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Views of India Lean Positive Across 23 Countries

3. Indians’ views of India

Roughly seven-in-ten Indians say India’s influence in the world in recent years has been getting stronger. In contrast, 19% say India has been getting weaker, and 13% say its influence has not changed. This question was also asked of 19 countries in 2022, and relatively few overall felt that India’s influence was growing. A median of 28% said India’s influence was getting stronger, while 13% said it was getting weaker. Instead, a plurality in 2022 saw India’s influence in the world as staying about the same: a median of 48% held this view.

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A bar chart showing that many Indians feel their country is growing in influence.

Those who support the governing parties in the National Democratic Alliance (which includes Modi’s party, the BJP) are much more likely to say India’s influence is on the rise: 77% of those who identify with the governing parties say this, compared with 60% of those who don’t identify with these parties. Men, too, are more likely than women to believe India is getting stronger on the world stage (71% vs. 65%, respectively). For more information on how we classify governing parties, read Appendix A.

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