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Digital Footprints

In the era of Web 2.0, individuals and organizations have gone beyond simply being findable to being intimately knowable. New search technologies allow internet users to uncover information about your organization that you never planned on. These digital footprints are blazing trails and stirring up issues about how we manage our own online identities and those of our organizations.

The vast array of data points that make up “personal information” in the age of online media are nearly impossible to quantify or neatly define. Name, address, and phone number are just the basics in a world where voluntarily posting self-authored content such as text, photos, and video has become a cornerstone of engagement in the era of the participatory Web. What are the implications for large-scale website management, when your content has to compete with all of the other digital footprints that your organization has left behind?

These are just a few of the issues addressed in this presentation which covers the most recent findings from Pew Internet Project research on privacy, search and online identity management.

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