October 31, 2014

The Turkish people don’t look favorably upon the U.S., or any other country, really

Turks Views of U.S.As U.S. and Western-led airstrikes continue to target Islamic State fighters for control of the Syrian-Turkish border town of Kobane, questions have been raised about the U.S. and Turkey’s 60-year alliance. But even prior to the Islamic State’s push there, Turks have held decidedly negative views of the U.S. going back over a decade, and, additionally, do not much like other foreign powers either.

Since we began polling the Turkish people in 2002, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, never have more than three-in-ten said they have a favorable view of the U.S. But anti-Americanism really spiked in the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq War, when 83% of Turks held a negative view of America. Today, only 19% in Turkey like the U.S., while nearly three-quarters (73%) share a dislike of their NATO ally. (Unfortunately, we do not have comparable data for American views of Turkey). 

Turks Views of Other CountriesBut Turkish distaste for foreign powers does not begin and end with the U.S. On balance, around two-thirds or more Turks express unfavorable views of the European Union, China, Brazil, Russia, Iran and Israel. Turks even dislike Saudi Arabia (53% unfavorable and, notably, the highest favorability percentage (26%) among all countries we asked about). The people of Turkey also hold negative views toward NATO specifically (70% dislike the organization). In fact, it is hard to find any country or organization the Turkish people really like, except, of course, Turkey itself. According to our spring 2012 poll, 78% of Turks said they had a favorable view of their country.

However, along with distaste for foreign allies, Turks also reject extremist groups and their tactics. Although we do not have measurements of Turkish opinion of the Islamic State, 85% in Turkey have a negative opinion of its al Qaeda forbearer, with similarly poor views of other extremist groups like Hamas (80%) and Hezbollah (85%). Additionally, a majority of Turkish Muslims, who comprise 98% of the population, say suicide bombing and other forms of violence against civilian targets are never justified (58%).

Despite the negative inclinations of the Turkish public toward world powers, roughly half the public (53%) in Turkey still wants to join the European Union. And while many in Turkey remain unhappy with national conditions, there has been a substantial increase in overall life satisfaction there since 2002.

Topics: U.S. Global Image and Anti-Americanism, Middle East and North Africa

  1. Photo of Jacob Poushter

    is a senior researcher focusing on global attitudes at Pew Research Center.


  1. Melih E.1 year ago

    Classic Turkish dilemma. Politicians always use anti-US/anti-EU propaganda, and most of the Turkish people doesnt like USA and EU. But, the funny thing is, we are a still a member of NATO and we are progressing thru entering EU…..

    I don’t understand this anti-westernism thing in my country. I have studied in US and i am currently studying in Germany and i havent received any direct negative attitute towards my Turkishness. But in Turkey, USA is always seen as the ulitmate imperial oppressor who has petroleum hunger and EU as the christian dogs who hunger for the chaos in the region. Especially after AKP government’s well placed islamist agenda, all christian countries are potential threats.

    There is no xenophobia in Turkey. I havent heard a single incident about anti-tourist attacks or discrimination of USA or EU citizens, in fact Turks are showing hospitality towards them, but being anti-US and EU is something like a trend since the beginning of 2000s..

    And that poll is inaccurate. Brazil should be taken off from the poll results. I havent seen anyone who hates Brazil. Brazil is an irrelevant country to Turkish politics or social opinions…

  2. Yasam Martan1 year ago

    As a Turk, I clearly could say that this research shows the truths except Brazil and China issues.

    And also these informations are about Turkish people’s general thoughts about countries, not for specific people. In fact Turks are very friendly on personal meetings. I’m living in Adana where the American airbase is and I haven’t seen someone attacking any American. Or after downing Russian jet I was at Istanbul and I saw a lot of Russians who were speaking their language loud in metros, buses, ships or streets. Nobody even cared of them.
    Even villager Turks will behave like that. Tolerance is the main thing for Turkish culture and their parents,teachers,politicians even people who live in the streets always will remind each other how beatiful Tolerance is.

    Lets begin what Turks really think about those countries (not nations)

    The only difference between Turkey and Brazil is religions. All the rest is almost the same. Even the jokes.. and This country has nothing except Football and Turks love football.

    ps:Eu fala portuguese um pouco e eu tem brasileiro amigos by the way..

    #in my opinion, these people are funny. I love my Brazilian gypsy friends eventhough they pretend like dumbs

    It’s not one of the Turkish public’s enemy. It was when Turks were in Central Asia. Now most Turks are proud of China for their economic growing and showing the humanity what working hard means..

    #in my opinion, we need to stop china’s population growing and pollution situation. It’s going to be the end of the world..

    Most of Turks started hating Russia after its airspace violate. Except this reason Turks do not have bad feelings for Russians. Only some tourism workers hate them because they spend little less money than Europeans do. Otherwise Turkish males love Russian females and Russian females love Turkish males too. I have over 50 Russian friends and some of them have Turkish flags in their rooms. Some of them got married Turks. Some of them want to live in Turkey because lf its different culture, warm weather and people.

    #in my opinion, a bunch of ballet dancers and athlets who won’t be needful for humanity. Those people are cold as siberia.. you can’t make them laugh easily. And also I saw many drunk pilots who had flights only some minutes later.

    Iran is the Turkey’s biggest enemy on controling the region and religion issues. Iran is as strong as Turkey and there is a Sunni Shii fact in Islam.Ottoman had many wars against Persia because of that and none of those countries lost their powers to give the flag another. Turkey is more powerful about military and Iran is more powerful about spying. This cold war between two countries will continue forever.

    #in my opinion, Turkey and Iran needs to work together to make this world better. There are a lot of radical groups which show muslims like serial killers or suicide bombers..

    *Saudi Arabia:
    Most of Turks think of that Arabs betrayed the caliphate for their independence. I’m not going to lie, i think of the same. A British spy called ‘Arabic Lawrance’ destroyed a huge empire that has lands on 3 continentals for 500 years with using Arabs independent wish. Now Arabs are dealing with the damned of the dictators and their lands have been the chess table of western powers. The thoughts about Saudi family are worse. Turks think of that Saudis are using religion’s name on religious tourism to Maccah and Medine. They sell stones to throw it to devil(a ritual for Muslims) and build the buildings taller than Kabe (the religion says its going to be the end of the world , if someone builds something taller than Kabe.)
    Turks also say that in Turkish language
    Arab’s opposite writing in Turkish is Para (Money). They think Arabs love money more than anything.

    #in my opinion, this nation needs to improve its humanic reactions. I have seen a Syrian lady shitting in the hospital’s lobby while many people around.. and also they eat foods with their hands. Even rice, pasta, beans, etc… that’s awful

    Turks do not like Israel because of their agressive attitude on Phalestenians. It’s a little paradox indeed. They don’t like Arabs but they want to protect Phalestine Arabs.. the other reason why Turks hate Israelis is their group activities. Most of Turks think of that Jews are controling the entire world with using money’s power.

