August 26, 2013

Battles over the debt ceiling have been bad for Congress


Favorable ratings of Congress fell to one of its lowest points in two decades after the last battle over the federal debt ceiling in 2011.

When Congress returns next month, it will once again have to wrestle with the issue of raising the federal debt ceiling or face the possibility of a government shutdown and a default on America’s debt obligations. And, again, the prospect of a partisan stalemate is looming, as is a repeat of the drawn-out fight over the debt ceiling that occurred in the summer of 2011.

Public reaction to the contentious 2011 negotiations was sharply negative: A Pew Research survey from late July of that year reported: “From liberal Democrats to Tea Party Republicans, there is broad public consensus that the budget negotiations of recent weeks can be summed up in words such as ridiculous, disgusting, stupid, and frustrating.”

The result represented a political low point for Congress, and especially for Republicans. In a survey conducted in mid-August 2011, shortly after a deal was finally reached, the number of Americans saying they had a favorable view of Congress fell to 25%, down 9 percentage points from the previous March. That was among the lowest favorable ratings for Congress in more than two decades of Pew Research Center surveys, (although that rating has since fallen lower – to 21% — as of this July).

The July 2011 survey found that the debt ceiling debate had “tarnished the image of both President Obama and Speaker (John) Boehner,” with about a third saying they had formed a less favorable view of the pair in the preceding weeks. When it came to the parties in Congress, 42% said their impression of Republicans had become less favorable as a result of the negotiations, compared with 30% who said that of the Democrats.

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    is a senior editor at Pew Research Center.


  1. Michelle Kingsbury3 years ago

    I think President Obama should use his executive power and pay our debts rendering this BS fight over the debt ceiling null and void..The absolute waste of money these idiots have spent repealing Obama care and their ridiculous inability to want or know how to do their jobs will be the biggest stain on our democracy.. If these idiots can’t come to government to do their jobs then they should go home… No one wants this paralyzed govt.. We want jobs and infrastructure and investment.. We want to be the leaders in the world not some po dunk backward country these tea baggers and the ball less spineless so call leaders Boehner has backed are trying to make us into.. We have wasted time… Millions have been affected unfairly by these ineffective so called leaders…. Obama has presented solid ideas which they have rejected simply because he is is disheartening to me to watch good people lose their homes and life savings because of this stupid ideology rant . We won the election. Obama should get to lead, we want him to do what he was elected to do…I am in fear of our future.

  2. Jeannette Anderson3 years ago

    I think this survey is far too generous with Republican ratings and Congress..

  3. Terri Geer3 years ago

    The House GOP have been trying to bring down our Government for quite some time. And it’s obvious to everyone except them. They seem to believe that nobody is noticing.

    We are noticing, and we’ve had enough of it. If they want to make their party more important than this country, as it obviously already is, then they have no business in Congress.