalty for 7 years until this year, nobody between 2008-14 was executed for any crime by the state, and floggings are not meted out for any crime. Pakistan follows a mix of Islamic and English common laws(coming from colonial rule) and no Pakistani law explicitly prescribes floggings,stonings,beheadings etc for ANY crime.

      These punishments are done by outlawed terrorist groups such as the Taliban but they only have any power in remote parts of the country on the borderlands with Afghanistan.

  175. ahmad3 years ago

    you are wrong 100%
    Muslims are more then what you count.

  176. Daniel3 years ago

    You survey makes no breakout numbers on the number of native born Europeans that have converted to Islam. is that figure available?

  177. John Doe3 years ago

    Anyone know about citizenship policies in EU countries? In US, if you’re born here, you’re American, even if your parents are not. That’s not true everywhere else. Am I right in thinking that children born in Germany and Italy of non-citizens are not granted immediate citizenship? Are most Turks in Germany non-citizens? In terms of the survey research, what’s the relationship between acceptance of Muslims and immigrants in a country, and that country’s policy on citizenship? Seems that including folks in the nation’s body politic would lead to acceptance, at least to some extent.

    1. Kochevnik3 years ago

      Germany changed its nationality laws in 2000, but up until that time the 1913 so-called “Blood Law” was in effect: even if you were born in Germany, you couldn’t become a citizen unless your parents were German citizens (which ruled out most German Turks). However, “ethnic” Germans could immigrate and get basically automatic citizenship, meaning that lots of people migrated from the former USSR and became citizens, even though they were no more German than, say, Katherine Heigl or Dwight Eisenhower.

      Now there is a permanent residency phase that leads to naturalization, but you still cannot be a dual Turkish-German citizen (but you *can* be a dual German citizen with another EU country). All EU countries are different though.

  178. Etzen3 years ago

    You need to differentiate Muslim population (basically Arap, Turkish, Pakistani, Persians…). This is not with much meaning in this state

  179. Dr. James C. Goodloe IV3 years ago

    Dr. Hackett: Thank you for this! Given the relative youthfulness of the Muslim population in Europe (#3 above), would it be reasonable to project that the Muslim share of the population of Europe will continue growing beyond 2030 (#2 above)? Your research shows that a majority of the population of France viewed Muslims favorably last spring (#4 above); do you think that has changed this month? When might another such poll be conducted? Also, when you distinguish between Germans on the political right and left (#4 above), how do you do that? By self-identification? And do you have any reasons for the disparity between left and right in regard to their views of Muslims? Are people on the right more xenophobic? Are people on the left less willing to consider that pluralism may have limits?

    1. Red XIV1 year ago

      Yes, people on the right are certainly more xenophobic. That’s inherent to being on the right.

  180. Greg3 years ago

    You have problem with numbers.
    You say tha In 2010 there were 13 milion Muslim, comprising 6% of European population . Well, this makes EU population just 216 millions (if 6% is 13 milion than 100% is 26 milion) – the actual number is more than 500 milion…Which is wrong, number or percentage of Muslim population?
    You write that percentage of Muslim population is supposed to grow to 8% by 2030 ( a growth of at least 33 per cent). But it has already grown more than twice as much.According to numbers from “Size of Muslim population” chart, in 2014 there were 22 million of Muslims, a growth of 69 per cent in 4 years…
    Which figures are wrong and why don/t you check them?

    1. checker3 years ago

      13 million *foreign born* Muslims, not *all* Muslims

  181. Charlie Sitzes3 years ago

    “…..the European public vastly overestimates the Muslim share of their population”

    Could that be because they cause way more than their share of problems?

    1. Forrest Marler3 years ago

      I don’t think that they cause more than their share of problems but rather their share are reported more. If two Baptists get in a fight it’s usually reported as a local brawl of two people. But if one is a Muslim, then likely to be reported that he’s a Muslim versus a Christian and suddenly it’s a fight between two religious partisans. It’s all what gets the readers to pay attention.

      1. Awais3 years ago

        Very rightly said.