    #In my opinion, Jews were very important for Human history. Their inventions gave a different way for humanity and the most of them were very useful. They are good at art, science, medicine.
    Phalestinaens sold their lands to Jews and they want the lands get back without paying back. Oke that’s not fair but Israel needs to be more smooth otherwise they will have a bigger war than Egyptian wars against Turkey which wants to rule 1 billion Muslim World. And Turks are not going to be that easy.

    European Union Zone was just like a paradise and Turks would have liked to be a part of it to improve their democracy and life standards. The reason why Turks hate European Union is what Europe thinks about Turkey. They dont think Turkey belongs to Europe. Lately Turks just want the free schengen pass instead of joining EU.Being in European Union will fatigue the Turkish economy.

    #in my opinion, I just want to travel Europe when ever I want just like all Europeans do. We are not Europeans but we are not Asians either. We are in the middle so it makes us a unique nation.

    Turks don’t like the USA just like the rest of the world. If you guys check the list of this nation’s haters, you will see that even Norway,Finland,Australia etc etc doesn’t like The Usa. It’s because of America uses its limitless power how ever it wants.

    #in my opinion, The Usa needs to create a new generation system which will be mix of capitalism and socialism but better.otherwise humanity will fall.
    I have some American friends here in my city. Eventhough they have a great knowledge, they act like stupids.but it doesn’t make an entire nation stupid..
    We need to be thankful for what the states gave us. If we are connected each other from miles away, if we improve laser guns, if we have visited the other planets, it’s all thanks to The United States. But as i said , the states needs to imprive the current system..

    Best regards..

    1. Melih E.1 year ago

      You are wrong about China, there is a consistent anti-China opinion Turkey because of their treatment against Uyghurs….

      1. Mr W1 year ago

        You believe those propagandas? They mostly came from US and EU media you know?

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          I am Turkish and I can say that I dont hate Brazil . it is opposite i got a sympathy for them.

  3. Erin W.1 year ago

    I don’t dislike anyone in my country, but i can definitely understand why alot of people do not like America at the same time, im totally in disagreement with what my country has done to other areas of the world, including the middle east, because i do believe we have no business getting involved with foreign affairs. It makes me really sad about all the violence of any kind around the world in general. I really just wish it was different , but like i said , my boyfriend and i see eachother with pure love from one individual to another, it took me to meet someone all the way out in Turkey to have the beautiful life with. There is noone here for me. Once again im very excited!

  4. Erin W.1 year ago

    Alright well……i am from america, i currently live in America and my boyfriend is in Turkey, i do not have any negativity against the Turkish people, or any other country on this planet. I am getting married with him, he is better than the American man in my eyes, i do apologize if anyone does not like the American people. Im also part native American. Im very happy with my turkish man….thank you Turkey for your beautiful people and your beautiful culture.

  5. Emre Mert Aydoğdu2 years ago

    I’m Turkish, I love my country and I have never been in the United States, but I love Americans and the United States. I think this survey isn’t accurate. Turkish people have a sympathy to people from foreign countries, and we love all of them. In addition, the surveys says that we hate Israel, but Turkish people don’t hate Israel or Israelis, maybe people who voted for AKP (Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party) or other Islamic parties hate Israel and the U.S. because of Palestine because the United States is pro-Israel. But we love Israel and the U.S. Don’t forget that 70% of Turkish people hate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP and I hate them too. Also, we have no problems with Brazil and everyone loves Brazil in Turkey, because Turkish people love football. We love Russia too, in spite of the fallen Russian plane, a lot of Russians live in Antalya, Bodrum and other holiday places. But I can say that 80% of Turkish people hate Saudi Arabia, because of their goverment. A Turk can hate Americans, Israelis, Brazilians, Russians or others, but don’t generalize all of Turks. Excuse my English.

    1. Erin W.1 year ago

      Thank you. I cannot wait to start my life with my future husband. I have been in constant contact with him for a long time, we never bring up any world problems, he is a wonderful man, and yes this American is happy with turkey!

    2. Emre aydoğdu1 year ago

      lan emre, mert ismi de olmasa adlarımız aynıydı ahahahha

  6. Keyboard Warrior2 years ago

    You say that 66 percent of us (Turks) don’t like EU but you also say that 53 percent of us wants to join it.No.We don’t want to join the EU.We are not European.We are not Arabians either.I personally,hate EU and Nato.I would say that stats are pretty accurate except the one about joining theEU.Only western wannabes desire something like that.And you could add Greece in the poll.

  7. Chongkit Lapthanapul2 years ago

    In the contrarily any of this countries do like Turkey ,Greece ,Syria ,Iraq ,Iran Armenia ,Russia, all are neighboring countries of Turkey.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Well Stans like Turkey Turkey like them back. USA has no other relation ship than WAR, call for WAR, BRIBERY of local Officals, BRIBERY of Government. From 60’s and so on USA is known from their BRIBERIES, Bases, etc. We don’t see USA in side of Turkey in one Conflict. But they call us everywhere. We hate “One Sided- War and bribery relationship”. Get yourselves together. Also USA media look Islam as Enemy. We are Muslim. We hate When USA attacks a country, Our BRIBED Officals becomes RIVALS to That Country. They TORN Apart all good relationship with Them to make good relations with USA. That is why we hate USA. It is a child Country which is NARCIST.

  8. notaccurate2 years ago

    Brazil? There is no reason to hate Brazil. As a Turk i can say statistics are not accurate.

  9. buke2 years ago

    Do these countries like Turks?? Beside, it is true that Turkish people don’t like İsraelian s.:D

  10. Yiğit Emre2 years ago

    They seem accurate to me except the Brazil and the Russia one. No one hates them that much. And I do not think that 78% of turks are happy with the country. We may love our country and its roots but we do not love our current ‘country’ as it is polarised and hate spreading.. 50% of population almost hates the other 50% and it is saddening.

  11. ppd u know me2 years ago

    how come muslims can live in other countries but foreign people of other countries are looked down upon when they live in muslim country

    1. James2 years ago

      I have lived in Kosovo. I wasn’t looked down on.

      1. Burak Muezzinoglu2 years ago


        the essay is a bit long. However, if you can read at least the last paragraph, You can understand why this is the case in kosova, albania, bosnia, or in all through the balkanian muslims.
        I think the ottoman islam is very much different from the arabian practice of islam. The people islamized by the ottomans in the balkans harmonized it with their old european cultures. The woman is more respected among them than many other muslim countries. Quran is only read from arabic and many of them even don’t understand what the text says. They were very far from the middle east to be able to see the real islamic practices. Since the ottomans ruled many different cultures, they are somewhat liberal in defining islam and its practices. Thefore, a very different and -will be useful in dealing with islamic extermism- type of islamic practice was emerged in the balkans.

