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Macs Not Goldman Sachs

Americans are not very satisfied with most prominent institutions. When asked ifbanks, Congress, the news media and a list of other institutions were having a positive or negative effect on the way things are going in the country, no more than three-in-ten give most institutions a positive rating. Not surprisingly, higher education, churches and other religious organizations did manage to score well with the public, but so did one perhaps more surprising entrant: tech firms. Fully 68% said technology companies are having a positive impact on the U.S., practically tying them with the perennial favorite, small business, for the most beneficial institution in the country. Love of tech is not limited to younger Americans. While fully 80% of those under age 30 express positive views of the tech sector so do about two-thirds (66%) of those ages 50-64 and more than half (52%) of those ages 65 and older. Men are more likely to give thumbs up to technology than women, and those with higher incomes and education are also bigger fans than those with less, but hefty appreciation of technology companies extends across all dividing lines. Read More