short read | Feb 26, 2015

5 key findings about global restrictions on religion

There was an overall decline in social hostilities to religion in 2013, though harassment of Jews worldwide reached a high. These are five key takeaways from our religious restrictions report.

short read | Jan 9, 2015

5 facts about Catholicism in the Philippines

Next weekend, Pope Francis will make his first visit to the home of Asia’s largest Catholic population, the Philippines. The pontiff, who also will be making a stop in Sri Lanka, is very popular in the Philippines and should expect an enthusiastic welcome during his five-day visit. The Philippines’ Catholic majority has its origins in […]

feature | Dec 2, 2014

Restrictions on Religion among the 25 Most Populous Countries, 2007-2011

Among the world’s 25 most populous countries, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia and Pakistan stand out as having the most restrictions on religion in 2011 when both government restrictions and social hostilities are taken into account. (Countries in the upper right of the chart have the most restrictions and hostilities.) Brazil, the Philippines, Japan, the United States […]

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