      2. Yiğit Emre2 years ago

        I am a muslim and I certainly understand “ppd u know me” ‘s point. You cannot generalise muslims with only the balkan region. Even in my country (even though there is less of it) there are discriminations against non muslims. People will riot saying they do not have enough rights in west or they will demand the crucifixes to be taken down on the parliament of a certain christian country but a non muslim absolutely cannot demand a similar thing here. The people would rage. And in middle east things are way worse. Kind of a bigotry if you ask me

    2. dfikgjdflk2 years ago

      “how come muslims can live in other countries but foreign people of other countries are looked down upon when they live in muslim country”

      because of what these countries did to irak, libya, syria, and others

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      There is no blocking for that . If you had a chance to ask a foreigner living in Turkey about their life .They will probably tell you that they are getting along good with Turkish people.and they will say that Turks are so hospitable.

  12. Arif Kale3 years ago

    I think this research needs some enhancements:
    What is the sample size?
    What are the respondents’ level of education?
    Where did you sample it? Which cities? What are the average SES of these people?
    Did you use any stratification method in your sampling?
    Why do these people hate these countries? What are the reasons?

    1. Bruce Drake3 years ago

      You can find the methodology for the survey here: pewglobal.org/2014/07/30/turkey-…

  13. herneyse3 years ago

    This research is far from reality. Turks do not have any issues with SA, Iran, Russia, especially Brazil and China. You cannot show even only one person against Brazil In Turkey. This is nonsense and i believe this research published with bad intention about Turks.

    1. antonella3 years ago

      I do not agree, I am sure Brazilian would be considered as libertines, so reprehensible, no?

    2. Berth2 years ago

      No…you are incorrect! I have many iranian friends that lived in Turkey and were being treated like second class citizens.

      1. deniz can2 years ago

        As a Turkish I have both Armenian and greek friends and they are considered as our main enemy

    3. yokartik2 years ago

      I also don’t think this pool reflects the truth to.I lived in Turkiye for 35 years I never seen any bullying and anything bad about for outllander.They always live like as their own country,Turkish people very kind, they like acsent,they think its cute,Turkish beginner speaker, even they can give you TV program as a job because all of them love TSL speaker,On the other hand long time ago Ottoman Empire open hugs all etnic groups never discriminate them you should read in fair and correct history book.In general Their genes are very nobel merciful.If europian missionary does not mix their country.

  14. Ata3 years ago

    I don’t think this poll reflects the truth. China Brazil and Russia results are completely wrong and others are exaggerated.

  15. Ahmet3 years ago

    I’m afraid I will say the truth about the fact that Turks “never” hate Russia and infact We have strong feelings towards them because at our independent war, no other country helped us but Russia.

    1. ayça2 years ago

      true story

    2. Ali2 years ago

      PEW survey asked question about which countries did you like?. It did not asked about which countries did you HATE? So, one who does not like Russia can at the same time never hates Russia. Your reasoning is not true.

  16. HijaziArab3 years ago

    Btw, one more thing about Arab traitory. Have you ever heard of the event of Safar Barlik in holy city of Medina? if you haven’t heard about it, it was a mass displacement applied by the Ottoman Empire on the men, women and children of the city, in which only the military and only about 140 men and several women was left. You shouldn’t call us traitors and to dislike someone for something that happened long ago is just odd. Some of you need to realize that Ottomans rule wasn’t as awesome and civilized as you think it was.

    We didn’t betray you because we don’t owe anything to begin with, siding with the British, you need to ask yourself why did they do it and what kind of treatment have they received to revolt like that. In all honesty, Turkish were invading Arabia and Arabs did the right thing. I don’t believe in Islamic unity if it was by killing my people. Unfortunately, Arabs didn’t document everything unlike other nations that were under Ottomans rule, so many thing are left untold.

    Bottom line, Each Islamic country has its own borders and its own identity just like you’re proud of being Turkish and speak Turkish language and are united under one government I want be proud of being Arab and live in Saudi Arabia. Holy mosque ofc is for ALL Muslims over the world. But hijaz isn’t Turkish anymore. Accept it and move on!

    And here is one more thing, these are pics of Turkish ruins in Medina
    Saudi gov didn’t demolish these old houses. So don’t act like the demolishing that’s happening in Mecca is all about Ottomans.Because it’s not.

    1. ProTurk3 years ago

      Maybe you should ask yourself why the Ottomans ruled Saudi Arabia. She has any natural resources? None. It was rather a strategic decision to protect both the Middle East and more importantly the holy land from the crusaders. And also ask yourself why the trouble has never been away from the ME since the very moment that the uprising started by the Arabs against the Turks. With the support of the British, the ME was divided into the puppet regimes to the liking of Brits, but you guys just couldn’t manage of being nations. We’ve seen how the Iraqi soldiers kissed the Americans’ boots, how they handed their countries over the yanks instantly.

      Congratulations, you have got your independence from the Turks and since then living in the darkness of the middle ages with puppet rulers busy spending their petro-dollars waiting for the new orders from their owners overseas to betray the other Arab brothers.

      1. HijaziArab2 years ago

        I don’t care about any other country expect for my home country Saudi Arabia and I don’t believe in racist ideology such as pan-Arabism. Our region is much better without Ottoman Rule, that’s for sure. Under the rule of Ottomans, many horrible things have happened and we were really living in dark ages. No schools, no education and people were starving. You can be nationalist all you want in your country, Turkey. But not in mine. Hejaz is a part of Arabia and we’re Arabs.

  17. HijaziArab3 years ago

    @Sinasi Yalcin, What your grandmother told you about Arabs isn’t true. First of all, Saudi Arabians don’t sell products in Mecca and Medina it’s almost exclusively for foreigner Muslim immigrants coming from Yemen, central Asia or south Asia. She wouldn’t know but I can guarantee this is NOT true, majority of us work in white collar jobs and very few Saudis have shops. Unfortunately, all Muslims who come to hajj think that we’re the ones who cheat on them and buy them fake things when we don’t work in these places to begin with. Even when Saudis spoke to the gov about it, the Saudi gov refused to let punish those who pretend to be Saudis and sell things even when we ask to have more strict rules over immigrants who do cheat by doubling the price they refused fearing that it will be consider racist by you, other Muslims which is probably will happen and un-Islmic to not let them earn their living by working in these shops.

    It seems to me that no matter what we do we’re not winning, if we let other Muslims work and sell things and some of them do what they did to your grandmother doubling the price and selling cheap make Chinese products we’re the ones to blame and if we asked for more strict rules that will protect you and us as well, will we be considered racists. Is it about us really or you’re nit-picking just because you can’t handle the fact that Ottomans don’t rule over Hijaz anymore?

    Selling things higher than their actual price is common in Turkey btw and especially for us Arabs, does it mean I should hate or dislike you too as a nation? that’s ridiculous, justifying hate will not work in any way. Put in your mind that the majority of us Saudis don’t work in these shops! in fact, they sell things higher to us too and we suffer from the same exact thing. And you can do your own research if you’re skeptical or better come here and see by your own eyes and talk to people.

