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Among U.S. Latinos, Catholicism Continues to Decline but Is Still the Largest Faith


This report was written by Jens Manuel Krogstad, senior writer/editor, race and ethnicity research; and Joshua Alvarado, former research assistant, religion research. Besheer Mohamed, senior researcher, religion research, provided research guidance on the survey questionnaire and the report.

The survey questionnaire was developed and drafted by Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, former senior researcher; Krogstad; Khadijah Edwards, research associate, race and ethnicity research; Luis Noe-Bustamante, research associate, race and ethnicity research; and Lauren Mora, research assistant, race and ethnicity research.

Editorial guidance for the report was provided by Mark Hugo Lopez, director of race and ethnicity research, and Alan Cooperman, director of religion research. Editorial guidance was also provided by Michael Lipka, editorial manager, and Greg Smith, associate director of religion research.

Methodological guidance was provided by Courtney Kennedy, vice president of methods and innovation; Andrew Mercer, senior research methodologist; Dorene Asare-Marfo, panel manager; Dana Mildred Popky, associate panel manager; Nick Hatley, former research analyst; and Arnold Lau, research methodologist.

Guidance on the communications strategy and outreach was provided by Anna Schiller, senior communications manager; Achsah Callahan, communications manager; Tanya Arditi, communications manager; and Julia O’Hanlon, communications associate.

The report was number checked by Becka A. Alper, senior researcher, religion research; and Mohamad Moslimani, research assistant, race and ethnicity research. Reem Nadeem, associate digital producer, produced the report. Rebecca Leppert, editorial assistant, copy edited the report. Charts were designed by Bill Webster, senior information graphics designer.

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