October 11, 2013

John Boehner’s dilemma – in a chart

FT_GOP_LeadersGOP leaders are facing a difficult task in trying to build united support among the Republican rank-and-file for a strategy on the government shutdown.

In the Pew Research Center’s most recent survey, conducted Oct. 3-6, most Republicans and Republican leaners who agree with the Tea Party (64%) approved of how GOP leaders were handling negotiations on the government shutdown. Most other Republicans (61%) did not.

A month ago, it was Tea Party Republicans who were unhappy with GOP leaders. In our September poll, just 27% approved of the overall job performance of Republican congressional leaders; 71% disapproved. At that time, non-Tea Party Republicans were more positive, with 42% approving and 49% disapproving.

Among all Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, 35% agree with the Tea Party while 61% either disagree or have no opinion either way.

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    is director of political research at Pew Research Center.


  1. chris4 years ago

    Keith: The big thing with ObamaCare is it is a trainwreck. ObamaCare only allows employees to work 29 hours a week. Who can survive working 29 hours a week? Well as far as women in politics doing a better job than the men well the men think of politics as a football game the Red Team and the Blue Team want to beat each other(not physically of course.) As for taking away healthcare from politicians well the Republicans tried to take away government(DC) workers subsidies for healthcare in the debt ceiling bill but couldn’t.

    1. bbcjoe4 years ago

      Your in a dream world….

    2. Paul Williamson4 years ago

      You don’t know what you are talking about .Obamacare does not limit workers to 29 hours a week. I own a manufacturing company with 85 employees, and I certainly do not limit my employees in that way. Nearly all work 40 hours/week.

  2. Keith4 years ago

    The first set of numbers don’t surprise me, that the Tea Party people thought Boehner did a wonderful job of handling shutdown “negotiations”. The strategy of the Tea Party, the Koch brothers, and Jim DeMint since they first started planning the shutdown almost a year ago was simply not to negotiate anything unless it included shutting down the Affordable Care Act; a Law that was voted on, passed by BOTH houses, and even ruled on by the Supreme Court. Apparently when all of these people were little children they never watched SchoolHouse Rock, “How A Bill Becomes A Law”, which you can still see on youtube BTW.

    What does surprise me, after seeing the poll numbers, and the same numbers seem to be repeated again and again, is Boehner’s approval rating overall. If so many republican’s and so many tea party people feel he is doing such a bad job, and let’s face it, this is the worst Congress in history as far as legislation passed, why has he been able to keep his job? Is it simply because he has no backbone and does whatever they tell him to do? Because he has no mind or original thoughts of his own?

    At some point, someone within the republican party has got to step up and say “We have to do the job the people of this country sent us here to do.” And I don’t mean make up stories about what that is, like senator cruz keeps doing. I mean the actual work we send Congressmen and women and Senators there to do. I am hoping it will be a woman because apparently it was the women, the strong women in the legislature who stepped up during this debacle and got the train back on its’ tracks. They seem to worry less about the measuring contest and more about the people back home who are out of work, who need food on their tables, who have health care needs. Take some of these legislators paychecks away for a few months, take away their cushy healthcare, their nice jobs, staffs, cars, and let them see what life is like for the rest of America and maybe they will finally get down to the real business of America!

    American was started with a part-time congress. Maybe we need to go back to that and away from professional politicians. Get rid of these political action committees masquerading as tax-exempt organizations and put elections back in the hands of everyday Americans.

    While you’re at it, let’s take away 40% of the money we pay those guys in Washington and give it to the real leaders of our country; the teachers and the police/fire/EMT departments.

    – One of the lone Independents in NC

  3. Evermyrtle4 years ago

    I continue to preach, that the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is the answer. Does 50% proclaim to be Christian? Of the number who proclaim to be so, how many follow all of GOD’S commandments, or do we think we can get around the ones that we do not wish to follow.
    With GOD that won’t work. You may say it is not time for a sermon, but you must know that GOD watches over the universe not at given times but every moment of every day and knows what we are doing and continues to give us fresh air, sunshine and everything else that we need. TO WIN THIS RACE, WE WILL TURN TO HIM OR WE CAN FORGET ABOUT THE WINNING. IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE.

    1. bbcjoe4 years ago

      People like you don’t help the cause…we humans have to solve problem that we created.