report | Jun 8, 2005

Do-it-yourself Information

Some 55% of adult internet users have looked for "how-to," "do-it-yourself" or repair information online.

presentation | Apr 14, 2005

Dr. Google’s Office Never Closes

The presentation is an overview of several trends, including broadband adoption and a surge of interest in “every day” health topics, and how they affect the internet health landscape.

report | Mar 21, 2005

College Searching Online

The majority of teens and nearly half of online adults use the internet to search for colleges or schools.

report | Mar 4, 2005

Search Queries About Social Security

A recent PIP report found that on any given day 38 million Americans consult a search engine. So it stands to reason that, as the national debate about Social Security continues, internet users may turn to search engines for links to sites that m...

presentation | Feb 9, 2005

What people do online

An overview of our findings about who's online and what they do on the Web.

report | Jan 23, 2005

Search Engine Users

Internet users are very happy with their experiences searching the internet, but many are naive about how they search and the results they find.

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