Bruce Drake

Former Senior Editor

short read | Jan 18, 2016

5 facts about race in America

The latest data on the state of race relations in the U.S. and how much progress has been made -- or not -- in achieving racial equality.

short read | Nov 10, 2015

5 facts about Republicans in 2015

Republican voters give the current field of presidential candidates higher ratings than at comparable times in the past two nomination contests.

short read | Sep 16, 2015

Polls show Republicans in a restive mood

Even before Donald Trump and Ben Carson surged past more traditional GOP presidential candidates in the polls, Republicans were feeling restive about their party and its leaders.

short read | Jun 23, 2015

Key takeaways on how the world views the U.S. and China

The U.S. image abroad remains mostly positive, although it has suffered somewhat from negative views of post-9/11 interrogation methods. China also is seen positively, though not on the issue of protecting individual freedoms.

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