    Spitting and peeing is not culturally acceptable. How does she know that they were Saudis anyway? do you think that all of the residents here are Saudis? if so, then you’re most certainly wrong.

    The Ottomans’ building, it’s not only Ottomans building that were demolished, you make it sound like Saudi gov is targeting Ottoman buildings only and this is anti-Ottomans thing when it’s not true and to prove that to you google Shubra Palace, if Saudi gov were So anti-Ottomans why haven’t they demolished it as well? Some ancient houses and places for Sahaba were demolished too aren’t you concerned about it or is it just Ottomans buildings that matters to you? this whole demolishing thing is controversial topic for us Muslims, for me I know that some countries with its citizens are just using it to criticize Saudi gov, no more no less than that.

    As for the main topic, I’m not surprised.

  18. Baran3 years ago

    1 – The Brazilian thing does not really sound plausible. Turkish public knows Brazil through football mostly and I cannot see why Turks should have a negative opinion of Brazil.
    2 – Forgive me for saying that Mr. Poushter but the “even” in “Turks even dislike Saudi Arabia” is a very American thing. “Turks are Muslims, Saudis are Muslims, so Turks should like Saudis.” Beside the issue of “treason” during the World War I, Saudi Arabia executed several Turkish nationals for various reasons by decapitation, one being quite recent. They also demolished a historical Ottoman fortress in Mecca to build huge residences. So, Turks have some reasons.

  19. dawsan3 years ago

    As a Turkish citizen, i do not hate any country more than our own government. Their overall strategy is based on “HATE”. In last twelve years Erdogan made half of Turkey to hate the other half. We can not be surprised that the citizens are suffering to like the other countries.

    1. Ali2 years ago

      PEW surveys are about countries, not goverments. We know that you hate everthing, but don’t continue it here!

  20. nur3 years ago

    as a turkish citizen all i can say that brazil thing is completely false i never heard from anyone to said something against brazil.
    also my personal note i hate only our goverment

  21. Yahmose3 years ago

    Well, we Turks don’t usually like Israel and its violence. I wasn’t asked these questions but my most unfavourable one would definitely be Israel. I’m not against Hamas because they are defending themselves from a crazy allegedly biblical state. There aren’t many countries to like in the world but my most favourable one would be Norway.
    When it comes to America, Iraq war that killed 500000 children, supporting terrorism Israel in particular, bossing around, that funny childish ‘democracy provider’ attitude etc.

    1. Michael3 years ago

      Excuse me? It seems you dont know your country’s history so let me help you, go to google and type: The Armenian Genocide 1915, the illegal invasion to Cyprus 1974, which 40% of the island is still occupied, the atrocities that happened during that invasion, the Greek population of Turkey genocide 1922, your support to ISIS, also your country was created by killing and destroying civilizations!
      Seriously! If someone was supposed to dislike someone is the whole world against turkey and not the opposite.
      I guess erdogan is doing pretty much a great job now, he is destroying your country

      1. ALTAR Dalkılıç3 years ago

        Cyprus not under occupation, it already belongs to Turks for centuries. Go read a little history

      2. Yavuz3 years ago

        It seems u dont know history so well. I think you should read more about armenians and greeks and what they did to our people. We have reasons to do them. We never hurt defenceless, olds and childs. ISIS is dangerous and we dont want to lose more soldiers to terorism. Can u imagine to soldiers family! I hope ISIS will destroy itself. Because of them the islam looks very bad. Everything they did is wrong for islam.
        And you are right about Erdoğan he is destroying our country. Its shame our half of The people cant see it.

      3. Yasin3 years ago

        Actually it is you who needs help. Because Turkey use her right to defend the Turkish people in Cyprus against the injustice. That right given by the agreement between Turkey, Greece and Britain. Just make some research you’ll find. Well in WWI we fought against the Armenian facists. A lot of death took place from the both side. But it was a war. If you compare with the Holocaust there is no governmental policy to lead a so called Genocide. The same with the Greece. But to be true you;re right for ISIS. Government support them and it will be shame for us. Believe me we’re protesting the government but we’ve limited power as a citizzen. Still we’re doing our best. On the other hand ISIS is an interesting subject. There are a lot of rumors going on. ‘Cause they came out nowhere. I mean 2 years ago there is no such thing but know we observe a very well organized group. Even the countries can’t defeat them such as Syria and Iraq. They’ve gor equipment from the western world. It’s like Taliban. CIA used them against USSR when they’ve done, they started finish’em all. History should based on Unquestionable facts and documents. Otherwise it’ll be just a rumor or story.

        1. MrMcGibblets3 years ago

          I agree with you on ISIS, but you just reassured his claims of genocide and the overall xenophobia of the Turkish people. We killed millions of Armenian civillians during the war, not just fighting men. Military policy was to cut off food and water to Armenian settlements which led to the deaths of many. The invasion of Cyprus which was meant to “defend” the interests of our people is wrong. We weren’t being persecuted in anyway, and the “Rebels” weren’t even citizens of Cyprus. The Turkish Land Forces killed a thousand citizens of Cyprus who identified as Turkish. We seem to have this mentality to protect Turkish people by having more Turkish people die. Overall our justification for war was unjustified, making us no better than the Russians in Crimea or the Israelis in the Westbank. I don’t agree with either of these countries, but at least we can agree on that the government is corrupt.

          1. Yusuf3 years ago

            The funny parts is, the Armenians first claimed there has been 100.000 killed then 10 years later, they add 250.000 killed, then 10 years later again they add another 250.000 killed then now in this century Armenians now saying there have been million killed, so dead zombies making now a babies too?
            What will it we next 50 year? 50 million armenian killed?

  22. John Joyce3 years ago

    Sir ,
    Somehow I think that this Turkish attitude is being facilitated by the Turkish hierarchy . To what purpose God only knows .

  23. Akkaya3 years ago

    It is not a surprise that Turks dislike Saudi Arabia. The main reason is Turks think Arabs were traitor to Ottoman Empire in WW1. Another reason Saudis are being seen the dog of US.

  24. Denis3 years ago

    Turkey is turning into an Islamic State under the current leadership. Islamic brainwashing begun under the current Turkish leadership at all levels of education. In due course Turkey will dislike every country in the world as it tries to revive the Ottoman empire as an Islamic empire.

    1. Sinasi Yalcin3 years ago

      Yes it’s true that Erdogan tries really hard to change the people’s thinking. But its not possible in Turkey because of the internet more people becomes nontheist. And secular turks(CHP+MHP political parties more than %45 of current adult population) tries really hard to not become a “muslim” country.Thats why the goverment tries to suppress internet etc and censorships TV(not as much as china they are pros).

      Our negative opinion about saudi arabia is more about holy places in SA and history. They destroyed almost every Ottoman building, tomb etc and joined english against Ottomans. They are building skyscrapers near kaaba Turkish people thinks its an insult to Allah. They are trying to make money from everything even Hadj is a thing to earn money from. My grandmother said “i dont want to talk about SA” (she did hadj) because she thinks its a sin to talk bad about hadj experience. We said its okay and she told us that arabs peed on streets, dont care about hygiene, tries to cheat/fraud you etc so the experience was not good for her.

