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report | Apr 9, 2018


CORRECTION (April 2018): In the table called “Random effects analysis of bot shares by content,” the term “Business site” was changed to “Business post” to match the term used in the report. This correction does not materially change the analysis of the report. This report examines how often automated accounts share links on social media, […]

short read | Mar 17, 2014

5 key findings about digital news audiences

Web visitors who arrive at news sites by typing in a URL or clicking a bookmark behave quite differently from those who arrive via search engine or social media.

report | Jun 17, 2013

LGBT Outlets

Pew Research also examined relevant stories from 11 of the leading LGBT news outlets from around the country (ten newspapers and one magazine) – seven of which were published weekly and four of which were published bi-monthly. One major difference was the sustained nature of the coverage, especially when compared to the rest of the […]

report | Apr 30, 2013

Chapter 4: Women In Society

In nearly all countries surveyed, a majority of Muslims say that a wife should always obey her husband. At the same time, there also is general agreement – at least outside sub-Saharan Africa – that a woman should have the right to decide for herself whether to wear a veil in public. Muslims are less […]

report | Mar 13, 2014

Audience Routes: Direct, Search & Facebook

This study focused primarily on the three main paths internet users take to get to the 26 most popular news websites: Direct visitors who either type a URL into the browser or use a bookmark; those who come through a query on a search engine; and those who get news by following links they see […]

report | Mar 13, 2014

Social, Search and Direct

Direct visitors to 26 top news sites—those who type in the news outlet’s URL or have the address bookmarked—are far more engaged with that news than users who arrive from Facebook or a search engine, according to a new analysis of online traffic data.

report | Jul 16, 2013

Part II: How Much, and What, do Today’s Middle and High School Students Write?

AP and NWP teachers participating in the survey report giving students written assignments ranging from research papers to short responses, journaling, and creative writing.  The type and frequency of written assignments varies considerably by the subject being taught and grade level, but on the whole these AP and NWP teachers place tremendous value on formal […]

report | Mar 8, 2012

Appendix A: Destination Spotlights

Spotlight on the United States The United States is often described as “a nation of immigrants,” a phrase coined by John F. Kennedy in an essay written in 1958 when he was the junior senator from Massachusetts.8 As the future president wrote, “This was the secret of America: a nation of people with the fresh […]

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