report | Feb 15, 2013

Illinois Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Updated Feb. 15, 2013 On Feb. 14, the Illinois Senate, as expected, approved a measure that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state. The bill will move next to the Illinois House of Representatives, which is more divided on the issue. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn favors the legislation and has said he will sign it […]

report | Oct 10, 2012

Voters in Four States to Address Same-Sex Marriage in November

Keeping track of the legal status of same-sex marriage across the country can be difficult. As voters in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington state prepare to address the issue in November, this map illustrates the situation in all 50 states.

report | Apr 26, 2012

Growing Gap in Favorable Views of Federal, State Governments

Overview Just a third of Americans have a favorable opinion of the federal government, the lowest positive rating in 15 years. Yet opinions about state and local governments remain favorable, on balance. As a result, the gap between favorable ratings of the federal government and state and local governments is wider than ever. Ten years […]

report | Mar 7, 2011

Who’s Winning the Fight Over Public-Employee Unions?

In its Topic A feature, the Washington Post asked several experts -- among them the Pew Research Center's Director of Survey Research Scott Keeter -- who's winning and who's losing in the fight over public-employee unions.

report | Feb 28, 2011

More Side with Wisconsin Unions than Governor

Overview By a modest margin, more say they back Wisconsin’s public employee unions rather than the state’s governor in their continuing dispute over collective bargaining rights. Roughly four-in-ten (42%) say they side more with the public employee unions, while 31% say they side more with the governor, Scott Walker, according to the latest Pew Research […]

report | Feb 10, 2011

Fewer Want Spending to Grow, But Most Cuts Remain Unpopular

The public’s views about federal spending are beginning to change. Across a range of federal programs, Americans are no longer calling for increased spending, as they have for many years. For the most part, however, there is not a great deal of support for cutting spending, though in a few cases support for reductions has […]

report | Jun 28, 2010

Public Rejects Variety Of Options For Fixing State Budgets

Overview Most Americans see the deteriorating budget situations in many states as a problem that the states themselves – rather than the federal government – should solve. But when it comes to specific proposals to balance state budgets, there is more opposition than support for each option asked about – particularly cuts in funding for […]

report | May 12, 2010

Broad Approval For New Arizona Immigration Law

Overview The public broadly supports a new Arizona law aimed at dealing with illegal immigration and the law’s provisions giving police increased powers to stop and detain people who are suspected of being in the country illegally. Fully 73% say they approve of requiring people to produce documents verifying their legal status if police ask […]

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