  25. Esra3 years ago

    Turkey has been used and abused by US in last several decade.. Of course we hate US! They have been supporting PKK, the therorist group which has killed thousands of Turkish soldiers and citizens..They have used Turkey’s lands when they killed Middle East people in their blody wars with funny democracy lies.. They have never bring their blody democracy to anti democratic countries which are supporting US …( for example Singapore) but Russia, China and Brasil is questionable.. I think Turkey need to be ally with China and Russia since I believe those countries are not having such a bad impact to the world as US and emperialist Europe.

    1. Russell3 years ago

      The Turks are not even close enough to being a world power to care what Turkey thinks about the U.S. That being said the U.S. keeps giving Turkey money and other things without any help from Turkey on any matters whatsoever. Why we keep any alliance with Turkey is beyond me. The only people that Turkey likes is Turkey itself.

      1. EMIP3 years ago

        @Russell – Before making uninformed statements such as alleging that “the U.S. keeps giving Turkey money and other things without any help from Turkey on any matters whatsoever”, take the time to learn a few facts.

        FYI, Turkey:
        • From 1951 to present has allowed use of the most important air base in the Near East, the Incirlik Air Base by both the U.S. and NATO forces;
        • Has been a key part of ISAF, the NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan since 2002, at one time contributing the third largest contingent within ISAF and currently still maintaining troops there;
        • Turkey was a key part of the NATO naval blockade of Libya in 2011 and furnished a large number of naval vessels;
        • Turkey since 2012 has allowed NATO to operate an AN/TPY-2 radar facility built in the town of Kurecik as part of the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) providing missile defense against Iran, thereby placing its own citizens at risk of a missile strike by Iran in the event of hostilities;
        • Turkey is a contributor to Combined Task Force 150, a multinational coalition naval task force established to monitor, inspect, board, and stop suspect shipping to pursue the “War on Terrorism” and in the Horn of Africa region;

        And these are just a few examples; there are other counter-terrorism operations being jointly conducted with that nation which the general public is not even aware of. So be careful about condemning an allied nation which has been a NATO ally for over 62 years and whose troops shed their blood alongside ours during the Korean War.

    2. Julio3 years ago

      PKK has been on the US Terrorist list since 1997. Not only is working with this group considered illegal for US organizations (military, CIA, etc) but they are subject to targeting and elimination during the “War on Terror”.
      source: state.gov/j/ct/rls/other/des/123…

      Sorry about the mess in Iraq. Thank for all your help during the 90 years.

  26. mattahmos3 years ago

    According to US historians 5.5 million turks were killed in the 20th century. Turkey was invaded by France, UK and the commonwealth, Italia, Russia, Greece. Armenians, Greeks, Bulgarians and Arabs started ethnic cleansing againts their Turkish neighbours. Kurds rebelled dozens of times. A whole nation was in the brink of destruction. Turkey was left alone.

    Ottoman army was destroyed and civilian Turks suffered unimaginable horrors from those nations and their supporters. So you can’t blame Turks to be xenophobic. They have legitimate reasons not to trust anybody and have all the rights not to like them. Those memmories are still fresh.

    Also if you constantly insult a nation, call their leader (Ataturk) a gay dictator, call them barbarians, call them apes, say how they’ve killed millions of people and ignore their suffering, then you obviously going to make them a more closed nation. You can read those comments all over the internet. People treat turkey as it is a vermin to the world, so you can’t blame them like “hey look they are filled with hatred!!”. What did you expect?

    1. bydesign3 years ago

      Kudos !

    2. Tom3 years ago

      Those numbers you quote are only half the story. Turkey (Ottoman Empire) was responsible for many millions of deaths in the last century. Genocides perpetrated on Armenians and Greeks, and systematic ethnic cleansing of Greeks, Armenians, Kurds and Assyrians from their native lands. And those are only the atrocities perpetrated in modern day Turkey (last 100 years or so). This doesn’t even touch on the barbarism that was thrust upon the Balkans and to a lesser extent the middle east under the heel of the Ottoman Empire for the last 700 years. In the grand scheme of things I don’t think it is wise to take a defensive stance based on that record.

      “I hate everyone because they hate me for being bad” is not a not a good position to advocate for.

      While I don’t condone atrocities that happened against civilian Turks, (or any civilians for that matter) looking at the grand scheme of things Turkish presence on the Anatolian plains is a rather recent 800 years or so. The Turkish tribes that came into the area were not excactly welcomed with open arms and were brutal to the native peoples of the areas. The mass killings, conversions at the end of a sword, etc, that people suffered at the hands of the Turks is what sparked the reprisal killings that you refer to, (although your 5.5 million number is grossly overstated)

      Turks may want to look at Japan or Germany for guidance. Both countries committed atrocities in the last century during WWII, but both countries rose above that by acknowledging and coming to terms with what was done instead of trying to revise and or sugar coat their history. And both are modern and prosperous powers in the world.

      1. Emoc3 years ago

        Read Portuguese seaborne empire see who are the barbarians, read the history of colonialism from your very historians…

    3. court3 years ago

      mattahmos got the point i think. turks in anotolia and balkans were about to loose their existance and freedom 100 years ago. that’s why turks feel they should not trust others.

  27. palerox3 years ago

    No. I think this research is true! For a long time I was wondering how the Turks committed 3 genocides and killed 3.5 million Armenian, Greek & Assyrian civilians?! The research would explain….

    1. AM3 years ago

      These genocides have been recorded and Turkey still denies them. It would be like having Germany today, deny the Holocaust. But that is Turkey, in huge denial.
      Even Hitler drew his inspiration from Turkey. Imagine, if Turkey hadn’t engaged in its genocides, maybe Hitler would not have been inspired. His infamous quote [he too filmed the atrocities, as the Turks did]:

      “Only thus shall we gain the living space (lebensraum) which we need. Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”

      1. ankarancat3 years ago

        For your info, Hitler truly was inspired by Turkey on genocides. This is recorded by M.E. Bozkurt (a prominent figure in the history of the Turkish Republic) by quoting Hitler on his thoughts on Ataturk (the founder of the Turkish Republic) and how he is seen as a “mentor” to him and B. Mussolini, going even so far as to say that they may not have existed as they were, had it not been for Ataturk.
        The odd part is, in Bozkurt’s writings these words are quoted as a hail to Ataturk, coming from a great leader of a European nation. Which, to be honest, is not hard to understand, since Hitler, at the time, was cherished by western powers as a stout bulwark against the communist “menace” that was USSR.

    2. Hussain Ali3 years ago

      I am looking at the list of nations and continents Turks dislike and I don’t think many left they like. I mean EU, China, US, Russia and I know they hate Kurds , Armenians, Persians, Arabs, Greeks, Russians and Bulgarians and that makes all the nations surrounding Turkey. I think the poll shows Also that all theses nations around them do also dislike Turks and it is time for the Turks to look at themselves for why they are been hated to much. Oh and the only country Turks allied with was Nazi Germany.

