October 23, 2013

5 facts about atheists

Estimating the number of atheists in the U.S. is complex. Some adults who describe themselves as atheists also say they do believe in God or a universal spirit, according to Pew Research Center surveys. At the same time, some people who identify with a religion (e.g., say they are Protestant, Catholic or Jewish) say they do not believe in God.  The debate over the definition and identity of atheists came up recently during Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Diana Nyad, a self-identified atheist who recently gained attention for her Cuba-to-Florida open swim.

Here’s what we know about self-described atheists and their beliefs:

FT_5-facts-atheists1 The number of people who identify themselves as atheists in the United States has been rising, modestly but steadily, in recent years. Our aggregated data from 2012 show that 2.4% of American adults say they are atheists when asked about their religious identity, up from 1.6% in 2007.

2 Atheists, in general, are more likely to be male and younger than the overall population; 67% are men, and 38% are ages 18-29 (compared with 22% of all U.S. adults). About four-in-ten atheists (43%) have a college degree, compared with 29% of the general public.

3 Although the literal definition of “atheist” is “a person who believes that God does not exist,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, 14% of those who call themselves atheists also say they believe in God or a universal spirit. That includes 5% who say they are “absolutely certain” about the existence of God or a universal spirit. Alternatively, there are many people who fit the dictionary definition of “atheist” but do not call themselves atheists. More Americans say they do not believe in God or a universal spirit (7%) than say they are atheists (2.4%).

4 Not all atheists see a contradiction between atheism and spirituality. A quarter (26%) say they think of themselves as spiritual people, and 3% consider themselves religious people. Four-in-ten atheists (41%) say they often think about the meaning and purpose of life.

5 Among atheists, 82% say they either often (52%) or sometimes (30%) feel a deep connection with nature and the earth; among all American adults, 85% either often (58%) or sometimes (26%) feel such a connection.

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  1. Adams1 month ago

    I am happy that i am on this earth too. in fact people who religious are dumb. In my country(Ghana), they are the dumbest.

  2. Austin Peters2 months ago

    CORRECTION: Any one who says I do not have faith or belief in god is Atheist. Agnostic just mean you are open minded and don’t know you ideas are right. It just means “I could be wrong maybe”. Gnostic is “I KNOW I am right”. So probably around 21.6% (2012) were Atheist and around 19.2 were agnostic.

  3. Robin McDaniel2 months ago

    The 14% that say they believe in a god, and especially the 5% who say they are certain there is a spirit, are not atheist. Obviously, they have not clue what being atheist means. They should not be included in this study. At the very minimum, they are agnostic.

    You cannot be atheist and believe in a god (or devil for that matter). By definition that makes you a theist. I know satanists are always trying to claim they are atheists as well. Not true..they have a god they call satan.

  4. デード ソール2 months ago

    I’m an agnostic-theist and have met athiests, who aren’t even athiest by definition due to skepticism.

    My close acquaintance claims he is an athiest, but he isn’t 100% sure, he stated that he doesn’t know who he is wrong, says that he might or might not be wrong, and still claims to be athiests.

    I asked him if he understood what an agnostic was, and he nodded “no” and asked what’s that, I’ve observed this with multiple proclaimed athiests who call themselves what they aren’t. I do believe that some individuals have limited vocabulary knowledge on both sides which leads to a misunderstanding of what each person believes or doesn’t believe in. Definitions also vary.

    For instance “God” to me can be a constant that is responsible for the big bang theory, a law that dictates the formation of anything and everything, and whatnot. Another interesting point I’ve observed from so called “athiests” is that they limit the definition of a “God”, higher being, force, spiritual realm, and whatnot to that of the “Christian God”. They proceed to utilize weak counter argument by utilizing one belief system to disprove an idea.

    Just for those who don’t understand Christians who are athiests, this signifies that they interpret the “Christian God” as being what I described above which ironically is what I along with others consider “God”, “God”. These athiests metaphorically interpret biblical text, therefore broadening the range of translation.

    At the end it narrows down to personal translation.

    Athiest-Christian/ Christian-Athiest:
    “Christian God” is metaphorical therefore it isn’t an actual being, more of a force, or universal constant that dictates everything.

    Athiest (Gnostic):
    100% sure there isn’t a “God”> Typically refers to “Christian God”, can interpret “God” as a force, universal constant, etc. which would align Theistic views of “God”.

    Relies on the provided knowledge for a topic, this is by far the most logical/ rational position since it doesn’t disprove an idea, and doesn’t base an idea off of one translation.

    *Classifying the argument “something doesn’t exist therefore it’s unreal” is a weak counter argument, you’re debating “X” idea is invalid because “Y” is fake, “X” being the idea and “Y” being the “proof”, human logic requires ideas to come to fruition before evidence can be provided, not vice versa

    Theist: 100% belief in “God”, typically “Christian God”

    Interpretaron of God can be a universal constant, the “Christian-Atheist God”, a force, nature, etc. Skeptical individuals not 100% dedicated to either side of the argument.

    Literally narrows down to interpretation.

    1. Austin Peters2 months ago

      NO NO NO NO No NO your friend IS Atheist ho has no faith that is atheist by definition.
      As in no theism, A means no. Gnostic Atheist is what you are talking about. Your friend is Agnostic Atheist. I am a true Atheist and I do not think any body can KNOW anything since your mind can be trick to ANY conceivable extent. You can only trust what is most likely and probable nothing is 100% definite but you can go up to %99.9999……..

  5. David Eisenberg3 months ago

    That last question reminds me of the story about Transcendentalist, Margaret Fuller, who said “I accept the universe,” to which the more famous Thomas Carlyle supposedly replied, “Gad, she’d better.”

    I’m an atheist, which means to me that I don’t believe in God, not an agnostic, because I don’t see God as a possibility, though, of course, nothing can be proven or disproven with 100% certainty. We do not have to prove to believe or not believe. I do feel spiritual, and by that I mean – I hate to say it – that I feel connected to the universe. Feel free to say – Gad, he’d better. But not everyone does feel that way.

    1. Jacob Miller3 months ago

      I found the article interesting as well as how many atheists categorize themselves.

      “I’m an atheist, which means to me that I don’t believe in God, not an agnostic, because I don’t see God as a possibility, though, of course, nothing can be proven or disproven with 100% certainty”

      I find your comment interesting, as that I is similar in thought to myself, but I categorize myself differently.

      I am an agnostic atheist. I am agnostic because it is currently impossible to either prove or disprove the existence of a supreme being. Because of this impossibility, logic dictates that I should hold the null position and not believe in one. When arguing with believers I do not state “there is no god” ; I prefer the more accurate “there is no testable verifiable evidence of a god”.

    2. Kathy Lahmeyer3 months ago


      1. ubi dubiam ibi libertas3 months ago

        True. But as Carl Sagan famously said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. And the existence of God is a pretty extraordinary claim.

      2. jeremy rocker2 months ago

        Well Christianity cant prove that a god does exist so … I’m going for the obvious answer and saying that there is no magical man floating in the sky.

    3. Austin Peters2 months ago

      If you think he is impossible to exist then you are Gnostic Atheist. If you even think he is 0.00000000000000000000000001% possible then you are Agnostic Atheist

  6. CHNK4 months ago

    2.4% of people publically admit to being atheist…. but many many more won’t admit it because they feel guilty. it’s a big burden on the human mind to wrestle with the fact that there may be no after life. it’s a big burden on the human mind to explain to friends and family that there may be no god. so people become agnostic and just ignore the issue because it’s not worth wasting time and energy discussing.

    1. mj4 months ago

      words of truth for most agnostics

    2. Austin Peters2 months ago

      No 21.6% (2012) admit to being atheist (lacking faith)

  7. starlynn4 months ago

    ya when you accept the lord into your life be prepared for hell you will feel burn and get the heat non stop,for a god that supposed to exist i cant understand why he wants to hide from his people, and for us to look upon his face would be death. evil exist more than good in this world and i even wonder if there is a god and heaven.

    1. Beeta3 months ago

      God does not hide from us.. He is in everything you look at. When you have a relationship with God he speaks to you through his Holy Spirit to those that believe in him and except him as their savior.. God is everywhere.. Do you realize that there in nothing man has made that he did not have to use what God had made to create it? True.. think about it.. I am a Christian.. I have a close relationship with God and from the things I have experienced in my life WITH God I could never ever deny his existence. He is the creator of all that is created. To look up on him is more than the mortal man could handle. God in his Glory and magnificence has such a powerful presence around him that we could not look up on him in our mortal bodies and live. We could not take the brightness and power of his being.. HE does not hide.. HE is everywhere if you look . I see him moment to moment in my life. HE is the creator of all that is created ,that is God. Soon and very soon he will show himself to those that he gathers to himself in Heaven. WE must have a glorified Body to be able to be in his presence.. WE walk by faith in believing in God. HE teaches you day by day of his ways and his greatness. Faith comes through hearing and hearing comes from the word of God. You believe not because you have not heard him to have the faith.. HE is my life. I do nothing that he is not foremost in my heart and mind. I follow his word for it gives you peace and happiness. He is a companion that is closer than a brother. And most of all he is God of all creation. I wish that all could see and feel what I feel in knowing God. Just because you cannot look upon him is no reason to not believe in him. It takes a step of faith and then trust and then he shows you his love that is everlasting. There is no life outside of serving and knowing God. That is the reason we are here. This life will end one day for all on this planet . If you believe his word, and read his word it is written what is coming to this life.. We can choose to be with him for all eternity and live in the awesomeness God has prepared for those that follow him or they can choose not to believe and live a 180 degree turn in life that takes you where no man wants to Go.. It is simple.. HE invites everyone to come to him. It is his wish that NO man should perish but have everlasting life.. The benefits of serving God are tremendous..

      1. Beverly3 months ago

        I like your answer. I know too many people who think God is a fantasy. I feel sorry for them. They live in the dark. Maybe someday they see the light. When I describe how certain CNAs bring light and love into my mother’s world despite her dementia, while others are a complete waste of money, they tell me, you were just lucky to find a kind person that your mother likes. They are wrong. When certain people are in my home, I feel the light that comes from within them. I don’t have to prove it because I feel it. All of these people with inner light have a strong belief in God and enjoy reducing the suffering of another human being.

      2. samite2 months ago

        Do me a favor wont you go to evil bible.com i assure you it has nothing to do with evil bibles. Its simply the regular bible its just all the stories and contradictions they dont point out to you in church. Pastors and christian people and i myself at one point said the bible dose not contradict itself. . . . how wrong i was go to evil bible.com if your sitll a christian after reading every artical on the entire website….. Ill go back to church. But you got to really read it not just say you did ill be asking questions

    2. sparrow3 weeks ago

      I agree…I have done EVERYTHING that has been required by the Word in the Bible for 20 years. I have been and I still am in constant HELL since. And I am now so tired of believing in a ‘good’ God that I just want to end it all…including my life. The book of Job is but true…and it is his hell that I can testify to. 99.9% Christians and Jews don’t ever take that book into account because it is so filled with horrible misery and constant tyranny. This is how I see, live, and know God…as a Tyrant without any good. I am so fed up and ready to exit just to get on with what is left. Now when I hear a Christian speak so great of God I get a sick feeling because they don’t know Job nor do they suffer the way Christ says to. I am sick of the suffering as each day I want my life to end. So for those who can get on with life, you have my deepest respect. All I know is that I tried…and can’t deal with it anymore. I just don’t understand why God needs to be such a tyrant towards a willing servant (idiot). I’m in a prison after giving up everything because I believed in what he promised. I have lost family, friends, pets, my home, my business, my freedom, and purpose…and yet to see good. And worse…I witness the liars, thieves, murderers and evil et al go free without ever seeing justice.

      1. Epicurus2 weeks ago

        You wrote a suicide letter, minus the actual statement of intent. Just stating the obvious. Also you’re essentially saying that in your experience there is more evidence for the existence of an evil devil than there is for a good god. If you further believed that the devil could be communed with, that would be, by definition, Theistic Satanism. Not that I’d advocate such a thing, just pointing it out. I think the facts on this page are wrong when they say that an atheist is “a person who thinks god does not exist”. I consider an atheist to be “a person that does not believe in god”, and is really only a useful word to distinguish between those who believe and those who don’t. For instance, if a bunch of other people started to believe in fairies, then I could accurately be described as an afaireist, even though the merest thought had never seriously occurred to me. Given your situation of being in prison for, presumably a violent act that you considered consistent with the teachings of the Bible, I would hazard a guess that your path to any sort of contentment in life would be to abandon the teachings of the Bible and violence. Those two things you served have served you poorly, and presumably, served the people around you poorly. I will take your posting publicly to be a solicitation for advice from the public and give you this: There are bad people who know they do bad and everyone else is wrong. The only people worthy of forgiveness for the wrongs they do are those that are willing to think deeply, then act consistent with their conclusions. That may actually include you… unfortunately that may also include a whole lot of really dumb people who’ve done really awful things.

  8. Bob Rowland4 months ago

    How would percentages change if people were not constantly opinion reinforced with unproven religious indoctrination?

    1. Aaron3 months ago

      May I ask you what kind of proof there is for there not being a God. In order to say that there is absolutely no God, one must know everything about everything. In other words the evolutionist has no clue as to how intelligence came from nothing & the evolutionist who believes in a big bang theory has no clue as to how that very 1st bit of matter ever came into existence in the 1st place. The fact is; it seems that it takes more faith to believe that something evolved from nothing that that there is a Creator Who spoke it into existence.

      1. Atheist3 months ago

        Do you have proof that there is a god? I dont believe it because there is no proof that God exists. If you show us proof then I would believe it.

      2. Eric3 months ago

        This is a stretch. There are many different interpretations of atheism but the way most atheists would interpret it is as a lack of the belief in a/the entity (a-theism). That is we don’t claim there is no god, but that there is no evidence of the god in question. Furthermore, believing in the extremely gradual development of the universe without knowing the start is far more reasonable than believing it was spat out by an extra-universal being in the way we see it now. Considerably more easy when you add on the evidence of evolution and the expansion of the universe.

      3. jeremy rocker2 months ago

        where did your creator come from, it is the same question that we will keep hitting (where did it come from?) but we do know where life came from which in turn tells us where intelligence came from. Just face it atheism has proof what dose Christianity have…a book written 3000 years ago.

  9. wehrlybird5 months ago

    So… do the 14% of self-identified atheists who also believe in God understand their own contradiction? Do they understand the actual definition of atheism? Very curious about this!

    1. SOMEGUY78934 months ago

      I think they may be agnostic but don’t know the word for it and use Atheism instead.

      1. William Burke4 months ago

        That’s what I think also. It shows that Americans not only have undersized vocabulary issues, they are deficient in grammar, spelling and syntax, and seem to have little or no familiarity with their native language.

        Don’t try and pile the blame for this one on the public school system; there are plenty of kids do very well in the very same schools.

        1. Stupid American, DoiBoy3 months ago

          English, I suppose?

    2. Roy Marino2 months ago

      I was invited to a dinner party a couple of weeks ago and in conversation uncovered that in my eyes everyone there (about 10 people) were atheists. But in asking what they called themselves I got answers like agnostic, humanist, free-thinker, secular (most common) or none. But I was the only one to say atheist.
      But when I posed a question from Penn Jillette’s book, “Do YOU believe in a God?” 100% said no. For some reason people with our mindsets don’t like to be grouped together. I would like to see what the population percentage is when you include everyone that doesn’t have an acting participation in religion. I want to see more unity in the movement so we could possibly be seen in the political arena as an asset.

  10. Atheiots5 months ago

    Too many philistines here to realize the massive flaws in their arguments.

    If you think people are religious because of the “science gap”, then you’re ignorant.

    If you think a majority of people are religious because they’re ignorant, then you’re ignorant.

    If you think science is a tool that can describe everything about reality, then you’re ignorant.

    If you think belief in God is illogical, then you’re ignorant.

    American’s atheists are literally sitting pretty on a nation founded by educated theists, which continued preserving and educating the masses since the dark ages.

    You’re sitting on not just a few, but many scientific discoveries fostered by religious people, be it Gregor Mendel the ‘Father of Genetics’, Georges Lemaitre the original proposer of the expansion of the universe or ‘Big Bang Theory’ (often mis-attributed to Hubble), and many, many others:


    Here’s the point I’m making. The rise of atheism isn’t because people are becoming more educated in the sciences, or mathematics, or whatever practical discipline that our society is fostering at the moment.

    They’re arising out of a lack of critical debate, thought, and introspective of a philosophic nature.

    They’re arising out of an indifference of educated Christian philosophers, more concerned about residing within their ivory towers, rather than coming out and reminding the world both who perpetuated human knowledge through the dark ages, and who continues to keep quiet stewardship over both the importance of education and philosophy.

    Atheists are more intelligent? I haven’t been impressed, as most aren’t even familiar with the history behind their own belief, nor are they familiar with anything beyond straw man arguments against the woefully ignorant who just happen to be ‘religious’.

    1. quite5 months ago

      While I don’t agree with the way you said it, I do absolutely agree with what you said! These statistics don’t accommodate for the huge number of people who don’t understand the meaning of the word “atheist”. In a similar fashion to people who use “vegetarian” as a catch all term to describe vegans, pescatarians etc. I identify as an agnostic athiest, and while I don’t believe in God or a spiritual being, I refuse to rule it out as a possibility. In actual fact given the recent ideas in theoretical physics it is looking more likely that the existence of a higher being could be possible.
      Many athiests give the rest of us a bad name due to their own lack of education because if a scientist truly follows the scientific method, they could never ever say that God does not exist.
      I usually play devil’s advocate in these discussions with my friends (largely due to a lack of equal representation) and I will often refer to the founders of some of the greatest scientific discoveries. Several of whom were actually members of the church itself.
      Unfortunately so many athiest are not scientists and probably should not make claims based on Sciences they only half understand.
      I believe that science is a belief system just the same as every religion and neither has given an absolute truth.
      I didnt really have a point I guess I just wanted to expand a little from the point of view of an athiest that agrees with you.
      If God created the universe then math is the language he used to describe it.

      1. SOMEGUY78934 months ago

        Yeah totally agree, I’m an Agnostic Deist so while I don’t like religion, I still feel there is a higher power. It’s tiring being called a fool or illogical for believing in a higher power. When logically you can’t know.

    2. George4 months ago

      Certainly, religious scientists have achieved everything the world has now. But you should see their belief system as one of the shortcomings in their scientific understanding rather than something that was as well-founded as their science. The trend among scientists clearly seems to move towards atheism with the passage of time. This report is an example: ncse.com/rncse/18/2/do-scientist…. The fact that scientists are progressively turning to a rejection of belief in god should say something about where the truth may lie. Scientists are among the cleverest of all people, after all.

  11. Steven Jacob Borthick5 months ago

    The Enlightenment is being relighted, thanks to the Age of Information via Technology. :-)

  12. Dennis Lurvey5 months ago

    the more information is available through the internet, the more literate and educated ppl are, the further science closes the knowledge gaps the bible pretends to fill, the less religion will prevail.
    the bible became more prevalent with the invention of the printing press, but so did books on deism and atheism. as early colonists went to schools and became literate and graduated college the ‘age of reason’ (science) began during revolutionary times. religion can’t survive the light of day. if people can find the truth about biblical stories or how religion was invented they have to leave it behind.

    1. P.A. Reising4 months ago

      people act like these questions haven’t been talked about forever. You wonder why people are afraid to Identify as atheists. Well historically because they killed us! Right along with the rest. I believe in the bible we are called heretics . as a 60 year old people are more understanding of why I smoke Pot than the atheist thing. Personally I struggle enough with on my own to want fight with some radical evangelical that I don’t wish to debate. I am trying to be the change I wish to see. like all of you I am just trying to live my life the best and fullest. Because late at night It’s really only me I have to answer to for my actions or lacking. So at the end of the day I wish to have more on the + side of the ledger. For no one else satisfaction but mine.

  13. Renato Baldago5 months ago

    Forever Offering Thanksgiving
    June 9, 2007 · by Brother Eliseo F. Soriano
    16 Votes

    Those who deny God’s existence are ingrates. Anybody who believes not in a Supreme Being should pretend that he knows everything, but if his mind is telling him that he has not the capacity to know and understand everything that exist, then he must accept that there is a reason behind the existence of everything. The most intelligent man who lived on earth have confessed his inability to understand everything under the sun.

    (Ecclesiastes 8:17) “Then I beheld all the work of God, that a man cannot find out the work that is done under the sun: because though a man labor to seek it out, yet he shall not find it; yea further; though a wise man think to know it, yet shall he not be able to find it. “

    Scientists believe that nothing will happen without a cause. Although it is a principle in science, some scientists who do not believe in God ascribe to nature everything that exists. Let us examine if there is a rational in this.

    Nature is defined by human dictionary as the original unaltered state, character and condition of everything that exists in the entire universe. There is no definition whatsoever that ascribes to nature the creation of anything. In nature, there are laws, there are mishaps (meaning things happening beyond the law of nature). In nature, there are accidents like, mutations, bearing of twins, triplets, etc. and the existence of third sexes caused by imbalance of the male and female hormones in an individual. Nature is not as consistent as should have been since time immemorial. But while there are mishaps and inconsistencies in nature, there is Someone consistent and will not change: this is God.

    (James 1:17) “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

    God is the creator of everything that exists.

    (Acts 17:24) “God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands…”

    He ordains, controls and can alter nature. Sea waves are ruled by nature to stop on the shores, but God can call the waves to transgress the shore and cover the land.

    (Amos 9) “It is he that buildeth his stories in the heaven, and hath founded his troop in the earth; he that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name.”

    Man is helpless against the power of nature. Nature kills — sometimes violently, sometimes in great number. If we are under God’s care and guidance, we will be safe before occasional furies of nature.

    I am a grateful creation of my Creator, and I will forever be, with His help. I have unspeakable reasons to be thankful to Him. My being, my strength (and weaknesses), my wisdom (and ignorance), my abilities (and inabilities), everything I posses bespeaks of His power, loving-kindness, compassion, and grace that calls for praise and thanksgiving.

    Why should everybody be grateful to God?

    I want you to answer this question:

    (1 Corinthians 4:7) “For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive? now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?”

    Is there anything in us that we did not receive? Have we provided ourselves with life and strength? Nobody can answer in the affirmative. Then, if the answers is ‘yes’, we must admit that somebody far-far greater than ourselves gave these things to us. The king David, after realizing this, bursts into thanksgiving.

    (1 Chronicles 29:11-13) “Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all. Both riches and honor come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name.”

    Thus, the Lord declared:

    (Deuteronomy 32:39) “See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand.”

    This declaration stands unchallenged even by the most powerful of human beings that have existed and now exist on earth. This is God’s signature on His authority over everything that exists.
    It is God’s will that His creation be grateful and offer Him the sacrifice of ‘thanksgiving’.

    (Psalms 100:3-5) “Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.”

    I firmly believe that you and I belong to one of these generations mentioned in the preceding verses. Until now and forever, the Lord is good, His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures.

    Thanksgiving springs from the heart of somebody who has the understanding that He does not live by himself.

    (Acts 17:28) “For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, for we are also his offspring.”

    God is a being that can not be seen with our eyes, but can be felt by our hearts. Our conscience as human beings does testify of His existence.

    (Romans 2:15) “They demonstrate that God’s law is written within them, for their own consciences either accuse them or tell them they are doing what is right.” NLT

    Man’s conscience can teach him what is good and what is bad; what is right and what is wrong; and the preference for goodness in the heart of a man proves the existence of God.

    Let us all offer unto God praises and voices of thanksgiving, for we are all indebted to Him.

    The offering of thanksgiving is a good thing in the sight of God.

    (Psalms 92:1) “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High…”

    Refusing to do what is good is a sin.

    (James 4:17) “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

    Being ungrateful is a sin!

    (Hebrews 13:15-16) “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name. But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.”

    As it pleases a doer of good, to receive gratitude from the recipient, it is well-pleasing to God to be thanked by the recipients of His goodness, loving-kindness, and mercy.

    (Jeremiah 9:23-24) “The Lord says, “Let not a wise man speak with pride about his wisdom. Let not the strong man speak with pride about his strength. And let not a rich man speak with pride about his riches. But let him who speaks with pride speak about this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord who shows lovingkindness and does what is fair and right and good on earth. For I find joy in these things,” says the Lord.” NIV-UK

    There are people prophesied in the scriptures, and called the people of God in the last days ,that will fulfill this prophecy.

    (Jeremiah 30:19-24) “From them will proceed thanksgiving and the voice of those who celebrate; And I will multiply them and they will not be diminished; I will also honor them and they will not be insignificant. Their children also will be as formerly, and their congregation shall be established before Me; And I will punish all their oppressors. ‘Their leader shall be one of them, and their ruler shall come forth from their midst; And I will bring him near and he shall approach Me; For who would dare to risk his life to approach Me?’ declares the LORD. ‘You shall be My people, And I will be your God. Behold, the tempest of the LORD! Wrath has gone forth, A sweeping tempest; It will burst on the head of the wicked. The fierce anger of the LORD will not turn back until He has performed and until He has accomplished the intent of His heart; in the latter days you will understand this”

    To God belong all praises and honor forever and ever. Amen.


    1. Jim Now5 months ago

      Am I the only one who finds amusement in this person trying to prove god with god. Discounting the lack of rational in these arguments, you can’t use the bible’s sayings to prove something before you prove the validity of the bible itself. It’s circular reasoning.

      1. ufewl ufewlx5 months ago

        What like proving science with science you mean?

        1. Naiara5 months ago

          Like proving science with actual facts, current facts, experiments and discoveries made every single day. Not a religion based in some people believes 2000 years ago where people was uneducated and had no idea about how the world was even created. Religion was necessary to stop people from killing each other, raping and committing all kinds of crimes, I got that. But now it’s time for us to believe in the real world. My respects for what religion was used to, but that was when people behave like animals. Now we are civilized and educated, smart enough to reach the truth of nature and science. How you prove God? There is no actual facts, sorry. Hopefully my grandkids will live in a 90% free-religion world.

          1. John.E5 months ago

            So you are telling us that murder and rape ceased 2000 years ago on the back of religion? I wish! People have understood the difference between good and evil long before contemporary religion, since the introduction of contemporary religion and will do long after religion has exhausted its usefulness of controlling the uneducated and the naive… that is if the world does not destroy itself for the sake of religion before the time of enlightenment takes hold.

  14. Bill Haines6 months ago

    That Merriam-Webster definition is wrong, at best incomplete and misleading. Try the OED. oxforddictionaries.com/us/defini…

  15. Daveast6 months ago

    You really cant blame thinking people for rejecting religion. Sadly, religion has probably been the cause of more bloodshed over the centuries than any other reason. Thinking people reason, (and rightly so)…. that If there was a loving God interested in mankind, how could “believing”……be the cause of so much suffering?

