This page provides resources to help you set up your own Pew Research Center Political TypologyReligious Typology or Religious Knowledge group quiz to share with your students or community. If you have additional questions that are not answered on this page, please contact us.

The Center’s group typology quizzes allow you to collect the responses of a selected group of people (such as students in a class or members of a community) and compare them with the results of the general public. Sharing a group quiz is simple – just copy and paste the unique link you receive via email after you create a new group quiz. When at least five people have taken your group quiz, you will be able to see the group results and compare them with those of the rest of the country.

To create a group quiz, register for a Pew Research Center account. From your account page you will be able to create and manage group quizzes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a group quiz?

You must have a Pew Research Center account to create a group quiz. Once you have an account, go to the Group Quizzes section on your account page, type a name for your new Political Typology, Religious Typology or Religious Knowledge group quiz and click “Create.” The group will be created automatically and will appear on your dashboard. You will also receive an email with details about the group you have created. Additionally, you can manage your group(s) from your account page.

How big does my group need to be to get results?

At least five people must take the quiz.

How do I see the results?

Once at least five users have taken the quiz, you can see how the group’s results compare with our nationally representative surveys on political typology, religious knowledge and religious typology by clicking “View” in the results column on your account page, or from the email we sent when the group quiz was created.

Who can create a group quiz?

Anyone can create a group quiz – invite your students, family, friends and social networking circles to join you and see how they compare with the rest of the country.

How do I administer the quiz to the group?

Once you have created a group quiz, you will receive an email with the unique link to your group quiz. Copy and paste this link into an email, social media post or other digital communication.

What does Pew Research Center do with the results?

Pew Research Center provides the results to you and your group members as a service to your community.  Only a person who has the results page link (URL) will be able to see the results. We will not publish on your group results.

Can I compare my group’s results with another group’s results?

If you have created multiple groups of the same typology quiz, you can compare their aggregate results. Otherwise, you will only be able to compare your group’s results with the general public.