February 21, 2008

Fast Rising Prices


Nearly eight-in-ten Americans feel that prices in the US have risen “a lot” in recent years.

The general sense that prices have risen rapidly in recent years is much more prevalent now than at the beginning of the Bush administration; overall, 79% of the public says that over the past five years prices have risen “a lot;” in June 2001, 63% said that prices had increased a great deal over the previous five years. Rising prices — for gasoline or energy, healthcare, or overall inflation — are mentioned most frequently as the nation’s biggest economic problem. Overall, 24% cite concern over prices — with the cost of energy and healthcare mentioned most frequently — as the most important problem facing the country. By comparison, 18% volunteer jobs as the nation’s biggest economic problem, while 13% cite housing — including 6% who specifically cite the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Read More

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