short read | Sep 8, 2016

Key facts about how the U.S. Hispanic population is changing

The U.S. Hispanic population reached 57 million in 2015, but a drop-off in immigration from Latin America and a declining birth rate among Hispanic women has curbed overall growth of the population and slowed the dispersion of Hispanics through the U.S.

feature | Sep 6, 2016

Hispanic Population and Origin in Select U.S. Metropolitan Areas, 2014

U.S. map showing 30 metro areas with the largest Hispanic populations. Population totals are included, along with percentage of those who are foreign born and under-18. Additionally, 6 Hispanic-origin groups are tracked: Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Salvadoran, Dominican and Guatemalan.

short read | Jul 28, 2016

5 facts about Latinos and education

Educational attainment among U.S. Latinos has been changing rapidly in recent years, reflecting the group’s growth in the nation’s public K-12 schools and colleges.

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