February 6, 2014

Obama advocates for global religious freedom at a time of high restrictions


About two-thirds of the world’s population lives in countries with high or very high government restrictions on religion.

In a speech at the annual National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, President Obama talked about what he sees as the importance of religious freedom. He observed that it’s “clear that around the world freedom of religion is under threat. … We see governments engaging in discrimination and violence against the faithful.” He said the U.S. “will keep standing for religious freedom around the world.”

A recent Pew Research study quantified the levels of government restrictions on religion – as well as social hostilities involving religion – in 198 countries and territories around the world. As of 2012, 29% of the nations studied had high or very high levels of government restrictions on religion (according to our measure), with 64% of the global population living in those countries.


Obama mentioned several countries specifically, including China. He said when he meets with Chinese leaders, he stresses “that realizing China’s potential rests on upholding universal rights, including for Christians, and Tibetan Buddhists, and Uighur Muslims.”

China has had very high government restrictions on religion in each of the six years of the study (since 2007), and was among the most restrictive in the world in 2012. In terms of social hostilities involving religion, China moved into the “high” category for the first time in the study in 2012.

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    is a senior editor focusing on religion at Pew Research Center.


  1. MsColleen4 years ago

    It appears that some people have a hard time understanding that religious freedom means that people have the right to believe in any religious faith that suits them. Religious freedom means that people do not have the right to enforce their beliefs on others.

    Freedom of religion ultimately means that ALL religions are the right religion, for the person who has had the right to make a choice. NO religion is the only right religion.

  2. Obama. Violator of right to life, human rights, and religious freedom.4 years ago

    The increase of violation of human right to life, human rights, and religious freedom all over the world, is a direct result of Obama’s policies. And those of his ilk.

    Directly coming out of the policies which are for the purpose of compelled population reduction (- aggressively compelled since 1970s by the UN population fund), and compelled secularisation. of pro abortion, pro gay ideology, pro gender bending sexuality ideology, and anti public practice of religion especially Christianity (because religion is the only thing with an absolute rather than subjective morality, so is the only thing able to give main opposition to these inhumane policies).

    Obama was obtained as president by the money and influence (and I do not think by democracy) of the UN and abortion/gay agenda/anti religious agenda groups who care about two things: compelled population reduction, and money.

    Obama was concerned with, compelling all countries to make abortion less restricted, or totally unrestricted in law, and to compel education to encourage abortion.

    Also. To compel education about sexuality to encourage recognising gay and gender bending as normal. Going beyond just toleration. But rather to condemn questioning or talking scientifically about the difference of gay and straight as not equal and to make questioning this almost like a crime called discrimination, and to actually encourage gay or gender bending as good, with the intention to increase it by this education which is so positive in promoting it.

    See for example russia now, it has said it tolerates people being gay, and allows them the choice, but it simply does not want to manipulate education to promote this gay ideology as equal to nature and male and female sexuality.
    But the western world of compelled population reduction policies, is abusing russia in a political propaganda offensive and saying it is almost a crime, to refuse to promote an education of gay ideology.

    Education in a way that promotes gay ideology, and does not allow truth to be spoken, is manipulative, and is not allowing freedom of thought.

    The policies which try to compel all countries in the world to accept abortion, gay ideology, gender changing ideology. And at the same time being hostile to human rights, because human rights are against abortion, and hostile to the natural human family and religious freedom.
    These policies are against natural human morality, the international human rights, and freedom of thought and conscience and religion.

    And Obama, and the compelled population reduction group of which he is just a little puppet, are the fascist want to be controllers of the world.
    Who are currently viciously attacking any opposition to their goals, such as the catholic church, many politicians in national governments who oppose abortion laws etc, and their citizens, the many countries who are not pro gay education (even when they tolerate gay choice for adults), and the majority of individuals all over the world and even many in the western countries, who do not agree with these fascist groups. Because these groups are totally against essential human rights, firstly right to life, freedom to have children and a family, freedom of conscience and religious freedom.

    1. MsColleen4 years ago

      You need to learn about fascism. It is the combination of government and corporate power.

      You need to learn about religious freedom. Religious freedom does NOT mean that you have the power to enforce YOUR religious beliefs on others concerning sexuality. After all, MY religion has no problem with homosexuality nor “gender bending.” Why don’t you use the term transgender?

      You also have no religious right to force all women to live a life of endless pregnancies. Most of us recognize that the world is well beyond the capacity to care for all humans currently alive.

      So, you’re screaming about religious freedom while you are demanding that everyone else must capitulate to your religious views.

  3. Mustapha4 years ago

    Global religious freedom is a misnomer for the word religion is not mentioned in the Torah other than obeying One Lord of the universe. Obama is the least fit to say that for he believes in rights of individuals at variance with the Law.

  4. John Stefanyszyn4 years ago

    Freedom for ALL faiths / gods…Obama prays for at National Prayer Breakfast.

    “We sometimes see religion twisted in attempt to justify hatred, persecution against other people just because of who they are and how they pray or who they love.”

    Is Obama referring to people who embrace freedom of self-rights, of self-religion, of self-sexuality?

    The definition of “Religious Freedom” = the RIGHT (it is right / it is good) to be free (without consequence) to worship ANY ‘god’.

    …BUT Jesus Christ said that we are to love and worship the One Only Creator and to serve Him Alone.
    …BUT the Creator said that man would die, that his way would die, if he disobeyed Him and took of the forbidden tree of knowing / establishing “good / evil” for one’s own desires.

    INSTEAD, President Obama has confessed that “FREEDOM” is the “Light”, that it is the “will” of his ‘god’…of fortresses.
    This “freedom” speaks of peace and justice…but in reality it does the opposite. The real fruit of this “freedom” is conflict, hatred, and death…for it justifies each to do what is right in one’s own eyes…it justifies the desire to serve and magnify the self (XES).

    There is Only One True Way…the Way of Jesus Christ, SON of the Only Creator God.
    Soon, the One Lord Jesus Christ will return to rule the earth in power according to and in obedience to the Will of the Only God and NOT according to man’s first love for “his freedom”.

  5. Karthy4 years ago

    Bible prophecy coming to a climax before the great tribulation starts .