    And then there is science. Science has been the savior of millions of people who might otherwise have died an early death. Think of all of the medical innovations that save lives every day. Science is a real “in your face”….undeniable force that can do much good in the world.

    But science can be usurped for evil purposes… think of how many have been killed by machine guns, chemical weapons, nuclear bombs and a thousand other “breakthroughs” used for evil. Sadly, scientists, even atheist scientists in atheist countries are only too happy to have their “breakthrough” used to expand their country’s territory….killing or subjugating “others” in the process.

    Just like science, Religion can and has been usurped for evil purposes for thousands of years. Rarely if ever do you see the religious “leaders” leading the charge in some “holy war”….no, they are sitting back in the lap of luxury, watching TV while their brainwashed minions go out and kill those of a different…or even their own religion…. bringing more power and influence to the themselves.

    It’s sick….it’s sad….but it’s what is “normal” on this earth.

    So, what do I believe is the answer? I love science….but I will not use science for evil. Somehow, science must not be subject to the evil whims of religious nut cases….or atheist nut cases…or political nut cases of any kind. There needs to be a universal LAW, that you MUST love or at least “respect” your fellow man. Any religion or “other” belief system that does not respect this basic principle should be discouraged.

    I have concluded that there is in fact…. a Supreme Being….A designer of life.

    When scientists create LIFE….real LIFE from “scratch”….not using the building blocks already designed & engineered by God…. ONLY THEN would I even begin to contemplate other possibilities. As an engineer myself, having an intimate understanding of how complex modern systems are…. and understanding how EXTREMELY unlikely…. that even the most “basic” of these systems, would ever “evolve” by chance…. I am driven to my conclusion by logic.

    Most people take for granted the conveniences they use every day…. thinking that if they can afford to purchase a technology….that they somehow have created or master that technology… as if they were a god. Nothing can be more arrogant and uninformed.

    Respect what you can not do or create yourself. This is the beginning of true wisdom.

    I can not create a living thing. I can create “artificial” systems that “mimic” life…. but these artificial “things” will never rise to the level of a flower, a kitten, or a human baby.


    1. Atheiots5 months ago

      That is simply not true. The entire 21st century had more deaths as a result from secular societies specifically targeting the religious or the educated (Russia’s Stalin, Cambodia’s Pol Pot, etc.) Than any religious war, by any religion, COMBINED.

      You’re either woefully ignorant of your history, or you’re willfully ignorant of the devastating effects that secular societies have had on human beings.

      “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.11”

      -Joseph Stalin

      1. Orvo4 months ago

        Um…no. Religious minds have killed WAY more. The Civil War and the monstrosities that happened before and after were caused by the ideology that whites were created to be better. Christianity performed genocide upon several people including over 55 million Native Americans as well as the Australian Aborigines. You also have the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the Iraq Police Action (which was dubbed a Crusade) and many more examples, and that’s just Christianity. Come to think of it, Buddhism, from what I know, is the least violent of the popular religions. Also, you cannot link Stalin’s bloodthirsty directly to Atheism do to the fact that he did not kill just the religious but any who tried to oppose him and his order. Lastly, the Pol Pot genocide targeted everybody who proved a threat towards the government, religious or not. Any sort of search into either a database or just on google proves your statement to be wrong.

  16. Ernie C.6 months ago

    Come on people,it is simple. If you DON’T believe in a God,gods,a higher power,etc.you ARE an atheist! If you DO believe in a God,gods or a higher power,great spirit,etc.,you are NOT an atheist! End of story! Just saying…

  17. Renato Baldago7 months ago


    In the extremely misinformed, hellish book entitled “God Delusion,” the author Richard Dawkins, with his poison wrote –

    “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” (God Delusion. Chapter 2 p.31)

    The author, devoid of human decency and filled with satanic blasphemy, charged the God of the Old Testament to be “the most unpleasant character in all fiction!” This stupid and false accusation against someone whom he does not believe to exist can be considered the height of insanity and delusion!


    10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

    11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    It is not hard to see that to disgrace somebody who does not exist can only be caused by hallucinations of a person buried deep in delusion.

    PSALMS 53:1

    The fool hath said in his heart,There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.

    To tag the God of the Old Testament worse than Dracula, Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, Frankenstein, and the like, is the grandest form of lie that an author could invent in the history of fiction making! Apparently, Dawkins is on the side of these fiction characters, being their campaign manager!


    Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.

    Here are things we should consider:

    The God of the Bible is Omnipotent
    GENESIS 17:1

    And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.

    He desire perfection for humanity.

    MATTHEW 5:48

    Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

    Being perfect, an injunction to a believer, means to learn how to love and care for enemies.

    MATTHEW 5:44-48

    44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

    45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

    46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?

    47 And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

    48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

    The God of the Bible is jealous.
    That the Lord may become jealous is a deterrent. Divine jealousy is caring for His beloved not to be persuaded by lies.


    7 Thou shalt have none other gods before me.

    8 Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth:

    9 Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me,


    For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

    With the accusations of Dawkins against God, it will imply that even if he sees his wife flirting with another atheist, it will still be something morally acceptable to him! But God’s jealousy is kindled against any man that would intentionally worship false gods. It is falsehood. God wants to protect His people from idolatry.

    THE ROMANS 1:25

    Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

    To frankly declare, “I am a jealous God” does not mean that He is proud of being jealous. He says exactly what He feels, treating His servants honestly with compassion and concern.

    The thinking of Richard Dawkins against God is not a thing to marvel about. There are people who, according to the Bible, are walking with their head and thinking with their feet!

    ISAIAH 5:20

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    Richard Dawkins is “petty unjust,” and not the God of the Bible.
    To charge somebody who does not exist to be “petty unjust” is most certainly unjust! The God of the Bible is the executor of everything that is just.

    JEREMIAH 9:24

    But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the LORD.

    The highest standards of human justice are reflected in the Constitution of the United States of America! (The land of the free and the home of the brave). It is clear that the Bible is the basis of the justice system in the constitution of the United States. Here’s an excerpt from an article titled, “The Supreme Court vs. Faith and the Bible” (Ref: blowthetrumpet.org/CourtverseBib… ) –

    In V. Watkins v. Torso, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Secular Humanism is a religion.

    Observations by the Legislative Branch

    “Religion must be considered as the foundation on which the whole structure rests. In this age there can be no substitute for Christianity; the great conservative element on which we must rely for the purity and permanence of free institutions.”House Judiciary Committee, 1854

    “The great vital and conservative element in our system is the belief of our people in the pure doctrines and divine truths of gospel of Jesus Christ.” House Judiciary Committee, 1854

    “Whereas the Bible, the Word of God, has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive and blessed nation of people. Whereas Biblical teachings inspired concepts of civil government that are contained in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of The United States … Whereas that renewing our knowledge of, and faith in God through Holy Scriptures can strengthen us as a nation and a people. Now therefore be it resolved … that the President is authorized and requested to designate 1983 as a national “Year of the Bible” in recognition of both the formative influence the Bible has been for our nation, and our national need to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.”1983 – Oct. 4, 1982, Joint Resolution of Congress.

    We now turn to the leaders of the world as written in Wake Up America! Almost all the presidents of the greatest nation on earth now, the United States of America, believed in the Bible. It is the book upon which they laid their hands in swearing their oath of office with the concluding phrase in their oath “So help me God.” Here are some of them (Ref: togreaterheights.com/educate-you…)

    President of the United States

    1st President / George Washington

    “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”

    6th President / John Quincy Adams

    “The first and almost the only book deserving of universal attention is the Bible. I speak as a man of the world. . . and I say to you, Search the Scriptures.”

    16th President / Abraham Lincoln

    “In regard for this Great Book, I have this to say, it is the best gift God has given to man. All the good Savior gave to the world was communicated through this Book”

    7th President / Andrew Jackson

    “That Book, Sir, is the rock on which our Republic rests.”

    28th President / Woodrow Wilson

    “The Bible is the one supreme source of revelation of the meaning of life, the nature of God, and spiritual nature and needs of men. It is the only guide of life which really leads the spirit in the way of peace and salvation. America was born a Christian nation. America was born to exemplify that devotion to the elements of righteousness which are derived from the revelations of Holy Scripture.”

    30th President / Calvin Coolidge

    “The strength of our country is the strength of its religious convictions. The foundations of our society and our government rest so much on the teaching of the Bible that it would be difficult to support them if faith in these teaching would cease to be practically universal in our country.”

    32nd President / Franklin Roosevelt

    “We cannot read the history of our rise and development as a nation without reckoning with the place the Bible has occupied in shaping the advances of the Republic. Where we have been the truest and most consistent in obeying its precepts, we have attained the greatest measure of contentment and prosperity.”

    33rd President / Harry Truman

    “The fundamental basis of this nation’s laws was given to Moses on the Mount. The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings we get from Exodus and Saint Matthew, from Isaiah and Saint Paul . . . If we don’t have a proper fundamental moral background, we will finally end up with a government which does not believe in rights for anybody except the State!

    18th President / Ulysses S. Grant

    “Hold fast to the Bible as the sheet anchor of your liberties. Write its precepts in your hearts, and practice them in your lives. To the influence of this Book are we indebted for all the progress made in true civilization, and to this we must look as our guide in the future.”

    23rd President / Benjamin Harrison

    “If you take out of your statutes, your constitution, your family life all that is taken from the Sacred Book, what would there be left to bind society together?”

    40th president / Ronald Reagan

    “Inside the Bible pages lie all the answers to all of the problems man has ever known . . . It is my firm belief that the enduring values presented in its pages have a great meaning for each of us and for our nation. The Bible can touch our hearts, order our minds, and refresh our souls.”

    In contrast, we notice the noise of new atheists. The New Atheists are authors of early twenty-first century books promoting atheism. These authors include Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens, as named by the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. These modern atheist writers advocate the view that “religion should not simply be tolerated but should be countered, criticized, and exposed by rational argument wherever its influence arises,” according to Simon Hooper (The rise of the ‘New Atheists,’ November 9, 2006 CNN.Com).

    Hooper said the tone of these new atheists overtly confrontational rather than gently persuasive. In one of the interviews for CNN, Darwin is said to boast that atheists are like the gays; they only need to come out. When they do come out, the public can find that they are more numerous than believed. That is the kind of victory they see for themselves. But these pretentious intellectuals are no match to the great and intelligent men who shaped the USA as a nation!

    PSALMS 33:12

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD

    God bless America and the world!

    1. free thinker6 months ago

      your arguments went out the window once you started quoting scripture. I doubt you even read one page of the God Delusion. It’s sad really, atheists tend to be the smartest percentage of the population, while people like you reject science and quote lines written by old men.

      1. Desmond Wilson3 months ago

        His arguments went out the window from the very start, when he wrote this gem…..

        “The author, devoid of human decency and filled with satanic blasphemy, charged the God of the Old Testament to be “the most unpleasant character in all fiction!” This stupid and false accusation against someone whom he does not believe to exist can be considered the height of insanity and delusion!”

        First, he suggests that anyone who speaks out against religion is devoid of human decency. Then he criticizes Dawkins for criticizing a fictional character. As if he/she has never come across an unpleasant character in any fictional book, film, or TV show.

        I love when religious people act as if they have some sort of monopoly on human decency. And since he/she is so fond of quotes……

        “Religion infects us in our most basic integrity. It says that we can’t be moral, or good to one another, without totalitarian permission. It says we must be afraid. We must be forced to love someone who we fear. That’s the very essence of sadomachasism.”

    2. Red6 months ago

      You seem a little upset. Care to tell us what’s on your mind? Other than a torrent of scripture, that is.

    3. Snowbrush6 months ago

      Dawkins sounds right to me.

    4. Kermit6 months ago

      Maybe you should read the old testament sometime

  18. Merne Asplund8 months ago

    These are flawed numbers, and its not surprising given the source. Do some reading on the actual study and see how the numbers are getting massaged. Basically all the “maybe’s/i dont knows” got lumped into “theism,” which (by definition) is false. If someone is agnostic, they are not automatically a theist.

    1. David7 months ago

      It’s possible to be an agnostic theist. The two terms are not mutually exclusive. Theism and Atheism deal with belief and disbelief. Gnosticism and Agnosticism deal with knowledge. I’m an agnostic atheist. I know several agnostic theists. I know one or two Gnostic Atheists. So, to summarize, theism-atheism=belief. Gnosticism-Agnosticism=knowledge.

  19. Nora8 months ago

    This just makes me want to do something about it. I want to take them into my arms and convince them God is GREAT!!!!!!!

    1. Waldenfrosch7 months ago

      And I’d like to just take you into my arms and convince you there’s no need for gods.

      1. Snowbrush.blogspot.com6 months ago

        Right on, Waldenfrosch

      2. kristi Douglas5 months ago

        wow that’s crazy… First there isn’t gods that’s a myth. there is only one God and one Jesus Christ and one Holy Spirit. If there was not gods as you said then please explain to me how are you and everyone else here today on this Earth.. an how is some of the people that had ebola better?? But supposedly there is no gods as you said.. then honest I feel you would be feeding that person lies. I know and a lot of people know that there is A GOD but not gods. Just saying I know my facts about religion and not trying to be rude but it doesn’t seem like you do because there is ONLY ONE GOD and that is God.

        1. Evan5 months ago

          That’s called Christianity; that is the name of your faith. Religion is not synonymous with Christianity, and you’re honestly one of the first people I’ve ever come across to think it is. I won’t even begin to express my own ideas to you on the matter, but even Christians know about other religions (other meaning, there’s more than just Christianity).

          Google Hinduism if you’ve never heard of polytheism (belief in multiple gods), that’s the one I can think of.

        2. Larry Flynt5 months ago

          All gods are equally well supported from evidence point of view. This includes the Abraham in variants.

          And no.as atheist I have no burden to tell you how everything came to bee.

          Irregardless of that actual facts and evidence has been used to complete for what is most part a well supported grand narrative e for where we come and how the universe has developed back to the plank time. Every time you switch on your car you validate that picture either you admit it or not.

          1. Philosopher3 months ago

            One question I have found all theists to avoid, if this universe cannot come into existence without a superior creator, how can the superior creator with infinite power came into existence? So, if the creator can create himself, why can’t the universe create itself too? And with our understanding of science and mathematics, we have a pretty good explanation of how the universe can come into existence from nothing, but we don’t have a single explanation how a creator can create himself.

            “At some point, something must have come from nothing.”
            ― Jostein Gaarder

          2. Philosopher3 months ago

            I have a pretty good scientific proof of the existence of god. A few steps of neuroscience can bring in a conclusion. The existence of prefrontal cortex or the frontal lobe gave an evolutionary advantage to the primates. It warned them of upcoming dangers and made them avoid taking risks, which was vital for the survival of our species. But this great advantage came with a price. Because of having the prefrontal cortex unlike most other animals, we developed the sense of fear. We became overly cautious about uncertainty and became fearful. Think of yourself going to a completely dark room, you are afraid, not because of a ghost or monster, but because of uncertainty. But uncertainty is an abstract term, too complicated for the brain to express. So the brain filled up the fear of uncertainty with ghosts and monsters, something that is easy to visualize. Now, as the human brain created fear, it needs something to save it from them. And the brain chose the best way to do it, is to create the opposite of fear, that is ‘belief’. Belief was necessary to keep away the fear of uncertainty. Again, belief is an abstruse term, human brain needed something more animate to visualize it. The collection of this belief system became god. The god created by us thinks just like us, desires like us, sometimes even eats and drinks like us. A better way of getting rid of the fear of uncertainty came into action much later, which is gaining appreciation only recently. Which is ‘knowledge’. Remember the example of entering the dark room? Now, what if you had knowledge of what is in the room, would you still be afraid? May be you know that there is something dangerous in that room, maybe there is a dangerous snake lying anywhere in the room which will bite you if you step into its tail. You know your danger, and you have taken the necessary precaution to prevent it, would you still be afraid? Hopefully not, or at least very little. So knowledge is the only way to actually mitigate fear.
            Now if you ask me if there is God, I would say there is, within the people who believes in it.

        3. Edward4 months ago

          We came to be because of the Big Bang, which is when a ton of matter condensed into a tiny area, resulting in an enormous explosion spreading across the void causing cells, planets, and stars to form. From which we proceeded to evolve from those cells over a course of billions of years. Read up on your facts before commenting

          1. William Burke4 months ago

            The God of the Old Testament asked Abraham to slay his first-born son; sent bears to dismember the children who taunted Elisha; slew the first-born and cattle of the Egyptians; drowned all the people and animals (those wicked animals!) of Earth; helped the Israelites slay all the Amalekites, Medianites and Heshbonites; had Samson bring down a temple, killing 3,000, incinerates 51 to prove he’s God, killed a man for refusing to impregnate his brother’s widow, and threatened to punish the Israelites by making them eat their own children…

            NAH, God’s really a swell, well-balanced fellow.

          2. k dub2 months ago

            Then if we evolved from apes why do apes still exist and why didn’t they evolve as we did seeing as they would have had none evolutionary to time evolve than the humans. Also when dealing with evolution, humans have devolved. Our eyesight became worse, we are weaker, we can’t instinctively swim, the only thing about humans that advanced was the brain. But why did only humans advance in the brain why have other species much older than us more advanced than us?

    2. Jim7 months ago

      Please don’t, I’m just fine

      1. Melissa5 months ago

        And so are we.

    3. kristi Douglas5 months ago

      to be honest i had lived with this foster sister that claimed she was athesis, my foster parent tried everything to get this girl to believe but that failed epicly. We went to church every sunday but still she had yet to believe. I felt terrible because I thought maybe there was something I could have done. This girl was really bad off, and anyways she would draw the upside down cross and flames and say like “Devil” or 666 and it scared me so bad. But yes it does make you want to take them in your arms and tell them that God is real and that the Devil is a lie.

      1. Pandabear2 weeks ago

        If God is real, the devil is real considering the story that satan was once an angel but turned bad so god made a hell and sent him there where he became ruler and all. But you know. ¨The Devil is a lie¨ but I am an athiest anaways so I am just trying to help you out fellow person.

  20. Sue8 months ago

    How lovely and simple life would be if I could just let go and let god. If I could just turn all my troubles and woes over to a supernatural big daddy in the sky…. how lovely life would be. Unfortunately, ever since I was a young lass I’ve just never been able to buy into it. So I just white knuckle it and work my way through any obstacles. Still……..

    1. guest8 months ago


    2. ohandy18 months ago

      “Letting God…” doesn’t make it easier. Just worth it.

  21. redneck8 months ago

    i dont like this and i go to church

  22. Michael9 months ago

    About 85% of the people in the United States profess to be Christian. Christianity the largest of all religious groups and represents well over two billion people worldwide. Islam (1.5 billion), Hinduism (one billion) and Buddhism (500 million) with folk religions in China, Asia and Africa represent about another one billion combined. There are estimated over 38,000 different religious groups on the planet. The largest group, Christianity possesses hundreds of different denominations, sects and groupings. Well over 97% of the people on earth are spiritual in the sense that they are not agnostic, nor professed atheists. CIA fact book.

    “Whether or not there is a supreme personal intelligence, infinite and eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, the Creator, upholder and ruler of the universe, imminent in and yet transcending all things, gracious and merciful, the Father and Redeemer of mankind is surely the profoundest problem that can agitate the human mind. Lying as it does at the foundation of all man’s religious beliefs — as to responsibility and duty, sin and salvation, immortality and future blessedness, as to the possibility of a revelation, of an incarnation, of a resurrection, as to the value of prayer, the credibility of miracle, the reality of providence, — with the reply given to it are bound up not alone the temporal and eternal happiness of the individual, but also the welfare and progress of the human race.” Thomas Whitelaw

    Of course, this is foolishness to the natural man…but to the Christian, this is the power of God, the Apostle Paul, 2000 years ago.

    1. fool naww7 months ago

      Of course you can’t be certain about Christianity being right among 4200 other religions regardless of the figures.So keeping it simple and short, your religion just has a minute change of being right among all those others.That is why i don’t attach myself with any religion,

  23. james hine9 months ago

    The problem for both atheists and theists is their trying to talk about something they can never know the answer to, making dogmatic assumptions about pseudo questions which is laughable. If you are an atheist who says as a matter of fact there is no god its worth re thinking your view. I myself feel there is no god and the scientific logical reasoner inside of me says there isnt but i know we can never know the answer so despite how i feel i know i musnt delve into such unanswerable things. And if you are religious i know from experience nothing will change your mind but i would like an answer to my criticism of your god for if he is both omnipotent and omniscient theres a basic paradox, he knows the future then he cant change it or if he did he wouldnt of known the future therefore he either isnt all knowing or all powerful

    1. Joseph9 months ago

      James, the idea that Atheists are dogmatic in lack of belief in God is a logical fallacy. It’s called the burden of proof fallacy.
      The burden of proof lies with someone who is making a claim, and is not upon anyone else to disprove. The inability, or disinclination, to disprove a claim does not render that claim valid, nor give it any credence whatsoever. However it is important to note that we can never be certain of anything, and so we must assign value to any claim based on the available evidence, and to dismiss something on the basis that it hasn’t been proven beyond all doubt is also fallacious reasoning.
      Although God cannot be disproven, there is no evidence to support the claim. Faith is based on disregarding facts, logic, and reality to preserve one’s pre-conceived beliefs. Where else in life do people use this same model for seeking truth?

      1. Jason9 months ago

        Yes, but when Atheists gather together, in a central location, to discuss their like-minded ideas, and discuss how they can advance their agendas… Well, I don’t know what you call that, but religious people call that church.

        1. Justin8 months ago

          A Club?

        2. jason bladzinski8 months ago

          So is the boy scouts a church? How about Congress and the Senate? Or workers unions? Or a book reading group? Campers and backpackers. Support groups? Do you see the flaw in your logic?

          1. Brock7 months ago

            All of those examples are groups who have an agenda or share a common purpose. The fact that a group of people have to join forces to express their non-belief puts them in the same category as people who go to Church. They associate themselves with like minded people who feel a particular way about the idea of a creator. I never saw a club for people who don’t believe in unicorns

        3. Cam7 months ago

          Ah, yes, the all powerful “Athiest Lobby/Club”, persecuting Christians since the beginning of time. Endlessly pushing their braining-washing tactics on the meek and disenfranchised.

          1. Mitch6 months ago

            like the Christians haven’t?, if i remember correctly, they murdered people who didn’t beleive

          2. kristi Douglas5 months ago

            This is so very true they think that there is no God but they say gods but for them to be athesis and believe there is no God wouln’t they first have to know that christians know that there is only ONE God… I mean that is where i get confused because they are like there is no gods I am like your right there is only God.. just saying I am 17 and have been raised in a bapist church my whole life and.. I was saved at 8 all the people that don’t believe because they don’t know I would be willing to help but the people that think they know and still don’t believe well i am sorry dude I am not the one you asnwer to when you die God is.

      2. Robert Graybill5 months ago

        Joseph, in order to establish that the burden of proof falls onto theism you must define on what the default position is. I assume you believe that the default position is atheism but I think it would just be a blank slate without any isms. And not to mention its childish, its like when someone says “you go first” and the other person says “no, you go first!” … “But I asked you first!”.

        People use that excuse to somehow claim that their belief is more valid because of the other persons belief being invalid. It doesn’t prove your belief whatsoever and is quite frankly an insult to those of us who actually think. Its like someone stealing valor, just repeating atheist mantras to help resecure your ” intellectual ” dominance over theists.

        Claiming that there is no god is just as impossible to prove as claiming that there is. Its not only just as impossible to prove its a deviant behavior in almost if not all cultures around the world which raises eyebrows on its own.

    2. jason bladzinski8 months ago

      A lot of this doesn’t make sense. For those atheists who say they believe in God or a universal spirit are bad atheists. Those ideas just aren’t compatible at all. Also, being an atheist doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in a god(s), it means that you reject theistic claims.

      1. Macie Doyle6 months ago

        Actually by definition is
        Disbelief in or denial of the existence of God or gods.

    3. Charles7 months ago

      Hello Joseph, I will share my belief in response to your question, “theres a basic paradox, he knows the future then he cant change it or if he did he wouldnt of known the future therefore he either isnt all knowing or all powerful “. Right up front there seems to be flaws in the premise you pose. 1. God is external of time. An all powerful God does not have a past or a future and is not limited by time. God is external of time but has the power to come onto the time line in and out as he sees fit and I believe he does know “our” future and he does guide the events in His soverignty. 2. I believe he created us in His image and he ordained that we have free will. We are to choose and I do not believe God is a rapist of the will and will not change our will forcibly. 3. In our future (His eternatl present) He will be Glorified, He will bring a final judgement on all those who have refused good and His love and his payment for thier wrong doing and Satan and death (the result of our wrong doing) and there will be paradise. He does guide our timeline we are stuck on but he will not forcibly change wills but He will ultimately judge in his righteousness those who are selfish and evil and who refuse His ways. He is Love and Light and only through submission can darkness comprehend the light. Enlightenment.

      1. Robecs5 months ago

        When you say all powerfull god, you create a paradox in itself wherein,

        Can an all powerful god create a stone that he is not capable of lifting?

        If so, he did not create the right stone which means he can not do everything, not all powerful.
        If not, he is not all powerful.
        Simple as that.

  24. Raphaël10 months ago

    LACK OF BELIEF IN A GOD OR GODS..so much for your 5 facts i reckon..

  25. Peter Evangelista10 months ago

    Atheism is born out of human honesty. He faces facts as they are. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Religion is born out of human deception to survive. He faces facts and add a bit too much more to his liking.

    1. jason8 months ago

      it’s out of fear. fear of there being nothing after this. humans get weird when they figure out their life has no meaning besides procreation.”We are turning into a nation of whimpering slaves to Fear—fear of war, fear of poverty, fear of random terrorism, fear of getting down-sized or fired because of the plunging economy, fear of getting evicted for bad debts or suddenly getting locked up in a military detention camp on vague charges of being a Terrorist sympathizer.” ripHunter S. Thompson

      1. C.8 months ago

        There is only one thing to fear and that is fear itself. – paraphrasing FDR.

        Religion is nice and all, but people being compelled to be good out of fear of damnation (going to hell) or promise of reward (going to heaven) is not what should motivate you be that good person. Being or striving to be a good person should come from within and not because someone, something or some idea is pushing towards it. Ridding yourself of those archaic notions liberates you to define yourself with purpose, meaning and morality.

