Report | Jun 27, 1997
Public Divided on Medicare Reforms

Survey Findings Pew’s latest News Interest Index finds that a little bit of news about Medicare reform travels a long way, while a lot of news about tax relief is mostly greeted with shrugs and disbelief. Fewer than four in ten Americans (38%) paid close attention to the ongoing Washington debate about how to cut […]

Report | Jun 14, 1995
Medicare Debate Gets more attention than Bosnia, Dole on Hollywood, and Even OJ

Report Summary More Americans are paying attention to Bosnia these days than at anytime since the bloody war in former Yugoslavia broke out. But Bosnia, Bob Dole’s attack on Hollywood, and even O.J. Simpson take a back seat to public attentiveness to news about proposals to scale back spending on Medicare. And the attention to […]

Report | Mar 1, 1995
Media Coverage of Health Care Reform

Summary of Findings This joint project of the Times Mirror Center for the People & the Press, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Columbia Journalism Review tracked the volume and tone of press coverage of the health care debate from September of 1993 through November of 1994. This final report summarizes the broadest findings of the […]

Report | Jul 14, 1994
Gloomy Doctors and “Scared Public” Spurn Clinton Plan But Favor Reform Principles

Summary of Findings Over the past 12 months Americans and their physicians have been frightened by the health care reform debate, and have soured on the “Clinton plan”. But both the public and medical doctors continue to strongly support universal coverage as the core element of the changes they seek in the nation’s health care […]

Report | Oct 1, 1993
Cautious Support For Clinton Plan

REPORT SUMMARY The American public is expressing wary support for the Clinton health care reform plan, as many Americans attempt to balance the strong appeal of guaranteeing universal access with questions, if not doubts about, how much protection the Clinton approach will actually provide, what it will cost and to what extent it will restrict […]

Report | Apr 14, 1993
The Public, Their Doctors, and Health Care Reform

REPORT SUMMARY Two-thirds of America’s doctors prescribe fundamental reform for the health care system of this country, and they seem ready to swallow a pill they have rejected for generations — significant outside control of medicine. A nationwide survey of medical doctors by the Times Mirror Center for the People and the PressĀ found 58% responding […]

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