    2. Nisrine3 years ago

      Like in every society facing economic crisis, to divert the public from real issue, they need to create a “social” problem… and which one is better as a bouc-emissaire than the very visible minority? Media creates terror among Europeans, Europeans will eventually grow a state of fear and hatred (consciously or not), when visible minority is faced with hatred and fear, it grows their hatred and fear towards the other, especially that this other (Europeans / France / Spain, etc.) are ex colonies that actually recruited these North African Muslims like cattle to work in fields (south of Spain), and to build infrastructure and roads… jobs that Europeans back then did not want to do by the way.
      History is in the past, sure. Now, be it Muslim Europeans or Europeans of origin, both of them need to work things out and move on.

    3. Kochevnik3 years ago

      “Could that be because they cause way more than their share of problems?”

      They actually don’t. The Economist had data out earlier this week that showed that the vast majority of terrorism-related arrests in Europe are still nationalist/separatist types like the CIRA, ETA and the like.

      1. Abu Daoud3 years ago


    4. Lola C3 years ago

      I would absolutely love too see what the ever-growing number European Muslims think on certain issues. (Gay Marriage, Sharia Law, etc.) Obviously, as more come become citizens they directly affect the outcome of voting on such issues.

    5. Adam Smith3 years ago


    6. IAshworth3 years ago

      No, but because that’s what mainstream media tells you.

    7. Marc Baudinet3 years ago

      It could be. We should also notice that mainstream media tend to focus on problems rather than on the fact that most Muslims in Europe actually have a job and pay their taxes. Why is it that in a country such as France, the media never mention what foreigners actually bring to the host country, their work, new taste in food, music and more. It’s time that French society realises that it is now multi-cultural and that is actually a plus for the country, not a minus.

      1. Mohammad Tohid Alam2 years ago

        Most people see Islam as they see it on media. Request to non Muslims is to take out some time and read few pages of quran. Know the truth yourself

        1. balisa2 years ago

          I am agree on it

        2. gwynedd12 years ago

          I read thew whole Quran 20 year ago. I consider it one of the moist simplistic and barbaric peaces of crap I ever read, even worse than the Book of Moron. Its clearly a conqueror’s faith.

          Its not a bad gambit though, I mean who is going to actually read anything and call your bluff?

          1. Onslaught2 years ago

            It is fear that fuels all men. Religion is also separation. It is quite funny how one religious view directly contradicts another as if the makers of the religions decided that chaos would be the end result of their difference of opinion. It is the very rights we are given that allow for these incidents. Freedom has a limit though…where my freedom begins is usually where yours ends and vice versa.

          2. Lady2 years ago

            I’m afraid – that one day – everyone’s uniqueness will be lost.
            The world will have become a common shade of grey everywhere we go. I will miss going to Paris to hear their beautiful language and viewing their delicate architecture. I will miss (feeling united) with others who love & appreciate art. I will miss going to Italy and experiencing the generosity at mealtime. The insistence of having another serving and enjoying (a long relaxing) meal with family or friends. I will miss the cleverness of the Italian people – building an entire city upon water. Classic Italian style will no longer be seen in Milan windows or fashion runways. I will miss going to Germany to drink a cold dark brew (in a) very large pewter tankard. And those refined automobiles built with quality components from expert craftsmen. I will miss going to Belgium to (paint the quaint) canals and float thru them. Then there’s the chocolate! I don’t know what the Belgians do to their chocolate – but it is decadent! I can continue on and on with every country (as they each) have their own special qualities! How wonderful it is to experience their differences.
            Please don’t try to change this or take it away if you relocate. It would be a horrible loss for the world.

    8. Red XIV1 year ago

      No, it couldn’t be. It’s just that bigoted propaganda paints a false picture.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        History does not lie…. Mid 7th century, Islam in a matter of 400 years expanded (invaded) from current day Saudi Arabia across North Africa, across the Straight of Gibraltar, conquered/occupied Spain & Portugal and ran up to the Pyrenees Mountains. At same time expanded north from Saudi Arabia through current day Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Iraq, into Turkey (Byzantine Empire), occupied Hungary for 200 years, besieged Vienna twice, conquered and resettled the Balkens. The vast majority of these lands were christian(Fact). Contrary to what you hear today, this invasion of Christian lands is what kicked off the Crusades to try and stem the expansion of Islam. Call me what you will, but this is how it was. I have lived in the Middle east almost 6 years, My wife is Muslim( Algerian) to the chagrin of her family, me being Christian. The VAST majority of Muslims are good, family loving people. But to say Islam is a religion of peace, just read the Koran/hadiths. These ISIS and like kind are trying to relive early Islam.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          I agree with all what you said, except considering ISIS part of the early Islam