        I, as an agnostic, am still trying to find my purpose and meaning in thick of things, but that does not bring a void in my heart (as some devout person would profess due to my lack of belief). One day I may find that purpose and meaning, but that in itself is a journey and the adventure of life.

        I’ve also come to realize that there are no absolute morals, but only relative morals. I never had religion ingrained in my way of thinking because I began to doubt at the age 8 or 9 since the answer I sought couldn’t be answered by those who supposedly had those answers and the answers they provided were insufficient (at least to me). By age 12, when I knew the proper words decided that I was an atheist, but as life continued on, I began to realize that labeling myself was foolish because it also claims certainty without proof and thus shifted towards agnosticism when I was 20 while in college.

        Anyways, some of the “morals” that I came to live by are simply to be honest (when possible), do not kill (when possible) and treat others as you would like to be treated (like not being manipulated, lied to, being raped or being killed, etc). I add that *when possible* since, as I stated earlier, that there are no absolutes. Lying and killing are obviously wrong and would definitely bring guilt if committed, but it cannot always be avoided (self-preservation comes to mind or protecting your loved ones).

        In all, that’s my non-offensive take on religion and irreligion.

  26. Joseph Shine10 months ago

    Any one could claim to be a atheist. A real atheist, a non-believer, is not just some apathetic individual who doesn’t attend church and calls himself an atheist. A real atheist educated himself and has dismissed the Man-made hoax of all religions.

    1. Rett9 months ago

      Nice summation. Thanks.

    2. Tamera Lime (Wepite Nevkuq Gexov)8 months ago

      Exactly. We have 12-year-olds saying they don’t believe in God just because their parents got divorced or something.

      1. Jd7 months ago

        We also have children that become Islamic suicide bombers at age 12 because their parents told them that they follow the one true Religion. which one is worse.

      2. Thnkr9177 months ago

        Just because a person is 12 years old does not discount their beliefs. A person can change many times as they grow and redefine themselves and their beliefs. A 12 year old can have firm beliefs especially on the subject of atheism or religion. I know a lot of adults that feel they are atheist because their parents dies. Why can’t a 12 year old be atheist because their parents got divorced. Personally, I had some firm beliefs about my own values and morals as far back as age 5 that were different than either of my parents and that I have held my entire life.

      3. Josh6 months ago

        When I was 12 I was and still am atheist growing up in a family with happily married Jewish parents. I was and am atheist not because I was sad and said fuck it there is no God. I was an atheist cause I took a moment to think and reject the bullshit. I took a moment to thing for a myself and say that the religion shit don’t make sense.

  27. mark10 months ago

    Atheism is THE LACK OF BELIEF IN GODS . its that simple and direct . If you believe any different then your NOT a atheist …. agnostics have their heads in the sand and are nothing like a atheist . Atheism’s not a religion or a belief system . It’s a stand point on 1 simple question and nothing more …

    1. kbren10 months ago

      You would be absolutely correct. Thank you for making the point.

    2. Bob9 months ago

      Agnostics are Atheists, but afraid to admit it.

      1. C.8 months ago

        How can you be 100 percent certain on such a profound question. I don’t know the answer, you don’t know the answer and priests don’t the answer.

        So I can definitively say that I am 99.999…9 percent sure that there is no god(s), but never 100 percent. It’s as foolish as saying that you are 100 percent certain there is a god(s).

        You can say that the claimant is responsible for the burden of proof, but Schrödinger’s cat can be a b*tch.

      2. Merne Asplund8 months ago

        That is just plain false. Agnosticism deals with KNOWLEDGE, while Atheism deals with BELIEF. There are agnostic theists and agnostic atheists just the same (as well as gnostic varieties of theists and atheists).

        1. Macie Doyle6 months ago

          Nope agnostic-belief

    3. Jason Clark9 months ago

      They said “literal definition”. The French attached an “-iste” (believer) suffix to the ancient Greek word “Atheos” (no god or without god). Athe(os)-ist, literally, means someone who believes there are no gods or that we are without gods. That is still the most common definition. It was the most common definition, when Huxley came up with “Agnostic”, as well.

      “Agnosticism is of the essence of science, whether ancient or modern. It simply means that a man shall not say he knows or believes that which he has no scientific grounds for professing to know or believe.” ~ Thomas Huxley

      a person who believes that God does not exist


      a person who believes that God does not exist


      someone who believes that God does not exist


      a person who does not believe in God or gods


      one who believes that there is no God or gods.


    4. david chappy8 months ago

      agnostics have their heads in the sand? Why? Because they refuse to say with certainty there is no god? And be just as hypocritical as those he opposes who say for certain there is? An agnostic does not know…and THAT is as honest as any honest person can be. They can take the additional step and say they CHOOSE to not believe in a god, but this is in no way having ones head in the sand…although that comment is judgmental, just like the ones you oppose, making it hypocritical as well. IN other words, one cannot merely “take a stand on the question” without deciding to do so, meaning they have made a choice, meaning that that position is their BELIEF. If you cant understand that, its ok. I am a spiritual agnostic/atheist.

      1. John6 months ago

        No sane atheist can say for certain that there is no God. Gnostic atheists are a minority and generally stupid, because there is no way to prove or disprove an invisible, intangible, undetectable being. What he’s saying is that atheists and agnostics who generally don’t believe in a god are the same thing.
        Atheists: We don’t think there is a god, but don’t know fur sure
        Agnostics: we don’t know for sure, but the we don’t see proof of a god.
        it’s the same thing.

  28. Angus10 months ago

    Christians have it both ways, all the time. They don’t seem to understand the cognitive dissonance inherent in their own atheism. Unless they also believe in the existence of every other god, they are all atheists too.

    *No belief in any gods.* Those five words are the most accurate description of atheism. Merriam-Webster has got it wrong. Not every atheist is gnostic. I will freely change my mind if I am shown evidence; something I’ve never seen a Christian do. (I’d still never WORSHIP the tyrannical god of the bible, though).

    But to be fair, M-W also recently changed the meaning of the word “literally,” to now include a figurative meaning, so I think maybe they’re losing their marbles a bit. (In other news, we now no longer have a word in the English language that describes something LITERALLY happening.)

    1. BIG GOD9 months ago

      What proof do you want of the existence of GOD that would satisfy you? I know the answer already.

      1. Noah Richardson8 months ago

        A televised interview with a few godly demonstrations would suffice.

      2. Ishgebor7 months ago

        Who said ” I will only reveal myself to those who truly believe in me ” ?

        1. gary christner3 months ago

          man said that

      3. roy2 months ago

        I’m not sure, anything like a voice from the sky or a talking snake would cause me to assume I was insane. I joke about believing in Santa when he lands on my roof but I bet I would keep quite and not share with anyone that I lost my mind.

    2. Beef9 months ago

      What did the tyrant do to you? The God of the Bible is also loving and kind. He can make himself real to you if you ask him.

      1. Noah Richardson8 months ago

        Well he killed every person in the entire world because they didn’t kiss his ass hard enough, and he let the devil torment the hell out of Jobe, and he also disapproves of clothes of mixed fabrics, which is enough for me to not like someone.

        1. kristi Douglas5 months ago

          Well if you knew the facts about the story where God let satan do that you would completly understand God told satan that no matter what he did to him Job that he would firmly still believe.. i HATE when people think they knwo the Bible and can’t even get one fact straight hey if your going to be judgmental over the Bible how about go read it before you do.. Because if you knew the story you would know that is name was ‘JOB’ Not JOBE.. Just saying

  29. Kailey Karls11 months ago

    If they think there’s a God or universal spirit, they aren’t atheists. Plain and simple.

    1. Maxine Oishi10 months ago

      I agree, can’t have it both ways…it’s called hypocrisy.

    2. Alex10 months ago

      Atheism is literally the lack of theism (the a meaning non). An atheist has no RELIGIOUS affiliation. This does not mean they must deny the existence of a higher being(s). There is a huge difference between belief and acknowledgement of a possibility.

      1. Navin Johnson10 months ago

        Actually, theism is not related to religion. Theism is related to the existence of god. Merriam-Webster defines theism: the belief that God exists or that many gods exist. There are even religions, like Buddhism, where most of them do not believe in a god or deity. So, religions are not solely based on a belief in a god.
        So, I concur that atheists should not say they believe in a god. But, many people do not really understand the term. Many think is is just ant-Crhistian or anti- Bible or anti Judeo-Christian God.

      2. sandra10 months ago

        In my view there are two meanings to ‘believe in God’ 1. believe in his existence 2. believe in him.

  30. Char11 months ago

    No matter how much we study or think about things, we have finite minds that cannot go beyond the collective information we have gleaned during our lifetimes. Belief in a God that one cannot see if a comfort to human beings so they can get on with their lives. It certainly comforts me to believe in a God I cannot see even though having been raised as a Christian, I am constantly horrified by the dastardly deeds done in the name of God. So, are there two Gods? A lovely, kind, loving, God, or the God of the Old Testament. I will take my imaginary loving God, be happy with that, and get on with living. And, as the song goes, “We’ll Understand It All By And By.”

    1. Big GOD9 months ago

      Oh yeah those atheists Stalin, Mao, and Castro never did anything wrong, did they? How many churches, schools and hospitals did atheists establish? How many countries based on freedom, opportunity and liberty did atheists establish? (crickets) The 1amendment is an attack ON degenerate atheism

      1. Mitch6 months ago

        noticing a trend, when ever a christian does something wrong people rise up and say “that person was not a christian” Hitler was a christian, he believed in God as well. but no Christians are quick to dismiss this as a lie because “No christian does anything wrong ever” even though they killed thousands of people during the dark ages, killed random innocent people during the black plague because they believed if they killed the sinners god would make the plague go away. had people killed out of fear during the time of the witch hunts. anyone can join but no one takes responsibility for anything

        America was not built by Christians but free thinkers who did believe that Christianity is a perversion to the world

      2. One6 months ago

        Uh… There is the borgia pope, the past belief that if you didn’t believe in a diety therefore you are a heretic and shall be burned there is also holy wars the persecutuon of those in LGBT, the belief that of divine rule and tyanny, the misinformation of the masses and a complete disregard for all other relgions. Hell based on Christianity, Islam worships the devil but Islam believes in the same god as the jews and christians…

  31. David11 months ago

    So only 1 in 50 Americans don’t believe in god ? That’s truly scary. You guys are the most advanced country on the planet. How do you hold such opposing beliefs? The very definition of cognitive dissonance.

    1. Jason11 months ago

      It is rather shocking. In my country it’s 1 in 4 and rapidly growing (60% from 2001 to 20011), and in my particular part of the country it’s nearly 1 in 2.

    2. Kailey Karls11 months ago

      Eh. You can’t pick what country you’re born into… sadly… I’m kind of ashamed to be a part of such a naive country, honestly you guys, there is no mythical sky man that’s going to send you to a mythical fire pit to burn for eternity. I was 5 years old when i figured it out and the gullibility of some people is laughable

      1. Alex10 months ago

        I’m an American in the exact same position! Being an atheist in America truly sucks.

        1. Mitch6 months ago

          your still in good shape Alex, at least now they can’t kill us outright for not believing like they use to

  32. larry sloan11 months ago

    I know for a fat (my fact) there is a GOD, I see him everyday, I also have a relationship with him. I converse with him, me thoughts, he sends me revelations.

    1. Max11 months ago

      What does he look like?

    2. Alex10 months ago

      Conversing with a being that others cannot see, hear, or feel typically means it’s time to see a psychiatrist.

    3. Dontae10 months ago

      why would a god allow ebola to kill his people

    4. Zach10 months ago

      The reason you had to say (my fact) is because it is an opinion, not a fact. Your opinion is that there is a God. That does not make it true, as hard as you believe it. If I believed with all my heart that the Easter Bunny really exists spreading candy filled plastic eggs across the world, would that make that true? Not at all.

    5. Mike Larson10 months ago

      To quote Daniel Patrick Moynihan “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

  33. Chinaza12 months ago

    I am an a gnostic atheist and from experience the disease we have in this world is religion and people who practice religion, otherwise known as theist. Most theist are cutthroats, greedy, selfish, homophobic and conceited humans… Not to mention how fanatic some have become. Science and rational reasoning should be the basis for judgement, decision taking and how we live. Anything beyond our experience should be cast off and each individual on this planet earth is a free man and we should exercise our freedom fully without any bias or restrictions for if we put restrictions on our lives we ain’t truly free.

    1. Ash12 months ago

      So you’ve generalized all those who believe in a God or higher power as being greedy, selfish, cutthroat, etc? That’s quite an irrational statement not grounded in science. Also, science is your basis for judgment? That’s interesting considering the prevalence of contradictions in science and research results. That would mean your decisions are anything but consistent or accurate if you stay true to “science”. If everyone should be able to exercise their freedom without restriction, you’re opening up each and every person to being victims of various crimes. If a man has a desire for murder, he should be able to freely express this desire without bias or restrictions? Your rationale for life and how to live it are extremely dangerous and full of contradictions. I’m sure if you were in the right mind you’d be able to see that yourself… Sad.

      1. Michael Dobson11 months ago

        “So you’ve generalized all those who believe in a God or higher power as being greedy, selfish, cutthroat, etc? That’s quite an irrational statement not grounded in science.”

        I agree. This is his “opinion” (and a pretty general and all-encompassing one that paints everything and everybody with a broad brush.)

        But it is not “science.”

        “Also, science is your basis for judgment?”

        No. Rational thinking and moral judgements are my basis for judgement. Are they not yours?

        “That’s interesting considering the prevalence of contradictions in science and research results.”

        Right back at’cha. Read your Bible lately?

        And science is a consensus based upon available facts that are observable, demonstrable, falsifiable and repeatable.

        These things do change as more information becomes available to science.

        Science does not claim to know everything (we leave that to the religions of the world), but instead construct models that conform to the available facts that we have at hand at the time.

        “That would mean your decisions are anything but consistent or accurate if you stay true to “science”. ”

        Again, I know of no one who uses science to base moral judgements or reasoning skills upon.

        ” If everyone should be able to exercise their freedom without restriction, you’re opening up each and every person to being victims of various crimes. ”

        Actually, that happens today, all over the planet, which is why we have prisons filled with such people (and even heads of governments “exercising their freedoms without restraint. – North Korea is a good example, so are many of the Middle Eastern countries who exercise rule of law via their “interpretation” of the Koran, etc.)

        “f a man has a desire for murder, he should be able to freely express this desire without bias or restrictions?”

        Well, no. Although the Christian God certainly looked at it this way. He murdered and pillaged throughout the Christian holy book.

        However, secular governments have made laws against things like murder, because they go against the good of the people.

        We here in America have done so based upon our Consitiution (as have other countries.)

        In fact, murder was frowned upon for generations by the peoples of the Earth long, long before the monotheistic religions came along (Judaism, Christianity and Islam.)

        “Your rationale for life and how to live it are extremely dangerous and full of contradictions.”

        Who is painitng with a broad brush of generalizations and assumptions now?

        “I’m sure if you were in the right mind you’d be able to see that yourself… Sad.”

        “In my right mind…” You mean if I believed in your god, correct? Why YOUR god? Why not one of the other 3000 or so gods currently worshiped by the inhabitants of this planet? Why not NO god?

        Surely, you dismiss every other god, in lieu of your belief in your god. I do much the same. You do not believe in roughly 2999 of the 3000 or so gods of modern times.

        I just do not believe in one more…

        Oh, and by the way. I am very happy, thanks.

      2. Nicholas Lopez9 months ago

        Wow ash that was good I don’t need science to convince me that everything is absolute. I know in my heart and soul God as I choose to call him removed my desire to drink and drug and it was not me that did this I could not stop I prayed for the desire to be removed I know I did not do it and it has been 28-1/2 years yes bad things happen wars crimes etc. We are sinners do atheist sin and do they regret sinning do they ask for forgiveness. God is almighty.

    2. Mark Whitman12 months ago

      Belief in a god or an entity like god is a form of addiction and a mental illness. We are all born atheists and the majority become indoctrinated with their parents’ belief system. BUT just as we discover Santa Cause and the Easter bunny do not exist so it SHOULD go with any supernatural belief system. THINK PEOPLE and study cosmology, science and all other factual methods of truth rather than clinging to wishful thinking philosophies!

      1. Just11 months ago

        Actually we are all born agnostics with a tendency to believe in supernatural.
        If someone lived his life withour hearing of religions or science or anything, he would most likely develop his own beliefs (this might be how the first religions came to be in the first place).

      2. Kailey Karls11 months ago

        We are star stuff!!

    3. Tylerdastone11 months ago

      100% agree! Religion is a tool to control people. You can say a complete lie and say god bless at the end of your sentence an you’ve just acquired thousands of followers lol. Not to mention the hole idea if “faith” is insane. I mean a “normal” person or a person with enough education understands that if you can’t experience something with your five sences then you have no evidence of its existence. But faith suggest that you should believe in it anyways. But isn’t that why we send people to instutiobs? Because they believe in things that aren’t there (things that they can’t sence with any if there five sences). I say five because now religion claims that there is a sixth sence because they always find a way around science by changing the rules totally contradicting the basis of their religion. Fml.

    4. Matt11 months ago

      The militant claims you make about Christianity are hardly statements that would be made by an “agnostic” atheist. These greedy cutthroat people you have mentioned must be misinterpreting what the Christian faith is all about. The 2nd most important rule of Christianity is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. My entire family and I believe in this standard of morality and live life wishing nothing but fortune for everyone, even if their atheist. Not only wishing but also actively helping those in need. I would never have anything bad to say about anyone’s faith. Whether we share the same beliefs or not, you are still human, as am I and for that I respect your POV and wish the best for you. Any Christian who doesn’t wish the same is missing the whole point of Christianity.

      1. JosephS11 months ago

        Matt, do you support gay marriage? If you don’t, you aren’t “respecting” homosexual rights. If you do, you are the exception of most Christians. Christianity has great talking points, but most followers don’t adhere to it most of the time. This is based on real world observations. As Ghandi once said, “I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians”.

      2. Kailey Karls11 months ago

        You don’t need religion to have moral. It’s called being a decent human being.

        1. lorry10 months ago

          you have common sense. you do not need religion beliefs to do the right thing.

    5. cs172510 months ago

      It’s impossible to be agnostic and an atheist simultaneously. Your almost there. Get informed.

      1. Carla10 months ago

        Yes it is, they are two separate terms. Most people I know that are non-believers identify as agnostic atheists. We don’t know if any gods exists because the evidence is lacking, so we don’t believe in gods. Gnostic = of, or relating to knowledge. Theism = belief in gods. The “a” preceding those words indicates “non” or “without”

  34. Daniel Martinez12 months ago

    I love god

    1. Ted11 months ago

      I love Santa Claus.

      1. Kailey Karls11 months ago

        I love the Easter Bunny.

  35. Jim12 months ago

    historically, science & technology didn’t grow or evolved well because they were controlled by religious orders

    some, if not many scientists then were called “heretics”

    the truth of the matter, scientists don’t want all answers be pointed out to God, else God will be the ultimate answer to all of their scientific quests for answers and explanations about our world, our universe

    otherwise, science will die a natural death

    that became the start of the notion that most scientists were/are atheist

    and why many, esp. male youths, are becoming atheist today

    i just have some burning questions about atheism/atheist

    1) shud an atheist marry an atheist exclusively? or are they allowed to marry someone other than atheist or having a religion?

    2) are there so called atheist-converts? were they converted becoz they fear/scared of God, religious laws, hell, punishment, tribulation, etc.?

    3) is atheism an “escape/excuse” from following religious rituals, activities, evangelism, etc.?

    4) many youths became atheist because they were more addicted to their passion on scientific exploration, technological advancements, internet, music, etc. but not interested in religion or spirituality at all?

    5) many Christians claim that atheism is a “work of a devil”. That the devil has lured many young people away from God, to never believe or have faith in God. And that the devil has destroyed the only communication line between Man & God. do you believe in this Christian notion?

    1. Just11 months ago

      As a matter of fact, while religion halted science in the 16th century, earlier it was religion that supported scientists and monks held knowledge and so on

  36. LAWRENCE12 months ago

    I am an atheist, and believe that neither the supernatural nor the paranormal exists. Over time there has never been one scintilla of verifiable rational proof of the existence of such. People of faith demand not proof, and to try and prove the existence of either the supernatural or paranormal, cheapens that faith. I have seen consistent logic errors and circular reasoning by many trying to prove the existence of their myth of choice. It is rather nice living in a country where people may believe whatever they wish, I only hope that those with “personal beliefs” keep them personal.

  37. ceolwynn12 months ago

    how weird that they would misrepresent
    something so easily verified… I just looked
    at Merriam Webster’s page at…
    and their definition for atheism is…
    “a disbelief there is a deity”….

    so one definition says “belief”
    the other says “disbelief”…

  38. Mac12 months ago

    Actually you need to learn the difference, Tess. Atheist/Theism refers to the proposition of belief, while Agnostic/Nostic regards knowledge. It is perfectly plausible to be an Agnostic Atheist. One who does not believe in a god, and claims not to know of an existence thereof. Or a Nostic Atheist who does not believe in a god and claims to “know” there is no god. Same for Theist positions. It’s a common misconception of these propositions.

  39. Tess1 year ago

    I believe someone needs to learn the term “agnostic.” You are not an atheist if you believe in some kind of higher power- you’re an agnostic. Atheism is an understanding that there is no proof of a higher power. Big difference.

    1. Ctruth1 year ago

      Its pretty much the same to GOD. People who are agnostic remain that way because they don’t want practice all the things thst faith requires, but want to believe in something b”just in case”

      1. Thnkr9177 months ago

        Although some people who claim to be agnostic might, deep down, be disillusioned believers in a god of one religion or another who avoid severing that final tie out of the fear of “what if”, there are many, like myself, who absolutely don’t believe in the god of any of the organized religions of the world (no “just in case” about it).
        I don’t fall into the category of Atheist because I do believe in something that is a source of existence, but it really couldn’t be referred to as a “god”, more like an “energy”. I am agnostic because I agree with the agnostic idea that something like a god could not be proved by humans since there is no point of reference. You would have to be far past the limitations of physicality to prove something as vast as a god or the lack thereof. I do not believe in any “god” that exists outside of the “energy” I suggested which might make me an atheist, but since I believe in this energy source, I may be said by some to believe in a form of a “god” although I dislike the term and it’s close minded connotation. The energy I believe in may or may not be able to be proved, so it brings me back to agnostic for a term. I think that agnostic is the most scientific view. You cannot set out to prove anything if your view is already set in one direction or another. You must be open to other possibilities in order to prove a thing logically, be it to yourself or for science.

    2. Cameron1 year ago

      Tess, actually agnosticism is the philosophical standpoint that you not only don’t know the truth, but that there is no way to ultimately know about the nature of God or gods. And for instance you can be an agnostic atheist, where you don’t think there’s a god but are of the persuasion you can’t ultimately know, or you can be a gnostic atheist where you know without a doubt there are no gods.

    3. David12 months ago

      You can be an atheist and an agnostic. Nearly all atheists are agnostic, but not all agnostics are atheist. Agnosticism speaks to knowledge and atheism speaks to belief. I don’t believe in God but I can’t KNOW if a God exists. The same way no one else can know if there is a teapot orbiting Saturn.

      1. David12 months ago

        But that is not to say nearly all atheists identify as agnostic, but ask almost any atheist if they know there is a god or not. Most will say no, they do not KNOW. Therefor they fit agnosticism

    4. Charles McAdams11 months ago

      Agnostic do not necessarily believe in any god or spiritual being. Their answers to , “Is there a God” if they are truly an agnostic is “I don’t know.”

      1. Jason11 months ago

        Or perhaps more accurately they’d say “I don’t know, but evidence tells me there’s a very high probability god doesn’t exist.”

    5. Hunter Whitaker10 months ago

      There is no such thing as purely agnostic. Th term “Agnostic”, modifies one’s belief. You are either an Agnostic Theist or an Agnostic Atheist

  40. Ryan Fishel1 year ago

    This article isn’t about giving a textbook definition for Atheism. It’s a cultural observation. It’s what people who claim the title are currently saying.

  41. Sasha1 year ago

    I will never trust a pew survey again. “14% of those who call themselves atheists also say they believe in God or a universal spirit.”?????????? Then they are NOT atheists. DUH report truth, not your bias.

    1. Sean1 year ago

      You missed the point.. They know it’s contradictory as you would know if you read the first half of that sentence. They mean these are people who CALL themselves atheists while still having spiritual beliefs, interesting in the idea that there are that many people who don’t even understand what they’re calling themselves. Nothing is untruthful or bias here…

    2. Jer – bo1 year ago

      Im not sure you understand what a poll is

  42. Peter1 year ago

    Atheists DO NOT believe that “there is no god”, we “do not believe that there is a god”. There is a difference.

    1. ceolwynn12 months ago

      they have to word it their way,,, so they can claim that they don’t have enough
      faith to be an atheist…

  43. Reggie1 year ago

    What is the average age at the time of death of an atheist ? Do atheist live longer experience a better quality of life .. Have a internal guide that gets then through the unanswered questions of the universe ? When they pass or the end of life do many of them have an enlightening experience ? Do they believe in the supernatural ? Do they have” fox hole ” religious experiences ? Have atheist had near death experiences and come back to share ?

    1. scott12 months ago

      I’m from a predominately atheist family. Average life expectancy has been high, especially going back a few generations. Many have owned thier own business, relatively successful. Father, Grandfathers and uncle’s have seen real combat, grandfather awarded silver star in ww2. No foxhole experiences. No history of drug abuse or depression. No criminal records.

      We are not afraid to say “i dont know” to unanswered questions in the universe. We sometimes belive in the supernatural as unknown scientific issues, like lightning and evil sea monster’s used to be.

      We hide as Chatholics and sometimes go to church. We have studied various religions rigorously.

      Moral compass, very high, was brought up with strict rules.
      I personaly give to charity’s often.

      Family saying ” never been swindled by an Atheist, but watch out for theists”.
      Of couse thats a numbers game, but no less true.

  44. Guido1 year ago

    I thought only here in Argentina, people talked trash about these things. I’ve read the article and many comments (many of them pretending to be scientists who became religious, others giving opinions of what THEY think is atheism and not what real atheists think about, like ‘athiests say that they’re not a religion when they are’) and none of both make any sense at all. This is such a pitty…

  45. joe1 year ago

    athiests say that thier not a reliogon when they are.

