U.S. Politics Feb. 27, 2008

NY Times’ McCain Story Draws Public Interest – And Disapproval

By a nearly two-to-one margin those familiar with the Times’ article on the Arizona senator’s ties to a lobbyist think the paper was wrong to publish it.

U.S. Politics Feb. 6, 2008

Where Men and Women Differ in Following the News

A look at the public’s news interests over the past year shows continuing differences between women and men in the types of news stories that they follow very closely.

U.S. Politics Jan. 24, 2008

Interest Surges in Economic News, Especially the Housing Crisis

Public interest in economic news reached its highest level in five years. Interest was only somewhat greater during the recession of the early 1990s.

U.S. Politics Jan. 4, 2008

The Public’s Not-So-Happy New Year

Americans begin 2008 with a highly negative view of national conditions and President Bush, and with tempered expectations for the coming year. More Democrats look forward to elections, but Republicans are more optimistic about the year ahead.

U.S. Politics Dec. 19, 2007

Gas Prices, Disasters Top News Interest in 2007

Man-made and natural disasters dominated the list of the public’s top news stories in 2007 but, as was the case in 2006, the rising price of gasoline attracted the largest audience of any news story.

U.S. Politics Dec. 18, 2007

What Was — and Wasn’t — On the Public’s Mind in 2007

A compilation of the top 15 stories in which public opinion played a significant role, and the year’s most notable “non-barking dogs.”

U.S. Politics Nov. 9, 2007

Iraq News: Less Dominant, Still Important

Both media coverage of the conflict and public interest in it have fallen, but a growing number of Americans would like to see more war coverage, especially of U.S. troops and returning veterans.

Media & News Oct. 29, 2007

The Invisible Primary – Invisible No Longer

In the early months of the 2008 campaign, the media had essentially winnowed the race to a handful of candidates and offered Americans relatively little information about their records or what they would do if elected.

U.S. Politics Oct. 23, 2007

Modest Interest in 2008 Campaign News

Many more Republicans are able to recall unprompted the names of Democratic frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama than can name Rudy Giuliani and other leading GOP candidates.

U.S. Politics Aug. 23, 2007

Who Watches Wall Street?

Interest in the stock market is currently relatively high, but only a minority of Americans regularly follows economic news unless, like gas and food prices, it hits directly on the average pocketbook.