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report | Oct 9, 2020

3. Perceptions of Trump and Biden

Overall, voters feel colder about Donald Trump than they do about Joe Biden. When asked to rate the two candidates on a “feeling thermometer” where 0 is the coldest rating and 100 is the warmest rating, 51% of registered voters give Trump a “very cold” rating of less than 25 (including 40% who give him […]

report | Feb 16, 2021

Faith Among Black Americans

Today, most Black adults say they rely on prayer to help make major decisions, and view opposing racism as essential to their religious faith.

report | Feb 16, 2021

2. Religious affiliation and congregations

Most Black Americans identify as Protestant. And unlike Black Americans in other faith traditions, the majority of Black Protestant churchgoers attend religious services at a house of worship where both the leadership and most other congregants are Black. Defining Black congregations To help analyze survey data, this report splits Black Protestants’ places of worship into […]

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