    1. Guido1 year ago

      Such a silly thing to say.. The definition of atheism is not following any god or book believed to be sacred by someone. That’s why we are NOT a religion. But after this stupid article, you can find anything

    2. Keith12 months ago

      Its not a religion ….its simple I dont believe in gods …atheist is a title attached to our lack of belief in your gods ….no worship no prayers.. no god

  46. Leonidas1 year ago

    30,000 nerds?? 95% of 30,000 is not 30,000. There’s more then 1.2 billion “”B” believers”. Majority does not mean right. Given the average IQ of people out there, it would be way more reasonable to assume that the majority is wrong when it comes to questions that actually require some critical thinking skills.

    1. okaaaaay1 year ago

      being an atheist is like saying there is a painting that has no painter.

      1. Will12 months ago

        thats kinda a bad example. in the real world there is an acual reson of why there may possably not be a god while with the example u used has to have a painter or their isnt a picture at all

        1. Thnkr9177 months ago

          It’s actually a good point but the person uses it to draw more unrelated conclusions. There has to be a source of existence or there is no existence and yet here we are. The problem is the huge leap some make between a “source of existence” and “god”.

  47. Andrianopoulos1 year ago

    The Greek flag includes a religious symbol of only one out of the many Greek religious [or secular] beliefs.
    In Greece by law religion is a characteristic of the individual, [an issue of personal manner]
    and should be respected [as personal]. The entanglement of one of the Greek people’s religious [or secular beliefs]
    via a symbol included/depicted in the national flag’s design,
    contradicts the greek law that protects religion [or other beliefs of that genre] as a personal characteristic of
    the individual. The usage of that symbol [Orthodox Christian cross] on a national permanent symbol of everyday and global
    usage, violates at the most extreme possible manner the personal character of religious/non religious belief.
    It is also a conscious policy, openly admitted by the Greek Government, that Human Rights in Greece have lower
    legal validity than “tradition”, even if that claim is not included in the Greek Constitution and law explicitly.
    This policy tergiversates against the spirit of the Greek law by governmental and judicial manipulation/exploitation
    of archaic, unjust, out of date, provisional failure legal and Constitutional contradictions.
    Legal and Constitutional contradictions also legal provisional failure are not legitimate excuses for Human Rights infringement
    or other violations against people that are forced by the Greek Government to be perceived as cultural minority.
    The law is supposed to protect all citizens. If a national law or a Constitutional paragraph generates
    contradiction, by international law defended under the European Court of Human Rights, the Constitution or the Laws of
    that country should adopt via reformation the most humain variant/option.
    A general claim used as an excuse for religious infringement by the Greek Government is that
    “Christians did shed their blood in order we are now free”
    [it is also the main Islamic State ideology even if other religion is cited].
    Bloodshed is though neither a Greek nor a E.C. of H.R. recognized excuse to legalize Human Rights violations.
    Also the Greek Government implicitly claims that the bloodline of the Orthodox Christians is of higher political might and
    cultural genre than the bloodline of Non-Orthodox people, [even of atheists, agnostics, neo-paganists that recently departed
    from ancestral beliefs]. Some fanatic Orthodox Greeks claim that the Orthodox cross is only an artistic or archaic [Pre-Christian]
    either modern mathematical depiction, and not a religious symbol. This claim is totally discarded by the Greek law,
    because the well documented intention of an action defines the causality. As Greeks we shall respect the existing
    historic flag and the existing historic Constitution
    [by the way both Greek Flag and Greek Constitution have been revised many times in the past].
    Respect of national history in not an excuse for not allowing a legal system evolve by complying to the Human Rights
    standards of a modern society. Greek history is not an legitimate excuse to violate the
    individual character of personal beliefs.
    Historic awareness allows us to evolve. Germany should have remained Nazi with that Greek Governmental standards.
    Tradition of a part of a population is not a higher value than general
    respect of the human rights of all citizens and nationals of a country. Even if all Greeks were Orthodox Christians, still
    religion is a personal characteristic, but we are not all Orthodox in Greece! Also the largest majority of Non-Orthodox Greeks,
    do not accept their non-inclusion on the Greek flag, therefore we never accepted to be violated, and that violation of
    personal belief is a violation supported by many Greek Orthodox people against Non-Orthodox Greeks. It is a violation without
    consent. A clear violation. The contradictial parts of the Greek Law and Constitution do not render that violation
    milder, that’s why we absolutely demand the humain and fair legal shield of the European Court of Human Rights.
    Personal beliefs is not an issue that the majority should enforce, neither have they any legal right to do against others.
    The flag depiction is of permanent, global and highest status usage, also the Greek flag [usually only the Orthodox part]
    is included in other heraldic crests [like the Greek police crest/ensign] therefore as a symbol itself
    prescribes authority. It legalizes mentaly and physically actions against Non-Orthodox people [crimes against life,
    crimes against other people, guilt as final court decision].
    The Greek Government does not order that crimes, but the Greek flag cultivates explicitly to a large part of the Greek public
    the notion that Orthodoxy is a higher value than Human Rights.
    The European Court of Human Rights should include in the investigation criminal actions and publications that claim Orthodox superiority and Orthodox Supremacism among all variant Greek peoples cultures and personal beliefs.
    [a Greek was convicted by the Greek court for not respecting the deceased Orthodox Supremacist neonazi Elder Paisios
    who speaks with racial hate against other populations and beliefs, also Paisios speaks with hate against life
    and cites fairness of right to kill human beings for political [Paisios was an anti-communist], religious or national beliefs.
    It is legal in Greece to type his Orthodox-neo-nazi theories]
    /I personally respect neo-nazi Paisios as a human being, but not his beliefs.
    I could accept him as a non-neonazi if he didn’t support human loss as a means of ideologic prevalence/
    I respect the freedom of speech if not direct human loss is supported by the author.
    The publications are not to be convicted as actions [except from those legitimizing slaughter for ideological reasons],
    but a proof that this official/governmental violation has a huge anti-human right impact on the Greek public,
    and according to final court decisions this behavior has an impact either on direct human loss, either on slashing beatings and
    permanent injuries, either on mental injuries – all as final court decisions.

  48. Travis Rush1 year ago

    “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass, God is waiting for you.”

    That’s Werner Heisenberg,and if you’ve never heard of him, suffice to say, he’s famous for getting into arguments with Einstein . . . and winning.

    1. Jer – bo1 year ago

      A glass of life science will surely set someone wondering how people think God doesnt exist.

  49. Dave C.1 year ago

    To Bill the honest humanist: You are obviously forgetting about literary and theatrical devices. The professor in the God is Not Dead movie is not a straw man. He is a symbol. He represents atheism that dominates almost every university in America and Western Europe. Also, you are either ignorant of the very latest scientific information that is causing many atheistic academicians to reject their atheism and accept a Deistic God that created the universe and participates in the infinitely complex information transmitted by and through the DNA in biological cells. It is best to either admit your ignorance of this latest scientific information or admit that you are reluctant “follow the information where it leads.” I suggest you check out the book, THE SPECIFIC DENSITY OF SCIENTISTS, And Their Secret Fears.

    1. Jamie Agena1 year ago

      Clearly you have never taken a philosophy course or even a religious studies course at a college. To find an openly atheist professor at any distinguished college is rare and as a law no teacher can push their religion, or lack of, on their students. Pulling a stunt like the one in that ridiculous movie would get anyone fired and sued on the spot, regardless of if they’re pushing atheism or a deity.

      Also, you clearly have never met an atheist in real life. We do not think God is dead. He was never real to begin with.

      And as the movie progresses, we come to see that this professor wasn’t even truly an atheist as he was just angry at God. Not an atheist. We’re not angry with your God because he’s not real. That’d be like putting my imaginary friend Timmy in time out because he broke my favorite toy. Insane.

      So no, this guy is not a symbol of atheism. He’s every ridiculous interpretation that Christians have of an atheist. Not a single atheist in this movie is an accurate portrayal of atheism. Atheists are not immoral people that ignore your God just so they can sin. They are not angry with your God. They simply do not believe in you God or any Gods.

      That movie is so obviously a Christian propaganda stunt that it’s sickening. Because it’s totally realistic that Christians are perfect little saints being picked on by big bad atheists and all other religions, like the Muslim father, are cruel and vile. It’s also realistic that one nerdy guy could convert his entire class into Christians. Sorry, but educated people don’t fall in line with the masses. They often don’t fall for that mob mentality that this movie and so many religions feed off of. Nice try, though.

    2. Guido1 year ago

      Jamie I agree with you. Clearly this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
      I study science and I’m an atheist and, Dave C., believe me, most of the people (not all, however) who do serious science, are atheists.

  50. Scientist1 year ago

    I did not believe in God until I was 22. I even made fun of what the Bible said. I even mocked those who did believe in God. But then something started to change in me over a period of less than a week. It was nothing anyone said. No one told me about God or tried to convince me to believe in God. It was not about logic. As a scientifically minded person who has always demanded proof by way of experiment, I must confess it was totally illogical to suddenly start to believe in something that I could not prove to anyone. (BTW my field of work involves electromagnetic fields and their applications mostly for medical purposes. Both applied physics and theoretical.)

    But I could not help but believe in God for some reason. The FAITH (i.e. not logic) was put in me to believe. Again, by the effort of any man in any way did this come to me. As a man of science that must be based on repeatable experiment and logic I know the only way that you can ever come to believe in God is if God Himself gives you the FAITH (not logic) to believe.

    Both sides in this debate need to understand that clear fact. Again, You cannot believe in God unless God gives the FAITH to believe in the first place. Those who believe in God need to understand this point most of all. Stop casting your pearls where you are not supposed to. All it will get you is attacked. I will no doubt be attacked for even writing this . But I felt it was important to write it here.

    Then those who do not believe in God need to understand very clearly that those of us who believe in God do not have any proof that you will accept. You have not been given the FAITH to believe. The Bible you rail against clearly says this. But you will only accept proof in the format that you will accept. We do NOT have that proof for you.

    Science and faith are somewhat opposites, but are not incompatible. If you only want to know things based on just part of what is known by man then, good luck in your journey. I wish you no ill will.

    If all men would behave as Jesus instructed His followers to do there would be no war. No hunger, no murder, no rape. no crime. Just because some who claim to follow Christ do not follow His instructions, does not make His instructions evil or false. What has given Christ a bad name in many cases is those who falsely represent Him and even Christ warned that such things would come to be. He knew many would falsely represent Him. Some of them even stand in the pulpit on Sunday or preach to you on TV. I believe most of the big names in the Christian world are in this false teacher group. They have left their first love, if they ever had it.

    Peace to all, both believers and unbelievers.

    1. Real Scientists1 year ago

      How do you reconcile the fact that you have no proof of a god, but yet claim to be a scientist?

      That is the the anti-thesis of being a scientists or like-minded; one cannot accept an idea unless it has passed the rigors and scrutiny of evidence.

      I don’t mean to come of condescending, but how you be mindful of the amazing relationship between electricity and magnetism and yet still find it prudent to have faith in a god?

      Peace to you, as well.

      1. Christian1 year ago

        Can you prove that there is no God?

        1. truth1 year ago

          Burden of proof mate, If someone claims god is real it’s on them to prove it, after all, you cannot prove the flying spaghetti monster isn’t real.

        2. Keith12 months ago

          Lack of evidence is enough proof… you dont prove that something is not real you show the evidence to say here is tangible evidence..and more than a quote from a fictional character in the bible..

      2. Philosopher3 months ago

        As I have seen, the base of religion is belief, and belief is the other side of fear. Because of the evolution of the prefrontal cortex in the human brain, we have become over cautios about uncertainities, which causes us fear. Fear was an important tool for our survival, so it passed the evolution and became a permanent part of the intelligent ape. Now while there is fear, there has to be something to mitigate it. And there was no better tool than belief. I think your sudden change of belief has something to do with fear too. Change of career, death of a loved one, anything like that.

    2. Christian1 year ago

      As a scientist, I too believe. It’s not only the faith but the LOGIC of science that points me to God. many scientific processes actually point to there being a creator.

      1. Jamie Agena1 year ago

        And where is your proof that there is a God? Where’s your concrete, scientifically sound evidence that points itself to there being a higher power? Don’t you want to come forward and claim your Nobel Prize and reward money?

        1. ME1 year ago

          Where is your proof that there isn’t a GOD? Where’s your concrete, scientifically sound evidence that points that there is NO higher power? It goes both ways. Its all about having faith! With whatever you believe in. However, Just like there are history books from people that have written about our past that goes decades and decades ago. There are people that have written about God that goes back long ago. You will never be right. Nor would we who believes in God will ever be right. Its all what you believe in. All in all, someday you will come to see and realize there is a God and Jesus Christ. Have a Blessed Day!

          1. vinsin1 year ago

            Because I dont know who created god.

          2. Helpful Hazz1 year ago

            Have you ever heard of something called the burden of proof? It means that the task of providing evidence rests on the one(s) who presents the claim. If you are going to claim that there is a god, then you need to provide evidence, as you are making a positive claim. No evidence is required to lack belief in an unsubstantiated beliefs such as yours.

            This is exemplified by an argument known as Russell’s Teapot. In order to illustrate the concept of the burden of proof, Bertrand Russell made the claim that, somewhere between Earth and Mars, a teapot is in orbit around the Sun. You might say that such an idea is ridiculous. But here’s a question for you: can you prove that the teapot doesn’t exist? Because, according to your reasoning, if you cannot disprove the teapot, then it should be considered real. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

            And, just for the fun of it, here’s a follow-up question: where is your proof that Wotan does not exist? How about Zeus? Or Shiva? Or Amaterasu? Can you disprove them? Because if you cannot, then why, according to your reasoning, should you, or anyone else, not believe in them?

            That’s why the burden of proof for your god rests on YOU. Not us, just you.

    3. Max Bauer1 year ago

      Wow that was a great comment Scientist!

    4. Jer – bo1 year ago

      Great post Scientist. As a genetics major and exploring deep inside what makes us and keeps us alive, even beyond the magnetic properties that hold us together, its truly amazing the complexity of our coding. Genetics started out as a way to prove there is no God, but further observation of how complex and perfect DNA is, i don’t think it will be long before those older skeptics retire and young scientific minds who can read past what evolutionists call “proof” will we finally reach our goal in true analysis. Coming to the conclusion that sometimes there is no scientific explanation for the origin of the materials used in our experiments shows that its very educational, fun, productive, helpful, but hardly disproves the existence of a higher power.

  51. Matt1 year ago

    I’m always amazed that in the modern world religion is still a thing. Of course there is no God. Why does that point need defending? A magical spirit that creates universes, makes people out of dust, and consigns evil doers to a magical fire realm to be tortured by monsters?

    Of course that isn’t true. If your religion differs from the details above, but still includes magical and supernatural things, then rest assured that one is not true either.

    As an atheist, I’m astounded that my lack of faith puts me in the minority. I see religion as a negative in society, as it divides us, gives a rationale for war, terrorism and genocide, and empowers way too many nut-jobs into thinking they are doing “god’s will.”

    There is no God. It’s just war, murder, and doing a nut-jobs will.

    There is no evidence for any god, any religion, any sort of magical thing whatsoever. If you want to understand how the universe works, it isn’t as easy as showing up for church once a week. You have to do the hard, demanding work of math and science, and the answers may not be ones that make you more comfortable. That’s reality for you, it doesn’t really care what you would like to believe. It’s just the truth.

    Will we ever move past mysticism as a society? I can only hope.

  52. Ky Grown Man1 year ago

    I dont see anything logical in your argument. That you project that God capitalized represents a Judao/Christian God is what you are projecting. Did you read the question that was asked to the participants? Hindu, Buddhism, and other American non-mainstream religions were offered as options. Also a spirit was also an option of identifying with your deity, definitely not assuming a Judao/Christian God….here is what i thought was interesting. The majority of those identifying with atheism are younger males and also educated. Now you can cite older culture as being less open and religious oppressive as being the reason for a significantly higher percentage of believers. I cite that the older one gets, the wiser they generally get. That is why they believe. Also, i cite that higher intelligence/education grouped with male youth produces a formula for rebellion, for wanting to prove the old fogies wrong and validate ones own superiority, hence the break from time tested wisdom of countless generation of our fathers. I am intelligent myself and know how badly i wanted to be right and establish that i knew better but the older and wiser i get, the more i come to realize that there is a reason this knowledge was passed down…it is Ultimate Truth!!!

  53. Jack Hitch1 year ago

    I could nit pick each point but I only feel like doing one of them.

    Let’s take #3 “Although the literal definition of “atheist” is “a person who believes that God does not exist,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary,”

    As an atheist, I ask the writer of this article: Which god are you speaking of? To believe “God does not exist” implies the Jewish/Christian God, and that somehow atheist only reject that god. Quite an Euro- American view. There have been countless gods and goddess throughout known history. To say the definition of atheism is the rejection of “God” misses the point. Atheists reject ALL gods, not just your “God”.

    And guess what! Michael Lipka COMPLETELY left out what Merriam-Webester says the definition of atheism is. Per Merriam and I QUOTE : “One who believes that there is no deity”. The writer obviously cherry picked a definition of atheist that he thought represented HIS predetermined view on atheism. Total lack of journalist integrity. Which is quite typical of the America media.


    1. the guy1 year ago

      good for you!!good for you!!

    2. Drew1 year ago

      Semantics. An atheist believes there is certainly not a god. Doesn’t matter what you call it, god is most commonly used and therefore most relatable term to the majority of the target audience. This isn’t a flawed point, you’re just being nitpicky. You knew precisely what was meant.

  54. Ohio Atheist1 year ago

    It should be noted that these are not facts. They are survey results, which are not facts.

  55. rebecca french1 year ago

    Gods not dead watch the movie!

    1. Ohio Atheist1 year ago


      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        He’s joking. It’s a horribly offensive movie.

    2. Bill the Honest Humanist1 year ago

      I did. It makes Americans even stupider, not a single point made in it is logically sound, and the professor is a dishonest ‘straw man’. Whoever wrote his character, has never actually talked to a philosophy professor, nor do they understand atheism in the slightest.

      1. Dave C.1 year ago

        To Bill the honest humanist: You are obviously forgetting about literary and theatrical devices. The professor in the God is Not Dead movie is not a straw man. He is a symbol. He represents atheism that dominates almost every university in America and Western Europe. Also, you are either ignorant of the very latest scientific information that is causing many atheistic academicians to reject their atheism and accept a Deistic God that created the universe and participates in the infinitely complex information transmitted by and through the DNA in biological cells. It is best to either admit your ignorance of this latest scientific information or admit that you are reluctant “follow the information where it leads.” I suggest you check out the book, THE SPECIFIC DENSITY OF SCIENTISTS, And Their Secret Fears.

  56. some11 year ago

    I think the whole confusion is definition. Atheism is the idea of “there is no god(s). If someone is an atheist, they don’t believe in god(s). “Atheists” can change their view. If someday god is proven to exist. They can then be a theist if they believe in a god(s). But atheism can never change.

    1. some11 year ago

      Forgot to add, science and atheism are two different things. One can be an atheist and not believe in science at all.

    2. KnowledgeDropper1 year ago

      Atheist means “anti-theist” – or more clearly that a person does not believe any religion to be true. It is more common for people who fit this definition to call themselves agnostic, but that is more about society’s (lack of) acceptance of atheists than it is about actual definition. It is quite possible for people to believe in some ‘higher power’ or ‘universal spirit’ and still correctly identify as atheist.

      The actual belief that there is no god(s) is technically adeist, or anti-deist. Naturally, the people who fall under this heading are also atheist, and more commonly identify this way.

      Not to be nitpicky – but as a recent study showed that atheists are viewed about as trustworthy as rapists, it is good to use these correctly to try and lift that ridiculous stigma.

      Source: Christopher Hitchens

      1. Ohio Atheist1 year ago

        I don’t know if your entire comment is a Hitchens quote, but I’m going to have to disagree on a number of things.

        1. Atheism does not mean anti-theist. Atheism, etymologically, means “without gods,” or more colloquially, a lack of belied in gods. Anti-theism means “against theism.” You can lack belief in gods and not be against theism. “A” means “without.” “Anti” means “against.” Not the same thing.

        2. Agnostic is not a middle term of indifference between atheism and theism. It is the response to a completely different question. Theism is about belief. Atheism is without belief. Gnosticism is with knowledge. Agnosticism is without knowledge. I am an agnostic atheist, because I lack belief in any gods, and I do not claim knowledge of that belief. I don’t believe that a god exists, but I do not know that one does not exist. You can be –

        Agnostic atheist (no belief, no knowledge claim)
        Gnostic atheist (no belief, knowledge claim)
        Agnostic theist (belief, no knowledge claim)
        Gnostic theist (belief, knowledge claim)

        3. Lack of belief in a god can be atheism or a-deism, depending on whether you’re talking about a personal god (theism – the religious type), or a creator god that has no influence on the world we live in (deism – irreligious).

        1. lynda1 year ago

          The words we use are important. Thanks for the clarity!

      2. thesilvershields1 year ago

        Actually “Anti-theist” means someone who is specifically AGAINST the idea of a god or religion, whereas an “Atheist” is simply someone who does not BELIEVE in a god. There is no distinction between ‘atheist’ and ‘adeist’ (Deist comes from Latin ‘deus’–god; Theist comes from Greek ‘theos’–god). They are separate concepts. People also confuse “Atheist” and “Agnostic.” There is actually a scale of atheism that has been developed, depending upon how ‘atheist’ one is; most people who claim ‘atheist’ really identify themselves as ‘agnostic,’ they just don’t feel like explaining what that is. People who hear ‘atheist’ usually run away rather than grill a person, whereas if you say you don’t know (agnostic) someone will try to convince you.

    3. Judy Weismonger1 year ago

      95% of the 30,000 PhD scientists who are members of the National Academy of Science state they are ATheists.

      Where was THAT in your opinion piece?

      How about quote some famous ATheists who have impacted all of modern society: Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Mark Zuckerburg, and Warren Buffet.

    4. Greg Mech1 year ago

      This misses the entire point of what it means to be faithful. Obviously if God was “proven to exist” then obviously everyone would believe in God. End of story. Being faithful means accepting and believing in God without any “proof.” Sure anyone is free to either accept or reject God.

      Atheist think they are superior to everyone else asking God to reveal Himself exclusively to them before atheists will “believe. ” What atheist are really saying is they will only believe a God that reveals Himself. Only in concrete, literal, scientific facts. Hard numbers if you will.

      My friends, if God were to reveal himself and prove His existence then there would be no need to be faithful. The spaghetti monster or Santa Clause don’t have the historical background that Jesus has.

      At the end of the day everyone wants God to reveal Himself; however, atheists simply refuse to believe without seeing proof first.

      1. Justin1 year ago

        No, we atheists believe it is more important to build hospitals and perform scientific research to discover the answers to the universe, than sitting around building churches and waiting for your god to reveal himself. It’s called “being a rational human being” when you don’t believe something without seeing proof. It’s called “logic” and the “scientific method”. Since Christianity was so focused on snuffing out logic, reason and science, sending Europe into the Dark Ages for over 1000 years, I prefer the rational, hard, concrete method.

        Why didn’t your god answer his supposed “chosen people” when they were being herded into the gas chambers at Auschwitz? Where was your god when slaves were being dragged onto ships? How many children have been scared stiff in the night, scared that a cruel sky god will make them suffer for eternity for not following his commands?

        Your god is a vain, vengeful monster. he (he doesn’t deserve capitalization) punished our entire species for wishing to act on our own whims rather than be his slaves. I choose to be free from him, to be free from religion.

        Stay in the Dark Ages if you like. We rational people will continue advancing further towards the light.

        1. BC5001 year ago

          Where do you think Hospitals came from? Check out the names for Hospitals and note that many have christian based names. What about Saint Sampson the Hospitable? He built some of the earliest hospitals in the Roman Empire. Who does the most to assist the poor and down trodden in our society? It is faith based organizations!

          I am sorry that some who have called themselves believers have hurt you or those you know. Don’t blame God for that. God allows each of us the freedom to follow Him or be imprisoned and blind to the reality of His love and grace.

        2. a1 year ago

          christians started the first hospital

          1. Justin Chandler1 year ago

            First of all, the first hospitals were built in Ancient Egypt, and the first hospital systems were found in the Pre-Christian Roman Republic/Empire.

            And second of all, that’s not the point. You focus on a completely inconsequential point of my argument. There is no evidence for god, absolutely none, and every time he SHOULD have arrived and shown himself he hasn’t, that was the point of
            my original argument.

      2. Matt1 year ago

        Knowing there is no evidence for something and still believing it is often called “faith.” I prefer to think of it as “foolishness.”

        There is no God. Prove it or it’s fake.

      3. Jamie Agena1 year ago

        Seriously? Other than the Bible, where is there historical evidence for Jesus?

      4. Ted11 months ago

        Doesn’t the fact that satan and the other fallen angels had absolute 100% knowledge of god, and we’re still able to reject god, falsify your claim that knowledge of god would remove humans ability to choose, or reject, god?

  57. Spread the Pansy1 year ago

    Just to remind you that “atheism” only points out the absence of theism in an individual.
    It is a misconception to say that they believe he doesn’t exist. “a-” points out the absence of such, which is why it is perfectly possible to have no stance over theism and be an atheist.
    And when I say “theism”, I mean it in the broad sense; as in a belief in a god (whether it is a certain type of vodka with a certain percentage of ethanol and certain ritualistic steps to summon such, a pandeistic one, a panentheistic one, a deistic one, a theistic one – we would refer to a believer in such as a theist, in the specific sense -, a pantheistic one, et cetera… Whether the belief would be polytheistic, henotheistic, kathenotheistic or perhaps monotheistic.)

    Hard atheism or gnostic atheism is what you meant rather (well, the Merriam-Webster dictionary).
    Weak atheism is any other views that are atheistic still.
    Exempli gratia agnosticism (and all its categories), ignosticism, freethought, some schools in buddhism, agnostic atheism (ok, found 2 definitions for this one, the first is agnosticism, since it is atheistic; the other is the reverse of agnostic theism rather. As you see here, “atheism” is used in your definition, which would a rather specific definition, which isn’t used among most atheists nowadays to my knowledge. This could occur in a scientific mind, something impossible by nature, id est magic and so on, doesn’t exist until ANY kind of proof to consider even a little has been shown), some types of transtheism would fit here too (though such are only defined in a blog to my knowledge, they reflect views of many and I would like it to be defined more largely), scientific skepticism, existential nihilism and so on.

    In the scientific world, some will say themselves spiritual and so on, as Einstein refered to reality as God in a poetic sense, sure it’s rather an atheistic view if you think about it; but the awe and all… “The poetry of reality” as Dawkin said, rather spiritual :)
    And yes, there is alot of room for spirituality for people who aren’t theists, take absurdism for a great example :) And buddhism, taoism, et cetera.

