report | Jun 12, 2014

Political Polarization in the American Public

Republicans and Democrats are more divided along ideological lines – and partisan acrimony is deeper and more extensive – than at any point in recent history. And these trends manifest themselves in myriad ways, both in politics and in everyday life.

report | Jun 12, 2014

2014 Political Polarization Survey

Detailed tables that accompany the report:  Political Polarization in the American Public. Section 1: Growing Ideological Consistency Table 1.1 Ideological Consistency Section 2: Growing Partisan Antipathy Table 2.1 Partisan Antipathy Section 3: Political Polarization and Personal Life Table 3.1 Preferred Community Table 3.2 Ideal Community Type Table 3.3 Important Community Qualities Table 3.4 Important Community Qualities Table 3.5 Family Member Marrying Republican/Democrat Table 3.6 Family […]

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