report | Apr 29, 2010

Hispanics and Arizona’s New Immigration Law

More Americans believe that Hispanics are the targets of a lot of discrimination in American society than say the same about any other major racial or ethnic group, according to a survey taken prior to the enactment of an immigration enforcement law by the state of Arizona.

report | Mar 23, 2010

Public Divided Over State, Local Laws Banning Handguns

Overview The public is divided over whether state and local governments should be able to pass laws banning the sale and possession of handguns. The Supreme Court is expected to rule in the next few months on the constitutionality of a 28-year-old Chicago law prohibiting handgun ownership in that city. Half of the public (50%) […]

feature | Jul 9, 2009

State Policies on Same-Sex Marriage

On Nov. 18, 2003, Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage following a ruling by the state’s highest court. In the years since the Massachusetts decision, five additional states have legalized gay marriage, and 29 states have amended their constitutions to ban gay marriage.

report | May 14, 2008

Federal Government’s Favorable Ratings Slump

Summary of Findings Americans continue to hold their local and state governments in fairly high esteem, but positive views of the federal government are at their lowest point in at least a decade. Only 37% of people say they hold a favorable view of the federal government, while 58% express an unfavorable opinion. By comparison, […]

report | Oct 10, 2007

Oregon’s ’Death with Dignity’ Law: 10 Years Later

Washington, D.C. Ten years have passed since Oregon became the first state in the nation to authorize doctors to assist terminally ill patients in voluntarily ending their lives. Although some predicted the legalization of physician-assisted suicide (also called physician aid in dying) in other states, similar measures have since been defeated in California, Hawaii and […]

transcript | Feb 28, 2007

Same-Sex Marriage in California: Legal and Political Prospects

Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles Special Report: The Same-Sex Marriage Debate An Overview of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate The Constitutional Dimensions of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate A Stable Majority: Most Americans Still Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Additional Resources Map: State Policies on Same-Sex Marriage ( Religious Groups’ Official Positions on Same-Sex Marriage Same-Sex Marriage Candidate Comparison Same-Sex […]

report | May 5, 2005

A Local Issue with National Participation

The Kansas State Board of Education has begun hearings on whether to change the way that biology is taught in public schools to include the teaching of intelligent design, a contrary theory to that of evolution and natural selection.

report | Oct 2, 2002

Digital Town Hall

Fully 88% of local elected officials use the Internet in the course of their official duties and many say their online activities have helped them learn more about local public opinion, stay in touch better with community groups, and encounter new voices in local civic life.

report | Nov 20, 2001

Cities Online: Urban Development and the Internet

This report examines how institutions in five cities (Austin, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio; Nashville, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon and Washington, D.C.) are adapting to the Internet as an economic development and community-building tool. The experiences in these communities suggests that the Internet is best used to encourage bottom-up initiatives, encourage and nurture catalytic individuals in communities, encourage public funding for technology programs, encourage “bridging” among groups, and encourage experimentation.

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