    Post Scriptum
    omnipotence+omniscience is not really a good combo when you give that to an ignostic, so that is a pretty big cause for that stance. Agnosticism and so on are, to what I’ve seen, triggered by more of reason, of “toxic environments” in religious households or scientific convictions.
    Which sums it up aha

    *Reply personally or not by mail if you didn’t accept this comment; clearly explain why. Thank you :)*

    Hope this clarifies!
    Much love and peace be upon your day <3

  58. SeeUh1 year ago

    Just mere youth whims!
    Revolutionist and hippie movements have once been in vogue, and now they’re fading away, to leave room for others.
    Once, in a recent past, being or claiming to be atheist was in vogue. Nowadays, proliferating religious discourses, makes you a believer and a staunch defender of the religion you embody, and ready to die for it. Maybe in a few decades to come, we’ll be facing some completely different types of claim that would be, themselves, in vogues.

    1. Oliver Jon Cross1 year ago

      The mere youth are the ones that have grown up in a vast database of free information also known as “The Internets”.

      We no longer have to believe in stories told in old books. I recently checked Google for the age of the earth which turns out to be 4.54 billion years. It was quite a drast claim to that of the bible. A mere ten thousand years. I then continued my search on Youtube for humans that could walk on water, part seas, come back to life etc. I was quickly greeted by a concession of thumbs down and “fake” comments.

      All sarcasm aside; the youth seek the truth and will continue to do so.

      1. Kay1 year ago

        The age of the Earth isn’t reported in the bible. The earth has been there even before God created the first human pair. The more than 6,000 years is the age of human.

        1. KnowledgeDropper1 year ago

          No. It’s not.

          The beautiful thing about facts are that they are true regardless of whether or not you believe in them.

        2. Ohio Atheist1 year ago

          I don’t think most creationists see it that way. According to genesis, God created man on the 6th day. Biblical historians than use the lineage in the Bible up the Jesus, then add 2,000 years or so to get to today.

          Some creationists will argue that Biblical days are really more like thousands or millions of years, but it still doesn’t change the fact that humans have been around for far more than 6,000 years. We know Biblical claims to be scientifically false.

          1. BC5001 year ago

            There are, “…more than 25,000 (A) archeological discoveries within the region known as the “Bible Lands” that have confirmed the truthfulness of the Bible…”, specific hard physical items, scientific evidence, that the Bible writers told the truth.

            freerepublic.com/focus/f-religio… alwaysbeready.com/index.php?opti…

  59. Us1 year ago

    Many things regarding God, religious beliefs and positions, I’d say even reaching out to phenomenon that no doubt have occurred but can’t exactly be understood no reenacted (not the parting of the Red Sea, FYI) is argued about with such furocity (is that a word?) that people are losing sight of anything of importance. Seeing ghosts, communication through means not involving the five senses, feeling the touch of an angel during a near death experience, so on and so forth. Who knows what the reality of all these things and more are and frankly who cares. Why does it matter so much that we start fighting amongst ourselves and treat people like they’re lesser or stupid. I don’t know who or what God is, how everything works, any of that to prove that anyone is right or wrong. I came to God by accident because I was so disabled at the moment all I could do was speak. So I prayed and screamed and did everything. I can’t describe nor explain what followed that moment but I’m convinced someone is there and they do care. But going back to people that were taught God was real and bible school etc (for a good 20 years I argued god didn’t exist) it’s not something worth getting hostile over. Throughout history people have fought over these things, many lives have been taken from these conflicts and it’s so very counterproductive to any cause beyond population control. And while minor bickering on this website may seem incomparable, it’s really not. I don’t care who believes what. Do your thing. Have fun. God cares about what’s in your heart. The law has a huge emphasis on proving the intent to commit. And if someone “wrongs” me and is able to apologize for it then everything is golden. There is no purpose in religion, society, evolution, philosophy, anywhere that truly wants us to be divided and malicious towards each other…

  60. Litesp33d1 year ago

    Although the literal definition of “atheist” is “a person who believes that God does not exist,”

    What an awful definition. It takes the presupposition that God exists but and atheist is in denial about that. Whereas the reality is that an atheist can see no evidence that supports the proposition that gods exist and until such evidence arrives it is sensible and rational not to believe gods do exist.

    1. Ohio Atheist1 year ago

      Agreed. And etymologically, the prefix “a” means “without.” Without belief in gods and knowledge claims that god does not exist are two very different things.

  61. Ron Wall1 year ago

    One of the problems is that religious people simply do not understand atheists or what it means to be an atheist. This seems apparent if there are really people who say they are atheists but believe in God or “universal spirit,” whatever that is supposed to mean. You are an atheist only if you do not believe in gods or universal spirits. If you say that you do not know if there are such things, then you are by definition an agnostic, not an atheist. Atheists are not different that other Americans. They can hold a wide variety of opinions on every subject you can immagine. There are atheists who believe in ESP and ghosts. They belong to every political movement in the country. Because of this simple fact, and the fact that Pew included those who claim to be atheists but still believe in some sort of creator or universal spirit, tells me that the poll takers were not too careful about definitions when they surveyed their respondents. The fact that we atheists are a discriminated minority simply means that we will we probably be the last civil rights issue in America. Some Christians claim that no atheist has ever been elected to Congress. While that may be true, I would wager that there have been. But knowing that it would be political suicide to admit it, they remained in the closet. Not unusual in a society of theists who go so far to say that atheists should be killed (based on Biblical law) and those who would as a minimum ostracize us. The U.S. is one of the most religious developed nations in the world. Islamic fundamentalists have no monopoly on bigoted and violent believers.

  62. Christian1 year ago

    The way I see it nobody would even know the concept of a god or spirit if they hadn’t been informed of the idea. It makes sense that the bulk of Americans believe in a god considering the “fact of its existence” is really the first sort of fact you’re told. The understanding of the scientific method isn’t presented until much later in life, and isn’t fully understood, if ever, until much later.
    I would wager my own life that if a population were isolated from such ideas and children were instead taught how the scientific community operates and all the things they’ve learned that they would see no need for a higher being. Indeed if one of the children raised in this hypothetical scenario were told that the majority of people believe there is a man in the skies that controls everything I believe they would be dumbfounded that such a belief could be so ingrained in a society as advanced as ours.

    1. Atheism1 year ago

      Thank you for such a witty and intelligent remark

    2. Irene1 year ago

      While I agree that kids brought up without the notion of God would find it preposterous, I don’t believe they would find it unnecessary. Keep in mind that children brought up in an entirely atheist community would be so fed up with deceit by their fellow children brought up as atheists that they might see the need to invent a God in the sky to watch everyone and make sure everyone behaved themselves, stayed married and supported their offspring, didn’t steal things, didn’t cheat on exams, etc. After all, this has already happened once. Why do you think religion was invented in the first place? Also, who do you think are the religious atheists this article speaks of? My wager is those are the atheist parents who bring their kids to a Christian or other type of church, hoping that the concept of “God” will fill in the blanks for all of the ethical reasoning that children, and many adults, could never fully grasp without a God.

      1. God1 year ago

        Man, I sure do love the ‘religion teaches morality’ while ‘atheists breed immorality’ statements.

        If you are only doing the right thing and not doing horrible acts against your fellow man because you fear backlash from your imaginary friend, you, by definition, are a paranoid schizophrenic and you need to see a professional right away because you are moments away from becoming the Son of Sam.

        Doing the right/moral thing is common sense. You don’t need a god or higher power to know that.

        How many serial killers can you come up with that were atheists? How many religious? Nearly all have been religious. In fact, Jeffrey Dahmer converted (odd word for that) to atheism AFTER he was caught claiming “the devil” made him do it. However, claiming “the devil” made him do it is not atheism nor satanism, it’s christianity. Ah, all those moral god fearing serial killers.

        Oh, how about pedo priests? Atheists? Nope, moral god fearing pedophiles.

        Wait, every married couple that’s religious is still together? Man those statics are so wrong!

        I guess all those kids with deadbeat dads are atheists, according to to the author. However, I’m willing to bet 9 out of 10 are religious. Maybe they’re just atheist when it comes to taking care of their children.

        Nobody, not a single person who believes in god, has ever cheated on a test. EVER.

        I’m so sick of atheists declaring war on other people for their beliefs and trying to kill them for being different.

        Listen, I know I’m being sarcastic. I’m just being as jerk because I’m sick of people with their blinders on pointing their finger at atheists for all the immorality and wrong doings in the world, when it’s quite clear it’s the opposite.

        God is a fairytale told to children to make them fear. End of story. “Do this or else!” “Do this and you’ll go to hell!” “If you do this, you’ll get into heaven….don’t do it and you’ll suffer for all eternity!”

        If I had children, I’d teach them about loving their fellow man, and not with fear or retribution. You see, teaching morality comes from the parents, not from fearing God. Teaching your child fear makes you the monster in their closet.

      2. Tom1 year ago

        @Irene – say what? Are you saying atheists are immoral, stealing, lying, cheating bastards (literal meaning of the word here)? I kind-of take offense to that, if that’s what you mean to imply :)

        Atheists are – as a general rule – very moral people. Morals are not born of religion – they exist in spite of religion.

      3. Tess1 year ago

        You need to find some atheist or agnostic friends before you make any more woefully uninformed and insulting comments about people you know nothing about.

        And to answer your question, religion was invented because humans became aware of their mortality and needed to comfort themselves about what happens when we die.

      4. Ohio Atheist1 year ago

        What makes you think that children brought up in an atheistic community would be fed up with deceit? Where is this deceit coming from?

    3. James Palen1 year ago

      There’s a problem I see with your view. People are still as dumbfounded today about certain physical properties as they were when discussions about God first came to be. That’s why the discussions came about in the first place, because there are certain things in the universe we just can’t explain. This still hold true. My brother is an agnostic with a very intelligent, mathematical and physics-based mind (he’s spent his 33 years studying biochemistry and physics), and has a theory that, for instance, we’ll never know what makes up the so-called “dark matter,” just as there are other things he theorizes we’ll never know. You could stick people in an isolated environment with nothing but the science of today, and there will still be unanswered questions, thereby leading to their own inquiries about a higher power that built all of this amazing universe but that we’re never able to figure out fully. You don’t need to be told from a young age of a concept of God. Life itself — its mysteries and its inexplicable tendencies are the reason people believe in God, not something that someone was told when he/she was a child. And that would still be the case in your isolation theory. There would still be unexplained things, which would still lead them to question.

    4. Litesp33d1 year ago

      Take a trip to almost any country in Western Europe and you will find, with some exceptions, that is the case but being non-religious is strong especially in the Czech Republic, most Scandinavian countries especially Norway and England.

  63. bret1 year ago

    Science is fascinating for what is does, great medecines, and technological improvements. However don’t kid yourself it is nothing to base ones lack of faith on. Science is based on as many assumptions as any fairytale atheist’s refer to when speaking about scripture. First of all science assumes the external world is real and it assumes the laws of physics are constant accross time and space. Wow those are gigantic assumptions but great assumptions that Einstein and Hawking were happy to point out. Hawking will not refer to science as showing us reality only model dependent reality. If science is taken to its natural conclusion one carbon based life form extinguishing another carbon based life form on an obscure planet in the milkyway is no big deal. However us Christians call it murder. Atheists do not beleive things outside the material world. In other words hope and love are not real because you cannot measure them. In fact atheists would dismiss ideas and concepts as unimportant ramblings from a nerve center in the brain of an earth mammal. Wow, and Americans have not elected a single one of these geniuses to our current congress to represent us, what a shock.

    1. Atheism1 year ago

      In response to your comment Bret…Love and hope can both be measured they’re hormones. Just because we are smart enough to realize that there’s no mythological mysterious presence that forgives us of evil demons in our soul does not mean that you can insult us and say things that are not true about what we (don’t) believe. The Bible is a STORY that has been stretched and fabricated over 2000 YEARS! We also haven’t elected any Atheists into congress because America is full of fascists who try to suppress anyone who thinks differently than what they want, because they think what they believe is superior even though it’s inferior. America was founded on religious tolerance even though if your not Christian you’re persecuted… THAT’S a shock.

      1. Facepalm1 year ago

        If you’d like to provide me with the specific unit of measurement for either love or hope, I’m listening. I’m completely unaware of their existence – not that I am dismissive. I just find that a rather large claim, but perhaps I’m just ignorant.

        Based on what I know, fMRI evidence suggests that consciously changing your thought patterns changes your neurochemistry and can even change the physical structure of your brain (a phenomenon called “neuroplasticity.”) This means, in terms of the brain, thought trumps physicality. So, by all means, correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears scientifically evidenced that consciousness – whatever that is – is technically more powerful than the physical brain.

        I hate the very condescending tendency of atheists to over-estimate their own intelligence. It is a big reason I wouldn’t vote for the average atheist, experientially speaking.

        1. Leonidas1 year ago

          There is no unit for love. When someone is feeling attraction to someone those hormones can be observed. There is no love unit, we can just observe the reaction

    2. rationalist1 year ago

      This is a gross mischaracterization of atheist beliefs, and as such is no more than a strawman argument. For instance, model-dependent reality is a highly controversial position that is philosophically based, *not* scientifically based, and to call it such reflects the writer’s ignorance. In addition, you’d be hard-pressed to find a serious atheist who believes that ideas and concepts are unimportant; indeed, it is ideas and concepts that fuel science and any other human endeavor ever undertaken. I would advise that the writer of the above comment take some time to do research into the things he/she is criticizing next time before criticizing them.

      1. Facepalm1 year ago

        Science *is* philosophically based.

    3. Irene1 year ago

      Einstein was also happy to point out that the Big Bang theory was “atrocious physics”, that the universe “has always been a steady state” and “is not expanding”. Hawking appears to disagree with Einstein about that, instead siding with the Catholic priest who first theorized about the Big Bang, whom Einstein and the rest of the scientific community at that time was insulting.

      Also, the reason atheists don’t become President, etc. is because a democracy naturally elects the most popular person, who is somebody that will meet the interests of the most common person in that society. Democracy has even been criticized by another famous atheist, Adolf Hitler, for the fact that the most common person is not necessarily the smartest person or the kindest person, but rather just somebody whom most people can relate to. For any democracy to elect a member of a minority group to power requires a great deal of external pressure in favor of that minority group, which also actually negates the true purpose of a democracy. For instance, when most Americans voted for Obama, twice, it was partially because he made several promises that sounded better than what McCain or Romney offered, which would actually benefit the majority of the American people, since most Americans are not corporate CEOs. Whether Obama has kept those promises, or attempted to, is a matter of opinion. However, it also didn’t hurt that there was a great deal of social pressure at the time to elevate black people to positions of power, even if it meant whites might permanently lose power, such as the resulting changing racial demographics of this nation. Obama favors gay marriage and his church pastor was, if anything, not at all the kind most Americans would listen to or approve of, yet they still voted him into office. However, this is, and should be, the exception in a true democracy, not the norm. Natural democratic results don’t represent fascism by the majority, but simple self interest. Democracy was initially designed to meet the interests of the majority of the people through their votes. An atheist representative would never put policies in place that fulfilled the desires of the majority of people in a religious nation. This is also why Americans also have minority protections to prevent minorities from being trampled.

      1. William Noonan1 year ago

        Another famous atheist? Hitler was a Catholic. The red scare movement by the religious right hooked atheism and communism together. Back to who’s lying

        1. Facepalm1 year ago

          Atheism was fundamental to Marxist philosophy.

          Hitler wasn’t a Catholic, nor was he an atheist. Hitler studied many strange and “occult” topics, noteworthy amongst them being the “Hollow Earth.” He attempted on a few occasions to get Aleister Crowley to take him on as a student, but even the self-proclaimed great beast rejected him.

    4. P1 year ago

      I am in fact an atheist. But yeah, love and hope can be measured. They, like all emotions, are physiological phenomenon that scientists are getting closer to learning how they work or what they really are. Hell, a the feeling you get when around your lover is just an excess release of dopamine in your brain. As I see it, at least science has helped the world (for the exception of advanced weaponry) while religion and money cause more conflicts than any scientific theory or hypothesis ever will.

  64. -L1 year ago

    yes its called a conscience

  65. Caleb Fox1 year ago

    “Although the literal definition of “atheist” is “a person who believes that God does not exist,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, 14% of those who call themselves atheists also say they believe in God or a universal spirit.”

    Then they are not atheists, that is Agnosticism.

    1. Apocryphon1 year ago

      Agnosticism would suggest that they do not know whether there is a supreme being/universal spirit.

      They have some sense of spirituality, regardless of the technicalities.

  66. Greg1 year ago

    Can there be a right or wrong without God? Can there be good people without God? Can there be good decisions about the state of the world or any country or it’s environment, economy, people or resources without God? Of course there can. And it should be that way. Agenda driven decisions are not free thoughts or what is right for the free world. Believe what you wish, but don’t ask for special privileges, or treatment due to your religion or lack there of.

  67. john decker1 year ago

    Adding-I believe that i time(60 million yrs per se)anything and everything that can happen,will happen and has happened. The “Theory of Evolution” is a Scientific Fact and the “Fact of God and Creation” is a theory. Religion is a facet that gives people Hope,Faith and something to Believe in. Heaven and Hell are fictional places created in Theory of making people believe that if they live their lives Morally their “souls” wil live in eternal peace in “Heaven,if not they will burn in Hell eternally. The Bible is the best story ever written by the “followers of God.” Religion is the oldest and most profitable business ever,in the world. Life is what we make of it then you die.

    1. stevn carter1 year ago

      I would bet you that most preachers live at or below the poverty level!So much profit!

      1. Barry1 year ago

        The average income of pastors of Mega-Churches is $147,000 with a rare few hitting the $1M mark. The average including small churches is $28,000. With that said the Catholic Church was the wealthiest entity in Europe for over 1000 year and organizations such as the Church of Latter Day Saints and Scientology are still ran in a corporate manner today.

        1. Irene1 year ago

          And yet still most preachers live below the poverty mark. There can be rare exceptions without affecting the facts regarding the majority.

          1. God1 year ago

            T.J. Jakes-$18 Milion
            Eddie Long-$1 Million annual salary
            Creflo A. Dollar-$60+ Million
            Rick Warren-$40+ Million
            Pat Robertson-$30+ Million
            Charles Blake-$1 Million annual salary
            Benny Hinn-$1 Million annual salary
            John Hagee-$1 Million annual salary
            Kenneth Copeland-$1 Million annual salary ($17 million jet/$6 million home)
            Joyce Meyer-$3 Million annual salary

            That’s just a small list. Man it must suck to live so far below poverty level.

            An LDS Bishop I lived by had a much nicer house, pool and two completely restored 1966 Mustang’s. So so poor.

            A guy I worked with who was also studying to be a priest told his congregation that his family needed food and bill money (not true), they gathered just over $1300 and gave it to him. He went and bought a $1200 guitar with it.

            Small tidbit fact, only 12 cents per dollar of the christian childrens fund ever went towards the children. Even then, those who were helped were forced to change their name to a “christian” name and convert before they were given aid.

            The church is a business. I may just start my own, dupe a ton of people. Gather millions and then just close the church. Why not? I am, afterall, an immoral atheist, right?

        2. Facepalm1 year ago

          “The average including small churches is $28,000.”

          That would make it true that most live … well.. technically just above poverty level.

    2. Facepalm1 year ago

      There really is no such thing as “scientific fact.” All it would take is one instance of something falling up to “disprove” the law of gravity (a phenomena which, while it does work nicely, has still not been explained I might add.)

      The sciences find their root in philosophy, tracing their way back to Socrates, who taught Plato, who taught Aristotle….. and then you go through natural philosophy, Descartes, the British Empiricists…. and then you pretty well get Modern Science.

      You’re over assuming its power, however. The actuality is that the scientific method is a toolset to provide (material) evidence to support a logical conclusion. It is still all philosophy, like it or not.

      While there is some pretty good logic to evolutionary theory (until you get into evolutionary psychology, anyway… at which point it is probably the most laughable school of psychology) I, myself, will remain agnostic until you can show me that complete fossil record you’ve got there…

      Oh… wait…. you don’t. You do have all the explanations to support your faith, though.

      It is just another “religious philosophy” in all truth. Maybe a true one.. maybe not… maybe partially so. It has not been proven, and a pet peeve is people who claim that.

      One way or the other, I myself will stand by the prefrontal cortex being the most advance/evolved portion of the brain whether God did it, whether it evolved, whether some mixture of the two (as Darwin originally believed before his daughter died and he got pissed off at God), whether we were designed by aliens who evolved, or whether we were designed by extra dimensional beings who spawned from a brain fart by some divine source consciousness…

      There is some evidence for evolution. It is a logical philosophy. It has not been proven (the very fact that it is called a theory should directly tell you it is only commonly accepted, not undisputed.) To suggest it has, really only shows the ignorance of the person pushing that claim.

      1. P1 year ago

        Science is more than just the study of space. It is a fact that most plants produce energy through photosynthesis (with the exception of Venus Fly Traps and other related insectivorous plants). It is a fact trees are plants. It is a fact that everybody was at one point a fertilized egg. All of those are scientific facts and cannot be proven otherwise.

  68. john decker1 year ago

    I enjoyed the 5 facts about Atheists and the percentages were informative. Thanx.

  69. William1 year ago

    I dont believe in a god for shear fact thers no proof of him besides a book written by man heaven hell those are just myths hopeful thinking humans want to feal special to have purpose for there suffering and meaningless lives there is no meaning no purpose sept to just live and enjoy it while you can for you only get one ther is no after life

    1. Atheism1 year ago

      so true

    2. johny cash1 year ago

      obviously there is only one life that we know of here on earth,

      and with that finite time you have, there are two precepts that you could live under,

      there is a god and everything that implies , or there is no god and nothing matters,

      but as atheists like to be rather analytical people, lets make it simple,

      if you live your life with the precept that there is no god, and then you die and it turns out you where right, well, cutoes to you and nothing happens-but if you die of a godless life and you find yourself face to face with the god that you thought wasn’t there, what’s gunna happen when you look back on a life you never thought youd be held accountable for? it would be allot like final at school you never saw coming and never studied for because you where too lazy to study. exept this one decides the fate of your eternity
      if you live your life entirely with the precept that there is a god, and then you die and it turns out there is no god, then when you die, all you have is a life that was lived with the goal of being someone god would bring to heaven-(which in and of itself can bring you more happiness than you could imagine),
      and of course if you die like this and there is a god, then you go to heaven,

      of these two ways to live, which one has more possibilities that lead to happiness???

  70. William F. Weigel1 year ago

    What shocks me about all this is how poor a job the supposed master pollsters of Pew Research have done here. When a significant number of people self-identify as atheists who believe in God or a universal spirit, or when a lot of people self-identify as Catholic and atheist, well, then, something important is going on that the poll is simply not picking up on. Are we simply to assume that the respondents were stupid? In my experience, this is where you switch gears, do some in-depth interviews, and then redesign your poll.

  71. The truth hurts1 year ago

    Christianity and religion are the leading causes of problems in the world whether it be war or the fact that we are destroying our environment, but the majority don’t care because they believe a magic man in the sky will send his magic son to fix everything that we destroy. There is no magic man in the sky however there is an amazing, beautiful and wonderous universe out beyond our skies and in our skies as well

    1. Facepalm1 year ago

      Not really.

      Humans were doing vile things to one another far before there was a Christianity or they had a need for any explanation other than, “We want their stuff.”

      Atheist socialists were responsible for the largest amount of death and suffering of the past century.

      This is just patently false.

      1. P1 year ago

        The amount of death is relative to the intricacy of the tools used. In the past hundred years there have been nuclear weapons, automatic weapons, ICBMs, nerve gasses, etc. Any of those would kill faster than say; a musket, a broadsword, a bow, or hot tar. Plus, to say the past hundred years is quite an exaggeration. Sure, Atheism is engrained in Marxism. But there are plenty of communist countries that are still theists. Vietnam, China, North Korea (even if it isn’t a technical god they worship), hell maybe even modern day Russia. The most aggressive people in the world in the past few decades have been Americans and the different sects of Muslim extremists that are ravaging central Africa and the Middle East.

        Compare the time atheists have supposedly caused deaths to the time other, let’s just call them philosophies, have caused deaths. 100 years compared to nearly 2000.

  72. Gabriela Diaz1 year ago

    I find it funny (and frankly a bit offensive) that anyone would be surprised at the awe and appreciation atheists have of the world. I’ve recently become obsessed with studying astrophysics and stellar evolution. When I look at the nigh sky, I sometimes become breathless because of how amazing I know the universe is. In fact, now that I understand how it works…how complex and elegant it is…I feel even more of an appreciation than when I was religious and the answer to everything was that “God created it.” The universe IS amazing. And no God is needed to make sense of it and admire it.

    1. Noah1 year ago

      Beautiful universe isn’t it, it’s a wonder how it all came uncaused, and out of nothing, isn’t it?

      Atheists do some research, real professionals(cosmologists, physicists, etc.) know that there has to be a creator.

      Intelligent Design

      1. P1 year ago

        Provide proof of such “real professionals” that believe there to be a creator. There is a theory that a creator exists, but there is also a theory that our entire universe is just the result of a point that is infinitely small and infinitely dense that began a rapid expansion.

    2. P1 year ago

      Nobody understands how the Universe works. Nobody understands how complex it is. Odds are, nobody will ever understand.

      1. Litesp33d1 year ago

        But regardless of that the answer to I do not know is I don’t know but will keep looking not well the answer must be the ‘magic man’ did it so I can stop looking.

  73. John1 year ago

    The fact remains that there is NO conclusive evidence to prove NOR disprove the existence of a god. Although modern science certainly nods in the direction that a god doesn’t exist. Any sensible person with a basic knowledge in science knows that evolution is a fact; The Big Bang is still presented as a “theory,” but most scientists accept The Big Bang as fact; most scientists (except for a select esoteric few on the fringe) subscribe to the absurd idea of “creationism.” I accept the idea that the universe was born at random. All life and everything around us is sourced from the universe. Amazing it is. I also accept with great certainty that other intelligent life forms exist upon advanced or perhaps not so advanced civilizations (than ours) in other galaxy’s. I don’t buy into the tabloid rot of “alien abductions” and the numerous bogus paranormal stories regarding UFO sightings. Some people will do anything for attention an $$$.

  74. Gloria1 year ago

    I believe many atheist keep silent about their (lack of) belief because there are repercussions, especially in small towns where the majority of people attend some church. But I think we are emerging like the gay population who have come out of the closet in droves or the acceptance of ‘living in sin’ no longer is relevant. I recall a statement that Americans can accept a murderer before they accept an atheist. Is it a coincidence that all of our presidents are Christians?