      1. Sinasi Yalcin3 years ago

        Oh! thats new we alied with Nazi Germany huh? Weird i have never heard of it. We tried really hard to not choose a side and join to war because our policy then was “peace at home peace in the world”. If Nazis were to take lessons from anyone that would be US(blacks slaves,KKK,natives), UK(black slaves, indians, china, middle east, american natives etc),Spain(all south america) and rest of the europe.
        We didn’t make armenians departure for racist reasons. There was riots and muslim villages were attacked at the time.

  28. Mustafa3 years ago

    Russia and Brazil ratios are not true. why should we hate Brazil, i did not see anyone saying that. You could add Greece instead, not even Armenia we ignore them… And also we hate Saudi Arabia as much as Israel, last but not least…

  29. brazil thing3 years ago

    Probably cause of the football

  30. Atilla3 years ago

    Brazil???? WTF?

    We love Brazil.

  31. Kam3 years ago

    Actually, we don’t like our country as well. So don’t get us wrong, it’s not about you guys.

    1. Tugce3 years ago

      Talk about yourself, I love my country.. Especially when ı observe other nation’s hate to Turkey.. Their eyes are on my country to attact..Here “attack” means not as war, it is all physicological,finansial,political.. ın each side the world want to destroy Turkey, they never show the good things about Turkey in the newspapers , they allways show it as a country with wars.. So whenever I observe those things my passion for my country is just increasing..

      1. TDP3 years ago

        It’s simply not true that everyone is out to attack Turkey.

        If you look at news media in general (TV and websites), most of their news is negative, no matter what the country is. Newspapers will always report riots, disasters etc. Reporting protests in Hong Kong, Brazil or the US doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

        If everyone hated Turkey so much, why would there still even be a tourist industry? Why would Turkish authors and directors have any chance of winning international awards such as the 2014 Palme d’Or, and Nobel prizes?

        Clearly if there is a “foreign conspiracy”, it’s not doing a very good job.

        The truth is that most people outside of Turkey don’t have much of an opinion either way about Turkey.

        If you are a Turk, what opinion do you have of Canada, Switzerland or Malaysia? Probably not much either way.

        The news media exaggerating negative events is a problem for all countries, but this is how they make money. And with the situation in Syria, this will continue to be a problem for Turkey.

    2. Esra3 years ago

      Talk about youself, ı love my country.. Especially after ı have been seeing many other places in the world.. Anatolian people are not comparable with anybody else..

  32. CagatayKhan3 years ago

    Brasil’s rate is broken Why do we dislike Brazil ? Lots of Turks can dislike USA, UK, EU,Russia,Armenia,Greece,Israels,Syria,China…It relate to Historical, poltical… But not Brazil ..Lol

  33. we3 years ago

    we hate saudi arabia as much as we do with the us. we have a general dislike of arabs but our government likes them for some reason.
    also we don’t hate greeks and armenians that much even though it seems to be opposite in their eyes.

  34. Deniz Önal3 years ago

    %65 of TR people dislike Brazil????? Why???

    1. Anonymous1 year ago


  35. Madonnanin Yagli Zencisi3 years ago

    Dislike Brazil? Why? Brazil and Turkey are one nation two states

  36. KE3 years ago

    The negativity about Brazil really surprised me as well; and my guess is that it is a framing issue.

    There should be no big surprises about Israel (Palestinian issue), Russia (Turkey was a garrison state and lived in fear of the Red Menace for decades), Iran (regional rivalry, past support of separatists, religious differences), U.S. and by association NATO (Iraq and suspected American involvement in past coups and internal affairs). EU is probably due to the “no” votes of several EU members, and the rising Turcophobia/Islamophobia in the European population.

    Brazil is a surprise, which makes me suspect either that the question asked to the participants encouraged a negative reply; or the participants were asked to state their opinion about each country in the survey, leading to the belief in the participants that the foreign policies of all the countries in the survey are positively correlated. That would result in a spillover negativity, as people who are uninformed about Brazilian foreign policy (99.9% of the population?) would start making assumptions.

    You should probably just normalize the results by subtracting the mean and look at the relative scores only. Or repeat the survey in a way that it doesn’t invite a negative mean.

    1. TDP3 years ago

      Or it could be indicative of plain xenophobia.

      1. Metin3 years ago

        If you ask what they know about Brazil to any group of ordinary Turkish citizen, they would reply only good football and Adriana Lima if they were men and nothing if they were women. If they have a university education, they may add some information like Christianity, samba, capoeira, South America and maybe beaches. Actually Turkish people generally don’t know anything more about Brazil, even its capital’s name. And if you ask them how to feel about this country, they simply can’t give an answer. Some of them may talk good things with using the information I mentioned above, but nobody would say a bad thing about this country. We simply don’t feel anything for this country generally. Trust me, I am a Turk.
        For the other countries or organizations, we simply hate them because of their cruelty among the world for decades. If we talk about ISIS for example (I choose this because it is a new issue), you see 3-4 people which ISIS killed, we see dozens of villeger people killed by the US air operation in order to kill 5 ISIS members. For example Iraq, Western people generally think that the Western forces saved the Iraqi people from the cruelty of Saddam, we know this operation was just because of oil, and we see millions of civil citizens killed in this process during a decade. Thousands of women have been raped. I am not sure if Saddam caused this much damage in his decades.

        This is not just xenophobia, this is having mercy on the people that suffer continually and the anger of being not capable to stop it, being powerless.

  37. Ths3 years ago

    These figures don’t reflect reality.

    Just like everywhere in world, there are some countries majority of Turkish people don’t have favorable views too. But these are the countries with whom Turkey has more direct relations: Namely, most of Europe, about half of Asia and USA.

    Leave alone Brazil, no South American country has some “important” place in Turkish foreign relations. So whoever said they have “negative” opinion about Brazil were probably just kidding, or they just mean their football team (Rivaldo had made a trick and left Turkey 10-men in World Cup 2002 match between Brazil and Turkey!)

  38. Cecil Okyer3 years ago

    The Turks are possibly the most xenophobic people in the world. They are like the Islamic counterpart of North Korea. Every Turkish child is taught to hate the other countries since very early ages. They are always very angry against everybody else and very delusional about their image. Their hate is based on some ridiculous propaganda and an incredibly biased official history where every single country are united against Turkey. I’m a 45 years old Turkish citizen. It’s the hell on earth for a rational human being.

    1. Emre3 years ago

      I’m a 24 years old Turkish citizen. Turkey is not the hell on earth for an ordinary human being. Please leave your own pessimistic world when you are commenting on your own country.

      1. AM3 years ago

        You mean ordinary Turkish pro Erdogan follower…because I’m sure that secular Turks aren’t impressed with his increasingly religious conservatism.

