Report | Aug 2, 2012
The Rise in Residential Segregation by Income

Paul Taylor, executive vice president of the Pew Research Center, answers questions on the Center's study showing an increase in residential segregation by income in the nation's largest metro areas.

Report | Aug 1, 2012
The Rise of Residential Segregation by Income

Residential segregation by income has increased during the past three decades across the United States and in 27 of the nation’s 30 largest major metropolitan areas1 , according to a new analysis of census tract2 and household income data by the Pew Research Center. The analysis finds that 28% of lower-income households in 2010 were […]

Short Read | Jan 18, 2011
Pakistanis Favor Workplace Segregation

The great majority of Pakistanis (85%) favor a law that would require men and women to be segregated in the workplace -- far more than in any other Muslim country polled in 2010.

Short Read | Feb 24, 2009
Social Segregation

While most Americans say they have friends of a different race, pluralities of whites, blacks and Hispanics say they only have a few.

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