    1. John1 year ago

      Thomas jefferson wasn’t a christian. He was a Pantheist.

      President Obama claims that he’s a christian, but he’s more than likely an atheist. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

      I support President Obama with all my heart. President Obama’s ideals and ideas are very much like Thomas Jefferson’s.

      I feel that President Obama is one of our nations greatest leaders ever. His progressive administration is taking America to new heights.

      Obama’s administration is really about hope and restoration for a nation that succumbed to the wicked pleasures under the reign of the crazed cowboy from Texas, Bush’s egregious reign of terror.

      1. David1 year ago

        Okay, Atheists, help me out. If Atheists don’t believe in god because scientists say there isn’t one, then do all Atheists believe in Global Warming because science says it exists?

        1. ace1 year ago

          There is empirical EVIDENCE that climate change exists. There is absolutely NO empirical EVIDENCE that God exists. How are you confused?

        2. Atheism1 year ago

          David in response we aren’t Atheists because scientists say there is no god but because we’re smart enough to realize that there is none

        3. Litesp33d1 year ago

          David, you are coming at this from the wrong direction. It is the religious that believe there is a god because they are TOLD there is one, usually before the age of rational thought. In addition subliminal controls are put into your head (you are special, don’t mix with people from other religions, don’t go to their churches, don’t challenge anything you are told by the clergy, that sort of thing) under the threat of eternal punishment for you and all your family if you don’t believe. Because of this it is difficult for a religionists to look at their beliefs rationally. If you could would any adult, who was not exposed to this as a child believe such nonsense.

          Most people who live in religious societies often do not get exposed to alternate thoughts on this issue. However you will find most people who reach the conclusion that gods are man made will have thought about it a lot more than most people who claim to be religious.

  75. darren1 year ago

    Maybe a belief in god is the illusion or maybe a belief in the lack there of is the illusion. I do not know. Direct observation just has not been enough for me to decide on that one. Desire is the only compass I have found to follow with regards purpose and meaning in life and I’ll see where that takes me in the long run I suppose. But observationally speaking I would have to say that the idea, the feeling nay the belief espoused time and again in opinion after opinion that we as a specious have any clue whatsoever about anything with any certainty at all is the bigger illusion that needs addressing. But then what do I know. Just a few more empty words for my part. Peace.

  76. Cheri dieter1 year ago

    Wow Opera! She was describing a religious point of view, ‘being in awe of the living and the dead, plants, animals, oceans!” I am a Christian and we believe our bodies turn to ash, yet our spirit lives on because we lived a life of awe and had/ have a powerful influence during our lives. I was raised Lutheran, yet pass no judgement on other religions, it was their upbringing and culture. Maybe I’m too liberal in my Christian beliefs, but contrary to your interview, you guest describe Christianity in a beautiful way, to be in awe. To live a strong moral life. To me she is describing Christianity and living in respect and awe of the Ten Commandments. Our bodies are a shell, but our spirituality is strong and in living with morals, we will strive spiritually in this life and the promises of life ever after.
    I live with teenagers that, because God has been taken out of the schools, believe this gives them the right to destruct or be destructive and verbally and physically harm others. I believe God, or some dispute, a higher Being, is the basis of choosing right or wrong moral standards. I’ve stood visiting with Jews, I also have a Muslim doctor, while they might not label themselves as Christians, they live by the Ten Commandments. They believe God will cure ailments, educate doctors, teachers, and employees etc. and is Devine. Regardless of what religion one calls their spirituality, they will not be judged on this earth, nor should we. To be a believer in any faith, is a spiritual belief. I enjoyed this interview, your questions, and the kindness, non defensive answers your guest answered. She laid no judgement, and showed no negativity to others religions.
    I cannot express enough how this interview touched me. Yes, I’m attending Palm Sunday today with my 7 year old son, my teenage daughters exclaim it’s a shame I ‘shove God down his throat’. The sadness in my heart is I failed to plant the seed in their hearts of God and our Lord and Savior who was persecuted for our sins. These chapters in the most read Book in all of history is NOT being shared in the schools, yet all other religions are?!
    In God we trust, where has it gone Opera? One needs not to publication pronounce their faith of Christianity or other religion, to act morally. Socrates was in spence a preacher, educating good and evil. This in itself is a religion, living in the good.
    Thank you for sharing your interview,
    God bless you:)
    Cheri Dietet

    1. Robert Jory1 year ago

      Half of the ten commandments are just ego. Don’t worship other gods, don’t say my name in a bad way, don’t work on my holy day. Those have nothing to do with morality.

      As for the guest being in awe. Sure, two different people can be in awe and that might sound like Christianity but that doesn’t mean she believes as you do. I’m in awe of a really good magic trick. I’m also in awe of the beauty of nature. You may as well, but that’s probably where our common ideas end.

      As an atheist I don’t believe in a god or any supernatural being of any kind that governs or intervenes in human life. I think religion(including Christianity) is a corrupt system to control people through their hopes and fears to gain power and wealth. In no way do I believe our morality comes from the bible. Our morality comes from the fact we are social animals and we cooperate in order to increase our chances of survival. This means understanding and supporting the well being of other humans.

      Spirituality to me is just emotions. Nothing magic or mystical about it. You feel something towards something. Nature gives me an immense sense of connectivity between living things and the stars make me feel insignificant in the big picture. Those are just emotions.

      But those are all just my opinion. The same as you think Oprah’s guest was describing Christianity.

  77. george crispen2 years ago

    There are only two kinds of people in the world atheists and non-atheists.. if you believe in any form of God, spirits, a soul, the supernatural, voodoo or magic then you are not an atheist.. an atheist is only concerned with truth and understanding…

    1. nate mathan1 year ago

      Agreed 100%.
      The nonsense of ‘soul’ and ‘spirituality’ (spirits) and ‘afterlife’ is wishful thinking.
      Accepting without evidence is politely called ‘belief’, but is accurately called ‘delusion’.

      You are either scientific or superstitious. If you are superstitious, don’t use the internet – which is purely a product of science. Spread your magical thinking via smoke signals or jungle drums.

      Knowing you get one chance – this life – means you must make the most of it. Do good on Earth now because there are no ‘do-overs’. Thinking you get more swings at the bat makes you immoral. There is no incentive to fix things here and now.

      In the above video, Oprah manipulated her guest, hoping she would accept the voodoo that Oprah does. Winfrey has made millions of dollars peddling superstitious wishful thinking. Like a drunk, she wants others to drink with her. Diana Nyad took the diplomatic road and didn’t confront Oprah.

      Americans are dumbed-down by TV personalities like Oprah and Depak Chopra. Other countries are eating our lunch. America ranks 37th in science, right above Turkey. America must trade superstition for science and reality for wishful thinking.

      Personally, I find the knowledge that every atom in my body came from a star that exploded billions of years ago to be awe-inspiring. I am not just IN this universe…. i AM the universe! I belong here. YOU belong here! That proven scientific fact should be worth more to you than all the religious mumbo-jumbo in all the holy books in all of the history of the Earth. If it’s not… go back to eating Fritos and watching Oprah.

      1. olorin1 year ago

        Good argument. The Internet is clearly a monument to reason and rationality…

        Come to think of it, the Internet was built by DARPA, so really the only people who should be using it are Americans in the defense industry.

        Thank you for showing us all why only proponents of science can be trusted to hold the right beliefs, use flawless logic, and come to the right conclusions.

        1. Facepalm1 year ago


  78. george crispen2 years ago

    The “SOUL” is nothing more then an evolved brain over millions of years that has developed consciousness memory the ability for pattern recognition and an amazing capacity for creativity fantasy and destruction.. Open your eyes and see the creative animals that we have become the fantasy of “god” that holds us back and the destruction that we have caused!

  79. george crispen2 years ago

    The “AWW” that is being referred to as a spiritual feeling is nothing more than ignorance for the understanding of what is being preceived around them.. a deeper knowledge and understanding will always reveal the truth and this is only attainable through the scientific method and no other way..”GOD” is nothing more then an easy explanation for things that in the past couldn’t make sense to us and had no explanation until science caught up and could provide us with facts.. So why does most of the world still believe in “God” after science has provided an explanation?!

  80. true story2 years ago

    I was an atheist, and I didn’t believe in anything supernatural until a spirit tried to possess me. I saw some supernatural stuff then, and now I believe. Thank God for Jesus! He is real! He saved my life!

    1. StephanieWarMaiden2 years ago

      Me to!!!! He was a shadow demon and I got an ouija board, asked him to stop in the name of Jesus Christ and he did! I also prayed to God to keep my home clean of evil spirits and keep me safe. The next day after Halloween I found thin bloody scratches on the inside of my bed room door. I have not been bothered since by that demon, but I have seen more ghost since then.

  81. Lau Vmp2 years ago

    @Jason, I know!! Tell me about it! I’ve lived in the U.S. for half of my young life, and I just had this argument with my boyfriend over the weekend. His mom and dad are not very religious at all, and my boyfriend does not believe in God, but calls himself Jewish. I told him he wasn’t and explained the definition of atheist, Jewish, etc., and he got all offended that I dared to say that he really isn’t Jewish. And, I would at least understand him wanting to identify himself as Jewish because his family members are straight descendants from the men of Judea, but he is extremely blond and has really light blue eyes, and his features do not resemble any Middle Eastern features. And yes, he became extremely mad at me for pointing it out.

    1. Spaz2 years ago

      I can see where your boyfriend is coming from. It is not uncommon for Judaism to be considered a more spiritual than theist belief. Your boyfriend probably uses the Torah as a sort of moral guideline, a way to make the world a better place, and a cultural part of him. This does not contradict with his opinions about a god in his own mind, and that is where his opinion’s really matter.

    2. It’s a race and religion.2 years ago

      You can be Jewish and be atheist.

      1. Litesp33d1 year ago

        Of course you can be Jewish and atheist. You are born Jewish. That is a birth matter. A culture matter. But you might reach an understanding that god and religion are man made matters about power and control. The same applies to Islam although the Jews will not put an automatic death sentence on your head if you become non religious. However if you convert to Judaism or Islam then you probably would have issues being atheist at the same time.

    3. William1 year ago

      Jewish isnt atheis they believe in god just not that jesus was gods son learn your religion s

  82. Jason2 years ago

    well, this shows americans are very confused, lol

    1. Dude2 years ago

      Only the religious ones.

  83. Larry2 years ago

    Newton also spent his time delving into alchemy, it does not mean we need to follow his lead into superstitious nonsense–we KNOW so much more now. Einstein did NOT believe in a personal or creative deity; he said as much in many of his writings. He may have been a cultural Jew, but you cannot honestly claim him for the theist camp. Regardless, no one (regardless of intelligence or scientific brilliance) has special insight into supernatural realms. To think for one second that just because some renowned scientist claims some opaque belief in a higher power does not make it true. When it comes to religious beliefs in gods, ALWAYS count the evidence and NOT the number or quality of believers. Peace.

    1. Jack2 years ago

      You also really can’t claim him for the atheist camp either, he was closer to a pantheistic agnostic, which in many ways is more of a polar opposite to atheism than mono/polytheism, I really wish people would just live and let live.

  84. Con Sterling2 years ago

    Why is it that some group of Atheists take this time of year to attack ‘believers’?? What pleasure or joy comes to them for poking fine at them with their ‘take Christ out of Christmas’ campaign?? Why don’t they come forth with a positive campaign on the benefits of their atheistic beliefs rather than attacking the ‘believers’?? You hear all these statements about Atheists having higher IQ and being more educated. If that is true take those attributes and develop a benefit campaign for being an atheist and attracting people to your way of thinking. I’m feedup with negative campaigns that try to belittle people just because they don’t share some one’s philosophy on life or religion. To paraphrase MLK, judge a person not only by the content of their heart as well as their actions and not by their religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual performance or political ideology.

    1. David A.2 years ago

      One of the big problems is not that a person wants to believe in, and have an imaginary friend, (god), but that they want to pass laws based upon their beliefs.
      Christians also cannot keep their delusion to themselves, they want to instill their insanity upon the rest of the world.

      That is why we MUST speak against the insanity of Christianity, as it has had its reign of terror on mankind for far too long now, the insanity must stop.

      We Atheists don’t generally have a problem with Buddhists, or Jaine’s for example, because they keep their beliefs to themselves, they don’t try to instill their beliefs on the rest on humanity!

      1. Jack2 years ago

        Ah yes, you appear to be one of those confused souls (yeah, I know, souls aren’t real) who believe Christianity still reigns. How would you define Christianity as insane exactly? I myself am not a man of the word but people like you make the general population of atheists look like the equivalent of the westboro atheist church.

        Yes, that is true, but think about it, all laws are based on belief, if we didn’t believe murder was wrong, we would allow it. And don’t tell me with a straight face that Atheists on a daily basis don’t attempt to cram beliefs down everyones throats, I have had just as many people and ads directed at me telling me NOT to believe in a god as there are TO believe in a god, and atheists are the minority, let that sink in.

        The primary problem between atheist/theist groups is that they misunderstand what they are. Atheism commonly claims to be born of science, that is not necessarily true, you can be an atheist because you don’t see any evidence for a gods existence, but ultimately that is just as philosophical as theism is. Science is there to explain in cold statistics HOW stuff works, philosophy is there for people to think about WHY. So don’t taint my science with your philosophy please.

    2. Ryan Arko2 years ago

      You are aware that Jesus wasn’t born in the winter, right? So the concept of his birth being in December would be wrong. And you know, I’ll see what you mean when you say December 25th is just the day chosen to celebrate Jesus’ birth and not the assumed date of his birth…except history shows that many of the traditions (feasting, decorating trees, gift giving, singing) were assimilated traditions of pagans and even the date was proven to be an effort by the church to compete with the birthday celebration of Sol Invictus.

      Then we delve into the modern depiction of the nativity story that would only take a reading of the beginnings of the four gospels to debunk. It’s likely that there was no manger, Mary wasn’t a virgin, and the wise men (or Magi, depending on the book) were guided by a star sent by Satan.

      Lastly, there are numerous denominations of Christianity who do not observe Christmas because of it’s ties with pagan worship and celebration. They instead choose to honor the birth of Jesus as they would honor any day they believe their God created for them.

      So, as it turns out, Atheists who come out around Christmas to say there is no point seem to be better at biblical understanding (already proven) than most Christians including, apparently, yourself.

      1. Litesp33d1 year ago

        You are aware that Jesus wasn’t born in the winter,…….

        You are aware that Jesus was not born at all and is a complete myth.


    3. Dude2 years ago

      Because christians hijacked pagan holidays.

  85. Charles Purdy2 years ago

    Oh, the freedom of breaking the shackles imprisoning your mind! Yeah, I used to be a “believer” turning my back on logic and reason to follow that book of Jewish folklore. Then I read the harder books and later had all the world’s scientific knowledge at my fingertips with the Internet.

    The strides made in the Sciences completely washes out the mind poison of revealed religions. Right now, as we post, there are organisms being created in labs. Take the ingredients found in the Universe’s “soup”, add water, throw in some electrical discharge, and VOILA…simple celled organisms. Watch the evolutionary growth to more complex organisms over large expanses of time. We are complex organisms that grew from this recipe, and are merely groupings of atoms, molecules, cells and chemicals experiencing existence on a spinning rock we could have made a paradise, but chose instead to create mind locks and beliefs to comfort our fear of death, and have pulpit puppet masters spin tales of an afterlife where we see our dead Aunt Tilly and Spot the dog once more. Rubbish. The world would be a better place if everyone realized life is a magic moment we experience for a brief time and to make the most of it.

    Just have to read the harder stuff: dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2012/0…

  86. Ben2 years ago

    Research shows that most atheists 1. Have a higher IQ than believers 2. Therefore that earn more. 3. Because they earn more than tend to be more moral, 99.7% of federal prisoners are believers, less than .30% are nonbelievers. 4. Nonbelievers stay married longer, not sure why. We have been married 57 years.

    1. Jack2 years ago

      “Therefore that earn more”?
      “Because they earn more than tend to be more moral”?

      Take English 101 and try again, sir.

    2. Real Common Sense2 years ago

      “1. Have a Higher IQ”
      By three points…
      With all of the outliers considered, all of the lower class Americans and prisoners that remain uneducated, yet identify as religious, a whole three point difference in IQ is made, even though IQ does not correlate with all forms of intelligence. Congratulations.

      “2. Therefore that earn more.”
      About 1/6 of the variation factors, less important than family background, location, and too many other factors, you propose is the cause for more wealth, assuming that Atheism is in fact a factor that causes higher IQ (rather than the other way around or a simple correlation rather than causation)?

      “3. Because they tend to be more moral”
      Because crime and morality are totally the same concrete concepts, correct? Because nothing that could ever be considered immoral, such as evicting a family or outsourcing production of a factory, resulting in the loss of many jobs, could also be considered illegal, am I right? Because with population scaling, the non-believers are represented equally in prison, right? Because even with all of these, nobody converts in fear of their life in prison, right? Because the economic distribution, one of the most important factors in deciding where the general for locations for crime occurs, never overlaps the general trend for less wealthy peoples who tend to be religious, right?
      Obviously most of these are rhetorical, because a causation is proposed on your end that simply doesn’t explain the scenario.

      “4. Nonbelievers stay married longer”
      You would have me here if it wasn’t for the fact that this correlates more heavily with liberal ideals, as in liberals divorce less often. Liberalism, you know, the party that often correlates with atheism, but also includes lose religion (which, unsurprisingly, liberal religion experiences lower divorce rates, furthering the proposal that this isn’t an issue caused strictly by atheism).

      The lines you’ve drawn between everything typed are no different than a connect the dots for children. Unfortunately, you’ve tried to make an airplane where the puzzle attempts to point out a giraffe.

      1. Ryan Arko2 years ago

        I wont defend his use of the English language, but I’ll argue two points he makes.

        Atheists tend to have higher IQs. Regardless of IQ points, intelligence through study and observation open the door to atheism. That’s why Christian lawmakers want to defund public schools and argue that higher education is indoctrination. When you see that the world is billions of years old, that evolution is supported by mountains of evidence despite not being the method of biblical creation, that many of the laws of nature disagree with the biblical depiction of the universe, you can only reject the silly notion that the Abrahamic texts are truth.

        So being intelligent makes you more likely to become an atheist, but being an atheist has no effect on one’s intelligence. There are plenty of idiots in the atheist community, just at a smaller rate than among Christians.

        Point two is morality. You have two people. One doesn’t kill because it’s not something he wants done to him. The other doesn’t kill because a book told him he wont get a reward if he does it.
        The first person doesn’t rape because violating a person is wrong. Doesn’t steal because it’s an awful feeling to have it done to him. He uses his personal views toward actions as a compass for morality.
        The second person doesn’t rape because a book told him he’d burn for eternity if he did. He doesn’t steal because a looming character he’d been taught since birth to fear told him not to. His morality comes from a book.

        Enjoy your views on morality when I ask “which do you think is more moral? Which is the better moral compass?”

        To add, a third person, a friend and congregant of the second person, rapes, steals, and kills because he was told all he has to do is ask an invisible being he’s never met for forgiveness and anything bad he did is forgotten and he still gets his reward just for believing. He gets his morality from the same exact book as person number two.
        Now we see that biblical morality is just as subjective as morality devised without god. Turns out even God’s morality isn’t objective.

        1. Jack R2 years ago

          Honestly I think one day it will all average out to fifty fifty ratio of believers to non-believers. The old 6000 year old religions will probably either have to adapt or shrink. But when you break it down to the most basic levels of the question, is there God. Even if there was a 100% complete scientific model of progress from the beginning to now that could be rigorously tested and proven one question remains. You can ask “Why?” someone else can respond “Why not?”

          Personally it appears to me that these debates delve into the wrong questions, this is philosophy, not science. You may draw the connections, but I think ultimately it is up to things not written in stone for you to determine why you think you are here. Higher education won’t eliminate religion more than likely, it will just bring it to the 50/50 level I would presume.

        2. Dave2 years ago

          You are wrong.

          The book says we are all sinners. The book is a guidance how to do things in a right way but people have free will and decide by themselves.

          Plus… ateists do not come from a different planet.

          One doesn’t kill because it’s not something he wants done to him. Well.. it comes straight from the Bible.

        3. Facepalm1 year ago

          This isn’t true at all.

          I’ve been through “higher education” and can point out a very specific event in which I was docked a grade for arguing a non-socialist position and, when I addressed the professor and crushed her in debate, I was still told to accept her position or suffer the loss of the letter grade. Needless to say, my grade was not what it should have been. *Evidence* of indoctrination is monumental. Some people are just so unwilling to see that there perspective is flawed to accept that it is precisely what is being done.

          A simple illustration is your own argument. Most religions offer some variation on the theme of the golden rule. “Do unto others.”

          You really think that marginal IQ difference is enough to differentiate between two people that religious people will only be moral due to a fear of punishment?

          Clearly, if atheists are so smart, you should perhaps be able to effectively rethink things.

  87. Maynard2 years ago

    If the info in this article is true, people simply don’t know what the definition of Atheist is when applying it to themselves. Atheism is about doubt because of insufficient evidence. If you believe in any kind of intellectual higher power as the reason the Universe exists, you’re NOT an Atheist. If you’re on the fence, you’re NOT an atheist. What is so hard to understand about this? It’s quite simple, really.

    1. Agnostician2 years ago

      Actually, no. An Atheist is one who, above all else, believes that there is absolutely no ‘higher power’ of any form whatsoever; there never was and never will be anything to change that fact. How the universe and life came to be is a matter of scientific debate, not spiritual belief. Agnostics, however, are the ones who are the more ‘agree to disagree’ types; the ones who say that there is not enough evidence one way or another to say whether or not there is such a thing as a ‘higher power’. An Agnostic is the one who has doubt; whether they sit on the more scientific side or other. If you asked an Atheist if there is a god, their only answer is ‘no’. They believe in the utter lack of religious belief or spirituality. There is no debate. If you asked an Agnostic if there is a god their answer would more likely be ‘not sure, but want to explore more options and/or data’. Depending on which side of the fence the Agnostic is sitting would also depend on where they lean on the subject. I, for example, lean on the ‘there’s no scientific evidence to support creation-by-design and that all life is random biology.. but that doesn’t mean I am right.’

      1. eb ward2 years ago

        We are all Atheists. Some just include one more in the list. Ask another question. How many believe with 100% certainty that no gods of any definition could exist = 0 Atheists. How many for the great Juju = 100% Atheists.

      2. Katie2 years ago

        Yes Atheists are not “on the fence” I am an atheist and I believe that there are NO higher spiritual powers. plain and simple. This basic answer does bother some people but that is what Atheism is.

      3. Michael2 years ago

        For some reason people think Atheism and agnosticism are mutually exclusive. You can be atheist and still say “I don’t know”. I do not believe there is a god, but could I be proven wrong someday? Sure. But for now, it’s just a silly assumption with no backing to it whatsoever therefor I will regard it as false until proven otherwise.

    2. Illya Yagiyayev2 years ago

      I think an Atheist is one who explicitly rejects teachings (truth-claims) of all religions as false, not only God or gods. Atheism also requires a naturalistic worldview: there are nothing beyoud the physical world. Buddhist, Taoist non-theist Hinduist is not an Atheist, even if he does not belief in God/gods.

      Self-label as an Atheist and scientific definition of Atheism should not be mixed.

      1. Carlos1 year ago

        Did you even study your roots in middle school?

        “These ROOT-WORDS are THE & THEO which come from Theos meaning GOD. There has not been room on the list for names like Theodore and Theodora which have the gracious meaning of “gift from God.””


        theo- means God. Atheist mean one who doesn’t believe in gods.

        Buddhists who don’t believe in Gods are atheists by definition.

    3. Hamsa2 years ago

      Atheist is a 4th grade vocabulary word…what is there to (not) understand?

  88. Cindy2 years ago

    Too many people get lost in the definition of atheist…some even make the claim that all babies are born atheists…this is not so. Babies cannot choose to deny the existence of god. they are simply uncatechized — and one can only be catechized when one has some understanding, even if just a small amount.

    1. Jimbo2 years ago

      You don’t have to deny the existence of a god to not believe in a god.

      There are a great many gods I have never heard of. I don’t believe in any of them and yet have never denied their existence.

      1. Ben2 years ago

        Jimbo, sorry to tell you but you just did

        1. Cory Gage2 years ago

          No, an atheist simply lacks the positive belief in any god or gods. It is not the positive disbelief of such. There is a difference.

          1. Katie2 years ago

            No an Atheist does not believe in god, I am an Atheist and I do not lack anything. I do not do good things for fear of persecution nor do I do them in hopes of a reward. I do not believe that after I die there will be either. I do nice and good things because I chose to, ME no one else. I choose to be a good person because that is how I want to live. I do not judge people who believe differently than I, just as I do not judge people who are different than myself. I choose to love because I want to. I do not love or hate in the name of ANY god, I have no fear of the afterlife just as I was not afraid before I existed, I do not fear death nor do I spend great amounts of time thinking it. My life is about living, it is about knowledge and my fellow humankind. I think religion brings a great deal of comfort to those that need it, I however do not. I am not sure why the question of someones personal beliefs or lack thereof are anything but their business.

    2. Jen2 years ago

      Cindy, I’m not sure you are exactly right. I can only use myself as an example, but I don’t think being an atheist actually requires the denial of anything. I never received any indoctrination as a child and have never had the impulse to ‘fill in the gaps’ of my understanding by chosing to believe in the supernatural. There’s no critical analysis underlying my atheism, I simply do not recognize the bible as any sort of authority. After all, it is of unknown authorship and dubious translation- so, why would I give it a moment’s consideration? I very much doubt that anyone undertakes any sort of critical analysis to determine whether leprachauns, unicorns or Zeus are real. But, we don’t question anyone’s unbelief in those things.

      1. george canlas2 years ago

        Are atheist stay atheist forever?what can u say about an atheist who turn down their beliefs?I know some.

    3. John Patrick Galliher2 years ago

      Exactly, why does no one understand this, Atheism is simply the choice to not believe, and it (for me) is nothing to piss off Christians, or Jews, or Muslims, it’s simply my choice and I am happy with it, i’m not tying to impress anyone, or offend anyone. I don’t hate people who believe in God(s) and I never will hate people beause their beliefs. I wasn’t born Atheist, It’s not being gay, you’re not just born that way, Atheism is a choice.

    4. Hamsa2 years ago

      I attempt to explain that very point often…usually to no avail.

  89. Judy Van Ert2 years ago

    Jesus loves me this I know, because the Bible tells me so

    1. Johnathan Walton2 years ago

      Superman saved the Earth this I know, because his comic tells me so

      1. Hamsa2 years ago

        Do you know even one single soul which considered SM to be true? Then your analogy was truly inept.