        1. Emre3 years ago

          point here is the definition of the “hell”. i don’t think Turkey is a first class country, everything is ok. but describing it as hell is heavy.

    2. TDP3 years ago

      As an outsider, I find Turkish society to be very nationalistic, and this is across the political divide.

      People will argue that political groups like MHP are nationalistic and AKP are not, but in truth, it’s simply that the “nationalist” parties offer a more extreme nationalist vision.

      The natural result of such excessive nationalism is increased suspicion of outsiders.

      Combined with the fears of living in an unstable region, and it’s a perfect recipe for political leaders to encourage and manipulate to their own advantage -many of Erdogan’s casually racist speeches about Armenian’s etc. would be nothing short of outrageous in other countries.

      But I think Turkish people who are tired of this North Korea mentality can gradually effect a change.

  39. Grammar3 years ago

    “Forebear” not “forbearer.”

  40. Mansur3 years ago

    I wonder what the stats are for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Azerbaijan. This is likely the most relevant because it is Turkey’s neighbors and interaction is most with them.

    1. tolga3 years ago

      This is wrong. We mostly dont like Greeks,Armenians,Kurds,Arabs

  41. Jack Ciffici3 years ago

    turkish people loves Russia so much,also loves Brasil..this research is totaly absurd

    1. Sinasi Yalcin3 years ago

      Actualy we don’t because they were commies and before that we had serious wars with them Russians erased (i mean massacers of civillans in wars) the muslim population in north balkans and almost destroyed the Ottoman Empire. There was a close call at 1877/78 war they were near to conquer the istanbul. If they had conquered the istanbul(there for Ottoman Empire) that would mean the Russian ships would easly enter the mediterranean sea and oceans from there. West didn’t want that to happen so helped the Ottomans and stoped russians movings. Thats how we lost most of the balkans .

      TLDR:Uneducated Turks doesnt like russia because still thinks them as communist/invaders. Educated ones doesn’t like because of censorships, bannings of gay rights and historical reasons etc. Educated population of Turkey doesnt like Turkey’s goverment right now for similar reasons you can look it up as gezi protests.

  42. Dr Jeevanshu Dhawan3 years ago

    Hey! What about India! Do they hate Indians or like them?

    1. Metin3 years ago

      The ordinary Turkish people doesn’t know much about India. Most of them thinks India is too much crowded and most of the Indians are filthy. As speak of the people having a little knowledge, they think the movies are too long and boring (action movies are actually absurd), some of the Muslim ones may hate some of Budists because of the attacks on Indian Muslims (I don’t know if they are continuing right now), as the computer engineers’ vision they are very talented but they reduce the prices by working too cheap.
      In my opinion, your country is very similar to us in the matter of politics and social problems. But because your country has more people, these problems are much bigger than ours. Typically same, harder to solve.

      1. RLP2 years ago

        First off all, we are not smart people are you kidding me? Indian professors go and teach engineering and computer science to ur country Turkey, no Turkish teacher is even worthy of visiting and teaching our students. The average Indian student is 10x smarter than the average Turkish student – GUARANTEED. Filthy? What do you think when you fit 1 billion people in an average size country? I don’t think the provinces of eastern Turkey are any cleaner than places in India. India takes part in scientific research and global programs that betters the whole world…in NASA, Agriculture, Global climate…What does Turkey do besides having pathetic proudness of old Ottoman days that will never come back? What has any other country done that Turkey has NOT done? Your empire ravished and stole lands, killed men, took women and children as slaves, converted by force innocent people into Islam…killed 1.5 million Armenians…do not provide Kurds their rightful land but demand Israel to play fair…list goes on and on…truth is there is no bigger hypocritical nation out there than Turkey!

  43. caglar3 years ago

    I don’t like turkey either

  44. Ravi3 years ago

    I am from India and I dislike Turkey Turkey has been plagarising Indian music for sometime now without acknowledging copy rights. The most recent example is Sertab Erener’s Söz which is a direct copy of Why This Kolaveri Di. This has happened multiple times and Turkey continuous to ignore the protests made by the Indian people.

    1. Oz3 years ago

      Dude come with evidence.

      I only did a google search and found that those credits are given by Sertap.

      Look below:


    2. Ephesus3 years ago

      How do you know about Sertab’s song ? Really congretz. haha

    3. Ozkan3 years ago

      I’m a Turk and I found this offensive. Joking, You are right. 🙂

    4. mali3 years ago

      Come on. It is written in the description when the video clip starts on Turkish music channels. I know because I saw it recently. The only incident was about one of the songs of Mustafa Sandal back in early 2000’s.

    5. Agrem3 years ago

      Haha 🙂 An Indian talking about copyright 🙂
      Does this ring a bell?

    6. AM3 years ago

      Turkey plagiarises everything…Nothing they currently have is theirs.
      They came from the outer regions, invaded a land and now they say it’s all theirs. Every ancient monument that tourists visit in Turkey is not Turkish. If you had to subtract and only include Turkish monuments, you’d only have the mosque and Topkapi.

      1. Anatolian3 years ago

        You are right about that. Anatolia by itself hosted many cultures and civilizations, way before Turks migrated into.

      2. Metin3 years ago

        Nope, actually there are many historical buildings mostly built by Seljuks including schools, palaces for caravans, bridges etc.

  45. Faulty Poll3 years ago

    This results of this poll are skewed by arbitrarily leaving out Armenia. Armenia is probably the most hated country in Turkey. Only Armenians are arbitrarily gunned down in Turkey or among its military personnel. Erdogan and Gul were insulted by being called of Armenian origin.

  46. Jenda3 years ago

    I would be surprised if Turkey was seen more favorably by those countries.
    Good you don’t have numbers regarding the organization that’s openly hiring in Turkey.

  47. Ali Yucelen3 years ago

    Turkish people don’t hate any other community. Hate is not in their nature. I think the Questionnaire is misleading..

  48. Şinasi Yalçın3 years ago

    i mean come on guys who trusts US or Russia? or Israel which declines the international agreements and continues his infrastructure across palestine or attacks civilan ships on international waters. Who likes China ffs censorships and clashes with uyghurs ofc we dont like China. Iran? oh man you gotta be kidding me we are fighting with them over middle east for more than 400 years :D.The last century we didnt have any real war with them but they funded PKK for years trained them against us. They are hardcore shia and we are seculer and sunni. NATO always brings trouble in middle east we all know that very well and we lost our trust to NATO and UN when they let Srebrenica massacre and cyprus problem happen. I mean greeks tried to occupy cyprus with a coupdetat. It was against our agreements with them and were had the right to intervene and we did. Because we used our legitime rights we left alone and ambargoed. When the NATO or US were then? EU countries i mean big ones tries really hard to not let us join them and at the same time they dont want Turkey to go its own way. Its like friendzoning a country lol. We want to join the union because they are they have the best life standards. We want to be like one of them.
    And for the last part i dont know why polls had brazil because we dont have any serious relationship with them. I dont have any idea why our people would not like brazil. Maybe because of they play football better than us :D.
    But overall its just politics we are not racist or hating every religions other than sunni islam. We are just not like goverments or military organisations other than ours which i think is the best way to survive in Middle East. Look at syria for example it was all okey 3-4 years ago. Erdoğan and Esad had vacations together. Praised each other, bff etc and now they curse each other. Its all politics nothing to do with people.

