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Maximum Support for Raising the Minimum

Most Americans Now Live in States That Have Raised the Wage Floor
by Michael Dimock

On April 10th Governor Mike Huckabee added Arkansas to the growing list of states with minimum wage levels above $5.15 an hour. With this act, a majority of Americans now live in states that have enacted wage minimums above the federal floor. The political impetus behind this and other state actions is easily discerned — raising the minimum wage has broad public backing that crosses all social, regional and political categories.

By an overwhelming margin (83% to 14%), the American public favors raising the federal minimum wage to $7.15 per hour — a hefty $2.00 an hour increase. And nearly half (49%) say they strongly support such an increase. While there are differences in the extent of support across political and socioeconomic lines, raising the minimum wage receives widespread support from both Republicans and Democrats, wealthy and poor.

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