        1. Joe2 years ago

          Soul…No. What is that? But people, yes. Lots of kids do. Kids will believe in any good story, especially if it allows them to flex their imagination. Luckily, there’s usually an adult there who’s able to explain reality.

          But what happens when the adults in this scenario feel so entitled to an afterlife that they just continually feed into the first program that promises them one? Until they die. Forever.

  90. Jerry Southard2 years ago

    After a lifetime of Bible centered churchgoing on autopilot, it became clear I needed to do a religious reality check. After a dozen years of science and theological study my findings thus far are (1) it is evident we humans have evolved and are hardwired as individuals who care for each other. (2) for our species to endure and individuals to reach a level of personal contentment the prime directive (consilience?) is to treat others the way one would like to be treated…all the time and no matter what. (3) this can be cultivated through inclusive social groupings using music, sport, dance, art, oratory, and good works as in certain metaphorical religious traditions.

    I still “do” church and think it a necessary institution as are social, civic, government and education institutions. We will always have the 5% crazies at both ends of any distribution. For me the living definitions have changed dramatically. Finding an inclusive religious group can be challenging; but change is afoot.

    1. Joe2 years ago

      Oh really huh. And could you clarify what about your delving into science and theology convinced you that we humans have evolved. Please take along on your chain of logic from basic elements to single cell amoeba to human beings.

      Got my popcorn and soda… carry on.

      1. Jerry Southard2 years ago

        Sorry, no time. But I can give you many sources to read if you are truly interested and not just gigging this very old man.

      2. Gary Williams2 years ago

        Scientists do not claim to know that they “know” exactly how the first life-form came to be, or how it evolved into the forms we see around us today. And considering mankind didn’t know much about anything a couple thousand years ago, that would be an exceedingly rational stance for them to take. This, in contrast to those who insist that despite not knowing whether the earth was a few thousand years old, what/where fossils came from, or what the Sun, Moon and stars even were, they nevertheless knew exactly where all of it came from. This obvious bit if irrationality is nevertheless insisted on by theists who somehow believe that if science admits it doesn’t know exactly what happened several billion years ago, and yet religious clerics do (despite each religion claiming vastly different things), that this somehow makes religion superior to science.

        Well. I suppose if you really don’t care about the accuracy or factual basis underlying Biblical (or Vedic, Gnostic, Coptic, etc) claims; but rather the whole point is simply to /think/ you know rather than /actually/ know, then you may have a point.

        Incidentally, a Need for Closure (or NFC Scale) was designed to assess how strongly an individuals desire for an answer comes as a matter of wanting to end any further need for information requiring additional processing and judgment, even if that answer is *not* the correct answer. IOW, people high on the NFC scale will grasp at information they believe “settles” or closes the issue, even if that info lacks credibility re: logical, rational than do people who score less on the NFCS.
        People high in religiosity consistently score more highly on the NFCS than do others.

    2. Carson2 years ago

      A well-thought-out perspective of life, Jerry.

    3. Matt Begley2 years ago

      Crazies? It seems that you are speaking of atheist as crazies. 93% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences are atheist… as are the vast majority of brilliant minds on Earth. I feel that I’m in good company. If requiring evidence before committing to something as absurd as magical beings in the sky makes me crazy in your uneducated view… all I can say is that I’m not surprised… most people are stupid.

      1. Tammy2 years ago

        Okay educated crazies!!!

        1. Katie2 years ago

          calling something that you do not agree with crazy seems a bit narrow minded

      2. Jerry Southard2 years ago

        No offense, Matt. I was referring to the “know-it-all’s” who don’t listen or question at the extremes of the normal curve. One definition of a crazy is a fundamentalist whether as a theologian or an atheist. Some say I am an atheist because I do not acknowledge the existence of a deity or spirit world or afterlife… that is my cognitive domain speaking. My affective domain feels a kinship or commonality with all kind. It has been said that the idea of a personal (G)god is whatever one’s mind imagines. I frankly can’t find an appropriate label. I’m just me…a work in progress.

        1. Jimbo2 years ago

          There is no such thing as fundamentalist atheism. What fundamentals would a fundamentalist atheist be fundamental about?

          1. Hamsa2 years ago

            Once a Fundie…ALWAYS a Fundie. Unless you are referring to the old-school types, all atheism in 2013 is FUNDAMENTALISM. Uneducated,bottom-line, and it tends to attract the lower dregs of society, and those lacking in education. Just another kind of Fundie.

        2. Gary Williams2 years ago

          You should be careful not to confuse atheism with anti-religionists or anti-Christians; people whose stance as a Satanist (eg.) nevertheless uses all the same imagery and language that Christians use to describe man’s /non-corporeal existence/plane/ whatever….after death…. all concepts that betray their deist beliefs in supernatural entities.

          Atheism rejects the entire notion of supernatural beings with the ability to effect the natural world in ways that defy the laws of physics, quantum physics, or any other natural “laws” not yet perceived by man, but that are, nevertheless, natural.

      3. Bob2 years ago

        The greatest men of science have expressed their faith in God, including Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

        1. Hamsa2 years ago


          1. Alex2 years ago

            That’s clearly a misquote of Einstein, Bob.

        2. Christine1 year ago

          They had to. They lived in a time that to admit atheism was self persecution.

      4. Jack R2 years ago

        Thats a nice and balanced outlook on life. Lets make the correlation that if I am not atheist then by default my chances of achieving any form of intellectual success are nil.

    4. eb ward2 years ago

      I sincerely appreciate your eloquent take on religion. That being said, how can you set and listen to “Hell Fire and Damnation” being taught to children and not speak up. If your other social group told your children they would burn for all eternity for not getting a merit badge, I would imagine you might have something to say. Call me the 5% crazy but, I feel those with rational minds do have a responsibility to not only shine the light on bad ideas but to call out those that are promoting nonsense. I understand you may not tithe and may not attend an active church but your mere attendance gives a license to those who do real harm in the world in your name. I miss the social aspect but, could never bite my tongue that hard.

  91. Mike Schwager2 years ago

    According to Wikipedia, “A German census in May 1939, completed more than six years into the Nazi era and incorporating the annexation of mostly Catholic Austria into Germany, indicates that 54% of Germans considered themselves Protestant, (including non-denominational Christians) and 40% considered themselves Catholic.”

    That means that 94% of Germany’s population during Hitler’s regime tolerated Hitler’s anti-semitic pronouncements and policies, which led to the Holocaust and the slaughter of six million Jews, along with other minorities.

    There were a few German clergymen who stood out to take exception to Hitler, one of them the great Dietrich Bonhoeffer – but he and others were executed for their exceptionalism. So only a scarce minority acted as true Christians who lived the tenets of their faith with honor and integrity.

    I do not think religious affiliation necessarily means that people practice what they preach, especially when push comes to shove. Ethical and moral behavior must be judged on an individual basis, irrespective of religious affiliation or non-affiliation; or one’s professed spiritual inclinations. It would be nice to think otherwise, but to paraphrase the slogan of the State of Ohio: “SHOW ME!”

  92. Cynthia2 years ago

    ….those that believe in the possibility of the existence of God.

  93. Cynthia2 years ago

    I find it interesting that those who are college educated, consider themselves atheists instead of agnostic.

    1. Cory Gage2 years ago

      I find it interesting that people still think that atheism and agnosticism are exclusive of one another.

  94. Benjowo2 years ago

    Sorry, typo in my previous post, I meant check out origin-of-religion.com for an explanation of what “spirit” really means.

  95. Benjowo2 years ago

    I cannot understand that “SKAN” can be an “atheist” but still believes in Ghosts etc. I am an unbeliever and that means I do not “believe” in anything supernatural. If there is ever “proof” that ESP exists or that prayer alters the outcome of an event then they are natural happenings and not supernatural anymore but “no proof” means that any conjured up explanation is just not acceptable. The most misinterpreted idea is “spirit” (from latin: spirare), It means “breath”. Check out origin-of-religion:The caveman knew that breathing was life. The great Spirit was the air (wind) invisible but powerful and breath was the small spirit, considered the life-force, which entered the body at birth and rejoined the Great Spirit at death.
    I do not call myself an atheist, agnostic or secular humanist since these concepts carry too much baggage, and mean different things to different people. Unbelievers have as many different opinions or political views as the religious people except they do not believe in a god.

  96. afterallthat2 years ago

    God/Source/Creator/Universal Mind dwells from within each of us. Man created god in his own image. Most religions have as their roots, what we call pagan beliefs and traditions. What we all need to understand is that each of us—all of us—are connected whether we believe it or not. Religion is divisive—us against others.

  97. Edward Baker2 years ago

    I think the number would be higher ,but atheists are usually shunned or bullied by the religious .We are looked upon as not good People.We represent only .02% of the Prison population ,with mostly non violent crimes. Atheists are however slowly becoming a force to be treated equally .The Agnostics are more Atheist than they admit to .Im sorry to dispell the rumors of being evil ,but Ateists are the kindest and most humane people I have met ….

  98. Clark Bennett2 years ago

    No God, no spirit and no supernatural. You may believe whatever you wish but i will not honor or respect it in any fashion.

  99. Mendal McEwen2 years ago

    One can fully know our Creator God personally when EVERY thought demands a decision. “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast___” Isaiah 26;3

    Our Creator God is more then able to micromanage each and all who put each and all who put their trust in Him.

    “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4;7 It’s a unique peace. I weep a lot experiencing it.

    “Submit to God and be a peace with him:in this way prosperity will come to you” Job 22;21

    Most atheists are invariably among the intellectually elite. They, in effect worship their mind.

    1. skeptic2 years ago

      “Most atheists are invariably among the intellectually elite. They, in effect worship their mind.”
      This is a nonsensical statement that displays a certain amount of ignorance when it somes to knowledge of atheism and the definition of “worship.”

    2. Edward Baker2 years ago

      Why do you need to refer to a book with questionable ethics ,nunerous authors and has been edited and changed over 2000 years .???

      1. Turk2 years ago

        Because they have nothing else as a frame of reference. They subjectively interpret natural phenomena as something unnatural in an effort to further their own delusion and use that book as unequivocal evidence of their claims, completely disregarding that a book is nothing more than a book. If their same logic were applied to an issue of Spiderman, it could be construed that he existed as well.

    3. Lee Salisbury2 years ago

      Many believers like to quote bible verses as if to prove they are Christians not like those elitist rebellious atheists. Yet the alleged words of Jesus give little assurance that is the case, “Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say in that day, Lord have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in your name and done many wonders in your name? I will declare to them, I never knew you, depart from me you who practice lawlessness?” Mt 7:21-23
      As pointed out above, 94% of Germans were Christian and supported Hitler. May I suggest believers not throw their shoulders out of joint patting themselves on the back because they can quote a bible verse. Is it any wonder America is moving with Europe toward a secular worldview?

  100. Alice2 years ago

    You can believe what you wish. But The Bible tell us Salvation is in Jesus Christ alone.
    He makes the rules. His death and burial and resurrection paid for all or sins. How sad for all the deception in the world.

    1. Dan2 years ago

      Who cares what some book written by iron-age prophets who were just trying to make sense of their world in the absence of the scientific breakthroughs and technology we have at our disposal today had to say about salvation?

    2. John2 years ago

      The Bible also says it’s ok to own slaves, and that eating shellfish, cutting your hair, and wearing garments of different materials are punishments worthy of death.

    3. Humanist2 years ago

      Biblical citations are merely fictional stories to some. If one were to replace the words ‘Jesus Christ’ with ‘Invisible Pink Unicorn’, and read the citation again, one may begin to understand how ridiculous this fiction sounds to some ears. If this citation is intended to ‘frighten’ the non-religious into submission, one must understand how little meaning, and therefore how little fear, these citations invoke.

    4. eb ward2 years ago

      I agree, How sad about deception. If only there was a way to determine truth. We should come up with some process or method if you will that gathers up knowledge, organizes that knowledge into guesses, tests those guesses and determines truth. What should we call it?

  101. Jim Swayze2 years ago

    From a fellow in his 70s who has been through the religious wars: When pressed, I say as simply as possible that I am not a believer; if that’s not sufficient, I acknowledge that I am a non-believer. I don’t like being labeled in general, and atheist in particular has an antagonistic flair to it, in the ears of one who is a believer. I don’t want that because the polarity it creates accomplishes nothing. Faith is not a logical construct and therefore can’t be argued, fruitfully, at any rate.

    When I was young, I naively, and happily, thought the gods would disappear in my lifetime as people learned of Darwin and scientific explication of naturally occurring phenomena, and I took up the flag and charged into the fray. Only to learn it doesn’t work that way. We humans’ evolutionary makeup is such that we’re constantly “drawing a line in the sand.” “You’re either with us or against us,” as President W puts it as opposing camps erect their breastworks. Unless you’re into rape and pillage, pitched battles don’t accomplish much.

    Most thoughtful, reasonable people come to realize in their heart there are no gods actively interacting in human affairs. But most still maintain their faith because of its relationship with hope, and hope is a very natural emotion. Personally, I see such faith as a derogation of personal responsibility, but it does no good to say that. It’s negative. Better is a calm discussion of personal moral values; how to live a life well lived, to put it philosophically.

    Surveys like this, no matter how well conducted, grossly understate the true number of non-believers. Society devalues atheists (Reagan thought we shouldn’t be allowed to vote); people understandably don’t want to be looked down upon as something less, and so they are less than forthright in answering the survey questions. We change that, not by showing what good warriors we are but what good people we are.

    1. John C. Willis2 years ago

      Very nicely put Mr. Swayze; very nicely put.

    2. Christopher Chessum2 years ago

      I agree with much of what you say, but I don’t really follow why it’s antagonistic to call yourself an atheist. An atheist is simply someone who has no belief in a deity. If there are any negative connotations to the word “atheist” then that is largely due to the way the atheism has been misrepresented, and it’s all the more reason why rational people should claim the term back. I’ve never been ashamed of being an atheist. I have many religious friends; Christians, Muslims and Hindus among them. They know that I’m an atheist. It’s not a problem for them. We disagree on religion but agree about lots of other things. Such is life.

      1. Jim Swayze2 years ago

        Certainly my intent was not to infer shame, and hopefully no one understood it as such. My concern is not shame but a desire to be heard, and I don’t want any label blocking that possibility.

        The label “atheist” causes me no problem other than it being a label, something I don’t enjoy because every label carries with it connotations, some which I can accept and some which I find distasteful. Connotations arise in the ear of the beholder; they are there before I arrive. That is, after all, what language means.

        My wording was that declaring oneself as atheist has an antagonistic flair about it, and I’ll stand by that. To believers, such a declaration initiates defense mechanisms, a call to battle stations, one might say, which closes out meaningful discourse. That’s human nature. The common ground we may have shared is gone and, in the believer’s eyes, we find ourselves in opposing camps. In this scenario, I knew the connotations associated with the label and yet chose to place myself, again in the believer’s eyes, against him. If my objective is to be heard, why would I choose such a course?

        As you imply, Christopher, wrong and misplaced connotations of the term, atheist, are misunderstandings in need of elucidation, to put it mildly. It’s frustrating. But this isn’t a math problem where a correction produces the desired response, “Oh, now I see.” That’s something we all must live with.

        We all feel our own missions in life, and if yours is reclaiming the term, atheist, then Godspeed (a little joke there, if you don’t mind). Personally, believing or not believing is not as important as simply living one’s life in accord with good moral principles. My objections lie with religious leaders who dupe people into immoral acts. That for me is of far greater concern than connotations associated with any labels. In speaking out against these religious leaders, I want to be heard. (I’ll add that being heard usually results in a dent in the believer’s armor, and that doesn’t bother me a bit.)

        1. Cory Gage2 years ago

          What you speak of us exactly why I decided to embrace the term atheist. I avoided it for so long because I didn’t want to have that negativity hanging on me. In the end the only way I could help change that perception was to embrace the term and work towards creating a better image of it. I still hold at idea and work roars that end.

    3. Kan822 years ago

      Jim Swayze, I thoroughly concur with your points, especially the issue of faith as a “derogation of personal responsibility,” adding what I see paradoxically as faith/religiosity’s causing such a tragic lack of appreciation of personal strength, resilience, and appreciation of humanity’s beneficial achievements in alleviating or coping with the most challenging and tragic situations. Give yourself credit for surviving, rebuilding, living, aiding others rather than a deity which manifests nothing.

    4. eb ward2 years ago

      Jim Swayze, Thank you for your struggle. Your words are inspiring, but there has to be a line in the sand. I am in my 40’s and in my lifetime my non religious parents have passed and left behind a legacy of six died in the the wool born again Christians, one that won’t say and poor little old me (a biologist). Of the thirty or so grand children (with the exception of mine) including the two doctors, are tea-party candidates. I have three family members that literally have constructed dooms day bunkers in preparation for end times as told in Revelation. I have family members educated in public schools where science teachers casually inform the students that science is all lies but you need to know it for the tests. I read Thomas Payne and think Oh, how far we have fallen. I wish the struggle was over but, in my little corner of the world I’m standing alone.

      We humans do, when the cause is sufficient, spend our lives. We throw ourselves onto the grenade to save our buddies in the foxhole. We rise out of the trenches and charge the entreched enemy and die like maggots under a blowtorch. We strap bombs on our bodies and blow ourselves up in the midst of our enemies. We are, when the cause is sufficient, insane.
      Orson Scott

  102. Christopher Chessum2 years ago

    As an atheist myself, one of the main problems I encounter when discussing atheism with religious people is one of semantics. By and large, it suites religious people to define atheism as “the positive assertion that God does not exist.” That way, they can assert that atheism is a kind of faith. However, most atheists that I’ve encountered do not define atheism in those terms. Theos is the Greek word for God. Theism is the belief in God. The prefix “A” in front of the word “theism” simply denotes the absence of a belief in God. That is not the same as agnosticism, which is another misconception largely spread about by theists. Agnostics claim that one can have no knowledge of God. In terms of God’s existence, the agnostic position is that you just as well toss a coin. You have a 50% chance being right either way. The atheist position is not one of sitting on the fence in that way. Neither does atheism claim 100% certainty that a deity does not exist, since it is impossible to prove non-existence of something. However, in lieu of the lack evidence of existence, or of any sensible rationale for existence, the absence of a belief remains the default position. That is how I define atheism and it is how the vast majority of atheists I’ve encountered define atheism. Please let atheists define atheism for themselves.

    1. Steven LOWE2 years ago

      Well said. i agree completely with what you say. I wish Pew knew and stated this instead of finding and citing that incorrect definition of atheism.

    2. Dan2 years ago


    3. Cory Gage2 years ago

      Agnosticism, when looking at the term and its place in philosophy, is more of a stance on knowledge, as in can we know if there is a god or not. The vast majority of atheists that I know state that thou can not know with absolute certainty that there I’d not a god of any kind, thus giving then an agnostic standing. Everyone falls into either the category of theist or that if atheist. Agnosticism of merely the level of certainty they have.

      Also, just to point out, looking at a 2004 copy of the marriam-webster dictionary gives the definition of atheist as one who Denny’s the existence of God (note the capital g).

  103. skan2 years ago

    I am an atheist as i do not believe in god, however it does not mean i do not believe in ghosts, spirits, demons, angels, reincarnation, an afterlife, parallel universes, or any things such as these. There is way more to life than that which we perceive for me to say these things don’t exist. I think this is way a lot people that don’t believe in god still don’t identify as atheists as they think that atheism is a rejection of anything of a supernatural nature. I know it’s why I was hesitant to do so for quite a few years. I also do accept the idea that all we get is one life and that’s it but I think it’s as unlikely as the existence of god.

    1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      The problem is that the term “atheist” conveys ambiguous meaning on two dimensions — a certainty dimension and a breadth dimension.

      In terms of certainty, we have definitely, probably, and undecided positions.

      In terms of breadth, we have God (a particular god), all gods, or all supernatural phenomena.

      We need new standardized terms which are more precise with respect to these two dimensions.

  104. Rick2 years ago

    I believe religion is that which keeps the poor from murdering the rich, as Ambrose Bierce noted.

  105. Keith C.2 years ago

    How can you define an atheist as not believing in god then say there are “atheists” who do believe in god (and spirits)?? When you do the polls on bachelors will some be married too??

    1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      The problem is that “atheist” was not precisely defined in the survey itself.

  106. Randy2 years ago

    Thinking about the meaning and purpose of life has nothing to do with spirits or spirituality. Don’t label me with false labels.

    1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      Maybe you are “philosophical” rather than “spiritual.”

  107. David Dorn2 years ago

    One can be an atheist and still be spiritual without believing in a God. However, one cannot be an atheist and believe in a supreme being, or God. Bhuddism, Taoism, and Confuciionism all meet the criteria of spirituality without a supreme being. Being one with all does not make a supreme being, but simply unifies all that exists spriritually and physically.

    1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      I prefer the definition of “spirituality” which entails some belief in supernatural phenomena. There would be much less confusion if we just adopted a standard definition along those lines.

  108. Felix2 years ago

    I would like to see a study done about people who believe in a God who were not brainwashed into belief as children. I doubt that many people as adults begin believing in imaginary characters. Religion would die out if the religious would stop brainwashing kids.

    1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      I doubt that it would die out, but my guess is that the percentages of believers and nonbelievers would be flipped from what they are now.

  109. gpadanny2 years ago

    I think; I don’t believe. Prove it !

    1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      “Prove” is not a very useful concept in philosophy, unlike the case with geometry and symbolic logic. Better to say “rationally demonstrate…”

  110. What needs to be heard!2 years ago

    I am a Christian, not a perfect one by any means, but a Christian nonetheless. Although I would love to downgrade the majority of you on your unquestionable stupidity, my religion tells me that “Thou shall not judge.” As a result, I will not call anyone out or explain to you why the things you believe are ignorant. However, it baffles me that anyone can call this majestic planet we live on and the things in it a coincidence. Things do not just pop out of thin air, there is a greater being behind it. I say this to help you, maybe it will turn your life around. God is real, heaven is real, and after we die we will be judged by the way we lived our lives on this planet. So heed my advice my friends, be kind unto others, and always live your life in a holy manner. May God bless you all.

    1. Justin2 years ago

      So… I guess your religion tells you it’s OK to judge people as long as you do so in the most passive aggressive way possible?

    2. Garth2 years ago

      My compliments for not calling us out (presumably “us” atheists) as ignornant, althought it sure sounds like you just did!

      So because your’e not educated and/or smart and/or interested enough to understand the origins of our majectic planet and the life it holds, that allows you to concude that God is real? That’s a mighty big leap! Are you interested in the truth, no matter what you have believed to this point. Could you handle it if you’re wrong?

      If living ones life in a “holy” manner has anything to do with the bible I want no part of it. If you do, you either haven’t read it or you’re not be honest with yourself.

    3. Jay L2 years ago

      Earth is indeed special, or for us Earth-bound beings, even “majestic.” There is, however, mounting evidence that our rocky water world is not unique. And if it’s not unique, there’s no cause to resort to a higher intelligence to explain its existence.

    4. what?2 years ago

      We are to believe that God just popped out of nowhere?

    5. Gerry2 years ago

      “(It) baffles me that anyone can call this majestic planet we live on and the things in it a coincidence. Things do not just pop out of thin air, there is a greater being behind it.”

      A lack of understanding as to how things came about does NOT argue in favor of a “greater being”. It simply indicates that we don’t have most of the answers. Your claim has absolutely no validity in supporting your belief in God. You believe. That’s fine. But you don’t have the right to claim that something is too incomprehensible for most non-scientists to understand and use it to say “I WIN!!”

      It isn’t enough to claim that God exists. You have to prove it.

      1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

        Not “prove it,” but “rationally demonstrate it.” Proving is not required in this domain. But, nevertheless, you have correctly pointed out that the other commenter is making a “God of the Gaps” argument, also known as “argument from ignorance.”

    6. Torch2k2 years ago

      And I am an atheist – no more or less perfect than fellow-travelers like yourself, but doing the best I can. And it’s not only tempting to rebuke you for your passive-aggressive post regarding your membership in a superstitious cult, I believe it’s necessary. Just like you, I’m awestruck by the beauty and majesty of the cosmos that surrounds us; unlike you, however, I see no reason to resort to magic to explain it, especially when inquisition and reason pay such great dividends. Nothing just pops into existence, it’s true; least of all, inscrutable, illogical entities more unlikely than the phenomena they’re invoked to explain. I say this to help you, too, and hope you’d at least consider that if this temporal existence is the only life we have, it’s even more important that we live it well and share it judiciously with others; it’s too precious to waste. Be kind to others, yes. Live your life in a humane manner, I’d ask. And may all your efforts prosper.

    7. skan2 years ago

      There’s this thing called science…

      1. Stan2 years ago

        Science is only a tool that can reveal how things happen, not why

        1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

          It depends on what you mean by “why.” Science helped to answer why the Challenger shuttle was destroyed and why rain falls. However, sometimes “why” pertains to motives of persons or intelligent agents. The “why” question is often irrelevant or inapplicable if a super person or intelligent agent does not exist. Science is also a tool to help determine what really exists.

    8. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      Given the idea that “things don’t just pop out of thin air,” as you say, an eternal ordered and changing universe without any gods is perfectly compatible with that idea. The burden of rational demonstration is on you to show that there is a god added to that.

    9. DB2 years ago


    10. Humanist2 years ago

      I doubt many ‘Atheists’ out there think anything on this ‘majestic planet popped out of the thin air.’ Many would describe the countless millions of years of evolution that this planet and all life on it have experienced to be anything but a ‘pop’. ‘Believers’ cannot see the mountainous pile evidence of evolution before their eyes, yet blindly accept that their ‘God’ (who has yet to pile ‘His’ evidence) ‘exists’, and endlessly tell others that they ‘just have to believe’, as a child does in Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

      We do not ‘need’ help to ‘turn our lives around’, as many of us are well-educated, productive members of society, who are financially secure, emotionally stable, and living happy lives without the emotional crutch of ‘washing away sins’ and the ‘promise of an eternal afterlife’ to live as whole people. We are next to you at the soccer game, in line behind you in the grocery store, and driving beside you on the highway. We are no different than you, we simply have no need for external moral guidance. We can guide ourselves, with very well calibrated moral compasses, thank you very much. We are capable of owning our mistakes, we bear them on our own backs, without the need for the weak-willed, ‘Hail-Mary-please-wash-away-the-guilt’ down on our knees. We are strong.

      We have no need of cultish doctrine, supplication to a dominator, dogma, or ‘help’ from ‘imperfect’ (i.e. judgmental) believers. Believers so often assume that non-believers are living lives that are ‘so different’ from their own, and that we must all be immoral rapist, murdering, pedophile, thieves.