    1. Get Real3 years ago

      What about Turkey’s 40-year illegal occupation of Cyprus and constant harassments in their EEZ?

      1. Sinasi Yalcin3 years ago

        We have agreements about economic source researchs look it up please. We are only trying to secure Turkish Cyprus residents rights.

        en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_in… how all happened please read the coup part and read the agreement. I want you to know basics about the problem.

        For the occupation part i can say for sure when the operation ended the threat wasn’t removed from cyprus. The rasicm and anti-Turkism was still high. UK didn’t let us prevent the things after coup so we couldn’t trust them for the safety of Turks living at the island and we stayed.

  49. asim3 years ago

    Maybe, we should ask all those American boys and their families, why did all these boys died for nothing in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq.
    Really, why did they go out there in the first place, and give their lives.
    Before pointing a finger at the Turks.

    1. cinar3 years ago

      petrol(oil) What do you think

  50. Scott3 years ago

    Is that the same Turkey who took half of Cyprus in 1974? The same Turk who is yet to admit the Armenian genocide and pay restitution like Germany.

    The same Turkey who has not apologized for 400 years of slavery of the Greeks. Who actually still holds onto a holy Greek City and has forced Greeks out of their homelands.

    1. Sinasi Yalcin3 years ago

      if you can look these you can understand why we intervene with cyprus problem. There was a coupdetat you cant blame Turkey for that.

      1. Michael3 years ago

        Sinasi…..just to let you know Wikipedia is controled by Turks, and second, don’t believe the internet, search for articles and old journals and you will learn the truth. I lived this staff and I know better. A turkish soldier shot my father in the head and raped my sister, YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING! there is no reason to occupy cyprus for 40 YEARS! GET REAL

        1. Truth3 years ago

          Turkish civilians killed by Greeks included my father. Just check the old journals.

    2. Danni3 years ago

      You’re forgetting the atrocities done toward the Kurds, Laz, and other minorities in Turkey.

      1. Tugce3 years ago

        What happened to Laz ! What do you know about them 😉 I am a Laz in Turkey and ı have no problem of being minority 😉 don’t try to create any problem. We are happy;)

    3. Selçuk Taşgın3 years ago

      We did never ever mow genocide to any nation, if it was so , there would not be any ermenian nation today, greek as well
      even tough this claim is for Ottoman empire, but it never happent in real
      if you think that Turkey is the same with Ottoman Empire then every one has to admit that Half of Europe, some arabic countries and africa belong to Turkey.
      when it comes to Cyprus, All of that island were given to Turkey yet we accept other nations to live their life freely, instead of not to attact turks in Cyprus.
      It is easy to throw mud at Turkey and Turks,
      Lets be clear and lets open the archives to surface all of your lies

      1. AM3 years ago

        That’s why there are witness accounts and film footage.
        As recent as 1974 there have been massacres via Turkey. In the 1950s there were pogroms in Turkey against Greeks and others and Turkey still lives in denial.
        Turkey doesn’t accept or allow Halki seminary to open [its purpose is to educate future patriarchs], so in a way it is attempting to sabotage the Greek Orthodox patriarchate in Constantinople. What does that say for the supposed ‘freedom’ you mention. And then Turks wonder why there is no EU entry?
        Are you all surprised? The rest of the EU isn’t.
        Greek Orthodoxy was around before the Turks invaded and yet Turkey cannot afford to provide any respect and its President dares to say that he is democratic?


    4. Al3 years ago

      that one is a classic american. LoL . thanks for a nice prototype dude! and for the guy who said Turks dislike governments not the people: your people = your choice of government.

    5. AM3 years ago

      Not to mention prohibits religious education at Halki seminary by keeping it closed (in an effort to prohibit the education of future Greek Orthodox patriarchs) while permitting the proliferation of madrassas. So much for religious freedom and democracy in Turkey.
      Turks don’t know what democracy really is.

  51. Mehmet Mert3 years ago

    This result arise from the selection of countries for questionnaire. We support countries which are weak and oppressed because of our characteristics as a person such as Somalia, Palestine, Ukraine and etc. And of course we dot like governments of countries which are cruel.

    1. D Bill3 years ago

      Not to start an argument, but please tell me, what oppression have you seen that brazil had done?

      In my opinion, turkish nation is losing its own culture and replacing it with arabic culture. as a result of this, just as in all the other arabic countries, turkish nation also starts to dislike almost all of the western countries.

      1. CanC3 years ago

        Well, I’ll give you that. I’m confused on Brazil thing. I’ve never ever heard anything bad about neither Brazil nor its people. We like them pretty much indeed.
        Let me correct that argument of yours. It’s not about losing or replacing our culture; it’s about the suffering, the chaos, endless conflicts we see around our country (I mean mostly in the Middle East), even inside our country (U.S.-led PKK) are being made out of hands of the U.S. governments, it’s puppies (UN, NATO) and the ones trying to have influence, make some profit like EU, Russia. So, you see why our hatred became intense on western countries.
        One thing very important about these polls, results are only and ONLY refer to these countries’ politics, NOT their people. That’s all that matters.

      2. buyukulus3 years ago

        It is same as the European countries who totally hate eastern countries , for what dude just because they have oil , right first look at the miror to your self than check the others behind u

  52. Jeff3 years ago

    The selection of countries in the questionnaire may lead one to a false conclusion. Besides, what Turks dislike are the goverments and foreign policies of these governments, not the people.

    1. Murat3 years ago

      True that! Brazil for instance right.

    2. Selçuk Taşgın3 years ago

      That is quite right 🙂

    3. Heiko3 years ago

      There is only one explanation for the brutal theocracy of Saudi Arabia being more popular than all other countries: It looks like the sunni majority of the Turks simply only likes other sunnis. Following that simple logic I wouldn’t be surprised if even IS was still more popular than all or at least most of those other non-believer countries on the list.

      1. Grammar3 years ago

        Non-believer? Is that your term for everyone who doesn’t believe as you do? Like “infidel,” It’s offensive to believers and non-believers alike.

      2. D Bill3 years ago

        Looking at the number of turkish people passively or actively support IS and feel sympathy for IS, sunni majority of turkish people only like other sunnis looks like a very logical statement to me.

        As I said in my other comment, turks are becoming arabs, and sunni arabs only like sunnis.

        1. CanC3 years ago

          Dude, what numbers? Don’t force yourself to present a nonsense thesis. According to reliable researches 4% of our population support IS. That minority is acceptable since every country have extremist of their own. Based on nation or religion. I suggest you to read try to be able to comprehend what’s going on in Middle East. First get information, then have idea.