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report | May 14, 2021


The analysis in this report is based on a nationally representative online survey conducted by Pew Research Center Jan. 3-13, 2020, among a sample of 3,535 adults 18 years of age or older residing in the United States. This included an oversample of 175 U.S.-born Hispanics and 243 foreign-born Hispanics. The survey was conducted by […]

report | Nov 13, 2019

Appendix A: Nationalities by regional classification

Five regions for the nationality of unauthorized immigrants are used in this report. They come from two different data sources: (1) labor force surveys and (2) asylum seeker data for those with pending decisions. A single asterisk (*) indicates a country or territory that appears in the country list of regions coded in labor force […]

report | Jul 23, 2019

1. Which religious groups know what about religion?

Based on religious affiliation (or lack thereof), the groups that display the highest levels of religious knowledge on this survey include Jews (who get an average of 18.7 out of 32 questions correct), self-described atheists (17.9) and self-described agnostics (17.0). Looked at another way, seven-in-ten Jewish respondents (69%) answer at least half of the questions […]

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