      I do not ‘heed’ advice from those who blindly follow and never question the immorality of brainwashing infants, the killing countless millions in the name of a fictional deity, mutilate the genitals of babies, ‘marry’ second graders to ‘God’, pile on needless guilt, judge others, threaten and coerce those who do not agree, insult the intelligence of others, toss around the label of ‘SINNER’ like petals on the wind, prey on the hopes, hearts, and minds of the weak and damaged, and flaunt their ‘moral superiority’.

      I would venture a guess that the reason that any believer would even read this thread would be in an effort to more firmly justify their ‘belief in god’, in a juvenile attempt to silence an inner questioning of their own ‘faith’, that remains unspoken (due to all that fear of fire and brimstone), but is naggingly tugging at foundations of their certitude in that tuneless mantra that ‘GOD IS REAL’.

      Heed MY advice- or don’t, as I really don’t mind what you do, but your ‘God’ just might, right?

      ‘Do not judge, lest ye be judged.’ Isn’t THAT how it goes?

    11. Rachel Macdonald2 years ago

      If you replaced Jesus christ with Santa clause and Kingdom with North pole secret hide away, you would understand how absurd you sound to us. Unquestionable stupidity is certainly what you display. As an atheist I do feel very certain that God does not exist. I honestly feel that many priests believe he does not exist either, but they play along because of tax exemptions, perks, and for some, an endless supply of blind parents with blind faith that hand over their children to be molested. What God fearing man would Molest a child? I realize I have opened a can of worms there, but if your own priests don’t fear the all powerful god, why should we?

    12. eb ward2 years ago

      I’m so glad you spoke up, I hadn’t heard that the world is not a coincidence. Thank you for sharing the news. Now I can stop all this Science stuff and pick up the book with all the answers. Which one is it again?

  111. Leslie2 years ago

    To believe “IN” anything is nonsense to me. I believe evolution. I believe climate change. I believe the universe. All of those I believe and more because I experience and can know them everyday.

    People start believing “in” something when they find little to believe about themselves and see themselves separate from everything else.

    People I know say there is little in common about religion and being religious and their beliefs of a god, or gods; or no god, or no gods.

    1. Joe Ransel2 years ago

      You don’t understand grammar.

    2. Zadok2 years ago

      You contradict yourself from the start.
      You do believe in things that are being debated like climate change, evolution and the universe. Not all scientists are in total agreement on any of these things, so why believe in those things you just mentioned? Religion, like science, is always being debated. Therefore, it’s no more silly to study it. Of the things you believe in, views of climate change and Darwinian evolution are happening right now. For example, recent advances in the human genome project cast some doubt on evolution, just as there’s new evidence that suggests that global warming is in it’s end phase. Thing is, since we can never know enough about the physical or spiritual world, it’s best to keep an open mind.

      1. Leslie2 years ago

        An open mind looks for questions, not answers.

        1. Jimbo2 years ago

          An empty mind resorts to meaningless rhetoric.

      2. Gary Williams2 years ago

        Your assertion that there is still a debate regarding AGW or biological evolution reveals one HUGE difference between the two camps of science and deism. Deists tell each other, tell themselves, and tell anyone who will listen blatant falsehoods on a regular basis, knowing full well that what they are claiming as “scientific beliefs” do not exist outside their own (deist) circles.

        Go take the NFC Scale. I guarantee your score will be higher than the average of scientists, of the more educated, and of atheists.

        The NFCS was designed to assess individuals’ “motivation with respect to information processing and judgment.” Need for cognitive closure is defined as a desire for an answer in order to end further information processing and judgment, even if that answer is not the correct answer.

        5 sub-scales of NFC
        Desire for predictability
        Preference for order and structure
        Discomfort with ambiguity

    3. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      To “believe in” is not nonsense. When people say that they “believe in God” they usually mean that they believe THAT God exists. This is beside the point that they are very probably mistaken.

  112. Jo Unrau2 years ago

    I’m not American, I’m Canadian but I’m a 67 year old atheist. I’ve sampled different religions & read a lot & my conclusion is people invented religion because they are full of fear & can’t accept the fact that when they die that’s the end for them. They want to believe they won’t really die but go some place where there are no more problems or pain. Religion doesn’t make any sense, evolution does.

    1. 4everateo2 years ago

      Jo-I’ll b 67 in about 3 weeks and I to believe in your theory. I understand the fear when religions were created, but we now have the knowledge to understand. When we see comets, eclipses, and tsunamis we now know either their origin or cause. Well most of us anyway.

      1. Garth2 years ago

        I agree that fear was one of the original drivers that help establish religion. People liked the answers someone provided and soon a cult turned into a religion. Why we, as intelligent, educated people in the 21st century continue to believe, is simply because we were told to believe. Not one, but effectively thousands of times and in our youth when we are most vulnerable. Most of us under estimate how difficult (or for some virtually impossible) it is to shake this kind of mind control, however non-malicious it was when administered.

    2. Zadok2 years ago

      You can’t really escape God in the sense that humans have a major tendency of putting authority figures before them, be it the State or a spiritual type deity. A totally God-less culture tends to rely exclusively on government for sustenance, and government ends up enveloping the whole person while it whittles away on human rights and democratic principles. Allowing religion to exist within a secular culture helps both believers and non-believers who appreciate living in a free society. In other words, a totalitarian society is detrimental to democracy, no matter what your belief system is.

      1. Felix2 years ago

        That makes no sense at all, people don’t replace belief in imaginary gods with government. What a load of mental tripe.

      2. TallySkeptic2 years ago

        In a society without a God belief, I don’t really see why government could not work for the common good without whittling away on human rights and democracy. Why could it not promote the latter?

    3. skan2 years ago

      Not believing in an afterlife has little to do with atheism. I really wish certain atheists would stop pushing this idea. To be an atheist is to not believe in god, that’s it.

      1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

        Actually, one definition of “atheism” is lack of belief in any supernatural phenomena, and that would include an afterlife. Again, there is a lack of standardized definitions of the different types of atheism.

    4. Mike Strom2 years ago

      Jo, My maternal grandmothers family name is Unrau, I wonder if we are related. Well, I guess I can answer that, we are related, we certainly share a common ancestors. But I wonder if we share a family history in a time frame of the last couple hundred years :-)

  113. Robert2 years ago

    Buddhism is an example of a religion which expressly rejects any personified god or “god-head”, although many popular/vernacular forms of the tradition incorporate otherworldly beings, demons and ghosts into the pantheon.

  114. patrick venton2 years ago

    To me, atheism takes away the need for a cultural emotionalism based on fear of oblivion .

  115. Wayne Ollick2 years ago

    It seems obvious from this report that semantics are in play when it comes to whether or not you are an Atheist. Apparently, many people have their own definition of the word as opposed to the dictionary meaning. Not surprising to me since I view that the great majority of human beings live and operate through their emotions (Right brain). As such, details are not their strong suit. As an Overviewer (Google it for more understanding), however, I try to let my rational mind (Left brain) take the lead in my daily functioning. Now, the most intriguing statistic in this article to me is #5. Firstly, the difference between how atheists feel and how all American adults feel does not appear to be statistically significant. Secondly, I, as an Overviewer, feel almost completely opposite to the statistical groups. That is, I do not feel any strong or weak connection to the earth or nature. I feel that both of them are foreign to me and I have a strong sense that I (we) do not belong here. Nature is incredibly cruel and the earth is an extremely dangerous place. I do not feel any kinship whatsoever to those things. I am put here not by my own means or desire so I have to deal with this venue. But it is not even close to what environment I would choose, if I had a choice. I would love to know if others feel that way or if I stand pretty much alone, but I suspect the difference is linked to the fact that I am an Overviewer (rational thinker) as opposed to those who think primarily through their ’emotions’. Anybody care to comment?

    1. joeg2 years ago

      I actually am having a hard time reconciling your saying that you have very little connection with nature and the earth with your saying that you are a rational thinker. And the reason is that, rationally, you must see that as a human being you have evolved from some simple organism that started in the ooze, just as all plants, animals, and hybrids have done. Therefore, it would seem logical (i.e., rational) to have an extremely tight connection with both nature and the earth.

      And you make me curious to know what kind of environment you would choose.

    2. Jo Unrau2 years ago

      Maybe this started out as a prison planet where an advanced civilization wanted to get rid of the worst criminals in their society. That would account for the garden of Eden stories & I suppose the judge who sentenced them would be god. We have a history of that sort of thing, Australia for example. It would also account for why there are so many insane, vicious, heartless humans if our ancestors were all terrible people who were too dangerous to keep on their home planet. Some research on this idea might be worth while.

      1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

        Possible, but very unlikely. Not sure how you’d do any research on this. You’d first have to find a god, alien, or alien civilization which COULD set up Earth as a prison.

    3. Bercilak2 years ago

      You aren’t alone. I fear most humans are unable to think rationally on a regular basis – some at all. Now to Google Overviewer

    4. Diana Marie Evans2 years ago

      I’m having a hard time finding “overviewer” in Google search. My bf thinks as you do. We are both agnostic but he believes we come from Orion. What do you think about that possibility? I’m not really sure. Seems plausible, I guess, but, eh, I want more proof!

    5. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      Nature is a mixed bag. It has good and bad. It depends on one’s focus.

  116. James Hodge2 years ago

    J think Facebook is vastly overrated and will disappear within 10 years.

  117. James Singer2 years ago

    If the god pesterers and snake handlers would quit telling atheists what they really believe, we’d all be better off.

    1. Christopher Coco2 years ago

      I like your answer and appreciate it!

  118. Jayson Rex2 years ago

    Humans are by and large unable to face the end of life without a reasonable “follow-up”. Hence the need for God. Before monotheism became the religious plat-du-jour, many idols filled the vacuum. With the advent of Judaism followed by Christianity (and later by Islam, a different type of religion), idols were discarded and replaced by one God – a concept that was easier to assimilate.

    What keeps religion ‘alive’ is the fear of death that haunts all humans. In truth, there is no God, no paradise or hell, no nothing. Randomness ‘explains’ life on earth, the Universe, etc. Is there life on other planets? Of course not. Why should it be? Randomness does not strike twice the same way or in the same place.

    For true believers, how can they explain a number of phenomena: jihadists killing in the name of Allah (God), Nazis killing millions of Jews for no reason except envy and hate, Christians (especially Catholics) torturing and burning alive “heretics”, etc. and etc.

    Hindus and Buddhists have a much better track record but not even they are innocent of brutal killings.

    So the question that begs an answer is WHERE WAS GOD WHEN ALL THAT HAPPENED? Maybe “on vacation”. Who knows?

    1. Garth2 years ago

      Jayson, you were doing so well untill the part about there [absolutely] being no life on other planets. While we have zero credible evidence to say there is, the shear number of solar systems and planets out there (billions of billions at least) suggests we may not be the only planet that has been so lucky. So the correct answer I would argue, is … we don’t know. And acknowledging that is far better than jumping to a conclusion with insufficicient evidence, or worse still … making one up. Mankind is very much guilty of both.

    2. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      Your claim “Is there life on other planets? Of course not. Why should it be? Randomness does not strike twice the same way or in the same place” is a non sequitur. Life is the result not only of randomness but also of an orderliness inherent in the universe. And so, it is likely that there is life elsewhere in the universe, although it might not be just like life on Earth.

      1. eb ward2 years ago

        Given the estimated numbers of inhabitable planets. It would be reasonable to assume that there is not only life on other planets but numerous planets with life and numerous instances of intelligent life. I just wouldn’t expect to see any at this distance.

  119. Marc2 years ago

    I would consider what is said by Diana Nyad as more of a agnostic view. The athiest position is a popular ideal; in all probablity, a persona. It is based on an dichotomy, not much in the world has two ends with nothing in between.

  120. Michael Fullerton2 years ago

    In fact the most important fact about atheists is that atheism in all its forms has been proven to be false. The argument is very simple. A human being is only atoms and nothing more. These atomic interactions result in human-level mental states. It is impossible for mental properties to magically arise out of nowhere. Therefore atoms must have simple mental properties. Since atoms are really just energy, energy itself also must have even simpler mental properties. The entire Universe is just ultimately energy as well. This means the Universe must have some kind of mental life. IOW the God of pantheism is proven true. Atheists do not believe in this reality. So they must believe the impossibility that mental states magically arise out of nowhere.

    You can Google “The No God Delusion: Deconstructing The Atheist Myth” for the full argument.

    1. Bob2 years ago

      Hilarious! IOW, the ancient Greek pantheon and/or Hinduism is the true religion? So, how do we know that the potential for mental capacity an inherent property of atoms, embedded somehow in dark matter and/or energy? Why is a supernatural humanly-behaving entity required for that?

    2. Shadowwork2 years ago

      Plants are made up of atoms. Therefore, plants have human-level mental states. Ergo, eating plants is to cannibalism as atheists are to vegitarians. Thus, creation museums espouse true eccumenical doctrine as law in response to scientific theory. In conclusion, Atheists don’t unbelieve in false truisms against wrong apocriphal falsehoods.

      1. Christopher Coco2 years ago

        Thank you!

    3. Matt McDowall2 years ago

      let me explain to you why you are very much ill informed.

      1) “A human being is only atoms and nothing more” – Correct.

      2) “atomic interactions result in human-level mental states” – I’ll give it too you.

      Now here is where you go wrong:

      3) “It is impossible for mental properties to magically arise out of nowhere” – i don’t understand what you mean, but mental properties and conciousness don’t “arise” our of “nowhere”. It is a chain of chemical reactions that cause this.

      4)”Therefore atoms must have simple mental properties.” – Say what? No. Atoms are atoms…they don’t think…is a hydrogen atom – water?? No..it must have a chemical reaction with Oxygen to cause water….understand? A hyydrogen Atom does not have “water properties” like you alluding that atoms have mental properties…thats insane.

      5) “Since atoms are really just energy, energy itself also must have even simpler mental properties” – yet again, same point as above. your just trying to work yourself back after failing point 3. Energy does not have mental properties.

      6) “The entire Universe is just ultimately energy as well. This means the Universe must have some kind of mental life” – and you keep going on this point….same argument as before.

      7) ” IOW the God of pantheism is proven true” – the God of pantheism??? don’t you mean the idea of patheism is correct?

      1. Michael Fullerton2 years ago

        You have not explained how I am ill informed only pronounced it.

        You claim mental properties and consciousness don’t arise out of nowhere yet you claim they magically arise when certain chemicals react. Or in the atomic world when atoms interact with each other. When a fundamentally unique property “arises” it is created from nowhere. It is not explainable in term of simpler properties like non-magical phenomena. Since you believe atoms and energy have no metal properties you believe mental properties magically arise out of nowhere.

        Water properties are illusions like human-level metal states. Both are explainable in terms of lower-level properties.

    4. Cowtown2 years ago

      That logic is flawed. Atomic interactions also make plastic and jelly beans. That doesn’t mean plastic or jelly beans have mental properties. Its the complexity that creates various substances, elements and properties. Just as a computer can “think” its because of how those properties are used and manipulate, not because those atoms have mental abilities.

      I can’t understand why people have such a visceral rejection of a belief that there isn’t some supernatural being or force out there.

      1. Michael Fullerton2 years ago

        You have not explained how my logic is flawed only pronounced it is. High-level mental states rely not only on complexity but on extensive information exchange.

        I am not advocating a supernatural force, merely explaining the reality of the purely natural God of pantheism. You built a straw man and yet accuse me of illogic.

      2. Michael Fullerton2 years ago

        You have not explained how my logic is flawed only pronounced it is. High-level mental states rely not only on complexity but on extensive information exchange.

        I am not advocating a supernatural force, merely explaining the reality of the purely natural God of pantheism. You have constructed a straw man logical fallacy and yet accuse me of illogic.

    5. Bald Eagle2 years ago

      Mr. Fullerton…

      Your argument is built on an unprovable premise, namely: “It is impossible for mental properties to magically arise out of nowhere.” This is surely an extraordinary claim.

      “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence was a phrase made popular by Carl Sagan. It is the heart of the scientific method, and a model for critical thinking, rational thought and skepticism everywhere.

      “The evidence put forth by proponents of such things as gods, ghosts, the paranormal, and UFOs is highly questionable at best and offers little in the way of proof. Even if we accepted what evidence there is as valid (and it is highly debatable if we should), limited and weak evidence is not enough to overcome the extraordinary nature of these claims.”


    6. Garth2 years ago

      This is an incredibly sad, pathetic and desparate argument. Obviously your have drawn your conclusion first and only then are trying to twist/invent an arguemet (evidence?) to support it …. insteand of gathering and examining the evidence (including a lack thereof) and then, and only if possible, come to a conclusion. In many cases, there is absolutely nothing wrong with concluding we don’t know, at least not yet, ie more evidense is needed.

    7. Felix2 years ago

      You totally misunderstand science, is that willful ignorance?

    8. skan2 years ago

      Ok let’s say there is a god. Do you really think he sent himself here to die for our sins? Do you think he answers prayers? If a god somehow does exist it is beyond our comprehension and we exist at it’s whim. It is unaware or unconcerned wit outr existence

    9. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      You’ve presented an interesting hypothesis, but haven’t come even close to substantiating it.

      No, atheism has not been proven to be false. If atheism is defined as “lack of belief in a supreme being,” then atheism cannot be proven to be false since a lack of belief, unlike belief, can be neither be proved nor disproved.

      It is possible that mental properties arose (not magically, but naturally) out of complex neural networks without atoms having simple mental properties.

      The Universe does include some kind of mental life; it is mental life of humans, at the least. Even if it were true that energy itself has mental properties (there is a simpler explanation of mental life), it would not necessarily mean that the god (not God) of pantheism is proven true. If mental properties were ubiquitous in energy, they might not operate altogether as a unit which is required in the concept of a god.

      1. Michael Fullerton2 years ago

        Atheism has been proven false. If you don’t believe something is true when it is true you are harboring a false dogmatic belief.

        Fundamentally unique properties arising which are not explainable in terms of lover-level properties require a magical creation out of nowhere.

        The God of pantheism does not require all energy to operate together as a unit. It only requires the Universe to be possessing of mental states which it has to unless you believe mental states magically arise out of nowhere.

        1. Cowtown2 years ago

          Atheism hasn’t been proven false, you only proclaim that it has.

          We are not only made up of atoms, by the way, but subatomic particles, but I’ll give your inaccuracy a pass. Close enough.

          I can’t say you are wrong, because its impossible to disprove something that there is no evidence for.

          If you can make the leap from humans having mental states to atoms having them, show us the data. If you can hypothesize, test, publish and have peer reviewed that conclusion to support your hypothesis, I’ll believe you.

          1. Michael Fullerton2 years ago

            Thank you for pointing out my error on subatomic particles. I have presented an otherwise exceptionally precise logical argument for the undeniable existence of the pantheistic God. It relies on a wholly reasonable assumption that fundamental properties cannot magically arise out of nowhere.

            My detractors here have only presented misinformation and logical fallacies (bare assertion, ad hominem, straw man, appeal to authority). The burden of proof is on those irrational people, like atheists, that believe mental states can magically arise out of nowhere to prove that they can.

            I have proven my case logically and thus scientifically. I do not have to appeal to any authority to accept the truth. I appeal only to logic.

    10. Mike Strom2 years ago

      Atoms are most definitely NOT “just energy”. Atoms are matter. E=mc^2 does not say, or mean, that everything is just energy, it simply expresses that matter can be converted into energy, and energy can be converted into matter, and gives you the exchange rate between the two. Misunderstanding things that are equal to mean they are the same can be hazardous. $5=McDonald’s Happy Meal so I might as well just eat this $5 bill and save a trip to McDonald’s.

      To illustrate further, though many a new age disciple has rapt poetic about all things being “just energy”, there is no logical reason not to switch the misunderstanding the other way and say:

      “As we know, all energy is really just matter, and as anyone who has slammed a door on their fingers or been punched in the face knows, matter striking you at high velocity can really hurt, even KILL! So please…PLEASE do not go outside during the day, because you will encounter the suns energy in the form of LIGHT, which is traveling at…ummm, well…the speed of light, which is really fast, and since energy is really just matter, going outside will instantly bash your brains in”

      Michael, while the above paragraph is designed to be entertaining it is most definitely not a bare assertion, ad hominem, straw man, or appeal to authority. It is just a logical argument one is able to construct given the premise that matter and energy are the same thing. I am a great fan of logic, it is a necessary, but not sufficient, part of the critical thinking process known as science. Your sentence “I have proven my case logically and thus scientifically” clearly shows you need a little more education in what science is and what logic is and their relation, just as your knowledge of what matter is and what energy is and there relation could use a little more educational upbringing. This is not an ad hominem, just a gentle nudge to go explore the wonders of our universe in greater depth, preferably not on the internet, where we all tend to just go looking for, and finding, what we already believe. May I suggest heading up to your local university and chatting up some physics professors, maybe even taking some of their classes?

      Finally, I’d like you to do an experiment, it is a really easy one that I think you will find most enjoyable. I’d like you to go test both of our perfectly logical conclusions based on the premise that matter is the same as energy. Go outside, maybe even at daybreak and let the glorious warmth of the suns energy envelop your body. Fear not, for even though you proved with logic that atoms must have conscience, and so I assume have accepted my equally robust logic, based on the same premise, that the light from the sun will hurt really bad, maybe even kill you, I think you will find the experience quite pleasurable. Bask in the light of that experiment and consider how logic is not science, and how your reasoning must have been wrong, and try to think of other experiments you may perform to test the flights of fancy that pure logic can become without the grounding of good rational science and experimentation.

      Have a great day.

  121. Max T. Furr2 years ago

    I would suggest that all who claim to be atheist should Google Dawkins’ 7 point Spectrum of theistic probability found in his book, “The God Delusion.”

    1. Strong Theist: I do not question the existence of God, I KNOW he exists.

    2. De-facto Theist: I cannot know for certain but I strongly believe in God and I live my life on the assumption that he is there.

    3. Weak Theist: I am very uncertain, but I am inclined to believe in God.

    4. Pure Agnostic: God’s existence and non-existence are exactly equiprobable.

    5. Weak Atheist: I do not know whether God exists but I’m inclined to be skeptical.

    6. De-facto Atheist: I cannot know for certain but I think God is very improbable and I live my life under the assumption that he is not there.

    7. Strong Atheist: I am 100% sure that there is no God.

    Personally, I am a 6, as is Dawkins.

    1. Peter Everts2 years ago

      Been a seven for most of my life. Including in a “foxhole” in Vietnam.

    2. Matt McDowall2 years ago

      6 for a diestic god.

      I’m a 7 for a theistic god.

    3. Christopher Coco2 years ago

      I’ve read it and I am a seven.

    4. Carol A2 years ago

      You may stand alone, but I hope not for your sake. I personally have a strong connection to the earth. But if we evolved, the same as the rest of nature, I’m not sure that’s at odds with rationality. Yes, nature is often cruel, but it also provides sustenance for all creatures and it is beautiful, whether from a scientific understanding of the “laws” of nature or from a more “emotional” approach. Even creatures are sometimes very kind in taking care of orphans from another species. That’s not the rule, but it does happen.

      Also, in terms of feelings, there is a “rationality” to feelings. One can trace feelings in a more thoughtful/rational way. We do, however, tend to get stuck with those feelings even when they are no longer appropriate to certain situations.

      You say you are put here by your own means or desire. Really? How do you mean that. Seems we come into life by two people’s connection, intended or not. We happen. Then we get to determine what purpose for staying here that we choose.

      1. Everett2 years ago

        “Yes, nature is often cruel, but it also provides sustenance for all creatures and it is beautiful, whether from a scientific understanding of the “laws” of nature or from a more “emotional” approach.”

        Respectfully, no, nature does not provide sustenance. All the creatures in nature take sustenance from the earth. There is no “provision.” There is no intellect in nature at work here. The beings that live here take what they need. Bird, cow,dog, human.

    5. Christopher Chessum2 years ago

      Exactly! Most atheists are know are number 6 atheists. Including me.

  122. Arkie Bama2 years ago

    this is silly,, a atheist that believes in a god. how ridiculous !
    a person that believes in a god (by definition) can not be a atheist.
    that’s like saying i’m a vegetarian but i don’t eat vegetables.

    1. Christopher Coco2 years ago

      I wish this thing had a like button for your comment.

    2. DB2 years ago

      It also is true that a Christian cannot hate or judge other people by definition. However, there are some folks that identify as ‘Christian’ who do judge or discriminate against other people. It is fairly common for folks to have a misunderstanding of terminology in the English language and that is part of what this survey reveals.

  123. george doyle2 years ago

    I do not belive in a god period. I do believe that in a democracy the rule is buy the majority, and I live by the golden rule. I am tired of atheists trying to tell the majority that they have to leave their religous symbols and beliefs at the door. I definetly donot want religion in politics. I believe in Santa Clause .

    1. Max T. Furr2 years ago

      He he, if I COULD only “buy” the majority. 😀 –I know it was a typo. I’ve done the same before.

      1. TallySkeptic2 years ago

        I fear that some groups are buying the majority or trying to.

    2. Gerry2 years ago

      “I am tired of atheists trying to tell the majority that they have to leave their religous symbols and beliefs at the door.”

      But they aren’t. What they are trying to do is prevent members of any one religious group (almost overwhelmingly Christian in America) from using the government to force everyone to bring religious symbols and beliefs in the door. If someone wants to pray quietly at their desk at school, that is their right, guaranteed by Article One of the US Constitution. If the government, through its agents in the school, forces all students to participate–passively or not–in a religious demonstration, that is a violation of Article One. If a church wants to set up a nativity scene on their (privately-owned) property, that’s their right under Article One. If a group of Christians want to set up a creche on park grounds (government-controlled taxpayer-supported, non-private property) that is a violation of Article One.

      If someone wants to freely practice their religion, that’s their business. When any government body gives a forum to only those folks with a particular belief, then that’s saying that only certain beliefs are acceptable.

      That’s why atheists are opposed to any official, government-sanctioned religious displays.

    3. skan2 years ago

      The religious symbols shouldn’t be there to begin with, though should there be any it should be those of the native americans as our founding fathers stole their land and all but exterminated them.

    4. TallySkeptic2 years ago

      You have to leave your religious symbols and beliefs at the door. Which door? The door of the government. You have to leave your religious symbols and beliefs out of the structures of government — the laws, the procedures, the buildings, the money, etc. The Constitution and ethics require that you do this.

      There, you’ll have to be tired of it again.

    5. eb ward2 years ago

      Majority rule is great when you are in the majority. We should try ruling with compassion and reason for a while and see how that goes.