short read | Apr 18, 2008

Looking For Love Online

Only 9% of online adults have used a search engine to find information about a romantic partner.

report | Nov 21, 2007

Boot Camp for Internet Addicts?

While South Korea has launched a boot camp for internet addicts, don't expect any in the U.S. too soon.

report | Sep 21, 2007

Are our relationships defined by our online habits?

Everyone has a friend or two who takes that much longer to respond to emails because they just don't ever check their accounts, who don't want to join social networks and who never pop up on IM and gmail-chat. What happens when you fall in love w...

report | Sep 7, 2007

Internet Addiction in China

Internet addiction in China has been described as a "severe social problem that could threaten the nation's future."

short read | Feb 11, 2007

Of Singles Aren’t Looking for Love

Looking for LoveMore than half (55%) of unmarried American adults not already in a committed relationship say they have no active interest in seeking a romantic partner.

presentation | Oct 24, 2006

Internet addiction

Is there such a thing as "internet addiction"? A new survey of internet users suggests that a portion of them experience behavioral problems connected to their internet use. Lee Rainie is among the panelists on the program who discuss the findings...

report | Mar 5, 2006

Online Dating

There is now relatively broad public contact with the online dating world. Yet, dating sites are just one of many online avenues that facilitate romantic connections.

report | Feb 13, 2006

Romance in America

Only 16% of single American adults are actively looking for dating partners.

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